Date:  23 November, 2007

Subject:  Lute Olson

Title:  Why is Lute Olson’s leave of absence reason so super secret?

Christine you lying ass republican bitch!

Dear neocon supporting republican SAHBA members:

We all know about SAHBA’s former master of golfing ceremonies the republican supporting and great in his own mind, Lute Olson.  Olson is the person who promoted for years a SAHBA majority white guy only, golfing charade fund raiser events for imaginary funds for wealthy white women’s aches and pains.  And why did Lute Olson agree with SAHBA’s jewish home builder Saul Tobin to do such white republican activities? It was all done in order to entice more white people to move here and have SAHBA builders construct them homes for SAHBA’s and Tobin’s wife arthritis benefit. 

But now, Lute Olson has a secret that he will not share with the masses of people who have supported and enabled his coaching fame and wealth.  Now, there is more media silence brewing, concerning Lute Olson’s self imposed, silent reason, for his granted leave of absence.  Why isn’t every American afforded the privilege of indefinite, leave of absence, emotional issue vacations?    

Mr. Olson seemed to have never tired of the ever media boasting advertised win/loss ratio that was published in newspapers, magazines and television sets around the country, but how come there is so little media attention about his miserably deficient graduation rates at the University of Arizona?  Oh, I forgot.   Could it be that the University of Arizona basketball team comes from a publicly funded sanctioned place of higher learning that masquerades as a farm team for the NBA?   Where is the Tucson media on this subject; dead in the water again? 

But once again, secrecy has crept into Olson and the U of A basketball program. But why have the Tucson media all backed off from researching the story?  Surely, no one wants to piss off the man behind the curtain of SAHBA truth, the Great Wizard of Oz; Lute Olson. 

It must be incredibly juicy when even the Tucson Weekly is acting like a bunch of Helen Keller, muzzled, deaf mute pussies on this subject?  I can’t believe that Olson can keep this secret without complicity from the news media.  Unphuckingbelievable!  Do the Tucson media hacks choose to give Lute Olson an all encompassing free media pass on that subject for fear of Olson getting pissed off and leaving or does Lute Olson just ask for extended leaves of absences and it is easily granted to him, just like it is was granted to his money bought President, George W. Bush and his telecom controlled companies that choose to break FISA laws on our behalf?  Okay, I know.......Shhhhhhh!  No, there will be no inquiries permitted; states secrets.

Something is terribly wrong in America! 

But where, oh where did Lutey Olson go to?  Did I really hear a vicious and terrible rumor that Lute Olson might be taking a media secret, permanent leave of absence for good?  I wonder what that is all about.  Why is Lute Olson not doing his job again, just like he didn’t again last year, during Arizona’s first round blow out?  Do you think it is possible that Lute Olson’s absence has something to do with his insufferable, republican neocon challenged, money grubbing, baby boomer wife, Christine?  By the way, I am not a betting man, but I could be easily encouraged to bet on that reason.

Maybe we should start a lottery to determine the correct answer for Lute Olson’s almost three week disappearance from his job as coach of a basketball team that is actually based upon a Canadian child’s game that was called “Duck on a Rock.”  And to think they pay Lute Olson over a million dollars a year to orchestrate a children’s game, that has metamorphosed for profit.  You have to hand it to Capitalism; they could probably make big bucks out of a diarrhea laced turd dropping game, if they had to, by calling it  “Soft and Serve” for the mentally and moral challenged conservatives.  

Why is Lute Olson, the long time, Saul Tobin recruited, SAHBA supporting golfing sponsor prostitute, secretly taking a leave of absence for “personal matters?”  What does “personal matters” really mean?  Did Lute Olson have to take an incredibly long shit or does he have a bad case of e-coli based diarrhea?  Both of these issues are quite problematic on a coaching front.  Someone has to stay on the bench during the game.  Or could it be something that is something so incredibly juicy about the “perfect” Tucson power couple that has been so easily portrayed in the bubble gum Tucson media, that might prove to be quite embarrassing to have it become public knowledge and ruin their perfect Tucson family façade life?  Inquiring minds would like to know.

