Date: 23 May 2008

Subject:  Memorial Day Blues

Title:  Why do the republican chicken hawks hate the military?

This son of a bitch couldn't even leave his money collecting lobbyisy friends long enough to go back to Washington and vote for the new GI Bill.  McCain can't even spell commander-in-chief.  Why does Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) hate the military? This son of bitch will probaly veto the new GI Bill. George W. Bush is the biggest and most ignorant chicken hawk commander-in-chief.  Why does George W. Bush hate the military? This son of a bitch voted "no" for the new GI Bill. Nice job Arizona of re-electing this buffoon in 2006.  Why does Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) hate the military?


Dear SAHBA members,

This Monday is the day that we as Americans have decided to commemorate the incredible sacrifices that American military members have forfeited to protect the country’s Constitution and our non-negotiable way of life.  This day should be a solemn day when each and every American contemplates the true meaning of making the ultimate sacrifice for country that has been made by these brave, heroic individuals who have sometimes been misled and outright lied to by their elected officials.  For this reason, it is understandable why military members are instructed to take orders with robotic form and are never, ever allowed to question their civilian owners and the possibility of sinister prone, hidden agendas.

Unfortunately, this country and its damn corrupted politicians pay lip service and in fact show by their actions, that they hate the responsibility of having to take care of military members after they have finished using them for their wealthy elite investors and their corporate backed war escapades around the world.  Once a military member leaves the service, he or she is thought of as only a liability.  Does any one remember Agent Orange?   With that being said, why would anyone today risk their lives for the state of Arizona and a country that does not care anymore about its military veterans or the sacrifices that they made in their names, for the slimy politicians that decide to send them to war in the first place?  

But American servicemen should only be sent into battle and risk their lives when it is absolutely necessary to protect our country and not just our “countries vital interest” (oil), and only when to avoid needless bloodshed after every other means of diplomacy have been exhausted.  Going to war should have air tight valid reasons and be legal under all auspices of the United Nations and not one guided by unilateral actions of arrogance.  Invading a country that has the second largest reserve of oil deposits in the world and who the administration thinks has WMD’s is not a valid or legal reason to invade a country.  Lies are never a valid reason to invade anyone.  WMD’s were just a man made excuse by politicians and oil company executives to invade Iraq.  But Iraq did indeed have plenty of oil worth invading for; even a greedy lame excuse as our national interest.

Don’t you think blood for oil is an acceptable exchange for the country’s national interest versus this country having a national mandate for alternative energy sources?  One of the biggest crimes of the Bush Administration agenda, beside the fact of lying us into a deadly civil war, will be noted that this country wasted another eights years coming up with a plan to be energy independent from Middle East instability and bloodshed.   

American lives should never be sacrificed or wasted for the benefit of politicians and the lies that they are willing to manufacture for corporate agendas of increased profits.  What ever happened to that republican sanctity of life and abortion issue arguments when it seems that republicans are so ready to kill at the drop of a hat for profit?  Isn’t abortion just another wedge issue when republicans do not care about a person after they are born, but instead are only too willing to have them killed under the auspices of capitol punishment?  Is it irony, is it hypocritical or is it all just a big republican lie to entice the ignorant among us?     

Unfortunately, the American people do not stop and think about why this country has been involved with so many wars in the past forty years and the incredible cost and waste that feeding an expanding empire involves.  Why did 58,000 Americans die in Vietnam to stop the dreaded spread of Communism when today we ship American jobs off to China and Vietnam with wild abandon and where Vietnam is now one of the favorites among American investors and its future manufacturing capability?  Did I miss something?  Isn’t China and Vietnam both still communist countries?  Were we afraid of Communism or were the powers that be so afraid of the possibility that corporate freedom would not be tolerated under a communist regime.   Once again we were lied to.  Our country’s wealthy investors, corporate hacks and their bought and paid for politicians are not afraid of Communism as much as they are afraid of oversight and market control for their products.

