08 July, 2007

Subject:  John McCain

Title:  The Straight Talk Express has de-railed......Oh, shit; McCain’s calling 911!

Dear SAHBA members:

This past week, the latest presidential campaign figures for your very own U.S. Senator, John McCain, were released for public dissemination and consumption.   And as some of us have known for a long time; McCain is in a shit load of deep trouble.   

The Straight Talk Express has suddenly run out of fuel and is about to shortly de-rail before a salivating story, media market coming to you a media outlet for your  disinformation.  Why has just about everyone left the McCain campaign?  Is there an approaching train wreck in McCain’s future?

And it is not that I didn’t tell you in a previous post last November, about the forth coming republican implosion, but as a former recovering Arizona resident, I did foresee McCain’s personal implosion as a candidate over two years ago, back when he decided to start sucking  up to George W. Bush and demonstrate his callousness and non-concern towards his own constituents, and in particular my family, and our horrendous experience in his corrupted state of two legged snakes and political prostitutes that you choose to be a part of. 

And I want to thank God, Karma or just plain old Voodoo for answering another one of my prayers to punish another Arizona resident that contributed directly or indirectly to my family’s financial demise.  What goes around really does come around!

McCain is no Maverick individual and no purveyor of anything resembling a person that promotes a Straight Talk Express.  McCain is a purveyor of deception.

Mr. McCain’s campaign for the presidency came apart a long time ago, even before  he decided to suck up to special interest, and George W. Bush for his believed anointed position as the person next in line for the republican presidency; how presumptuous and pompous?  McCain doesn’t believe in much anymore, except for starting wars and continuing the existence of the military industrial complex for profit and power.   McCain also still believes in opportunity and doing whatever he has to in order to ascend to the presidency.  I wonder if McCain will once again let George W. Bush piss in his face.  Well, at this point, it couldn’t hurt and it just might put out the flames.

Unfortunately McCain made the fatal mistake of taking responsibility and credit for Bush’s war, along with his American Corporate Idol program for illegal immigration amnesty agendas.  McCain could only carry water for just so long before the leak sprang in the Bush realm of honesty and credibility leaked out and now pissed on America’s face.  Bush is a phucking liar and so is anyone that supports his causes.  At seventy years old, McCain is out of touch with the people of his state and with the basics of human reality.

If Senator’s McCain and Kyl were up for re-election in 2008, I believe the rational people that exist in Arizona, would choose to vote, to kick these phucking aging conservative, compassionates of idiots of nothing, out of office for good, and put them out to a corporate owned pasture, the very same pasture that they have spent a lifetime protecting, for themselves!   

McCain’s quest for the 2008 nomination began shortly after he was pissed on by George W. Bush in the republican South Carolina Primary.  McCain learned that he cannot be himself, continue to pursue his make believe image as a Straight Talk Express type of guy, or be that perceived maverick type individual in order obtain the republican nomination in 2008.  McCain realized that he would have to pinch his nose and pretend to avoid the stench by sucking up and brown nosing the religious right conservatives, the right wing special interest, and the republican corporate elite of the Party, in order to succeed to the presidency.  What a flip flopping, fish out of water, phucking mistake! 

John McCain, besides his disdain for ordinary Arizona citizens, made two mistakes; supporting the surge of George W.  Bush’s war and supporting Arizona Senator, Jon Kyl and his republican bi-partisan plan for immigration amnesty reform.  I can’t believe what an idiot that John McCain has chosen to become by his own volition.  I will give McCain all the Arizona made rope it takes to hang him self into political oblivion.  I believe the country has already decided that we do not need another president like George W. Bush, to phuck things up for the next coming four years in 2008.  McCain is an ongoing study in the lack of serious, sound judgment execution.  Has McCain learned nothing about judgment since his Keating 5 days of want?

In 2000, I would have considered voting for John McCain over psychopath George W. Bush, but I cannot imagine anyone except the Geritol crowd voting for him in 2008.  McCain now wants to be the 72 year old President that has chosen to become a religious, corporate and war mongering suck up to the corporate elites of America.  John McCain is no maverick; John McCain is now a political prostituting whore of corporate America!  John McCain will flip flop and lie his way into whatever way he thinks it will take, to be elected president of these United States; very scary! 

Never, ever choose the “C” student to be president!

Is it any wonder that McCain’s fund raising capability has dried up when the man’s character is now in question?  Who in their right mind would support a candidate that encourages war and promotes amnesty for illegal aliens and the corporations of America?  The twenty- six percent that support George W. Bush and his war, people like McCain and William Kristol, are not in their right minds; they never have been, and they never will be. 

I am sure the French Revolution had its genesis against the same type of people who are in support of this monarchy. 