The Olson’s mustn’t ever let their shallow Tucson image be tarnished in the slightest in for fear of shame of not being invited to the prestigious Arizona republican Christmas party, held for the express purpose to congratulate each other and then pray to Jesus to give them all more money and blindly approve of their war mongering and profiteering efforts in Iraq.     

Come on Lute, enquiring republican minds would like to know what gives.  Does Lute Olson, along with his baby boomer wife, Christine, both wealthy multi-millionaires, neocon supporting republicans, know anything about true adversity?  No millionaire ever feels pain, since their money always pads their human falls, while the rest of us crash to the ground and burn with scrutiny.  Wealthy baby boomers are the scourge that now plagues this country, all brought about by spoiled children that grew up with no morals, no parents to guide them, and provided with everything, and who now demand even more.

Did Christine Olson’s father really commit suicide?

Come on Lute, you can tells us what the real reason is and we promise not to think that you and your wealth baby boomer wife are anything more than mere mortal douche bags in the Tucson community.  Some of us might even consider the Olson’s a chance at being considered human, in light of their enormous contributions to hurt everyday middle class Americans and Iraqi civilians.  The Olson’ monetary contributions to neocon republicans around the country has contributed greatly to having people tortured, maimed and killed around the entire world; in their names.

But hasn’t Lute Olson just loved getting all those previous decades of media publicity allocades about his perfectly structured life and being treated like the pseudo god that he demands in cultural missing Tucson, Arizona?   But now, Olson demands even more, from a compliant media, an all encompassing hall passes for his personal privacy?  Sounds exactly like the national press media and George W. Bush.  WTF? 

Lute Olson loves all of the positive media attention, but can not seem to handle the negative truth media aspects of his job that could affect his actual job performance.  What really gives Lute?  Why is Lute Olson so bashful; won’t the truth set him free from his Peyton Place family deception?  Why does Lute Olson get an out of jail out card for free, when the rest of us middle class and poor peons in America are not afforded the same courtesies that the Olson’s demand?  Does wealth have its privileges? Does wealth play by a different set of rules?  Could it be that Lute Olson’s money and his penchant for pettiness, insulates him from any further media scrutiny?  Has Olson threatened the Tucson media from access or even his departure if he is not granted his demands?

It all sounds so republican!

Incredible wealth does have its privileges over the masses.  So much for the shallow statement of “We the People” shit.  It is all just empty words now that are fore fathers wrote but which has now evolved into a more accurate statement as; “We the Wealthy Phucks control!”  Maybe are fore fathers should have written; “We the wealthy phucks, will be planning on phucking you over for our benefit, and not yours?” 

Why do wealthy Americans like the Olson’s think it is a good idea to hurt the less fortunate among them, all in the name of profit?  Why?  Do wealthy people at some point in life have their consciences removed in a fit of frontal lobotomy, out patient surgery?  At what point in a man’s life does the size of his wallet or bank account have to reach, in order for him to decide to cross over to the greed agenda of the republican Party and harm people for his profit?  At what point in life for women, does her lusting for a new or second home, travels to Paris, or expensive designer clothes, help her to decide to cross over to the greed agenda pledge of the republican Party?

Doesn’t Lute Olson know, that in this day in age, with the money that he and his neocon, baby boomer wife, the self declared oil and gas perfumed heiress of recent Tucson society, Christine, and the money that they have siphoned off from everyday Americans, have readily contributed to the Bush/Cheney cabal of government wire tapping.  Don’t the Olson’s know that privacy and secrecy is an antiquated idea and oh so passé in this day in age, because everything is now overruled, all for the name of national security?   

