April 21, 2006

SAHBA/ Lute Olson Celebrity Auction and Republican Golf Tournament

How can Lute and Christine Olson collect money for charity when the money they donate to Republicans result in this girl dying?  Does raising money ease their guilty consciences?  What Hypocrites!  Let's raise money for charity with one hand while the other supports those who kill innocent Iraq's and American soldiers.  Shame on you and shame on anyone who supports you.  Shame on anyone who supports President Bush.

Once again it is time for the annual SAHBA/Lute Olson golf tournament for wealthy white people. This year’s festivities are a true family affair with Olson’s baby boomer wife Christine, having her own sponsored activity (A Night under the Stars, The Sip 2006).  The “SIP” is being sponsored by the S.W. Jack drilling Company.  This event, in honor of St. Gregory’s and Tucson’s rich white people, will be held on Thursday, April 20 at Loew’s Ventana Canyon resort. “ The Sip”…… how pretentious?  Did Christine Olson “force” here way onto the St. Gregory board?  Why don’t Christine or Lute just skip all the cheese, cracker and bubbly B.S., and just write a check to St. Gregory’s. 

Lute and Christine are in the top 1% of richest Americans, they have got all of the money.  Are Lute and Christine worried that the estate tax might leave them destitute?  Lute, why be so cheap?  Both of you have enough money to last you for a thousand years.  Is Nike going to cancel your contract because of your recent “successes”?  Why put wealthy white parents through the intense agony of a bogus fund raiser in order that privileged white children like yours, can continue attending a private school, no matter how little you actually raise?  Doesn’t your “Sip 2006”mean, nothing more than wealthy white women wanting to show off their latest spring wardrobes?

Did anyone realize that the two wealthy white boys who were recently indicted for raping a black dancer at Duke University came from good Christian families?  One was even Catholic.  Yes, some Christian men and even some priest like to rape women and boys.  Can you say Tucson? 

Did you realize that Dennis Rader, the (BTK) killer, was a fine upstanding Christian, God fearing man?  Rader was congregation president of Christ Lutheran Church in Wichita.  Rader was a registered republican.  For some “Christians,” religion can be quite hypocritical?  Is religion an opiate for the poor, or do the rich use religion as a decoy for deceit? Maybe the money for St. Gregory’s can go for teaching a class on the “golden rule”, or the novel concept of right or wrong.    How about an extended class on basic human ethics; anyone interested?

Could the reason for combining Christine’s fund raiser and Lute’s fund raiser is to perform these arduous endeavors quickly so they can move to their residence in Pennsylvania.  Yes folks, since Lute Olson married a wealthy neocon supporting republican, he has become a true snowbird and neocon supporting republican.  Now, Lute and Christine have to campaign for newly republican appointed “rookie” candidate Lynn Swann, to be Pennsylvania’s latest attempt as a novice republican governor.  Yes, let’s have an ex-wide receiver super jock be governor; a brilliant move!

In a promotional video for Lynn Swann’s campaign, Mrs. Olson stated: ‘Lynn is all about building bridges”.  Christine Olson forgot to mention that these “bridges” that Mr. Swann “is all about” pertain to Congressional earmarks for $245 million dollar bridges for republican senators like Ted Stevens from Alaska.  Where are the republican term limits (Jeff Flake)?  Yes, Lynn Swann is all about bridges, expensive bridges for his wealthy constituents to profit from!  Christine Olson has contributed $33,000 to neophyte Swann’s campaign; why?  What does Mrs. Olson expect for her $33,000 investment? 

If you ever wonder about the consequences of electing a buffoon to office, just look at the incredible horror George W. Bush has turned into.  The red flags were ever present.  It was just a matter of time, before the incompetence erupted.  Republican’s never learn.  Because of corporate money, republicans are clever and ruthless at getting elected, but they have no clue whatsoever how to govern. They keep trying to promote unqualified and uninformed candidates like Bush to public office.  Name recognition, not competency, is the name of the republican political game!  As long as the candidate is puppet material, the republican elite can tell him what they want, and when they want him to do it.  Bush is not a leader. Bush is a bought and paid for political puppet.   Cheney is the real president.   As long as republicans will vote for tax cuts for the wealthy or opening up ANWAR for Christine Olson’s drilling company (S.W. Jack Drilling Company), they will keep running this country right into the ground.  Yes, the Rapture cannot be very far behind.

