Date: 12 January 2007

Subject:  “LONG Realty Fraud”   (Tucson, Arizona)

Title:  “LONG Realty” Silently Chooses to Defraud an 81 Year-old World War II Veteran

Did any of these men think at this hallowed moment in time in 1945, that the children and grand-children of their peers in Tucson, Arizona would one day orchestrate a plan to swindle a WW II veteran out of his home for the truly 2007 patriotic goal of greed?




Please forward this website address and its information to as many people as possible, even around the world if necessary to stop this injustice.   Any e-mail notes, letters or suggestions to the people that have the power to stop this injustice are so very appreciated.  Together, I believe we can make a difference!  


Dear Reader:

Folks, there are 195,000 military veterans sleeping under bridges and on the streets tonight.  It is disgraceful and perhaps you can help keep this veteran from becoming homeless as well.

Something about this following David and Goliath story makes my blood start to boil, just like when I heard that Cindy Sheehan was going to be arrested in August of 2005 for picketing at Crawford, Texas for exercising her constitutional rights.  My wife and I chose to be there then, and we choose to be here now, actively opposing this injustice of corporate rape and predatory and fraudulent lending practices towards an innocent Tucson family.   And it bothers me to no end that LONG Realty, a subsidiary of Home Services of America and parent company, Berkshire Hathaway, is owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world; Warren Buffet.

God I am so ashamed of what this country has allowed itself to become.  Will anyone stand up and be counted against this madness of greed and corruption?  Have we all become this blind to injustice?  If so, why?  Please choose to engage and stop just one, if only just one, story of incredible injustice that is now taking place in Tucson, Arizona.  Please do not choose, like the majority of Americans, to go on with your everyday lives in silence and seclusion when action can make the difference.  Your help is so needed now to stop this fraud.  You can finally make a difference if you decide that it is important to stand up and be counted, by saying enough is enough!

We beg for your help to stop an eighty-one year old World War II veteran, Mr. Ellis Herman, from having his home auctioned through foreclosure because of fraudulent real estate practices and predatory lending policies that violates the TILA, the Truth In Lending Act, which involves state and federal law.   Mr. Herman, a former naval ship gunner and then later, aircraft tail gunner on B-50’s, has been defrauded by Tucson’s LONG Realty agents Pam Treece and Susie DeConcini and a host of other of Tucson’s finest “moral” professionals in home mortgage lending business.  

Yes folks, if you are wondering, this is the same DeConcini name of such infamous fame of the late 1980’s involving former Senator Dennis DeConcini, along with Senator John McCain and their U.S. Senate Arizona connection to what some of you might remember as the Charles Keating and the “Keating 5 Savings and Loan Scandal”.)   Arizona has always been righteous in coming by their local real estate fraud deals so honestly.  But, is there any doubt why the Tucson media refuses to cover this holdup of an elderly WWII veteran, which occurred in broad daylight, all because it involves a wealthy elite, Tucson family name?     

If people do not realize it already, Tucson has to be considered the defective home building and real estate fraud capital of the world.  The amount of boldly attempted real estate fraud, corruption and predatory lending that happens in this state is absolutely breath taking by any measure.   

In January of 2007, Ella Silveira moved to Tucson, along with her daughter and father to start a new life and help in taking care of her aging father, Ellis Herman.  Ella Silveira herself was not in the best of health since she had suffered a mild stroke in 2000 and is now one of the 48 million American’s without private health insurance.  But Ms. Silveira goal was to help her father start and help him enjoy his new life in Tucson, Arizona.  Isn’t there an incredible amount of “enjoyment” that family’s like the Herman’s have been subjected to, and forced to endure because of LONG Realty fraud?

Ms. Silveira’s father, Ellis began the arduous journey to purchase a home from LONG Realty’s Pam Treece and listing agent, Suzie DeConcini on January 22 of 2007.  Mr. Herman actually bought the home from Ms. Deconini’s son, Timothy Hagyard, with Ms. Deconcini as the listing agent and there were items that were never disclosed as non-functioning.  Obviously, Pam Treece was doing her very best to push Mr. Herman as quickly as possible into buying this home.  From the first call on January 22nd to moving in on February 7th was period of just sixteen days.  I have never heard of such a quick closing. Why was Mrs. Treece pushing for this closing to go so quickly?  Was Pam Treece trying to hide something?  Was Pam Treece afraid that the deficiencies in the home would be eventually discovered and that Mr. Herman might back out of the deal for this over priced home?  Does someone other than me, smell the obvious rat?

