May 1st, 2007

Subject:  “Mission Accomplished”

Title:  SAHBA like Bush has its very own “Mission Accomplished” agenda and lies?


Dear republican SAHBA members:

Happy anniversary SAHBA; and just like our forced SAHBA backed foreclosure, it has been four long years since your neocon mission of accomplished PR rhetoric was displayed before the American sheeple and their nano-second attention span for important issues!

Once again it is time for you SAHBA ethical morons to wake up.  Come on SAHBA people; it is May Day baby.  Let’s get with the program called reality.  It’s time to brush off the cob webs in your mind and do your best three month past date, and oh so late Ground Hog Day improvisation and survey your current communal surroundings.  Oh what a shock; current day 2007 reality awaits you! Welcome again morons to the Iraqi quagmire and middle class nightmare that you all have voted for and financed.   

Please come and crawl out of your Sonoran desert snake holes and see the phucked up world that you have created with your two timing republican president and the supporting corruptible sleaze prone Arizona congressional politicians like Sen. John (Keating) McCain, Sen. Jon (the corporation whore loving) Kyl, Rep. Rick (Land fraud deal) Renzi, Rep. J.D. (Abramoff) Hayworth and State Rep. Jonathan (SAHBA whore lobbyist boy turned politician) Patton and State Sen. Tim (Poodle Boy) Bee, the SAHBA awarded winning politician for excelling at SAHBA’s  political poodle obedience class for local politicians!  What a stellar class of corruptible, morally deficient politicians to represent you.  Oh, just look in the mirror and see them all staring back at Mr. White, republican Arizona.  You guys look so much like identical twins.

Once again SAHBA nerds, I can not congratulate enough, all of you SAHBA republicans on your fourth year anniversary of support for the lies and deceptions of your “Mission Accomplished” and continued delusional support of such insane professions for the Bush reality world.  You must all be so proud of your decisions and judgments.  Sorry to the preparation “H”anal tight brains, but the mission was never accomplished; hell it wasn’t even fully planned, let alone ever considered a legally justified invasion.  Hey, do you remember the planning and response by republican horse show lawyer, Michael Brown concerning hurricane Katrina?  Yes, I know, it was non-existent.   

Thank you so much for the resulting quagmire and the incredible coordinated cluster phuck that we now find ourselves drowning in.  So Mr. and Mrs. SAHBA, the mission accomplished drivel statements are so much like you; yours and Bush’s characters are both based on incompetence, deception, lies and a total lack of any credible judgment. 

Please choose to come out of your mental stupor which has been cultivated on a bed of apathy and greed and see what is happening all around you.  Why do you allow your Presidents, builders and developers to defraud the American people and especially the Arizona public?  Why do you still choose to allow these people to harm good Arizona families for the sake of greed?   

Gordon Gecko greed is such a terrible attribute to pursue and it is one that should always be rejected by rational individuals for the sake of rational built societies!

But hey, “What’s going,” Marvin G., Lem Barney and the rest of the cool mo fos?  Can it really be this phucked up?  Oh, yes brother, brother, it is phucked up beyond your American Idol beliefs!  Let’s do the “Mission Accomplished” fourth year anniversary Lawrence Welk waltz!  A1, ANA 2, ANA 3, let’s get down with the operatic surge and its continued destruction and death!  Come on; “Bring ‘em on!”  Or should I paraphrase Country Joe McDonald; “Well it’s one, two, three what are we fighting for, don’t ask me I don’t give a damn, next stop is Vietnam; of course it’s then on to Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, etc. 

No, Bush didn’t lie to you in 2000 when he said he wasn’t into the difficult art of nation building.  Hell instead he made plans from the start of his administration to implement perpetual war not only in a region but even possibly across a continent with building schemes of grandeur and delusion.  Is it like the apples and oranges kind of thing; about not being the same quantities or types for comparison?  How about a comparison with Vietnam?  Okay, you are right; this foreign policy disaster is going to be ten times worse than the Vietnam’s failures.  

