November 11th, 2006

Veterans Day

Dear Senator McCain,

As a fellow military veteran and Arizona resident, I would like to say on this day that I honor your service to this country.  During a time when wealthy and well connected individuals were able to shirk there responsibilities; you did not.  With that being said Senator McCain, I would like to know which of my Arizona politicians including you, will honor my service to our country?  So far, all that I have received from my elected representatives including you, for my service and my family’s security, is silence.

Senator McCain, I have been visiting for the last twenty-fives years and the past ten of those years, living full time in Arizona.  During the year 2000 we had a custom home built by a SAHBA backed, Tucson home builder.  The home was riddled with defects and a lawsuit was brought against us by a SAHBA lawyer, Mark Simon, on behalf of McCreary Homes. 

Unfortunately for us, with two children in college and another one just a year away, we could no longer to afford our fight for our home.  We lost our land, our home and our dreams during May of 2003.  On the day of my youngest son’s high school graduation, we lost our home to this injustice.  Do you really think that the red state of Arizona cares about protecting families and their homes?

We have now lived the past three and a half years in four different rental places.  Soon we will be forced to experience our fifth place.  Never did I ever think that my family would become Arizona rental gypsies, all because of others’ greed.  And to think, we get the opportunity to experience this ambiance after 26 years of marriage.  Arizona is truly a wonderful and secure place to raise children and protect your marriage. 

Senator McCain, would you care to make a contribution to our marriage counseling fees? 

In 2005 after my company decided to cancel my pension, we decided that our only chance to start over was to file for bankruptcy protection.  Never in a million years, or just five short years of total republican rule could I have ever imagined that my state and country would treat my family as if we were like used, disposable diapers.  We wrote to you about this situation and the plight of others in this state, but you choose to remain silent.

Now even after three years later, the pain still haunts me that a twelve year, ex-military officer of our armed forces could be treated so shabbily by the state of Arizona!  We did nothing wrong except trust a builder, lawyers and our state’s government to protect us from the elements, protect our rights and to protect our home.  I am sad to report that every professional that worked or represented our right to have a defect free home, failed us miserably.  A man in Arizona should not lose his home and dreams because of builder fraud, corruption, incompetence and deceit.   Why have all of the politicians that accept campaign contributions from the Arizona building industry remained silent?

Now that November 7th has passed and the people have spoken for a new direction, you will be shortly declaring your intention to run for the presidency of the United States of America.  It is an awesome responsibility that a candidate or electorate should never take lightly.  Look what has happened for the last six years when the person in that office is not qualified for the job. 

Mr. McCain do you feel it is incumbent upon a candidate that before he beckons on a challenge to govern the whole country, that he has made sure that problems and solutions in his own state have been addressed and solved?  How does it look upon a candidate when people in his own state have suffered incredibly during his tenure there and nothing has been done to address the injustices before moving on?  Senator McCain, do you feel that the middle class in this state and country have been beaten up by corporate and government interest for long enough.

Senator McCain, there is something terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!

Please do not tell me like other politicians, that nothing can be done to protect Arizona residents.  When there is political capital to be made, politicians will find a way to become involved.  Just look at your involvement with Indian gaming and the Jack Ambramoff scandal.  You did an admirable job; when you finally decided to engage.  Was it the Indians that you were trying to help or was it returning a favor back to Tom Delay?

Mr. McCain why don’t you consider honoring my military service by honoring my family and other Arizona families in the quest for a place that we call home?  How can you consider helping all Americans if you will not help Arizonans first?   Why Senator McCain do you still choose to remain silent in the face of such incredible injustice?

Senator McCain; Martin Luther King once said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

Senator McCain, say but the word and my soul shall be healed.


- The Arizona Refugee

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