How greedy can the Olson’s be?  Please stop, you are helping to ruin the country for your selfish, greedy exploits.  Don’t you both have enough money for at least a hundred normal lifetimes?  Will you ever have enough money and stocks in your filthy portfolios?  What God, if any, approves of your actions?  Is your God, the God of greed?

Lynn Swann is one of the only 2% of Black Americans that support Bush.  Ask a Black person; “Do you remember hurricane Katrina?”  Before Lynn Swann became rich, he was a Democrat.  But now as a wealthy Black man, he is a soulless republican.  It also seems that Mr. Swann learned late in life about the civic duty of voting.  Mr. Swann, who did not cast a vote for years, now wants to be governor.  According to the Pittsburg Blog ( “He didn't register to vote until 1984, despite living in Bethel Park since 1976, and since his first vote in 1987 he has voted in just 17 of 43 elections - and not at all from 1989 to 1991.”  Perhaps Mr. Swann didn’t bother to vote since he could just buy his way in to what he wanted?  I am so glad Mr. Swann has a flip-flop style backbone and has now decided to relinquish support for his still struggling race; vote or no vote. 

With slavery of any kind, it takes hundreds of years to exterminate the bias that develops in the white man’s heart.  Consider asking the American Indian about Caucasian bias.  Olson, why do you still exploit the black man for your own personal gain?  Oh Lute, you want to tell me you don’t exploit the black man?  Lute, what has been your graduation rate at Arizona?  Do you care to compare and brag about your winning percentage versus your graduation rate?  You are no hero.  You are a failure to human development.  You do not care if your Arizona-bound-scholarship-toting young men ever graduate.  You are a huge part of the problem.  In my opinion, you only care about the money.  How republican!  I rest my case.
So if you have signed up for either of the Olsons’ little party “sleepovers”; please remember after the festivities to consider getting a life.  If you have the time and money to go to these events, you need to take a family vacation trip to Darfur to see what the other half of humanity is going through.  Do you really think there is a God?   Tell me why, when their exist such evil and greed in the world?

During March, some of you probably paid good money to meet Dick (GFY) Cheney and (what’s his name) Jon Kyl at the Westin La Paloma.  Some of you actually paid $5,000 to have your picture taken with Cheney.  Unphuckingbelievable!  Dick Cheney has been responsible for thousands of American and Iraqis’ deaths.   Is there anything in the world that could shame a neocon supporting republican?  I don’t think it is possible.  There is no shame for the shameless!

So if you get to meet their highnesses, Lute the elder and Christine the baby boomer, please ask them these questions:

  1. Do they still support ex-military Arizona families losing their homes because of SAHBA supported, incompetent, greedy builders, like McCreary Homes?
  2. Do they still support SAHBA officials (Ed Taczanowski and Greg Miedema) hiding behind their silence, instead of confronting and addressing the problem with open dialogue?
  3. Did Lute and Christine Olson have their picture taken with Dick Cheney?  You know, the Dick Cheney that supports CIA leaks, NSA wiretaps on the American people, rendition, torture, energy policy secrecy, WMD’s intelligence fantasies, war, words like “they will greet us as liberators” and “the insurgency is in its final throes”, and one who “peppers” an elderly man by shooting him while intoxicated, “fire-aim-ready” mentality, just like the manufactured and immoral Iraqi War, that republicans have brought you.  We are so addicted to oil. God forgive them, for they do know what they do!  Sure, pay $5,000 to take your picture with an incompetent lying phucking asshole!  Six hundred Tucsonans paid money to be in the same room as this phucking moron.  So who are the real morons?  Tell Lute and Christine that they are incredibly wonderful and brilliant people for subsidizing a pseudo and fascist Democracy for themselves!  Long live the rich people of America; after all, it is all about welfare for the wealthy people.  Follow the money!
  4. Why did SAHBA and Lute move their auction from the Jewish Community Center?  Did the Jewish Center raise their rental fee?  Was Saul Tobin giving you a great deal; like for free?  Did Olson have (2) consecutive mediocre seasons and they can’t fill up the Jewish Community Center?
  5. Why did SAHBA and Lute move their golfing sports wannabe orgy, from the Sheraton Conquistador?  Come on Lute, are you getting a little chintzy or does this once again reflect on the success of your last two seasons?
  6. How many poor people are admitted to the arthritic program that SAHBA tries to sponsor?  Is the arthritis program targeted toward wealthy white older people?
  7. Does SAHBA promote this fund raiser for Arthritis in order to promote wealthy, white people to move to Arizona and have houses built by SAHBA endorsed builders?
  8. Will Lute’s buddy in greed, Jim Click, be more than happy to sell all of the new comers to Arizona, overpriced and gas guzzling cars?
  9. Does Lute enjoy being a semi-transplanted Pennsylvania resident?  Does Lute have his voter registration set up in Pennsylvania? Does Lute enjoy being an elderly republican snowbird?  Do you think John McCain and his ideas are both too old; let alone talking about the presidency?
  10. Will Lute and Christine meet another wealthy black person like Lynn Swan, while in Pennsylvania?  Does such a person even exist in that state?  Lute, will you meet any poor black people in Philadelphia?  No, I didn’t think so.
  11. Why do you support a President that will not address the NAACP in your newly adopted state of Pennsylvania?  Are you and your new wife against the black people, the poor and the middle class?
  12. Why does Olson and his baby boomer wife enjoy being neocon enabling republicans that support the Iraq invasion and the killing of thousands (36,000) of Iraqi citizens?  Iraq had nothing to do with September 11, 2001.
  13. Does Olson think he is worth a million dollars a year considering he lost last year to Illinois with a 15 point lead, and 4 minutes remaining in the game?  That game was unphuckingbelievable!  Thanks Lute, I have never experienced such an exciting and unbelievable collapse.  Who was responsible for the collapse?  Are there any names floating around?  How about this year and Villanova?  It has been almost 10 years since the 97’ championship.  Lute is and will always be, a has been.  John Wooden has nothing to worry about, his championship records will never be surpassed by the Tucson proclaimed, “golden” one.
  14. Will Lute and Christine Olson have their children attend the University of Arizona?  Is the University of Arizona even good enough them?  I think I know the answer to that question.  I believe an expensive private school is in the future for her children.
  15. Does Lute have the State Farm logo tattooed on his left buttock?
  16. Does Lute have the Nike logo stamped on his right buttock?
  17. God, I have a thousand questions for both of you!  You won’t mind, will you? 

Please tell the anointed Tucson power couple, that in order to take enormous credit for their fund raising endeavors; they also have to take criticism when they both turn a blind eye to SAHBA’s abuse of homeowners.   Is the money or services that they receive, directly or indirectly, more important than the negative effect SAHBA has on consumers?  How many “good deals” did you receive on your new home?  Do you think SAHBA reflects favorably on the community when it tears Tucson families apart?  An image of integrity can only be used publicly if it is consistent with the full time principles you display.  Integrity is not a part time attribute.  As with Long Realty agent Fran Epsen, don’t use the integrity mantra if you can’t profess it 100% of the time.  I believe it has something to do with the building of a “thousand bridges.”

If you had real integrity, you would question SAHBA’s policy toward the community and prevent this nightmare from ever happening again.  How can you support a family losing their home because SAHBA (“the “Community Builder”) promotes the concept of screwing good people in the Tucson community, through the support of greed?  Like it or not, you become a part of what SAHBA believes in and their stain rubs off on you.  Evidently, you do not care about the Tucson community, the ones that pay your salary; the ones who provide emotional and financial cheerleaders for your psyche.  Unfortunately Mr. Olson, you sold your integrity (Nike, State Farm, SAHBA etc.) to the highest bidder a long, long time ago!  Enjoy your undeserved image.

Mr. Olson, during this period in time, you allowed your once good name to be associated with SAHBA.  Our family lost our home, our land, and our future because of SAHBA’s support of a fraudulent and corrupt builder.  I am sure that your new multi-million dollar house that you had built in the foothills was done correctly.  That was good for you, but there was no such luck for me.  The wealthy get to experience justice, while the poor and middle class experience the art of holding the bag of injustice; thank you Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton. 

You now have a choice Lute between speaking up for community justice or continuing your approval for SAHBA with silence.  Christine Olson; why have you also remained silent?  A person that is normally quite promotional and vocal when talking about corporate boards is now silent.  The fact that you both choose to remain silent speaks volumes!  Maybe your public images are not as honorable as you both try to project.

“All it takes for evil to exist, is for good men and women to say nothing”

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