But what did you really expect when you gave the keys to a couple of past drunk, thirteen year old academically brain challenged politicians (Bush/Cheney) and told them that it was alright to take that brand new super-charged, hemi Challenger sports car (America),  out by themselves and without any adult supervision, for a foreign policy (Iraq) test spin?  DOA!   What did you honestly expect?  Democracy is not a 30 second attack add television enhanced sporting event for the educationally challenged to interpret.  You need to pay just even a phucking senior moment of attention to what these lying bastard and mostly republican politicians are doing to this country.  Why do you let these sleaze bag republican politicians ruin our country?  I wonder how many republican families actually voted for Bush/Cheney in 2000 and 2004, and had their sons and daughters slaughtered by IED’s in the name of control over SUV rising enhanced gasoline prices?

Sorry, but a phuck up is still a phuck up in my book, no matter what color of infrared lipstick you try to put on your fruit or your pig lipped politicians.

Has it really been four long years since that Texas titillating, two step, jingle jangled jumbled, shit ass; “mission accomplished” tune was written for your personal satisfaction and deception?  Once again, you republican people fell for such a simple nursery rhyme slogan.   You people are just too easy to buffalo hump.  I guess simple slogans are created for simple minds; no?  Karl Rove just loves you type of republican thinking people; you know the ones that don’t analyze or question anything and behave like ostriches with their heads stuck up their asses.

In the future, please consider approving an amendment to the Constitution that states that there can be no more phucking Presidents or Vice- Presidential dick heads, like Bush or Dick Cheney from Halliburton/ Texas, regardless of party affiliation that can ever be elected to the highest office in the land.   Between Lyndon Johnson and George Bush there is enough Texas arrogance, ignorance and incompetence to last a country for a lifetime.  Just try and begin to tally up the death and destruction of millions of people that these two Texas humanity killers have been responsible for because of the Gulf of Tonkin fantasy and WMD lies of opportunity.             

Hey, Mr. and Mrs. SAHBA republican Americans; do you even still give a shit about your neighbor, your community, your city, your state or your country anymore?  Oh, just stop your lying; I know your answer.  Do you even care when families are ruined because of your association’s behavior? Please; do not continue to lie to me, like Richard Schust and L. J. McCreary have!  Everyone knows; you people don’t give a phuck about anyone except your greedy ass selves.

Shared sacrifice is such a quaint topic in Tucson, just like the Geneva Conventions are; no?  Shared sacrifice means that some Tucsonan twenty-two year old male on a Friday night is getting drunk out of his mind and running down Fourth Avenue screaming buck naked for a twenty first century streaker effect.  How much do you want to bet that this republican child was raised by a republican cross party flower girl, SAHBA supporting mother? The seeds of male homo phobia republicanism start within some of you in very unusual and maternally significant ways. 

Shared sacrifice in Tucson is also another inebriated U. of A. sophomore co-ed who is showing off her latest version of newly pumped up, designer enhanced silicon tits of steel, to an admiring young college republican crowd, having chosen to pay the moral admission equivalent of a backseat hump showing, inside a stolen Funk and Wagnall’s automobile, stationed amidst the parking lot of O’Malley’s bar.  Doesn’t it seem like those young republicans seem to start whoring at very early ages these days.   

Tucson has now become the political Mecca corruption capitol of the West for its total lack of business ethics, the cultural depravity that it cultivates, and its penchant to harm innocent Arizona families for the sake of greed.

And while all of this top rate Arizona premium culture is taking place in apathetic Tucson splendor, another twenty year old serviceman in Baghdad is moments away from getting blown up into hundreds of non-descript pieces flesh by an advanced IED.   

Quick; how many U.S. serviceman have been killed in Iraq, yesterday, the last week, the last year or the last four years?  Such American apathy; why?   How many republican horse people do we have out there?  I bet republican people like you have more concern for your horses and pets than you do for a twenty year old service men who is about to be asked to give his life for a reason that he does not know why.