Well it seems like after further analysis, we have no problem with the “grave threat” of Communism as long as corporate businesses are allowed to move their American companies overseas and tap all of that cheap childhood labor for profit for use in selling their cheap products back to American consumers.   Just think Wal-Mart.  How patriotic can this act be considered when Americans are losing their livelihoods and homes during this westward migration of American jobs in lieu of cheap labor?  Is there anything more that signifies patriotic behavior on our government’s part?  Why would anyone continue to choose to fight for this country when its politicians do not protect ex-military veteran’s homes or their civilian jobs from being exported?  But ignorant and uneducated Americans keep voting for war mongering presidents and politicians who suck away the hope and financial security for their families with continued job migration and fear rabble rousing about non-issue issues, like God, gays and guns. 

American can be so stupid by easily being swayed by corporate financed media messages that render their brains to critical assessing mush.  Just think if some Americans hadn’t deduced that they would have liked to have a “beer” with George W. Bush in 2000 or hadn’t been corralled into the nexus of fear mongering by the administration?   We would no longer be in Iraq with our soldiers and Iraqi civilians still dying by the day.     

Wake up America; we have been getting screwed with republican conservative politics for the past 44 years, back since Arizona’s Barry Goldwater ran for the presidency in 1964.  Did you forget that Ronald Reagan gave the keynote address speech during that republican convention and then became Governor of California in 1966?  It wouldn’t take long before Mr. Conservatism, who had conveniently changed his way from Mr. Progressive Liberal in 1948 found his gravy train pay day power ride in 1980 as President.  Have you had enough yet of republican conservative politics?  Does it hurt badly enough yet? 

How quickly you forgot about Nixon’s Watergate fiasco and the race baiting issue of the Southern Strategy, Iran Contra and the incredible debt that Reagan left this country with.  Reagan like Nixon was another race baiting candidate who embraced Nixon’s Southern Strategy of using the southern white male for their race inflaming needs.    It was never morning in Reagan’s America, but instead it was the coming implosion of the American empire that Reagan was giving emotional misinformation about.  Americans are so gullible. Reagan just thought he was reading another Hollywood screen test script.  So you decided to vote republican in 2000 and 2004 and you have brought upon yourself war and such incredible debt again; try and figure what you were all thinking? 

But now, some major things are beginning to change in America, like the mindless use of the large American automobile and SUV, and the reasons why we have gone to war to protect our suburban ways of life.  It never sounds too good to say that we went to war so Detroit could build more cars, Jim Click could sell more automobiles and the American out of control consumer could drive more cheap miles with the blood spilled in foreign companies that subsidizes his and her addictions.  No, that wouldn’t sell well in the Christian church congregations of America.  But lies do sell very well to the ignorant masses.

Is it any wonder now that Tucson’s very own Jim Click, a huge George W. Bush “Ranger” supporter is feeling the pain of reduced SUV s sales and large autos?  Cheap gasoline was once a God given American birth right that no longer seems to holds true with gas going today at $135 dollars a barrel, $75 dollars higher than just one year ago and gasoline at $4 dollar a gallon which is readily available to be blown out your tail pipe during your long commute to work.  But what did you really expect from a couple of ex-drunken oil boys that you chose to run the country into the ground; cheap gasoline, homes, jobs, no increased national debt an no one being killed?   But remember though; 58 million Americans voted for these two douche bags to once again lead this country in 2004 and Arizona re-elected the ever douche bag neocon supporting, corporate prostituting republican Senator, Jon Kyl, to another 6 year term in 2006.  What the hell were you thinking Arizona in November 2006; more pain for all of us?

And people wonder why America and its corrupted politicians choose to start wars and have the poor and middle class fight them on theirs and corporate America’s behalf. When will we ever learn that war mongering only diminishes are stature and our financial security?  Republican John McCain a certified war monger will make a lovely candidate to continue the George W. Bush doctrine of invading countries on a just a whim.  If you vote for McCain, just make sure that the people responsible for his coronation have their check book and wallet open to pay for the coming continued financial nightmares that more war will bring.

