April 19, 2007

Subject: Lute Olson Golf Tournament

Title:   Lute Olson and SAHBA; a twenty year business love affair

Dear SAHBA member:

On Friday, April 19th, Lute Olson begins his last episode of his many business proposition golfing tournaments with SAHBA; “the community phuck job provider!”  After twenty years, and according to the SAHBA gurus, this coming weekend will be the last SAHBA/ Lute Olson golfing love fest for wealthy white republican guys to mingle with the elder neocon statesman of Tucson.  And the wealthy elite along with their token morons will revel in this last chance, “Hail Mary” conquest to have one last good ole boy chum around, mental cigar smoking moment with Lutey.  

And as for a bonus attraction some of these golfing sign up white boys will hope to see what a black person looks like up close in a golfing environment of white republican males.  For some of these people it will be the first time in their lives they have been so close to an over four hundred and fifty year American minority.

I wonder if Dennis Rosen will be one of the wealthy white guys present, since Rosen proved to me that he is a mental runt golf nut job enthusiast and besides, golf is such a republican hobby; no?  

The reason that SAHBA and Lute Olson are parting ways this weekend is because SAHBA wants to give the impression for their sponsored golfing tournament to go out in some measure of resuscitated style before the life support plug is pulled on Olson’s career and attendance to the festivities begins dwindling into the single digit numbers.  It has also been discussed that Olson needs to spend more time with his twenty year younger baby boomer wife, Christine, who is reported over the years to have contracted an extreme case of major league, high maintenance syndrome. 

Unfortunately, Lute Olson is no longer the draw that he once was, since his record for the last six a years has shown a steady decline, as his chronological years have increased.  Yes Lute is old and tired; but nothing that a little Geritol, for that” iron tired, poor blood” and Viagra, for that other thing, might just solve the problem.

Fortunately, it is time to give a younger man a chance to make millions of dollars coaching a Canadian children’s game that originally was called ‘Duck on a Rock,” unless Olson still thinks of course that he has a chance to pass John Wooden’s NCAA Final Four record?  So what are the odds; slim and none?  I choose none.  If that is still the case, Olson will try to hang on for another lifetime, until the day he dies of a heart attack on the court while ranting and raving at the referees.  Olson, except for the acquisition of more money, just doesn’t have it anymore when it comes to heart, compassion and integrity. 

Maybe the stress of participating with SAHBA and its assault on one’s morals is taking its toll?  Everyone remembers that last four minute meltdown to Illinois on March 26, 2005.  And how about this years 1st round knockout that Arizona experienced by a real team” and not some Prima Donna, want to be, NBA stars, who once again were an incredible embarrassment to watch.  Okay, I must tell the truth; I loved it!

Olson may be able to recruit players to come to the Arizona desert with scholarships (money), but he can’t seem to figure out how to assemble a basketball group that has “TEAM” in the description!   Please, some one just pull the plug and save us all.  It will be a good day when Olson finally is forced to leave his million dollar contract and retire to the snowbird desert vistas of Tucson and the nappy headed hoed hedges of Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Lute Olson began his story book business dance career with SAHBA with his recruitment by jewish home builder Saul Tobin.  Tobin convinced Olson to hang his longing financial star along with SAHBA to milk the coming Tucson real estate sprawl of Pima County.  And sprawl and rape did they do! 

Since Tobin died a few years back, even the auction part of the three day party is no longer being held at the Benjamin Netanyahu, Tucson jewish Community Center.  Why is that?  No more discounts? Even the golfing ambiance has sunk in stature as the event has moved from the former Sheraton Conquistador hotel golf course to the very public, Randolph Park course.  What, no more private courses?  What will the poor rich white folk think and feel now?  No more money is going to come your way.  The wealthy as a rule, must always be pampered.  Oh, I forgot, they are performing the wealthy white pampering at Flemings Steak House; a stuffy elite republican place, just like McMahon’s and it s sponsorship of other golfing like parties.  Maybe it was just as simple that after Mt. Tobin’ passing, Mr. Olson was finally asked by SAHBA president, Ed Taczanowsky, to begin contributing a greater share of profits to funding the golfing elite party.