Lute Olson should just bend over and spread those good old South Dakota bred cheeks in order to prove he is not a potential terrorist that is promoting secret agendas that should be examined by the media, the FBI and the coming thought police authorities!  How can we let anyone be granted the suggestion of secrecy, when we are a nation at war with itself?

Doesn’t Lute know that he and his neocon bitched enhanced wife have contributed to a country that now promotes secrecy and eaves dropping recordings, at the drop of a hat or an innocent phone call?  Doesn’t Olson know that the government knows all about his current personal matters the moment he talked on a cell phone or e-mailed a family member?  Why does no self respecting reporter, report on the obvious news?  Isn’t that what so called reporters are supposed to do?  Why is there such a media back off from any inquisition into the reasons behind Olson’s absence.  Is it possible the “Great Oz” Olson is not as great as he seems to his neocon supporters or the peons that follow him? 

Can you imagine if Tucson papers had been in Washington covering Watergate in 1972?  There would have been incredible silence just as there is today with the Olson story.  With wealthy republicans, one is only permitted to report the “good” news.  Tucson news today is nothing more than sugar coated candy for a pre-school child like mentalities. 

Maybe Lute was so ever discrete with his only signs of communicating a newer version of sign language shakes.  I expect the “government,” even has the means to break that code with its rampant use of decoding super computers.  Will the government one day be able to eaves drop on your very thoughts and dreams?  But why not; aren’t we a nation at war?  Lute Olson with neocon support must think so.  The government that Olson monetarily supports can never be too sure about its contributors.  One day they might become Al Qaeda supporters.  Everyone is a possible suspect and so everyone must be secretly and illegally wire tapped; even the ever constitutionally ignorant Lute Olson.  This is all being done so that the ever increasing wealthy can retain there hold on absolute power; no matter what the voting Diebold booth says or the politicians that are elected might want. 

But Lute Olson has said through his wealthy, baby boomer wife, and in turn, through her spokesman (how nice), that the issue is not about health.  Okay; sure.  Shouldn’t every person in America be blessed with a spokesman to hide behind?  Just look at our own Bozo, President George W. Bush and the spokesman and women that he hides behinds with lies.  When secrets are kept, the mind begins to wonder.  What does republican Lute Olson have to hide?

When people keep secrets, it shows that they are ashamed of letting others know the truth about what takes place in their make believe lives.  Is Lute Olson afraid that his deified position in the Tucson community for orchestrating a Canadian “Duck on a Rock” child’s game might be lowered to reality?

So my brain must compile a list of possible scenarios that might be taken place in the now secret life of Lute Olson, the great SAHBA and President George W. Bush supporter.  No rules and no secrets Lute.  When people choose secrecy over the light of day, all kinds of possible scenarios are ripe for discussion.  Mind you; these are only possibilities and not actually what might be taking place.