Just look how much money we would save and the amount of debt that we would not have and the value of the dollar would be stronger if we didn’t have these ignorant Bozo’s in charge of this ship.  Maybe someone should call the Russians and ask how their little invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in the eighties turned out?  Didn’t it bankrupt the Russian and we are making war in both Afghanistan and Iraq at the same time?  Go ahead and do the math.  Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.  Why spend so much money and reinvent the wheel America, when it only benefits the wealthy?

You cannot invade Middle Eastern countries and badly attempt to transform the region into a Democracy for corporate capitalistic pursuits without turmoil that irritates the oil futures markets.  Remember this November to thank George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and John McCain for the bloated gasoline prices that now threaten your economic futures, your homes and jobs because of the mess that they have caused by their love for war. 

The republican party is on the verge of collapse because of the wars they cause that is contribute to the weakened dollar and the coming bankruptcy of America.  You can have guns or butter America, but you cannot have both.  Do you want collapsed bridges, like the one in Minneapolis or do you want money spent on better schools to educate our children and grand children.  But don’t worry American neo-conservatives; keep conjuring up fear about God, gays and guns while the country falls off the financial cliff into bankruptcy because of our foreign and domestic policy blunders that smell of corruption.

And how are the unbelievable sacrifices and the service that military members make to this country honored in Arizona?   Today they are honored with acts that force ex-service members and their families to lose their homes because of predatory lending, real estate fraud,  home defect non- disclosure, defective building, corruption and ungrateful public and state government officials that allows this to happen because they do not care.  Why would anyone today want to join the military and risk their lives for a state and country that will let their homes and jobs be taken away by supporting corporate agendas that are based on greed?  I would have never joined the military in 1980 if I had any idea how shabbily it would one day treat its ex-military veterans.  Let the wealthy, the politicians and the corporate executives and officers arm themselves with weapons and risk their lives for their greedy needs.    

Corporate profits at the expense of ex-military members and the public, is the law of the land in John McCain’s republican themed state of Arizona.   

But in spite of these facts and shameful conditions towards military members, there will be some small morning parades in small town America, a few military flyovers and fewer 21 gun salutes, but the vast majority of Americans will revel in the fact that they have another three day weekend, saved from their 21st century mundane jobs that consist of captive blank stare gazing at a glowing computer monitors.   Surely for many of you out there, especially in Arizona, it is hallowed extra time to party down and chug another PBR for the sake of chugging another PBR.  This is Arizona after all, where republican emotional fervor for money, greed and its accompanying ignorance of the real issues has been climbing at epic proportions.

Sadly, many American lives have been sacrificed on the altar of war for the benefit of greed for the very wealthy, republican politicians, corporate lobbyist and their cronyism corporate America executives under the disguise of patriotism and fear.  Many men have went into battle under the delusional auspices that their lives might be needed to make sure that our country and its people would continue its once supposedly noble pursuit of Democracy and to maintain a certain way of American life. 

Even Arizona’s Pat Tillman was not immune from providing a wasted effort for you president on behalf of his manufactured war on terror. 

Sure, let’s declare war on a tactic that invokes fear instead of combating the real reason why terrorism exists in the first place.  Is the American way of life, one of consumption and waste, non-negotiable to?  Let just declare war on thinking instead?  But how are those wars that were long ago declared on poverty and drugs doing these days folks?   No comment; huh?  American decidedly remains so ignorant for believing this nonsensical bullshit terms.  Can we all get along and turn the T.V. off so that many of you, especially the uneducated republicans among you can find the switch to engage your brains? How do you think this war on terror will turn out except for a shit load of money wasted on war profiteering instead of examining the true reasons why this country is so hated around the world?  As Abu Ghraib has showed us; we are not a very nice country; but who among us really cares anymore about anything of importance?

Today, this is no longer true since there is no sense of community in this country anymore; especially in the cold hearted state of Arizona.  So what are we fighting for; more isolation from our countrymen and women?  Americans have now chosen to live lives that only revolve around their own selfish, self centered interest as they cocoon themselves in their McMansions and feel powerful in their SUV’s, while remaining unknown even to their next store neighbor.  But that power trip in their mobile tanks is coming to an end as the fuel to power their power trips is becoming unaffordable.  Boy, do I laugh at the idiots who are driving Hummers now.   