And why is there such a jewish influence in Tucson when it comes to real estate, development and building?  Let’s think Don Diamond.  Could it be money?  Didn’t republican presidential candidate Tommy Thompson recently say that “making money was a part of the jewish tradition?”  Later, Thompson tried to clarify that he only wanted to acknowledge the “accomplishment” of the jewish religion.  Isn’t that something, a religion that has a tradition of making money?  To me that sounds just like the Catholic Church and the Vatican treasures; maybe they are related!  Mr. Thompson was only partially correct; the jewish tradition has a history of extorting money and land from people throughout America and the Middle East.  I just look at my circumstance and see how jewish lawyers, Marc Simon and Dennis Rosen, and a jewish real estate agent Fran Epsen helped “extort” my home and land from me and my family.  So what is my definition of extortion; can you say fraud!

Long live Palestine!

From my own personal experience, the combination of jewish, republican, real estate agent and lawyer is a toxic mixture that only conjures greed and hurt.  Sorry boys, but I call it as I see it and my vision is very good.

Over two years ago I tried to contact Mr. Olson concerning his support for SAHBA in light of SAHBA’s support of McCreary Homes.  I could have bet a King Tut’s ransom that his highness, Lute Olson would not respond since republicans never, ever give up the chance of making more money, no matter what the cause or who they rape to get it.  It would have been a wonderful thing and a great community service if Olson had stepped up to the plate and questioned SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky about supporting builders who ruin good Arizona families.  No, Mr. Olson would never consider rocking the boat on issues of ethics and morality.  No, that wouldn’t be prudent for a conniving republican to ever considering doing the right thing.

Olson and his new wife Christine had a multi million dollar home built in the exclusive and gated community of Finisterra.  Now I bet old Lutey’s home was built by SAHBA “professionals” and I wonder how many illegal aliens were employed to work on the Olson’s home.  I also bet that the Olson’s Home with whatever SAHBA “certified custom home builder” that was used was a defect free and certified work of art.  If a person is wealthy and powerful, it results in all of the necessary connections with the movers and shakers of Tucson, and then they buy their satisfaction and measures of justice, at everyday elite bargain prices.

I wonder how Lute Olson would have reacted if his SAHBA built home had water coming through the walls, water flowing into the garage, a sagging ceiling, a kitchen island that almost collapsed, fireplaces that would not draw, a door that you could see right through, and so much more. I would bet Lute Olson would have been jumping up and down, screaming his head off that the SAHBA builder and his sub-contractors had better fix it.  So why wouldn’t Mr. Olson, who is indirectly and maybe directly compensated by SAHBA at times, not choose to engage on behalf of a good family that was experiencing so much trouble from an association that he supports?  Why Lute?  Are you another compassionate conservative Lute?  How about your wife?  Oh, I see; no comment. 

Chicken shit people of limitless questionable morals are never to be revered!

During the past twenty years SAHBA and Olson have collected $1.5 million dollars for the University of Arizona’s Arthritis center for fat white women only.  During the first eleven years of this fund raiser, SAHBA cleared a million dollars for their building promoting U.of A. research center.  In the last nine years the amount of money is just over five hundred thousand dollars.  Times must be getting tougher for the wealthy people.  It is unfortunate that everyone has had to go through so many motions for the past twenty years because Olson and his incredibly wealthy wife Christine, could have easily at any time just written a check for the amount and left all of the white men in Tucson wondering for a lifetime what a black person looked like up close.

So now Olson moves onto greener pastures with his time being allocated for even more basketball high recruiting.  It will indeed be a wonderful day when Olson finally designs to throw the towel in and retire to a pasture in Pennsylvania, standing next to a replica of a bucolic cow; please no mooing.  And Lute Olson’s health should improve so much in the future if he decides to finally quit.  Just think, there will be no more ranting and raving, screaming and yelling, arms waving and feet stomping tantrums from Mr. Olson towards the referees.  God, what will people in Tucson do for entertainment next winter besides watching the cactus grow?

Someday Tucson will probably be extinct of Saguaro cacti in order make room for another housing development.  Some of us remember Tucson years ago.  I remember Tucson twenty five years ago, and you should have been here because it felt like a special place.  But it didn’t take long time for greedy developers and builders during the Reagan years of the late eighties to have conspired to totally phuck everything in this area up forever. 

Please enjoy the trap they have built for you.

Will SAHBA find a new sponsor for their celebrity golf tournament or will they just buy up all the golf courses in Tucson and build Mc Mansion houses on them?  Maybe Jim Click or former Pastor Ted Haggard of Phoenix can be the new emissary for next year’s event.  Only time will tell. 
I look forward to a welcome change in human resource capital at SAHBA and the U. of A.


“The Arizona Refugee;” a Tucson critic at large

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