Date:  16 July, 2007

Subject:  Senator Jon Kyl

Title:  Senator Kyl is a phucking idiot!

"Hey Wendy, look at the knockers on that hooker, honey!"

"There was no crime here; just premature ejaculation - let's move along folks; there is nothing to see here."

    "Senator Kyl is supportive of hookers; but bad for Arizona women"

Dear SAHBA members:

We preempt this essay with a special announcement:

As I write this essay to the SAHBA Arizona conservative morons of family values, it has just been announced that Senator David Vitter (R) LA, is scheduled to come out of his imposed hiding and address the media.  Maybe he wasn’t hiding but instead getting the shit kicked out of him by his supportive wife, Wendy the non-hooker.

Who would have thought that the conservative republican party, would now become the all inclusive party that welcomes all to their cause, including hookers to hotel bedrooms?
Isn’t that considered flip flopping or hypocrisy at the very least?

So let us see if this man will lie before a national audience for breaking a contract that he made with his wife.  If a man will cheat on his wife, he will cheat and steal from anyone; including his constituents.   A hungry, blind man is in incredible danger of being lied to or cheated from men of this type of character.  Liars should never be trusted. 

Senate trainer wheel lackey, Jon Kyl of Arizona was reported to be rubbing “the champ” down before appearing before the press conference, for round one of Senator Vitter’s reincarnation of the comeback story pioneered by Pastor Ted Haggard and his personal exorcism from syndrome of hypocrisy and sanctimony.  Will Senator Vitter announce that he is checking himself into rehab for being a sex addict with hookers and that he expects to be cured in three weeks, just like Pastor Ted Haggard was cured of homosexuality?   Isn’t Ted Haggard now living in the moralistic state of Arizona now?

Why does it seem that people who profess veraciously about their allegiance to family values and religion are the biggest lying scumbags around?  There is usually an inverse proportion between the amount of words a person speaks, the veracity of their argument on a moral issue and the true nature of their beliefs that are usually fueled by deception.  A person that is moral or truly religious does not need to tell you about it; they live it.  No one can ever say L.J. McCreary lives his faith.

I learned this truth from L.J. McCreary and Fran Epson who couldn’t help themselves from talking about their strong Christian beliefs.  It was all a con job and I believe they use it as a tool for fraudulent business practices.  L.J. McCreary and Fran Epson, like Senator Vitter, are practicing republicans.  What do republicans really stands for except money and power.  The more that a person like Vitter, McCreary or Epson talks about family values or religion, the less they actually believe in what they are saying.  I believe that these types of people use this technique in order to deflect and deceive the person they are talking to, in order to hide the deception, since they are afraid you might find out who they really are as people; liars and deceivers.

Like Pastor Haggard, Senator Vitter was a vocal opponent against gay marriage and even against sex education in our schools.  Why let the kiddies learn sex education when they can get a real education in numerous sexual positions by hookers for free.  All person has to do is become college republican like, Jack Abramoff and Karl Rove and choose republican family value politics?  Don’t republicans stand for lying, cheating, stealing, money and sex?  Didn’t republican Senator Vitter, practice all five of these traits at once?  How many marriages and mistresses do the republican candidates for president have among them; something like forty- three?

Why are republicans always such hypocrites when it comes to the truth!

Oh boy, I can’t wait to hear another tearful Jimmy Swaggart confession that I have sinned.  What I think is even more precious, is that his wife Wendy, no, not the hooker Wendy Cortez, is also going to speak to the press.  Oh boy again, I can’t wait to see what she does.  Is she going to shoot him on national television, is she just going to show us his severed penis like she promised, or just give him a blow job for good measure?  Well, if she doesn’t shoot him,  hasn’t severed his gonads, and no blow job takes place, I bet she has a pretty new, humongous diamond on her married ring finger.

Well they just started the news conference and Senator Vitter said he doesn’t have time to talk about republican provided hookers since he had work to do in the Senate for Louisianans concerning Katrina.  Could Katrina be another hooker from the New Orleans area of Canal Street?  Wendy Vitter looks absolutely mortified like a deer in the headlights at a republican sex orgy, while the cameras continue to flash, in rapid random sequence.  I wonder if senator Vitter’s mind is pulsing to the beat of the light show as a form of rough republican sex.  As far as Wendy Vitter’s diamond, I can’t see her ring finger, but she did say that her  marriage has never been stronger since she started trapeze lessons, began wearing leopard print G- strings, and now wears fish net stockings, along with the six inch spiked high heels shoes that her husband has so thoughtfully provided. 