Unfortunately the last honorable war and the last one that Congress had the balls to actually declare under their constitutional duty to declare war was World War II.  No congressmen or senators today wants to take responsibility for making war when one man’s power of the pulpit presidency is all it takes to invade another country.  Yes, many American sons and daughters have given their lives since that time by the war mongering presidents who were given vague approval by congressional members.

And what does it take to make America go into a war; simply emotion and fear.  Analysis and introspection of the facts are never used for fear of discovering the true motives behind their politician’s choices.  The politics of fear was used against this country to take us into war and the Bush Administration has continued to use this tactic to pacify Americans and their need for inquiry.  Why do you blindly accept what your government tells you is the truth.  America is now a country that operates by the fact of lying.  It is prevalent in national, state, and city government and it is used by industries such as the real estate and home construction industry like a holy bible verse is used for moral guidance.  America instead of backing a war on terror should be backing a war against fear that its government has provided them for their pacification.

Republicans for almost the last thirty years have been characterized as the party that is pro military defense and a party; such bullshit.  It has all been a big lie.  The American defense budget is larger than all of the countries of the world combined.   So have we protected America or have we just armed ourselves to the teeth to invade countries that will not play ball with us while defense contractors rake in the profits?  How many box cutters did it take to pull off 9/11 against our newest hundred billion dollar investment; the F-22?  America has to be at war with someone at regular intervals to keep the gravy train of the military industrial complex fed properly.   In this regard, the republican party willingly contributes to the designed pursuit of pork belly military budget spending that this country cannot afford in the name of wasted national defense (offense) money.
There is nothing to these massive budgets request every year that suggest defense as much as it suggest weapon systems that are being used for offensive purposes and profit.  Why do we need aircraft carriers to protect the United States?  Why do we need long range bombers to protect the United States?  Why are there no gun emplacements on our shores as we had during World War II?  Are these national defense weapon systems in fact used for offensive measure against secondary and third world countries that will not capitulate to American corporate will?

Let’s be frank; can we now?  The republican party does not give a damn about the military fighting man or his family’s welfare after the member has left the service.  Republican politicians allow and decide to make war, love the act and concept of war and the profiteering that no bid war contracts brings to their wealthy constituents doorsteps.  In fact yesterday on May 22, the new GI Bill for military veterans, the one that will provide increased education benefits for their military service was passed in the senate by a vote of 75 to 22, with 3 senators not voting.

Let it be known that all 22 senators that voted against these military benefits for military veterans were REPUBLICANS!   Why do so many of your republican senators hate the military?  Even your corrupted, bought and paid for corporate loving shrill, Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) voted against the bill.  Senator John McCain did not vote since he was continuing to sell his soul to the devil for votes and money in an all important campaign funding drive.  Why does Senator McCain hate the military?  Senator Barack Obama flew back to Washington D.C. and voted in support of the GI Bill.   The three politicians who did not vote were Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Senator Tom Coburn M.D. (R-OK) and Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) who is recovering from a seizure due to a recently discovered brain tumor.

Yes, why do republicans so hate the military?  They love using the military GI’s service for doing their killing but they are ready to throw them off the cliff when they are done using them for their corporate cronies, world wide agendas of submission and greed.
It is a criminal and war mongers and profiteers should be shot for treason for making incredible money with no bid contracts on the blood and guts that drips from dead soldier’s bodies.  How many defense contractors would be for more war in Iraq if very little profit was involved?  Does fake patriotism only become convenient when extreme profit is at hand?   Now don’t forget Mr. Politician to wear that shiny American flag lapel pin proudly because that is the true measure of being a patriotic American; now isn’t it?

