Date:  19 January, 2009

Subject:  Martin Luther King

Title:  Forty years gone by

Dreams of truth and justice do eventually become true.  Sometimes it just takes a little extra time to become a reality.



Dear republican SAHBA members,

Tomorrow America inaugurates its first president of African descent and all of country except for the extremely bigoted among us will be watching with good wishes.  It wasn’t that long ago that slavery was once the law of the land, a black man was only considered to equate to 3/5 of a vote and interracial marriage was illegal.  But tomorrow a black man becomes president of the United States.  The chains of slavery and control of a group of people have been finally been severed for the ages.  No matter what the weather tomorrow, it will be a good day for America and mankind.  

Many, but not all of you will be very proud of this accomplishment.  So it will be.  But today, just one day before the momentous event, we stop and commemorate the birth and social movement that Dr. Martin Luther King helped start on the path to this day of American reckoning.  The many fruits of that labor and the incredible struggle that was undertaken by Dr. King have indeed ripened and they now have come to bare before us our final approval.

Dr. King in his 1963 speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial decreed that he had a dream.  "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  My, such simple eloquence of ethical thought.

We all have dreams; some of just dream to have a home for our families to remain safe and secure in.  I am sure Dr. King dreamed of providing a secure and stable home for his family.  Isn’t it a coincidence that it seems in a majority of the times that it is the white man who makes the decision to take life or the white man who makes the decision to take a family’s home and life from them?   Why is the American white men so sociopath prone and compassionless in his endeavors for material things?

But it is a fact that millions of Americans never thought they would see this day come but then again, many millions of others never thought George W. Bush could ever be elected to the presidency for eight years and so destroy the country in the process.  From slavery, emancipation, lynching, segregation, to racial bigotry that I have witnessed growing up in a Mid-West state in my youth, the strides that have been made in the past fifty years are incredible but past due.   It is forever fitting that a black man will volunteer to clean the mess that has been created by a WASP elitist white man since blacks have been doing these kinds of practices for hundreds of years.  It is more than fitting.

Democracy and justice are so ever slow moving in America when men in power grasp frantically to hang onto the clutches of power.  Eventually the masses do see the light and the truth of our hypocritical ways and decide it is time to change.  I am sure that the wars and economic collapse that George W. Bush and the neocon republicans have left us had some bearing on the final outcome of events.  We were grateful for any help that we could get.

It is nothing more than right and just that change was finally embraced by the majority.   No more lies, no more deception and no more wars.  Evil can not be sustained when men and women posses a semblance of a conscience.   Right is right; fair is fair and wrong is wrong.  It is not rocket science that that makes the heart able to feel compassion and empathy for a fellow human being or even his family.   

I am sure that during this momentous time in American history, it must just kill the good republican members of SAHBA and the other Arizona conservatives like Jim Click, Don Diamond and Lute Olson to accept the fact that white republicans have so fucked up America that it will take a Black American to try and fix the mess that they have created because of their greed.  Somewhere in these conservative neocon republican bed time prayers and wet political dreams, I am sure they are busy thanking their lucky star for ever supporting George W. Bush and his presiding over the destruction of the republican Party and the American economy.

God does indeed work in mysterious ways.

If I do recall, Arizona has had a storied past with voter fraud and intimidation with the antics of deceased Chief Supreme Court justice, William Rehnquist and his voter suppression tactics.  And it is fact that Arizona was one of the last states to acknowledge Martin Luther King Day as a state holiday.  I wonder what human attribute was responsible for that collective emotion; racial bigotry perhaps?  Arizona, we just have to love your Jon Kyl style of conservatism hatred.

Why didn’t John McCain in 1983 on the national level vote against this commemorated civil rights holiday for Dr. King?  Of course he did.  John McCain has been a bigot since his days as a youth.   And who ever said that white conservatives like McCain and Kyl have ever had a racist bone in their body?  Wasn’t Arizona one of the last states to recognize Dr. King’s day as a state holiday?  Arizona, you all must be so proud of the politicians that you elect in your image.

Oh yes Arizona, you have a storied past of conservative social racism against individuals and you also have such disdain and total lack of empathy for the good families of your state.  Your Arizona social conservatism has compassion for no one. 

I do not recall ever being lied to, ripped off for money or ever having a black man stealing anything from me.  On the other hand when it comes to Caucasian people that exist in Arizona, the story is not so innocent.  I can easily recall the many times that I have been lied to and stolen from white people like L.J. McCreary and other white SAHBA and construction industry and real estate devils that have existed in Tucson Arizona.  No, a black man does not scare me, but when a white business person is around me, I never turn my back on them and I grab my wallet with both hands and prepare myself to hear a litany of lies.

Yes, now it has taken fifty years to invoke such relatively rapid change, but the rate of change has been accelerated in the last few years by the destruction of the economy by republican enablers and the Bush Administration.  And today while we remember the man and the past fire that once raged in his soul against injustice and the corruption of war and what war profiteering brings to a country’s soul, it can easily be seen that it only destroys the very fabric and morals of such an apparent dysfunctional society.  Money and profits over the destruction of people’s lives for any reason is an abomination of the highest order.

In 1967, exactly one year to the date before his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. King’s could no longer silence his conscience and decided to speak out concerning his silence up to then, of the insanity of the Vietnam War.  In an April 4, 1967 speech at Riverside Church in New York City, Dr. King gave a famous speech of protest in which he stated; “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”  Dr. King could no longer be a party to such betrayal with his silence as American boys and Vietnamese were dying in a distant land for nothing more than the strategy moves of a political chess game.  There was something terribly wrong with America just as it is today.

Dr. King was a great man with a conscious vision of a dream, a dream that will now be fulfilled tomorrow.  America and its controlling financial elite had Dr. King killed because although America could put up with Dr. Kings words by themselves, they could not allow the thought of decreased private sector profits with the beginnings of an anti-war movement in America by this man.  It wasn’t long after Dr. King’s death in 1968 and the Tet Offensive event that even Howard Cronkite could no longer keep his silence and objectivity about the Viet Nam War from the public.  True American heroes come to us speeches and words that speak of sincerity and the simple courage to tell the truth in spite of profit.

Let us now pray and reflect on this great man’s passion for justice by acknowledging the passage of time and commemorating some of his past deeds and mounting anniversaries.   Never forget the sacrifices that this man made for future generations, black and white in the name of justice. It was the right thing to do but it took incredible courage and heart to persevere all the way to tip of an assassin’s bullet.  Courage and bravery in spite of dangerous conditions is never easy but someone has to do it.  If not know, then when; if not me, then who?

Martin Luther King would have been eighty years old today and so proud of the dream that he once envisioned will now be a certified reality.  Isn’t it finally nice to judge a man by the content of his character instead of the color of his skin?  Unfortunately, many white, christian men in Tucson, Arizona, just like L.J. McCreary can easily be judged by their evil actions and the missing contents of hint of an attribute that contributes to an honorable character.

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say nothing in the face of evil.  Dr.  King eventually could no longer be a party to such evil that was flourishing in his country and allowed to continue and grow with his admission of silence.

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say nothing in the face of such evil.

And Dr. King was indeed correct SAHBA members when he stated that silence is betrayal.  My family was so betrayed by your corrupt organization called SAHBA that was perpetrated on us in the name of money.   How sad.   How sad can it be for all involved with this evil that still exist and yet the masses of your group remain silent.  How very sad indeed.

There comes a time......................    Your time is long overdue!



“The Arizona Refugee” 


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