How can it be shared sacrifice when one person is consumed with a naked party down syndrome and ambivalence for life in the “Old Pueblo,” while another guy is filled with anticipatory fear and soulfully pondering late at night in a semblance of silent tears and muffled crying in his sleep, about the questions that beg an answer to the meaning of one’s life, and his own possible fate with death on the very following morning?   How does one sleep under these circumstances?

And behold; a pale horse and his name that sat on him was death, and Hell followed with him.

And if this twenty year old survives being killed, survives being a triple amputee and returns home physically intact, will he be emotionally relevant to prevent himself from going postal on the first chance that he realizes that so few Americans about the sacrifice he made for no one? 

Do you think that republican jail bound  Paris Hilton gives a single cell phone second phuck about a current day G.I. Joe coming home to America, when she only gives a phuck about partying for her own vaginal brain pleasure?   

Trust me America, there is an up and coming battle involving class warfare that will one day take place in this country between the rich and poor.   I predict like the French Revolution, that the wealthy will try, but they will not win.  You can take your rumored Marie Antoinette eating cake and stick it up your ass.  How can we be patriotic Americans with so much destruction taking place against the poor and middle class Americans?  I believe your greed will one day will bury you wealthy republicans CEO types and republican peon want to bees.  It is just a simple matter of numbers and passion.

In the end it is all very simple human nature to understand, if you harm a person or a group of people for personal gain or just out of spite, there are going to be serious repercussions in the future because people in America are just like the Real McCoy’s; we are going to fight you if you phuck us!  Why do you think I challenge the present corrupt status quo in Arizona?   

Janet Napolitano and Attorney General, Terry Goddard are bought and paid for Democratic political whore for bowing to and remaining silent to the big bad building industry.  Janet Napolitano, as a former Arizona Attorney General, the law enforcer of the state, allows the memory of murdered Arizona Republic reporter, Don Bowles to be a political past time farce because of her fear and silence towards the lobbyist of the building industry.  Why does Napolitano have no interest in protecting Arizona families from the ravenous building industry carnivores?  Is Napolitano afraid that she will get her fat ass blown up? Arizona does not need a chicken shit, family missing, actual lesbian like governor that is too afraid to protect Arizona families and their way of life from Arizona builder and developers greed.

I never felt that I could be an Arizona Democrat because of what the building industry, republican lawyers and democratic politicians with their silence, did to my family.  Napolitano and Goddard are political whores because of their silence on this issue!  Is their a possibility that Napolitano and Goddard are on the political and monetary take?  I believe they are if not in the pocket now, then in on the future promised take.

Yes, shared sacrifice is a one way street in Tucson and America.  The poor will continue to die for present and future war’s concerning Halliburton/Cheney cheap oil, AIPAC/ AEI/ Richard Perle, Frederick Kagan, along with the jewish neocon republicans for Middle East Israeli security that has been protected with American blood, versus the well to do middle and upper class of America, who live in a world based on apathy and indifference to the suffering and death of people in America’s juggernaut way.

The month of May has such significant connotations for my family.   Besides May being the anniversary month of “Mission accomplished” rhetoric and drivel, it is also the month that our SAHBA/McCreary backed home was forced into foreclosure.  Hey, SAHBA, once again,” mission accomplished.”
It’s always such great fun to have an effective fifty percent increase in your mortgage payments because of a SAHBA retained attorney, Mark Simon, who filed a fraudulent and merit less lawsuit against my family, and did it solely for personal monetary purposes.  Simon’s lawsuit against my family was later transferred to a Dennis Rosen described, sixth rate relief lawyer, William (Billy Boy) Poorten III.   Simon, a certified money grubbing scoundrel, accomplished his mission on behalf of a SAHBA custom home builder, L.J. McCreary, of McCreary Homes.   L.J. McCreary can be best described as a current incompetent builder who couldn’t build a god damn home correctly without major defects being present, to save his fat white Irish ass; even if his life depended on it.