How many of the incredibly ignorant 28% of republican people who still support President Bush would be for more war in Iraq if they had to open up their own personal bank accounts each week and pay extra for their blood thirstiness?  No, the war in Iraq would have been over a long time ago but since this credit card war of convenience does not

Deception and lies can make men do things that they would never do without these hidden agenda motives that fuel their emotion to go and fight.  But one never sees the wealthy elite take up arms to protect their nation under the guise of national defense.  Bleeding and dying is so not in vogue for these republican chicken hawks of pleasure and means.

And the biggest supporters of these all too many wars that America starts for corporate interest, like the one that is now raging in Iraq, are cultivated by the chicken hawk war mongers that were too afraid in their youth to go to war in Vietnam or even serve in the military to find out what it is like.  Where was George W. Bush, Dick Cheney (5 deferments), Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, and Trent Lott doing when they had their chance to go and fight in Vietnam?  How many more chicken hawks republican politicians never served at all?   Why are these brave men willing to go to war now in their later years?  Where did Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Sen. Joe Lieberman (“R”- CT), and all of the other republican neocon loving nerds go off to avoid service?  Did they like Dick Cheney have multiple deferments or did they just have other priorities to?   Men that send other men into combat, the same ones that would never go into combat themselves, are the definition of a chicken hawk.  Why are the vast majority of chicken hawks always republicans?

Chicken hawks suck!

Boy it sure seems like these slimy politicians have no problem asking your sons and daughters to have their guts sprayed across the Iraqi countryside as they beat their chest and act like the alpha males that they never were, or never will be.  Even Ronald Reagan was confused about his participation in combat even though he only got as close to the war as making Hollywood propaganda films for the war effort in the comfort of southern California.

This Memorial Day, I will salute the American fighting man that really thought they were doing an honorable thing for America’s security but instead were lied to from the Gulf of Tonkin incident to the Weapons of Mass Destruction lies.   I will not ever honor the despicable politicians that chose to send these once good and honorable men to war and to their deaths for their wealthy constituent’s need for more profit.

I will especially salute the honorable servicemen from World War II, the last honorable war that our politicians sent this country to.   Yes we honor our military on this day but we continue to treat our military veterans like shit when this country is done using them.  And the community plays along with this disgusting charade, especially the community of Tucson, Arizona.  Tucson, Arizona chooses to remain indifferent and without respect for former military members and their families homes.  John McCain’s Arizona is a terrible place to try and raise a family due to the corruption and fraud that is permeated against the public; especially World War II members.  And I should know, my family was financially devastated by the real estate and home construction crooks like the ones at SAHBA, who support LONG Realty and McCreary Homes in this pathetic city that trashes ex-military veterans like they were day old garbage.

There are servicemen like Tucson’s very own Ellis Herman that honorably served this country over 60 years ago, but are now treated like dirt by their fellow Tucsonans and the Arizona republican politicians  and the  Democratic ones (republican lite) alike, who do nothing to stop the fraud and real estate corruption that permeates the city of Tucson and this state.  What a wonderful way for Arizona and Tucson to say thanks to World War II veterans.  How many American servicemen died for this country and to then have it turn out that this country and the state of Arizona now lets its military members be financially raped into losing their homes by all of the fraud and corruption that permeates this city and state?

Yes, Tucson why do you and your republican majority real estate professionals show your utter contempt and hate for military members who really did do something to save Democracy for the world and provide real security for this country’s future?  Why do Tucsonans and their corrupted politicians and state workers continue to allow such atrocities to keep occurring to military veterans here?  

My hats off to the men and women who have fought for this country in the past, but my contempt for the real estate people and the politicians who provide these people cover and who cause these military veterans to lose their homes because of their obvious greed will never know any bounds.

I am thoroughly disgusted with America’s and Arizona’s penchant for continued war, greed, profit, fraud and corruption!  No more lies America and no more lies Arizona from you, your corrupted republican nominee McCain or the people from the corrupted real estate and home construction industries.

You will never know how much I will always continue to regret ever moving in 1996 to war mongering, John McCain’s version of Arizona.  War mongers and chicken hawks suck, and so does Tucson along with the corrupted state of Arizona. 

Very regrettably,

“The Arizona Refugee”

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