March 17, 2007

Subject:  March Madness Reality Check

Title:  SAHBA participant, Lute Olson, once again is forced to take an early swan dive!

Purdue 72 - Arizona 63

Lute Olson just having another Uof A emotional senior moment meltdown during the game.

"Damn it, I am not upset, in fact I am so calm that I could bite you"

"Ref......Ah come on;  Damn it, they fouled us!"  " Okay, I challenge you to a duel !"

SAHBA members and guests,

Yes, there is a God and his presence was felt this past Friday in New Orleans, Louisiana.  After hoping, praying and even cursing the republican SAHBA backed Olson Wildcats, I have come to the conclusion that my prayers were answered.  I think curses and spells also work to.

On Friday, March 16, SAHBA’s golden Geritol poster boy of enhanced pursuits, Lute Olson and his Arizona Wildcats were finally confronted against the make believe local Tucson media hype of hope versus the truth.  One again, the truth won out and it wasn’t even a contest.  Olson and his Wildcats were man handled and booted out of the Final Four tournament in the very first round. Arizona lost to a Purdue team who just played harder and with more heart.  Purdue wanted this win, while Arizona sauntered along on past glories. Arizona wasn’t just soft physically, they were also mentally soft.  How many turnovers did Arizona commit?  Maybe Olson should tell his temporary lay over players that they can’t get to the NBA by playing soft or lazy.  

Maybe Arizona should begin to call the March play offs the March Reality Check tournament instead of the Final Four tournament since if they play like they did on Friday, there is no chance in hell they will ever return for another chance to dance.  If Olson had any compassion for Arizona basketball fans he probably should have just forfeited the game and saved everyone from the embarrassment of watching such a sophomoric received mauling by a team that came to play as a real team.  Purdue came to play as a team.

A good team will always beat a group of talented, selfish individual; any old day.

As I had predicted, it would be difficult for Olson’s Wildcats to even make it through the first round match ups considering Olson’s failure to recruit a team that only cares about their latest prospects for the NBA draft.  Olson’s quest for emulating past glory allows him to pursue talent that is not loyal to anyone but themselves.  Doesn’t this just sound exactly like Lute Olson and his quest for money and fame?  When money, greed and individual rewards are the main motivators for a team or coach, the team will go nowhere.  Someone should tell Olson that basketball continues to be a team sport.  Maybe Arizona should hire a coach that realizes this truism?

Greg Hansen’s Saturday Arizona Star article included many excuses, no...... I mean reasons why Olson’s team had to high tale their way back to Tucson via the proverbial back door.  Maybe the reason that the Wildcats played so poorly was that fact that they were playing in brand new uniforms that Nike had specifically designed for Olson’ team.  Could it be that the Wildcat’s had a terrible case of crotch chaffing with the new Nike uniforms?  Maybe the stench of so much Nike monetary support, eventually rubs off the wrong way on players.  I wonder how much of Lute Olson’s salary is derived from the Nike coffers.

Hansen’s article also stated that the Wildcats were illegally pushed around by Purdue and continuously fouled, while the prejudicial referees were blind to such activity.  One Arizona player, Juwan McClellan, stated that this was know his team and the Wildcats were going to bulk up and not being accused of being soft anymore.  It is nice to see the Bush/ Olson ownership agenda in action; even if it means owning a public financed college sport team. 

And what is the story about this strength training regime that is being promised for next year?  Can we assume that Barry Bonds along with Victor Conte will be the new strength training coach and drug dispenser executive for the Wildcat team next year?  Maybe at this rate the Wildcat basketball team will be able to take down the Arizona football team in a fit of steroid mental excitement?  Maybe the two teams should just swap sports with the basketball team playing football, and the football team playing basketball?  Maybe Olson’s basketball team can play both sports with just eleven players on the team and save on recruiting cost.  Won’t it be fun to watch the Arizona fast break next year when steroid bulked up players attempt to waddle up and down the floor at near perceived break neck speeds emulated only by stationary bicycle like velocities?

Isn’t the whole premise of thug man basketball antics, just pathetic?

I wonder if Lute Olson realizes the incredible mistake he will be making by choosing to do whatever it takes, including smashing people, in order to once again attain the status that has eluded him for the past ten years.  Maybe it is indeed time for Lute Olson to put out to pasture if this is the type of person that Olson has decided to become.  Friday’s loss was not a loss of physicality as much as a loss from leadership.  Olson used to lead by example but now he leads from greed.  Olson’s players are only playing like their coaches characters, which seem to be easily rubbing off on them.  Maybe Olson should try exhibiting some ethics, just like the ethics that he could have chosen to display with his association with a corrupt Super PAC, like SAHBA.

From the Arizona Daily Star blog comments, it has been eluded that Lute Olson has not been as successful since the 2001 season when his first wife, Bobbi Olson died.  Bobbi Olson was said to be like a mother figure for the young men that Lute Olson recruited.  I am sure that Olson’s new wife Christine, the millionaire gas energy drilling princess, does not have the same type of relationship as Bobbi Olson had with the pre- 2001 players.  Christine Olson seems to be too busy with right wing neocon republican politics that continue to harm the dwindling American middle class, rather than dealing compassionately with people.  I believe Bobbi Olson was considered to be an independent type voting women.

During the month of April, Olson will once again be hosting the SAHBA/Lute Olson golf tournament.  SAHBA and Lute Olson combine to make a financial team that pretends to project the image of the “Community Builders”, but who in fact choose instead to hurt military families in the community by protecting incompetent builders and sub-contractors. 

Considering Olson and his wonderful leadership during this season and the Final Four tournament, will anyone choose to sign up and participate in the so called SAHBA sport of republicans?  I am sure some fans like Dennis Rosen who is a republican golfing fanatic nut, without a life, will surely sign up to rub elbows and try to be just be one of the republican boys, even  if it is only for a few hours.

I predict that Olson will never be successful again.  Olson time has come and passed him by and no matter how much strength training and top recruits that he signs to play, the scenario will remain the same as it was this year.  Lute Olson is so much like Senator John McCain.  McCain and Olson are in their seventies and both are past their primes.  It will never be the same for either one again!

Lute Olson chooses to use kids for his personal gain and profit and in return, the kids who journey as recruits to Arizona with basketball dollar signs in their eyes, and also choose to use Lute Olson for their own personal and profit incentive gain. 

Two groups of human beings who are locked into using each other for personal gain and greed, is always a recipe for a losing hand and certain program failure disaster.


“The Arizona Refugee; a critic at large”

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