Oh, but who cares about honor, integrity, trust and most important, the concept of truth, when the chance for over inflated billable hours for greedy lawyers are there for the taking?  How many of the avarice prone, “mission accomplished” lawyers involved in our case with McCreary Homes bought new Mercedes or BMW’s with the profits from our demise?

And why would a builder like McCreary Homes decide to trash his company’s past integrity and reputation for a few extra bucks?  What a phucking greedy idiot!  The reason is simple as a coveted lazy ass early retirement that he was pursuing all based on a foundation of an Amway pyramid scheme of greed!  I will continue to trash SAHBA’s and McCreary’s business and his SAHBA “custom home builder” status and their non-existent integrity issues until the day I die.  I fear my mission will never be accomplished since these moral douche bags have no remorse for what they did to my family.  Just consider it free advertising to warn the uneducated consumer of the venomous two legged snakes like McCreary that reside in the desert and the Pima County building industry local. 

George W. Bush tried to sell this honor and integrity bullshit in 2000, just like L.J. McCreary did with his con job mission of lying , cheating and stealing from the public with his deceptive tactics; yes their mission was accomplished.    Both of these republican weasels to this day, are still lying through their teeth about their intent.  

Once again for the coalition of the ignorant, there is no perceived honor, truth or justice among republican thieves!  All that can ever remain from these types of people is heartache.

Didn’t former CIA Director, George Tenet, the J. Geils whammer jammer, the retired Michael Jordan, slam damn dunk artist of fake intelligence just try to sell this bullshit crap on 60 Minutes this past Sunday?   I don’t believe Tenet believes for a single phucking minute the words that he says.  To quote Mr. Tenet:  "At the end of the day, the only thing you have is trust and honor in this world. It's all you have. All you have is your reputation built on trust and your personal honor.  And when you don't have that anymore, well, there you go." 

Well the above quote about honor and trust sounds to me just like L.J. and Denise McCreary, Marc Simon, Bill Poorten, Elizabeth Claiborne, Dennis Rosen, Alice Milton, Richard Schust (First United Realty), Mike McNary (McNary Concrete), Mike Clark (Terra Cotta Framers), Mark Butler (Southwest Doors/ Architectural Traditions), Mike O’Brien (Arizona Kitchens and Designs), Blaine Seymour (Andros Refrigeration),  Anthony Romero (Mountain Valley Painting), and Abraham Burnette (Santa Fe Dry Walling).  Do any of these people really believe that they possess any morsels of reputation involving honor, trust or integrity?  These people are all lying, cheating douche bags of morality!

Please Mr. (Slam Dunk) Tenet, go all the way to hell and burn, baby burn your fat ass and with all of its drippings for eternity’s sake!  Take your Medal of Freedom for approval and silence along with your $4 million dollar book deal and stick it up your lying and Constitution treason laden, fat lying ass!  Mr. Tenet you are a pathetic, opportunistic, lying ass American!

Maybe George Tenet and Colin Powell can be buried together when they die for eternity’s sake with the epitaph that reads:  “Should we have chosen to speak the truth and saved thousands of Iraqis and American lives or should we have continued our silence along with the suppression of the truth and allowed hundred of thousands to die?
Or should their second option of writing epitaph read:  “But in the end, we fear that tomorrow we will be crying, crying, crying!”

Yes, I fear to that tomorrow, we will all be crying.

George Tenet; you lying piece of shit, mother phucking political whore!  Over 3,350 young and middle age American men and women have honorably given their lives in support of the phucking lies that you supported by your good old boy silence!  And remember Mr. Tenet, no matter how much money that you will make from your “Center of the storm.” blood book,” you will always be considered a political whore, not for your loyalty, but for your silence and approval.

So why did Tenet decide in 2002 to be a silent MIA casualty for the word truth?  Why does Tenet now in 2007, with a bastion of empty words, spoken and written to profess his undying courage to advertise his new version of the truth, only decide to express his story when a lucrative book advancement deal is percolated before his Maxwell House’s, good to the last drop of his java sludged, characterless character? George Tenet is unfortunately for America, just another republican, money grubbing douche bag who is cashing in monetarily and at the same time furiously trying to resurrect his sullied image for the sake of posterity.  He will never succeed.   The truth does not lie!