  1. Could it be possible that Lute Olson’s wife, Christine is having “some kind of affair” with another neocon George W. Bush supporter?
  2. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is having “some kind of affair” with another neocon George W. Bush supporter?
  3. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is having “some kind of affair” with another male SAHBA member, like butt sniffing SAHBA president, Ed Taczanowsky?
  4. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is actively lobbying in Washington DC, for his neocon baby boomer wife Christine, and her endless quest to rape ANWAR, the (Alaskan National Wildlife Refugee), on behalf of her overriding greed?  Doesn’t Christine want to pump every last gallon of oil and natural gas that her company, S.W. Jack Drilling Co. can possibly suck out of good ole mother earth and Alaska?
  5. Could it be possible that Lute Olson has just realized that in 2003, he married a greedy, soul less, neocon bitch?
  6. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is in republican recovering rehab for non prescribed pain killers in order to pacify his guilt for possessing a neocon supporting conscience and neocon republican supporting wife?
  7. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is in republican recovering rehab for his almost four straight years of supporting campaign contributions for George W. Bush and other neocon republicans across the country?
  8. Could it be possible that Lute Olson and Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain will become progressive liberals by secretly having a hand holding sex change operation in the sex change capitol of the world, Trinidad, Colorado?
  9. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is actively campaigning in secret on behalf for the amnesia race forgotten and very senior Senator from the crooked state of Arizona; John McCain and his never ending elderly fantasy bid for the White House?
  10. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is attending a NAACP black awareness conference in Philadelphia, since his neocon republican wife could never attend the NAACP convention in her home state of Pennsylvania, just like President Bush never could until late 2006, which was explained by the tired excuse of having “scheduling conflicts?” Scheduling conflicts equate to; to chicken shit to show up.
  11. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is attending a clinic that discussed the plight of the over 4,000 black people that were lynched from the end of 1865 and the Civil War, until the early 1930’s; almost 65 years of white American promotional terror.  
  12. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is busy attending a clinic to better understand how to improve his nationally dismal, twenty year plus graduation rate for U of A basketball players?
  13. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is having a penal implant put in since at his age he is unable to digest Viagra anymore in order to satisfy Christine?
  14. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is in the process of doing a U-Haul self move to his permanent state of white supremacy laced western Pennsylvania?
  15. Could it be possible that Lute Olson is secretly coaching for ASU since they offered a dollar more to his contract than the U of A could come up with?
  16. Could it be possible that Lute Olson, who like Dick Cheney, had “other priorities,” chose to bypass military duty during the Korean War, and is now enrolled at republican chicken hawk commando school, along with Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly in order to relive their glory days of their past military non-service?
  17. Could it be possible that Lute and Christine Olson are attending a morality clinic to address their conscience about providing money to neocon republican politicians who on their behalf have killed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, in their names?

As one can see, telling the truth is always better than letting the public run wild with their imaginations.

Or could it just be possible that Lute Olson is just too God damn old and exponentially increasing shaking, in his Tucson custom snake boots, in such a physical manner, with  the predicted republican marital problems with his impossible wife, Christine ?  Can a rich old fart and  rich baby boomer brat ever be properly trained to refrain from morally deviant behavior while at the same time they demand immunity from introspection and prosecution? 

What goes around inevitably comes around!  It’s the Karma thing, baby.

I will never posses an ounce of respect for Lute Olson because of his unquestionable and enabling support for SAHBA, the Southern Arizona Home Building Association that supported and helped financially rape my family with its builder McCreary Homes and their douche bag lawyer, Marc Simon.  Lute and Christine Olson have contributed heavily (millions) for the Bush/Cheney junta and numerous other neocon supporting candidates around the country that have hurt and killed, hundreds of thousands of people; including me and my family.

If a person like Olson is going to be afforded the honor of being the ethical and moral statesman of Tucson, then he had better perform 100% of the time.  Please, no SAHBA golfing benefits and cancer marches to show community support and then choose to support a Tucson family that has been driven into financial oblivion by SAHBA and its crooked custom builder program participants.

Phuck Lute Olson, who has been nothing more than a participant as a part time coach for a children’s game, “Duck on a Rock,” part time pseudo fund raiser coach, and full time neocon republican supporting SAHBA enabling douche bag.  Lute Olson can drop dead from old age tomorrow at it will just mean one less neocon supporting moron in the state of Arizona.  Unfortunately his baby boomer wife will be around for many years to come and be able to terrorize the middle class with her neocon supporting republican politics which are based solely on greed. 

God do I despise wealthy republican, greed based people, like Lute Olson and his babt boomer wife who choose to remain silent in the face of such evil in America and the evil that exist, right in his backyard of Tucson, Arizona.   

Let it be put on the record that when Lute Olson was offered information to act upon McCreary Homes and SAHBA, and their involvement in our financial demise, Olson chose to remain silent as the night on a December day in Antarctica.  Lute Olson could have talked to SAHBA officials like civil rights opponent, President Ed Taczanowsky, and demanded that what SAHBA had done to us was unjust; but Lute Olson took a time out and then punted on first down, just like he did with his involvement in the Korean War.  Lute Olson such a fine upstanding, ethical and moralistic man of integrity, except when money is involved.