In fact the plumbing has had major problems since the day that they moved in.  Mr. Herman has had to heat his home this winter with a space heater for the second time since moving into the residence almost a year ago, since the main heating system has never worked as advertised.  The first use of the space heater was during the first three weeks after Mr. Herman moved into the home on February 7th, 2007.  Also, Mr. Herman’s oven has been tagged by Southwest Gas as unusable.  An oven is required by code to be vented and Mr. Herman’s stove isn’t.  It is dangerous to use and the Herman family can no longer cook their meals.  It is disgraceful that Treece and DeConcini allowed this to happen.  Shame on them!

When Mr. Herman insisted to Pam Treece and her husband Bob, just before closing that the heating system did not work, they insisted that it did and just proceeded to talk them into closing on the house.  Yes the blower worked, but there was no heat.  When Mr. Herman called Pam Treece about his problem with the heating system she stated; “that she did not have time for this.”  It is amazing that Ms. Treece had time to ram through a predatory loan and stick the Herman family with this atrocious house but she “doesn’t have time” to fix things.  It would appear that Treece’s only motivation is money – it certainly isn’t service or caring. 

Mr. Herman wanted to have a home inspection done but Pam Treece conveniently had a prior home inspection that she said Mr. Herman could rely on and it wouldn’t cost him anything!  This inspection did not have anything about the stove, the heating system or the plumbing system on it.  It seems to us quite plausible that Pam and Bob Treece, lied to Mr. Herman about the condition of the heating system so that Susie DeConcini’s son would not have to pay for repairs.  They used a negligent home inspection and the seller did not disclose obvious defects.  We would think that there must be a lawsuit waiting to happen here.  Isn’t there a lawyer out there who can see the injustice and fight for these people?

Eighty-one year old Mr. Ellis Herman was a trusting man, especially when it came to real estate agents that worked up estimated monthly mortgage payment figures and gave explanations for defects.  Maybe Mr. Herman remembers back when he could still trust his fellow Americans to tell him the truth, just like he did in World War II.
LONG Realty agents steered Mr. Herman towards their preferred mortgage broker, Joe Neal of Pinnacle Mortgage/ First Magnus, because Ms. Treece said the mortgage broker was a good Christian.  She also told Mr. Herman not to worry about leaving some lines on the loan application blank. It was explained that it was just the way it had to be done to make the closing go faster.  Why Ms. Treece even said that she knew another good Christian Escrow Officer to also join in this obvious fraudulent business deal.  So what could possibly go wrong in Tucson, Arizona with good Christian people watching over an important financial transaction in the life of an elderly military veteran?  What Ms Treece and Mr. Neal  did is called predatory lending and it is against the law. 

When Mr. Herman’s paperwork for his first mortgage payment started arriving in April 2007, the figure was much higher than he was ever told by the real estate agent or ever knowingly agreed to.  They actually put Mr. Herman into an 80/20 loan, with the second loan at 9% interest rate.  Neither the Loan Company, Long Realty nor the Title Company provided Mr. Herman with a legally required Good Faith Estimate.  Never mind that the good Christian mortgage broker and Ms. Treece fraudulently inflated  Mr. Herman’s income and put him into a mortgage that was more than he could possibly afford for a home that way over priced..  They knew what Mr. Herman’s situation was.  Mr. Herman was never given all of the copies of his loan documents.  LONG Realty and Pinnacle/First Magnus took complete advantage of Mr. Herman and burned him, just because they could, all in their quest for fees, possible kick backs and just plain greed. 