Concerning immigration, make no mistake about the reasons for illegal immigration and the deception behind the immigration bill.  When republicans like Sen. Kyl and McCain change their position on amnesty and illegal immigration, they are doing it for the corporate special interest needs for cheap labor.  There is no other reason for the last twenty years, for over 8 to 16 million illegal aliens to have been allowed to willingly slip into this country, with a majority of them coming into the country through the borders of Arizona. 

So where were Senators McCain and Kyl during the last twenty years as politicians in Washington?  How come even after 9/11, both of these Senators have been silent as the night, when it comes to boarder security issues?  Why do Senators McCain and Kyl remain silent in the face of millions of illegal aliens invading the United States?  Could it be that cheap illegal labor and corporate profits are at the root of such silence?  You bet you ass it is!  Please don’t buy the bullshit that American’s don’t want to work; how insulting!

In 2000, the Tucson Arizona Daily Star did an expose on illegal immigration, for a three day weekend along the border at Douglas, Arizona.  During that three day period, the border patrol apprehended 3,500 illegal aliens trying to cross.  Authorities’ estimate that they only catch about ten percent of illegals that try to enter this country illegally.  So if you do the math, 35,000 illegal attempted to come into Arizona during that three day weekend.  And John McCain wants to be president when he can’t even muster the courage, because of his corporate special interest money, to address the illegal immigration problem in this country or even his own state of Arizona.

So is it any wonder John McCain campaign is streaking towards the ground in flames, just as his A-4 Skyhawk aircraft did, forty years ago in Vietnam?  No, it is no surprise.  McCain should have read our letters to him.  I could have warned McCain that he was wasting his time and wasting money.

McCain’s reason for advancement has been that he always understood that his role in life was based on taking advantage of opportunity, regardless of the concept of principals.

McCain has had a storied past of misjudgment, including the Keating 5, Savings and Loans scandal which was a part of the $125 billion cost to the US taxpayers.  The Iraqi War has cost us over $500 billion dollars to this date and we haven’t paid for it!  McCain has also had a history that involved extramarital affairs with his first wife.  I would a bet a King’s Ransom that his first wife was paid off handsomely to remain quiet.  Money always makes a great silencer when stuffed in the mouth of an ex-spouse; or her bank account!

And how about the idea of Cindy (Prescription Pill) McCain, in the role as First Lady/Dealer?  Did a twenty-five year old Cindy Hensley understand that a forty- two year old John McCain was already a married man when she started having sexual relations with him, or was it just another one of those republican excuses for youthful indiscretion?  I’m sorry, but I don’t see those family values being present!   Why do republicans commit adultery on a much greater scale than Democrats?

Can you politically trust someone who has cheated on their spouse?  Can you trust someone who would lie to a family and cause them to lose their home?  Yes, it is an issue of character; or is it just the lack of? 

Will a candidate that operates the way John McCain has operated his life, also lie to the American people?  Infidelity is not a sure predictor of political truthfulness, but then again, it does make a person wonder if any of that matters?  George W. Bush may have not cheated on his wife Laura, but he still is a God damn phucking liar that is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s.

Now we find out McCain is down to 2 million dollars and he has to lay off campaign people.  Even Mike Gavel has more money on hand than John McCain.  I wonder if McCain ever really believed in the McCain/Feingold campaign reform financing or was it just political show.

McCain, like Dick Cheney comments about insurgents, are in the final throes, if you will of his collapsing campaign.  It is just a simple matter of time before this aging dinosaur permanently flops out and decides that he has no other choice to return to Arizona as a two time presidential loser.  And at that point in time, Arizonan’s can choose to be so proud of their Senator; the same one that hasn’t cast a Senate vote in the past six weeks.  I never did say that Arizona voters were very smart people to begin with; they just vote from the perspective of their fixed income, elderly enhanced morals of seclusion, while being oblivious to the world around them. It is unfortunate that so many older Arizonan’s quit participating in their communities since they believe they have already paid their (taxes) dues!   

Arizona is a state that is filled with numerous John McCains’; not so much the chronological age of the man, but a summation of age that involves their ancient ideas that they have brought from their past lives.  Arizona, a state where people with money, come only to die!

Maybe life, is based on a whole lifetime of playing in the game; just like nine innings in a game of baseball or four quarters in a football game and not just checking out at half-time, like many Catholics do from participating in their Catholic Eucharist of convenience?  It is kind of funny that so many of the seasonal snowbirds that move to Arizona, choose not to be buried here; it’s just too hot.

Will Senator McCain continue to decide to acquiesce to special interest, or will he  one day finally decide to succumb to an honest campaign that is not funded by corporate America’s money of guaranteed political influence or Charles Keating type of money?

Concerning the McCain legacy of presidential campaigns, just call McCain’s implosion as a pleasant manifestation of Montezuma’s revenge of the republican soul and mind.

My prayers again have been answered in a burst of republican flatulence!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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