Date:  08 March, 2008

Subject:  Tucson, Arizona real estate

LONG Realty Sucks

This page is dedicated to agents of LONG Realty and employees of liquidated company, First Magnus who have been proven to be deceptive and willing to deceive the public for profit in the real estate industry in Tucson Arizona.  The public should not deal with these people because of the risk of great financial danger. 

Any agent that choose to approve, chooses to supports or even chooses to remain quiet while Arizona families and World War II veterans are losing their homes to fraud and deception in their real estate market are more than qualified to be on this infamous list.

All it takes for evil to exist in the real estate industry is for good people to say nothing in the face of evil.  Are there any honest/good people left in Tucson, Arizona to speak up.   I do know that the vast majority of lawyers will always remain silent unless money is involved in the equation.

The entire Tucson real estate industry should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such duplicitous people to work amongst them and sully their reputations.  There are agent and builders who will not think twice about pilfering you or having good ex-military families losing their homes because of their deception.

Names will be followed by links in the next few weeks with essays about my personal feelings on these individuals.  After what these real estate professional have done to me and other Tucson families, I believe in the scorched earth policy of character unveiling is in order. 

I will have many, many questions for these individuals to answer.  Isn’t the internet a wonderful tool to expose the truth?  Unlike the fact changing Arizona Daily Star newspaper, my essay will never be censured or removed form view.  If you act like a douche bag to your fellow man and his family, you are fair game.

God forbid that the local paper “The Arizona Daily Silence” will ever grow investigative journalistic balls to pursue the corruption that exist in the Tucson market.  The advertising dollar revenue is like a stock stuffed in their mouths and a blindfold over their eyes to conceal the vast real estate corruption that permeates their city.

  1. Fran Epsen
  1. Susie DeConcini
  1. Pam Treece
  1. Jerome King
  1. Anna Stark
  1. Joe Nealy
  1. Christine Hawley
  1. Robert Hayes aka Kyle Hayes

I bet there will be so many more names of proven scum bags to be listed in future post.

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