June 14, 2007

Senator Jon Kyl
730 Hart Senate Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Subject:  Immigration and the death of the American Dream.

Senator Kyl:

I am totally dismayed at your insistence and major reversal in your position concerning immigration.  In your twelve years in the Senate, why have you done nothing to make sure illegal immigration did not occur and accelerate in Arizona to include a portion of that infamous period of time which involved President Ronald Reagan’s Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill of 1986?  The Amnesty Bill that Reagan provided that year, exponentially accelerated the border crossing of illegal aliens the very next year in 1987 and then continuously, for the next twenty-one years. 

Why were the immigration laws of 1986 never enforced?  Why did you not speak up about the issue until just after your re-election?  Who were you protecting before this point?

Hasn’t the problem of illegal immigration let in another 10 to 16 million illegal aliens into this country?  Who knows how many are actually in this country?  Why did Congress and our government allow this to happen?  Was it all to pacify corporate America’s dream for continued cheap labor?  Why do you continue to support such ideas against middle class Americans and their way of life?  There is no need to tell anymore lies to the American people on this subject.  Haven’t over 3 million illegal aliens entered this country since 9/11?   Haven’t we been fed a steady diet of fear for the past six years about terrorist infiltrating, while our borders still remain anything but secure?  Why have you not pushed for existing laws to prosecute employers that hire illegals?  I would wager that after the first lily white CEO of a corporation was sent to jail for three to five years in a regular prison, that you could instantly solve the illegal immigration problem with respect to employers.

Senator Kyl, do you really expect us to believe that border security is an issue when you allow thousands of illegal aliens to cross the Arizona and adjacent state borders every single night for the last six years?  Who is attempting fool who?  This isn’t about border security; it is about an emerging economic North American free trading zone to subsidize U.S. corporations and their thirst for increased executive profits on the backs of foreign cheap labor.  Why is the American middle class being forced by Washington politicians to lower themselves to third world standards?  Senator Kyl, why did you allow our country to sink to incredible depths since the advent of the 1980’s and Ronald Reagan’s vision for the ruling white class to further excel?   

Is this what happens to politicians that do not have to face the voters for another five and one half years?  You lie to us and hope that we will forget by 2012?  This is not what you promised Arizona voters in 2006.  The bill that you have co – authored should be referred to as “The Bill of Rights to allow Amnesty for U.S. Corporations and Illegal Aliens.”

Unfortunately Senator Kyl, you have no idea of the incredible hidden cost and suffering to Arizona families that illegal immigration has on even good ex-military families in your state.  My twelve years in the military was such a total waste of service to a country that no longer exists.  What was I protecting and why?  Surely it wasn’t my way of life, or the American dream for us which no longer exist.

In May of 2003 I lost my new custom built home in Arizona to a forced foreclosure because of a law suit over defective building practices by McCreary Homes and the hiring of illegal aliens to work on our project.  Before this fiasco took place, we had been home and land owners for the last twenty consecutive years but we had never had to deal with the problems of illegal immigration and building defects until we came to Arizona.  Unfortunately we did not realize how financially vulnerable a family could be in this state.  Surely the state of Arizona would protect us from defective builders and illegal alien labor.  I was so wrong.  In fact Arizona turns it head, looks the other way and then promotes the use of these two concepts.  After two years of basically increasing our mortgage by fifty percent due to the law suit, we could no longer afford a defective home and a law suit with voraciously hungry lawyers for our money at the very same time.   

We have tried on numerous occasions to contact your office concerning this gross injustice that occurred in your state, but there has never been a response; but then again, you are also a University of Arizona trained lawyer that is trained to protect businesses instead of people from the state of Arizona.  I see you had no problem accepting money from SAHBA, The Southern Arizona Home Builders Association and even money from the builder’s wife,  Denise McCreary(Women for Kyl), from the same building couple that helped ruin our lives in Arizona.  Two years ago, you even made a personal appearance before SAHBA in order to garner votes for your 2006 re-election.  I would expect no more or no less from a person of your character and stature. 

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to turn away and remain silent in the face of such evil. 