Senator Vitter is such a swell guy! 

Wendy Vitter also said that she is so proud to be David Vitter’s wife, personifies the true nature of what republican wives are all about; being physical and mental doormats?   “Honey I’m pregnant; can I get an abortion honey?”  “No bitch!”  “Now shut up and get me a cold beer; yes dear!” “I can’t believe you allowed yourself to become pregnant!”  “What’s wrong with you?”  “How could you let this happen?”  Does this all so sound true?  Women usually vote the same as their republican husbands because they allowed themselves to become brain dead. 

Wasn’t it Wendy Vitter who chastised Hillary Clinton for standing by her man?  Mrs. Vitter talked tough to reporters when asked what she would do if her husband strayed in their marriage.  Mrs. Vitter stated that she would cut it off.  That is mighty tough talk from a woman who is not holding a chain saw in her hands.  But when push came to shove, she probably jammed it in her mouth and smiled politely.  Where’s my new diamond ring dear?

Sorry, Wendy but your husband lied to you on a primitive level.  I would not trust your husband to remain faithful and I would never trust a man that has proven him self to be a liar and a hypocrite.  How can you doubt that Vitter still does not desire to be with a hooker?  A liar always finds a way to lie. 

I know only to well what a lying man can do to ruin a person life and their family’s life.  The runts name is L.J.McCreary of SAHBA promoted, McCreary Homes.  I think it is sad for the U.S. Senate that shelters a man who knows deceptively how to lie to his wife and constituents.  I pity Louisiana and their tainted representation!  If Senator Vitter had any character remaining, he would resign.  But we know that won’t happen because your republican conservative and family promoting Senator Jon Kyl, needs the vote in the Senate to help pass corporate America’s agenda.  So go ahead and keep helping the Party that promotes such string family values to include hookers.

Republican women stand for nothing and fall for everything as long as the gravy train of power and influence and privilege are still being provided.  Damn those republican family value statements that political husbands choose to make; show me the money you bastard.  And Senator Vitter acting all smug, let his wife defend his sanctimoniously corrupt marriage, while he gave that president Bush smirk to the crowd that translate into; phuck you!  Senator Vitter even denied that he had sex with hookers in New Orleans.  I guess if you are politician, it doesn’t look good to have sex with a constituent who is a hooker, but it is acceptable to have sex with another American hooker in Washington D.C. 

Senator Vitter, just another very passionate, compassionate conservative conscience who believes in family values, but possesses a nation wide sweet tooth for hookers.

I find it so satisfying to see a man that would ridicule others for their sins, finally being ousted for the hypocrite that he is.  Mr. Vitter would have continued to a have kept this silent, but thanks to Mr. Larry Flynt, Mr. Vitter will no longer be allowed to lie to his constituents before another election again.  I believe it is a good plan that if you are a sinner, it is probably better to keep your phucking mouth shut, rather than be one of the first ones to cast stones in front of your all knowing God!  What goes around comes around. 

Surely there will be numerous conservative republican morons that will support this degenerate after the press conference is over.  But SAHBA Arizonans, you need not wait long to see your very own U.S. Senator who has come out in support of protecting this scum bag.  So is it politics or is principle for your Darth Vader Senator; Cheney like operative, Jon Kyl?

But today your illustrious Senator Jon Kyl, the one that you just voted in for a third corrupted term back in November, 2006, was asked a question by the media concerning his philandering family values colleague from Louisiana, Senator David Vitter (R), and whether or not Vitter should resign from his acknowledgement of supporting hookers in Washington D.C. and New Orleans. 

Senator Kyl’s response is as follows:

“I don't know what it is that he has apologized for, and until it's clear that there's some kind of crime that was committed, that was of such a nature that he should resign, it seems to me that talk is a little premature”.

WTF; excuse me?   What is this crap about apologizing for a crime and something about being premature?  Oh, maybe Senator Kyl was just talking about Senator Vitter’s premature ejaculation problem with hookers named Wendy Cortez.  Isn’t that a sign of conservative republican family values; premature ejaculation?  Isn’t premature ejaculation a form of birth control?  Oh, the Catholics won’t like that and Vitter is a practicing Catholic.  I don’t’ know.