I am sure that the Olson’s in 2004, were provided with numerous discounts by SAHBA, on the building of their multi-million dollar home, located in the security controlled gated community of Finisterra, far secluded physically, mentally and socially from the public community, to which he works for.  Why does money always choke a person conscience into silence, when instead that person has passed the chance to speak up against evil?

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say nothing!  Lute, why are you so silent?

I wonder when Olson’s baby boomer wife, Christine while growing up in west Pennsylvania, ever met or talked to a black person while in growing up in high school.  And how about in college at the University of Virginia, the area/state where slavery original reared its ugly head in North America at the Jamestown colony, long before the United States existed on legal size note paper and made it “white man’s law?”  But Christine and Lute Olson sure know in their business career years how to use black men for basketball glory and how to use and monetarily support  a black man from the state of Pennsylvania, Lynn Swan, to run as their personal choice for governor.  Money and status have an uncanny way of easing the race issue when more money is involved.

And conservative republicans like the Olson’s and Richard Melon Scaife don’t seem have a problem with gays and is that why Christine Olson support a republican gay politician from 20003 until 2006.  But doesn’t western Pennsylvania’s Richard Melon Scaife also quite liberal with his sanctity of marriage vows like he railed on Bill Clinton about.  Isn’t Scaife in the middle of his second divorce for republican Sen. Richard Vitter like philandering?  Don’t conservative always find a way to phuck up or phuck over everything and everyone in sight?      

If Olson decides to come back and Arizona decides to welcomes him, like a long lost Lassy prostitute, it will be for his Olson’s elderly ego and Arizona’s long lost self respect that they chose to lose such a long time ago, with Olson’s pathetically unacceptable, deficient graduation rate.  It is a republican type of thing. 

And while the basketball crowds continued to come, and the suffering and killing continued unabated in Iraq, Olson and the masses decided to just ignore the cries and blood shed and instead continue to go on mindless shopping binges for material goods.  Americans after all are such a great people; at consuming!     

And the crowds cheered on!

So Olson, go ahead and demand your personal celebrity privacy, compassion for your needs and understanding, as you support association and political candidates that give no one the time of day let alone compassion, understanding and privacy.  Lute Olson no longer possesses any judgment worth noting. 

Neocon buddy and Bush Ranger supporter, Jimmy Click, just like Olson, is supporting another long, has been, and over the hill old curmudgeon, John McCain for President.  Sure, John McCain is going to bring progressive change back to Washington; just like he did with the Keating (5) scandal.  Go ahead Lutey and Jimmy, throw away your money on elderly candidates of the same type of mind like you possess, that has been also been over the hill, and who are no longer relevant to the national discourse.  

You republican chucky cheese phucks are going to loose your corrupted ass politicians in 2008.  Rick Renzi (R-AZ) made the right decision to bow out for corruption reasons.  Watch the tidal wave that is increasing in height and is coming over to swamp your corrupted nappy asses for a generation.  Won’t it be wonderful if that the Bush legacy was that he phucked up so bad that white America decided to punish itself for electing Bush a second time by electing a black man to the presidency.  White conservative republican in Mississippi will probably take themselves out to the wood shed that night and just shoot themselves in the head to put themselves out of their misery.  Go Obama!

But there is always a chance that the corrupted republicans from Diebold will once again give you the American animal farm of government, come this Election Day.  But I will hope that Lute Olson and his neocon wife’s time at the helm are finally and forever over as the ordained Tucson power couple of the region!

