Date: 22 July 2007

Subject: John McCain

Title:  Arizona turns it back on John McCain’s politics

Dear SAHBA members: 

(The following e-mail essay was listed on a Huffington Post website forum today for all to read about the wonderful experience of living in Arizona.  The subject of such interest today has to do with your very senior, Arizona Senator, John McCain (R), and his failed campaign for the republican presidential nomination. 

As you can see, I also have many more things that I would like to say about your corrupted association, SAHBA, and its corrupted politicians and my overall perspective of your corrupted state.  As I have said before; there is something terribly wrong, that is taking place, in the state of Arizona!).

I believe a long time ago, the Arizona Republic’s reporter, Don Bolles, was onto to something in your state when he was assassinated by a car bomb in Phoenix.  Wasn’t Bowles investigating something about corruption and mob ties with Kemper Marley?

No, there isn’t the slightest possibility that there are any right wing, republican “whackos” in present day Arizona who lie, cheat, steal and would even kill for money.


My views concerning republican representation in Arizona are at best non- complimentary.  I lived in Arizona for the past ten years with brain dead voting constituents that were financially medicated by corporate contributions, in order to sequester people like Senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl as our elected politicians.  Why does it seem that these two political prostitutes always fight incredibly hard for corporate America’s interest, at the very expense of their Arizona constituents?

I am not surprised that Senator McCain’s imagined political fortunes have come to an abrupt end with his certain pre-destined implosion. I hoped and prayed and even predicted after what happened to my family, in this two legged snake state of Arizona, that McCain would eventually fall on his military sword, and die a thousand political deaths, as my family has died on a corrupted civilian level.

In Arizona, the incredible “true cost” of illegal immigration and their use in the building industry, cost us our land, our home, our credit rating, foreclosure, bankruptcy, our health, almost our marriage, and the remainder if any, of our now broken dreams.  Arizona truly contributed on a state level to insure that my family’s quest for “life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was ruined forever!  Living in this backward state, was a total act of desperation and depression.   I feel like I have been forced to become a martyr for Arizonan building prosperity; but I keep asking myself why?  

And what did Senators McCain/Kyl do about this travesty of justice in their state; they remained silent. We couldn’t wait for the chance to move out of the state that had approved the raping of our lives.  Democratic Governor, Janet Napolitano and her Attorney General, Terry Goddard are just as complicit as McCain /Kyl for letting this type of corporate and legal behavior to exist in their state.  There was only lip service paid by either of these politicians.  A democrat in Arizona is like a republican in any other state. 

Arizona is such a fine state, for the pseudo profession, of compassionate conservative family values to nurture under the threat of moral drought. Maybe, if one comes here as a retiree to live, without children in tow to tax the sub-standard educational system that woefully exist, and chooses to bring along those compassionate conservative notions of deceit; your conscious maybe survive the attack.  Arizona is anything but kind to the education of children, but it readily supports the promotion of planned ignorance and crime by unanimous default.  What this state and country really needs is for Sheriff Joe Arpaio (R) to be elected president and put us all in jail, to once again declare our freedom for public safety.

Arizona, like McCain, is a land that caters to the elderly retiree; the ones that no longer seem to care about their communities any longer, but instead are more interested in the location of the nearest Walgreen’s drugstore to ease their senior misery pains.  But isn’t the pursuit of pharmaceutical drugs, a wonderfully expensive and necessary habit in the winter of a person’s life?  Please pass the health insurance; won’t you. People come to Arizona to die and then are shipped out like logs for burial in one of the other forty-nine states for eternity.

If you want to learn how to create political insurgents, as this country has done in Iraq, just turn to Arizona for guidance!  There are so many politicians, state officials and corporations that continue to rape good Arizona families; just like we do at Abu Ghraib.  Arizona knows how to win the hearts and minds of its people; one homeless family at a time.

To read more why Senator McCain imploded, with his Depends diapers still intact with a Vietnam style, booby trapped, chastity belt; please see our websites for the real story about Arizona and specifically the city of Tucson, Arizona and their corrupt politicians on both side of the aisle.  Thanks for your concern for your state and our country.  God help us all!
“The Arizona Refugee”

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