The Tucson SAHBA builder that we used, L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes hired illegal aliens to work on our building project.  The major defects in our home were performed by these illegal workers.  Why should this country allow the workers that built my home so defectively and has now cost us everything get to stay in this country with an amnesty absolution?  How many illegal aliens are able to get home mortgages these past four years while my family has been left in the cold during this period because the illegal hiring of building workers that do defective work has damaged our credit rating.  Why are the building companies that hired these workers, allowed to get away with harming ex-military families for profit?

My family has suffered incredibly because of illegal immigration.  Because of illegal alien workers in the Tucson SAHBA building industry, we lost our land, our home, our excellent credit rating, and our dreams in the Grand Canyon state.  Arizona for me will always be considered a state that chooses to destroy a family’s dream, rather than supporting and helping build them.  We will always look back at our ten plus years in Arizona with an extreme sense of sorrow with how corrupt and compassion less this state chooses to be, and the financial rape that it allows to take place toward the families that it professes to protect.

Also, because of this incredible injustice and the emotional stress that it manufactured, our 26 year marriage was forced to suffer irreparable damage because of Arizona company’s greed.  Senator Kyl, can you help secure one of those cozy congressional earmarks for my family to help pay for our marriage counseling fees?   It would be a fine gesture from the state of Arizona to take responsibility for this matter which they enabled and helped cause. 

In 2005, we were forced to file for bankruptcy protection when our Defined Benefit Pension, which the Congress controls the rules by their legislation on the subject, was easily stripped from our retirement plans.   Since your state had already forced me to give up my land and home, I decided that I could not afford to lose another cent on a second mortgage that we took out for the lawsuit to go to anymore greedy or corrupt U.S. corporations or banks.

Senator Kyl, is there any chance that your pension, your pay increases or your healthcare is in jeopardy of being taken away from you?  No, I didn’t think so. No illegal immigration will cause a U.S. Senator to lose any benefits of any kind.  It is much different for the rest of us middle class.  A few months later you voted to change the bankruptcy laws that would prove to hurt good families in financial trouble, with the major reason for bankruptcy being healthcare bills; how compassionate!    

Senator Kyl; do you only represent corporations and credit card companies and wealthy constituents, or are you supposed to work for the people of Arizona and the good of everyday Americans across the country? 

Please tell me Senator Kyl if fairness and justice were ever given even a moment’s consideration to my family’s home and welfare?  In Arizona, justice can never be considered blind when the justice system deck has already been stacked against family home owners and in favor from the very start towards the home building companies and their protected corporate indignities.

Senator Kyl, who will grant me amnesty for the land that I once owned?  Who will grant my family amnesty for our home?  Who will grant me amnesty for our once excellent credit rating?  Who will grant me amnesty for our marriage?   Who will grant me amnesty for my own personal peace of mind? Who will grant me amnesty for the dreams that a young couple once had? 

Bury my heart anywhere, except compassionless ruled Arizona.

Senator Kyl, will you grant my family amnesty for the lives we once had before we moved to Arizona and made the incredible mistake of trying to just simply build a defect free home and a stable life in your state. 

Trying to build and live a stable, family oriented life in the compassionate conservative barren land of Arizona and its peoples characters, is just another one of life’s cruel fates of limitless impossibilities?

And then we have your support for the continuing escalation for the Iraqi quagmire surge and an incompetent and politically corrupted Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez to talk about.  When did you decide that the rule of law was no longer important?  The American Justice System has become a joke during the past six years.  Why do you continue to support such perversion and corruption of our government?  You no longer vote for the good of the American people; you vote strictly for political purposes that support America’s greedy and corrupted corporations.

When will it ever end, Senator Kyl?  Please quit selling our country away for increased corporate profits.

Senator Kyl, will you choose to remain silent and do nothing for the Americans that were born and raised in this country, the same ones who trained and fought in our military services, and who now stand to lose the quality of their lives. 

Every empire eventually comes to an end by the people who no longer care and have chosen to resign from caring about their country.  At that point in time, all that is left is to cash in their chips, while watching from the side lines the death and destruction to their fellow man’s lives; how compassionate.

God help us all!


“The Arizona Refugee”


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