Lute Olson will not be back in the same capacity.  His time has way passed.  Lute Olson isn’t just over the hill; hell the hill is no longer anywhere in sight for him to even be on?  Lute Olson’s marriage to wealthy, neocon republican, energy company driller, Christine Torreti will one day be viewed by local historians, many who possess no life outside of internet fantasy basketball leagues, as the real accelerating downfall of Lute Olson and his 2003 follow on fantasy basketball era with that insufferable neocon supporting woman.  Any woman that possess that much contempt and hate for her fellow man and their families must be the real example of an extreme bitch.  I pity Lute Olson and his marriage.  I pity Christine Olson for the hate she exemplifies towards everyday normal people.  Just look at the anger in Christine Olson’s pained face.  Just about every republican woman has that anal sex look of pain on their republican painted faces.  Maybe the pain is from the fact that their husbands are republican ass holes to.   

The University of Arizona has been nothing more than a NBA farm team with graduation rates that are among the worst in the country.  But it is not like anyone cares about the obvious elephant in the room.  But what else would you expect from neocon supporting republicans.  Lute Olson only existed for the Tucson community in empty spirit, for the people among you, who never chose to engage in a real life, because there is so little to do and see in Tucson, except imbibe in alcohol drinking and watching the cacti grow.  Go ahead and ask any teenager if I do not speak the truth about the disadvantages of growing up and living in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson is now so mentally and physically challenged and utterly small in character, that its media is afraid to ask question concerning a public employee’s performance.  What is so interesting, so juicy a subject that a wealthy republican chooses to hide under the umbrella of self proclaimed media secrecy?  We are talking about tax payer funded dollars now for a state public university basketball arena and employee.

Lute Olson has no problem with the government spying on Americans; then why all the secrecy about his family’s lives and how it affects his job?  What if the government used “his secret” to black mail him by asking him to throw a basketball game for their office pool?  Who knows what the phuck, or who in the phuck is being spied on and what blackmail consequence could evolve.

Tucson, you and Lute Olson have become so small, so insignificant, just like your local republican dominated political leaders that include Mayor Bob Walkup, state Sen. Tim Bee and state Rep. Jonathan Patton; all SAHBA enhanced prostitutes and whores for building industry protection. 

Lute Olson, like Tucson is now just another person that lost his way and soul along the way.  Olson now lives again full time in a city that matches his and SAHBA’s character of moral decaying because of the almighty dollar.  Tucson is nothing more now than a once pleasurable, has been city that has now willed itself by SAHBA builders and developers into turning itself into a desert wasteland shit hole of urban sprawl.  If anyone tells you that Tucson is a great place to raise kids, they are lying through their teeth and they should be challenged with a government funded sanity check.  Sure just check out the crime, traffic and the lack of realistic, future water statistics for this illusion of a city.  Sure ask us how Tucson treated my family by allowing money grubbing lawyers from SAHBA and McCreary Homes to make us lose our home.  Thanks!

Enjoy your media granted secrecy Mr. Olson, you and your baby boomer wife have bought and paid for it so many times over, and you so deserve your extra dose of justice and Democracy than any of the rest of us might ever deserve.  Wealth does have its privileges over the common people of Tucson society now doesn’t it?  Eventually the truth will be exposed and then Tucson and the state of Arizona can be privy to the façade of happiness that is cultivated for and by the Tucson premiere power couple. 

But since the Tucson media chooses to remain ignorant by its self imposed embargo of inquisition, some of us will choose to rely on speculation and rumor, and not the muted silence of the media, until the truth is exposed for all to see the Lute Olson façade story of make believe heavenly bliss!  Olson’s penchant for secrecy will only amplify the real story when the facts are certain to be exposed. 

Ignorance and silence are two sides of the same coin.  Ignorance is accepted by compliant indolence, while the former, silence, is cultivated as a planned act of deception, which only promotes further inquiry and inquisition among the well informed. 

Tucson and Lute Olson: a perfect match for a city and person of diminishing judgment and character.  Keep you secrets Lute, you earned them.


“The Arizona Refugee”

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