Subject: Does an Honest Lawyer still exist in Tucson?

Title: An Open Letter to Tucson’s Lawyers.

Dear Tucson Lawyers,

It has been rumored that a sweepstakes for lawyers is currently under way in Tucson, Arizona.  Although we believe the majority of lawyers in any city in America are corrupted by money and greed, the quest and search for an honest and ethical lawyer who still believes in honor, truth and justice will continue on, all with the prospect of embracing chance. 

Our one question that we beg to have answered is; “Does there exist an honest, ethical and competent lawyer in Tucson, Arizona that specializes in personal damage injury; could there even be just one?” 

I do promise not to hold my breath while waiting for an answer out of fear for personal survival.  We are prepared for the worst, up to and including an honest answer of no, since the term “honest Arizona lawyer” in a majority of cases, qualifies in my humble opinion as the all-time oxymoron of the English language.

I find it inconceivable that a profession that if it wants to, is quite capable of doing so much good for its fellow man, usually chooses instead, to do so much good for its personal bank accounts.  Are all petitions for justice based solely on how much money one possesses at a moment in time?  Am I wrong in my assumptions of the profession?  Would you please prove me wrong and bring back my lost faith in the American legal system?  I can’t begin to call it the justice system when justice for us has been nowhere in sight.  We have already been so left by the legal wayside by incompetent and uncaring lawyers that trust is a basic issue that seems to be missing in my life.   

The lawyer that chooses to participate in this legal sweepstakes will have to be knowledgeable in personal injury damage, which will include financial and mental anguish, along with some legal malpractice thrown in for good measure.  If a person can sue for a dog bite, then we believe that we have legal redress for experiencing incredible negligence and malicious financial damage that so sorely needs to be addressed for my family. 

Although the fact that we can never have our home, land and good credit rating back, we would like to explore the legal options concerning the incredible damage that so many individuals, associations, corporations and lawyers who contributed to our family’s financial demise, participated in.  There is just something about it, but it seems intrinsically unjust that the simple act of having a custom home built by a SAHBA promoted builder, (McCreary Homes), can result in foreclosure, bankruptcy and such family and marital strife to last a life time.  Numerous individuals (L.J. McCreary) and institutions like SAHBA should have to pay dearly for causing such harm to our family. 

There is something terribly wrong in the state of Arizona! 

A married couple should not be damaged like this for simply wanting to build a roof over their family’s heads for the necessary act of shelter.  Family security is not something that builders, associations and the state of Arizona chooses to provide its innocent citizens with. 

A corporation should never choose to harm a family physically, emotionally or financially.  In the end, it was a terrible business decision, and the worst form of “word of mouth” advertising that McCreary Homes could ever hope to generate for his company, with such negative customer service actions, including legal proceedings that were forced upon on my family.  Who in their right mind after reading our website would ever build with McCreary Homes or his incompetent sub contractors?  The truth is the truth. 

I predict that McCreary’s financial rape of my family will be a business death sentence for McCreary and his company.  We have had many people that have thanked us for warning about this despicable builder and the builder association (SAHBA), that 100% supports McCreary and his actions.  Why would anyone take a gamble on their complete future by building with McCreary Homes or for that matter, any other SAHBA affiliated builder?  SAHBA’s “custom home builder program” is a complete fraudulent and advertising sham. 

Please remember, we were not the only family that McCreary Homes defrauded in 2000.  Just ask the Van Dan Elzen family about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that they lost because of McCreary Homes and its deception, negligence and intended fraud.  We were unfortunate to be the second family in line to experience the personal McCreary touch of breath taking incompetence, rampant negligence and premeditated fraud. 

I personally will never give up my quest to expose SAHBA and McCreary Homes, for the fraudulent and dishonest professional association and soulless corporation, for which they both are.    

Is the rule of law and justice the cornerstone of this country and state, or are corruption and greed the prevalent and over riding attributes of the state of Arizona?  When a family is damaged financially, emotionally and physically by other parties because of fraud and incompetence, is there legal redress to make the guilty parties accountable for their debauchery?  It seems to me that the right lawyer may be able to make a very descent monetary accrual with so many guilty and negligent parties involved and with so little defense of the issues.  The pictures of the defects in my home, even to this day, did never lie.

So I will ask that any and all submissions be forwarded to the following email account for consideration:

The sweepstakes will be opened country wide if no acceptable contestants can be found in the Tucson area.  Again, I really do not plan on holding my breath for an honest lawyer in Tucson to step up to the legal plate of justice.  After all, Tucson is still just a small backward city of conscience, where the Wild, Wild, West of old is still alive, and the concepts of honor, integrity and justice beg to question its present day actions.

Somewhere out there in America, I still think that a person believes in honesty, justice and the rule of law.  I am terribly interested in not only answering the question of the concepts of  honesty and competent lawyers living here in Tucson, but also the pursuit of legal remedy for our incredible damages caused by various individuals, sub- contractors corporations, lawyers and negligent state and county government departments officials that support these perpetrators.

As I have said before; “This injustice will not stand!”

We look forward to hearing from some of you that still posses the moral and ethical character to pursue justice.   Thank You.


The Arizona Refugee

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