And the latest revelation concerning Mr. Tenet is that he has been cashing in through corporate contacts for the last three years.  Tenet must be getting rewarded for his wonderful success to stop 09/11 and the Bush’s invasion of Iraq.  Tenet in the last three years has been granted $2.3 millions dollars in salary and stock by four intelligence gathering corporations that have government intelligence contracts with the U.S. Government.  No wonder Tenet kept his mouth shut, fell on his sword, collected his Medal of Freedom and is now cashing in on the Iraqi war lottery while American soldiers are still on the streets of Baghdad.  He did it for the money.

Obviously, Mr. Tenet is another one of those incompetent and greedy republicans that so permeate the corrupt Bush administration.  What the hell was Clinton thinking in 1997; Monica Lewinsky?  Lewinsky will go down; literally, in history as the most expensive jewish blowjob in history in terms of money, American and Iraqi lives lost because of the act.

If Clinton had not received his presidential blow job, Al Gore would have been elected president and history would have then changed.  Instead you people voted in chimpy frat boy, not once but twice and you got incompetence, corruption and a quagmire war in Iraq; you phucking morons!

It is sure too bad that Mr. Tenet and Colin Powell didn’t have the guts and backbone to stand up to Bush/ Cheney and protect their honor and integrity.  But no need to worry, George Tenet received the Medal of Freedom for his trust and honor at remaining silent in the face of such evil.  Tenet fell on his sword to protect Bush’s legacy and Tenet chose not to make waves for Bush or rock the boat named “integrity,” in order to collect his expansive and bloated government pension without question or inquisitive oversight.  And besides, if you don’t make waves, corporation will hire you for your cultivated and coveted government contacts.  

Why isn’t Tenet tried for treason for enabling this foreign policy disaster that has now killed so many of our country’s children, husbands and wives!  Is no one accountable?  Does anyone care in apathetic prone America?

Why did our fore fathers develop the concept of impeachment; was it for win, place or show or was it just for theatre? So if not now; then when?  And to think, Clinton was impeached for getting a second class blow job from a jewish overweight pig; big phucking deal!  You impeached Clinton for his receiving a phucking simple blow job!  You should have been so lucky.  You republicans are just incredibly jealous because your old bag wives will not perform such acts of fun.  Go ahead and just ask the D.C. Madam on how frustrated and sexless you republicans are with your wives.  The 2008 republican agenda will have to include high priced hookers for every member of Congress!

And George Tenet is slated to be paid $4 million dollars for writing this book.  The payment George Tenet is receiving is no different than Judas Iscariot receiving thirty pieces of silver with inflation factored into the equation.  It is still called blood money, even until this day! There is indeed no honor among thieves!

Yes, George Tenet a true American/ Greek hero based on silence and now shame.

All it takes to exist for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to remain silent in the face of such evil.  Remaining silent while evil is presented to you is no more than cowardly approval of the actions that you see before you.  Truth, honor and integrity are not a spectator sport, but instead an issue of direct participation. Is there any honor and integrity left in the United States?  I beg to differ with your assumption.

If only SAHBA, Ed Taczanowsky, Richard Schust, L.J. and Denise McCreary, Fran Epsen, Marc Simon, William Poorten III, Elizabeth Claiborne, Dennis Rosen, and Alice Milton could ever be trusted or associated in the same sentence as the words honor, integrity, trust and truth!  They all had their chances to be honorable men and women but they chose to look the other way and try and grab the money.

May is also the month that the president that you voted for not once but twice, professed (lied) to you about Iraqi and the “Mission Accomplished.   Didn’t his jewish neocon architect, World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz testify that the war would be a quick war and oil profits from Iraq would be used to pay the then going cost of $50 billion instead of the present projected one trillion dollar cost?  Well so what if the cost is going to be at least twenty times the original estimate.   How could some one miss the cost of this war by a multiple of twenty?  Yes, jewish neocon republicans are delusional.  And without a doubt, Bush who was an earlier MBA business failure is now hands down the best Commander in Chief ever; not!