Fold your hands, squeeze your nuts between your legs, and look holy now!  Let us now pray!

Does Senator Kyl now support prostitution instead of the sanctity of marriage?  Finally, we have a prominent republican who will step up to the plate and tell the truth.  Republicans are for legalizing prostitution; whoopee!  Will Kyl next call for the legalizing of marijuana?  Didn’t Kyl just ask to legalize illegal aliens and give them amnesty?  What a phucking political idiot that you SAHBA republicans in Arizonan have for a sitting U.S. Senator, but then again, you did vote him back into office. 

Didn’t Senator Kyl graduate from the University of Arizona with a degree in law?  What exactly do they do or not do at the U of A law school to teach impressionable law students about crime and laws if anything at all?  Didn’t doctor killer lover, Lourdes Lopez graduate from this wonderful school of law that promotes hypocrisy?  Thank God my daughter didn’t go to this phucked up school.  The University of Arizona in Tucson has turned into a Wizard of Oz university that no longer posses a character or a conscience.

Wasn’t John Kyl a representative from Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives?  Wasn’t Jon Kyl’s job to pass legislation, or as otherwise known, passing laws?  If you break a law that is a criminal violation, are you not committing a crime?  Will President Bush give the Irving Scooter Libby treatment to Senator Vitter now with a moral commutation or future pardon? 

Isn’t Jon Kyl a Senator from the state of Arizona who is also responsible, by the fact of his job description, to pass legislation that is supposed to be observed by all Americans?  Isn’t Senator Kyl supposed to know the difference between a sexual encounter and a crime to such a nature that warrants Vitter’s resignation?

It seems that Senator Kyl has forgotten that in Washington D.C., the act of prostitution is a crime.  There is no gray area, and there is no question of doubt.  Will Senator Kyl just to refuse any more comment and use the tired excuse of his buddy, President Bush to say that he won’t comment on an on-going investigation?  Such chicken shit rhetoric!

SAHBA members, please tell yours and my former ignorant Senator Kyl, that prostitution is a crime in Washington and that Senator Vitter, in light of his insistence on Bill Clinton’s resignation/impeachment, should resign immediately and discontinue what little respect that is left in the Senate and House of Representatives.   Quit playing politics when it comes to the rule of law.  Are there two forms of justice in Washington D.C., an immediate and harsh one for poor little guys, and another one that is stonewalled and a look the other way mentality for the wealthy elite and their poodle politicians?

Maybe Senator Kyl has spent too much time in the nation’s capitol and has forgotten how the real world operates outside of the “capitol green zone.”   Maybe your senator no longer believes in the rule of law since he support so many of the President Bush’s criminal activity like the Iraq War and domestic spying on Americans.

Senator Kyl was such a big supporter of the oxymoron Patriot Act, Military Commission Act, and Domestic Wiretapping Program.  And all of you big conservative republicans that hate government are now willing to let the government spy on you since you say have nothing to hide.  Let’s see how you feel when your insurance company cancels your home, life, car or health insurance since they heard something on a phone call tap that might now deems them a higher risk.  And in this day of computers, don’t think for a moment that it can’t happen here.  I thought a lot of things would never happen in this country, but they have.  Will Senator Kyl at that same point in time be considered your biggest of your Big Brothers who are watching silently watching you!  How about your next time with a hooker, will someone be taping? 

Isn’t Fascism the marriage between government and business, for the sake of the wealthy and elite?   Something is terribly wrong in this country and the state of Arizona!

I tried my best to tell you that in November, 2006, that Kyl was no longer any good for Arizona, and to vote to bring him home for good; but you did not listen.   Instead, you fine republicans of Arizona were just too ignorant to examine the truth that was staring right in front of you.  Enjoy the next six years of Kyl’s cover up for corporate America’s agenda to kill the middle class, along with the jewish agenda that promotes Israel’s interest over the people of America’s interest.

No wonder Arizona is such a terrible state to raise a family in.  The politicians that are running for office and the ones that you choose to elect are only mirror examples of yourselves, who have chosen to strangle the American middle class of American society for your personal greed.  Enjoy your cheap shit, made in China, plastic melamine, Wal-Mart products Arizona; but just don’t eat them.

You reap what you sow and you will always excrete what you eat; even if it is poisonous food or poisonous Arizona politicians like Senator Kyl!


“The Arizona Refugee”
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