Mr. Herman is on a fixed military, partial disability, pension and Social Security benefits.  Now we know why the LONG Realty agent, who spoke of a good Christian mortgage brokers at Pinnacle Mortgage, then had Mr. Herman leave certain lines blank in the bank loan documents.  I am not a betting man, but have Ms. Treece or Ms. DeConcini at any time received monetary kickback or extra fees from the mortgage broker Pinnacle/First Magnus for their referrals?  Just days after the home closed and the mortgage company Pinnacle/First Magnus received their money, the loan was quickly sold to CitiMortgage.

Because of this unjust and fraudulent swindle by LONG Realty agents involving Mr. Ellis, he now faces losing his home, which is in foreclosure and scheduled to be auctioned on February 27th, 2008.  Time is of the essence!   Can you help by writing a few words of support?

Please contact:

  1. LONG Realty
  2. Pam Treece
  3. The Pima County Attorney’s Office
  4. Governor Janet Napolitano
  5. The Arizona Attorney Generals Office
  6. Warren Buffet; Berkshire Hathaway

....... and tell them what you think of this situation in order to show your support for this very deserving family. The Tucson and Arizona government authorities should be investigating this case and stopping this outrageous example of more Tucson real estate con-man corruption cases to invade and harm good people and their lives.   I am so ashamed for Mr. Herman!  I am so ashamed of the Tucson’s real estate’s industry’s incredible greed

Since August 16th, this Tucson family, Mr. Ellis Herman and his daughter Ms. Ella Silveira along with her daughter (three very brave souls indeed) have been picketing at LONG Realty agents Susie DeConcini’s and Pam Treece’s listings in Tucson. They are trying to invoke a response that would address the blank fraudulent loan documents that LONG Realty is responsible for allowing Mr. Herman to enter into a fraudulently based home loan agreement, and one that was misrepresented with deceptive monthly cost estimates and multiple (9 pages) of a blank purchase agreements that he was asked to sign. 

Pam Treece told Mr. Herman to pay full price for the house because it wouldn’t last very long on the market.  Somehow the home that Ms. DeConcini’s son bought had doubled in price in just three short years.  Isn’t this just amazing?   She also persuaded him not to use his VA mortgage benefits but to instead go with her “Christian” friend and loan broker at Pinnacle.   Of course, if Mr. Herman had used his VA mortgage benefits, the house would have appraised at $40,000 less than the selling price and the uncorrupted appraiser and uncorrupted home inspection report would have found the defects; defects that were not disclosed by either the seller or his mother and LONG Realty listing real estate agent, Susie DeConcini or buyer’s Pam Treece.
Why have the residents of Tucson not supported the protest of this fine family?  Is it possible that they have not been made aware of this family’s predicament?  What is wrong with Tucson media that it doesn’t seem to want to touch this issue that involves the DeConcini and LONG Realty names?  Could it be advertising dollars?  Why is the Tucson media M.I.A.?  If the Tucson people knew about this financial rape and fraud, would they rise up and demand justice?

Long Realty’s response to the Herman family is disgusting.  Do they do anything to check their rouge agents?  No!  They instead intimidate and verbally attack this fine family and when they legally protest, Long agents call the police.  LONG Realty/ Home Services of America/ and Berkshire/ Hathaway do not care at all about this family – they only care about money!  I do not understand why people remain silent when a wolf (a corporation) is attacking at their neighbor’s front door.  What has happened to us as a country when we turn our backs on a neighbor in need and let the rich white investor man trample over the weak and elderly for profits?   Have we accepted the idea that we have now become this type of country; really?

“The only thing needed for evil to exist is for good men and women to say nothing” 

It has not been an easy road for this family and I so applaud the nerve and determination of these fine Americans.  If righteousness and grit were predictors of success then the Herman family would win.   After all, Mr. Herman saw worse than these scoundrels many years ago in the skies over the South Pacific.  Unfortunately though, righteousness is no predictor of success in battles with the real estate industry machine in Arizona.

But the new enemy seemed so pleasant and nice, in reality though, they were so devious and deceptive.  It is just too bad that the enemy of today bases his and her objectives on greed.  And it is also so very sad that the enemy of today in 2007 is now Mr. Herman’s very own country men and women.  Yes, it is the very same country of mothers and fathers that he once risked his life to support and protect as a World War II Navy man. Now their children and grandchildren, have chosen to defraud him and are taking his home from him; and he doesn’t  have that much for them to steal in the first place.  God this is all so very wrong.   