Alexander the Great, eat your heart out.  Your “Commander Guy of War,” George W. Bush, “The War President,” was so much mentally stronger and better trained for such political misadventures in the Middle East.  You know, the proverbial silver spoon shoved up his ass for knowledge type of Texas guy.  Sure, let’s all go out and have a beer with dubya!  YGTBFSM; you ignorant morons!  Sorry but a guy that trained for war in his twenties by purposely skipping out of participating in the Vietnam War and moving from the state of Texas to Georgia, and helping out (hiding) for a republican Senate race, and then choosing to attend Harvard business school while on active duty, for the art of greed, should never have been elected president and is nothing but a phucking chicken shit lying douche bag!  Hey, but you all still bought this deception not once but twice; didn’t you? 

What an ignorant country that we live in; yes the one that is called America.  All it takes to manipulate the American mind are small images that are dangled and danced before your lying prone receptive eyes made of fear, that have emanated from an electronic box that has been pointed in the direction of your head.  Well if it is said on the radio by Rush Limbaugh or seen on television with Bill O’Reilley; it must be true.  Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain! 

Lies and liars should never be tolerated!
Today’s date indeed marks the fourth anniversary of the Bush pathetic photo-op announcement that professed the Iraqi illegal invasion of March 2003 as a “Mission accomplished.”  If you recall, this was the same day that Bush landed on the U.S. aircraft carrier, the Abraham Lincoln, in his best ‘Top Gun” performance role, complete with tube socks stuffed into his flight suit groin area to advertise and enhance his best make believe, John Wayne pilgrim, manhood moment.  

I should have realized that while I was losing my home because of a lawsuit/foreclosure, our “Commander in Phucking Up,” George W. Bush, would be busy masquerading as a fighter pilot/President for a photo opportunity that would come back to haunt him for decades to come.  And as our dumb phuck, Texas arrogant president, the “Commander Guy” in chief, and the ultimate “Decider” said just months later; “Bring ‘em on!”  Where is Bush’s “War Czar when you need one?”  I thought the president was the Commander in Chief, or as the motherland Gestapo White House media Nazis like to call it, the “The War Czar.” Once again Bush showing he is unqualified for the job of Commander in Chief by not taking responsibilities for his “decider” phuck ups and his presidential job description.

Bush will go down in history, with his now 28% approval rating and still sinking, as the world’s worst leader ever!  Is it time for the remaining rats to jump ship yet?  Maybe the remaining rats never learned to swim.

If you recall, the whole “Mission Accomplished” scenario was a piece of Karl Rove propelled, propaganda piece of shit photography designed by non other than the, Bush’s brain boy wonder; turd blossom.  I wonder who can be considered as orchestrating Bush’s asshole; Alberto Gonzalez; maybe?  At one point the aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Abraham was getting so close to San Diego that the city skyline came into view and the aircraft carrier was forced by the short range circumstances to turn around and head back out to sea like an incarnation of Freeing Willy the whale.  Nothing is spared on behalf of the perfect photo opportunity for political purpose and gain.

It is quite poignant that after four years of celebrating the “Mission accomplished” syndrome, and smack in the middle of Bush’s latest mistake, the surge.  The previous month of April, has proved to be the deadliest month in the last two years, with one hundred and four deaths recorded for the month. 

There are so many milestones and anniversaries to observe; yet so many more deaths to be added to the ongoing tally.

So SAHBA republican pukes, after such revelations about Bush and the incredible honor and integrity in his D.C. Madam “massage” administration, please tell me how many of you still count yourselves among the twenty-eight percent of ignorant Americans that still support Bush, his honor, his integrity and his war?  Does the Tucson aristocracy of Tucson still support their fearless leader; Georgie boy?  Does Jim Click, the Tucson lone Bush “Ranger” himself still support this moronic president?  How about Vicki Click?  How about jewish real estate mogul Don (Israel) Diamond, does he still support Bush and the neocons?  Does Lute and Christine Olson still support this phucked up president?  Does SAHBA president Ed Taczanowsky still support such ignorance and incompetence?  Well, we are talking about Ed Taczanowsky now aren’t we!  And I suppose that Denise and L.J. McCreary still support any phucking moron that will bring an extra buck into their fraudulently acquired increasing bank account.