It is vital that this community stand up and support the Herman family.   We are the people today that Mr.  Herman sought to protect in World War II – the very least we can do in return is to help protect his home.  It is really all that he has.

Do the employees of LONG Realty, the corporate headquarters of Home Services of America and Berkshire/Hathaway have no shame?  Is Warren Buffet aware of the behavior that is exhibited from the companies that he owns?

Mr. Herman and his daughter have been yelled at, intimidated and even threatened with criminal and physical harm, because they have chosen to exercise their constitutional right to peacefully protest.  Even one Tucson Police Sergeant, in a rare instance, harassed this family with a threat of arrest if they did not leave.  Mr. Herman has had a car pass by him so close, that he had to move out of the way from fear of being run over. 

Mr. Herman and his daughter are the true Americans and the true patriots of this country.  The LONG Realty agents in this story are the true opposite of patriots and instead are cold hearted frauds who beg for Mr. Herman to just go away so that no one knows their little secret about real estate fraud.  The right to protest is constitutionally protected – LONG Realty seems to think that the constitution doesn’t apply to them.   But why does the Tucson community remain unobservant and ignorant to the plight of this family’s noble struggles?  How dare a corporation like LONG Realty, try to silence a family’s right to protest! 

A courier who shuttled paperwork between LONG Realty and Title Security Agency of Arizona was arrested recently because of his threatening behavior during one of the Herman/Silveira protest.  This man was a parolee and his threatening behavior caused revocation of that parole.   LONG Realty’s designated broker Jerome King has even been pressuring Mr. Herman and his daughter Ella in order to stifle and quit their civil protest.  We understand that Mr. King has also made threatening motions towards Ella during their protest.  What could Mr. King be thinking?  Does LONG Realty not only have the right to steal from Mr. Herman, but to try and intimidate him and his daughter as well?   

How long do these fraudulent Americans expect honorable and decent Americans to put up with their behavior?  When will the Arizona legislature, the same ones who have been bought and paid for by these real estate corporations, decide to legislate the will of the people and not the wishes of corporations?  Why has Governor Janet Napolitano allowed this fraud to flourish and occur again on her watch today as the Governor and as Attorney General from 1998 to 2002?

Folks; something is terribly wrong with America today!  Do you feel it too?  I do.  We have become a country that is obsessed with corruption and greed at the expense of the most vulnerable and deserving people in society. I am so ashamed that this country now deems this acceptable!   None of this corruption and deceit will ever be acceptable in my minds eye. The real estate robber barons of this new gilded age of the 21st century have nothing over the original robber barons of the 19th century.  This has got to cease.   

What does this say about a company like LONG Realty Corporation, a subsidiary of Home Services of America Corporation of Minneapolis, Minnesota and in turn, a subsidiary of Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, when the company’s that they use have their employees threaten Mr. Herman’s daughter? When a courier on parole says to a woman; “next time I will run your fucking ass over,” don’t you think there is a problem with the lowly caliber of people that these corporations choose to hire?  Who is reading your important financial documents in Tucson; a parolee? 

Something again is terribly wrong in Arizona!

Mr. Herman’s story of intimidation and harassment is most credible.  I know exactly what type of intimidation and threatening gestures that these companies in Tucson are capable of.  It all sounds so familiar since my family experienced the very same kinds of intimidation tactics, including threats of arrest and fake police reports, by SAHBA (Southern Arizona Home Builders Association) during our 2004 SAHBA Home Show protest.  I was actually accused by a SAHBA coached TCC security guard of physically harming him with my car.  It never happened since I wasn’t even driving that day.  These Tucson real estate and building corporations will lie about anything. 

Please do not let these corporate real estate scoundrels at LONG Realty get away with another fraudulent sale to another person. If Governor Janet Napolitano had listened to us in 2004 and acted, Mr. Herman would probably have not been swindled in 2007.  Please contact Governor Napolitano, Attorney General Terry Goddard, the Pima County Attorney’s Office and LONG Realty and even Warren Buffet and tell what is going on in Tucson to Mr. Herman is totally unacceptable.

Thank you so very much for your concern 

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