So on this day of commemoration, please remember that you morons have enabled Bush, through the likes of Senators McCain and Kyl, to have produced an enviable record that includes over 3,350 American soldiers dead, over 650,000 Iraqi’s dead and a price tag that will soon top $500 billion dollars; only ten times the original estimate that we were told; phucking liars!  God only knows how much higher the final price will be.  Can you spell trillions; and for what?  

Is the answer for such incredible cost as simple as the jewish community lobbying to have America fight Israel’s future wars and having republican people like you in Tucson supporting this Iraqi disaster for the want of gasoline for your incredible sprawling commutes and SUV’s?  Why would anyone buy a Hummer in Tucson, unless they are brain damaged?  Okay, so I agree that there are quite a few brain damaged (by the sun and republican) individuals living in Tucson.

Mr. Bush should do the Constitution and the American people of this country a patriotic service if he really cares about this country by resigning before it comes to soon  to impeach his lying ass.   All it takes are high crimes and misdemeanors.  What do you call over 650,000 human beings killed for bogus intelligence, continued cheap flow of oil and its controlled pricing by the United States oil companies? 

Remember, it was not so much about control of the oil as it was control of the price of oil.  Four years ago the price of gasoline averaged $1.56 per gallon and today gasoline is over $3 dollars per gallon.  We attacked Iraq because Saddam Hussein was changing Iraq from oil dollars to euro dollars.  Some very important and powerful people were going to loose a lot of money.  No, that can never happen in America, the wealthy must be protected at all cost from any monetary losses.  Losses are only for little people to endure.

And speaking of gasoline, do you recall how gas price started to dive just two months before the mid-term election?  As I have predicted, gas prices would return within six months to their previous levels.  Some of you morons still fell for this good old oil boy trick for vote’s scheme once again.  I hope you have a lot of fun filling up your Jim Click republican, gas guzzling SUV’s.

Thank you SAHBA republicans so much for the foreign policy disaster and domestic turmoil that you have produced for this country.   Yes SAHBA your “mission has been accomplished” to screw the Arizona home owners and Americans across the country for fraudulent profits and your illegal wars.  Remember, your grandchildren and great- grandchildren will one day curse you for your stupidity and the war bill that you will leave them to pay.

You twenty-eight percent of weasels will never get it, and you will never change.  You twenty-eight percent of traitors are the true definition of treason against the Constitution of the United States of America.  There is no other way to explain your actions and lust for money, power and greed.  Although most of you that support Bush are republicans simply because of greed factor, some of you twenty-eight percenters are just plain racist, religious, Israeli supporting jews or are just plain ignorant Americans that do not want to accept the truth about this corrupt and immoral republican administration.  No please, no global warming for you, no death and destruction in Iraq, no lies have been told, but for you the earth is only five thousand years old and the Rapture is just around the corner.

You, the SAHBA republicans should all be so ashamed of yourselves and the lives that have been terminated forever in your honor.  How do you sleep at night? I know, you sleep quite well because you have no conscience and your families are not in harm’s way.

Happy anniversary; a well deserved and well done “mission accomplished” that is, if you choose to continue to remain apathetic, ignorant, and moronic gutless wonders of American culture and history!

What will historians say about your part in this fiasco?  How will you be compared the German people of 1934 and the rise that they gave to the power of Adolph Hitler? 

Only time will tell of your complicity.

May your Christian God of death, should be so kind to you, allow your shallow souls to languish and rot in hell forever for such silence and approval!

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to remain silent in the face of evil!


"The Arizona Refugee;” a Tucson critic at large.


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