Date:  04 April 2008

Subject:  Dr. Martin Luther King’s Assassination Anniversary

Title:  “Beyond Vietnam – A Time to Break Silence”

The shot from America came in that direction. republican America's profession of family values.



Preamble:  I seriously hope that the below mentioned people learn something from this essay on Dr. King, race and the republican party that swears allegiance to and has been the precursor of race bating hatred for the last 40 years.  Shame on all of you church going, Christian lite people and your shared hypocrisy, bigotry, cheating, lying and stealing that knows no bounds.


Dear SAHBA members and,

President Ed Taczanowsky
Marc Simon   J.D.
William N. Poorten III J.D.
First Magnus/ Sweetwater Mortgage (FM)
Anna Stark (FM)
John Nealy (FM)
LONG Realty (LR)
Jerome King ( LR)
Susie DeConcini (LR)
Pam Treece (LR)
Richard “Kyle” Hayes (LR)
Christine Hawley (LR)
McCreary Homes, L.J. and Denise McCreary,


Today marks the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., at the Lorraine Hotel in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.  Dr. King was only 39 years old when an assassin’s rifle bullet ripped into his chin, shattering his lower right jaw and taking the life of a true American patriot.   But many Tucsonans will never acknowledge Dr. King as a true patriot who protested peacefully against injustice, but instead as a divisive figure who had the audacity to challenge white authority and power.  Evidently there are some among you in Tucson to this very day will not accept the idea of peaceful protesting against fraud and injustice. 

Why could LONG Realty real estate agents to this very day be so incredibly afraid of peaceful protest and the cause of protesting against fraud and injustice?     

As we may construe, America’s storied and violent past with war, politics and injustice has nothing over on the brutal dictators that we as a nation have supported in the past and present.  With dictators like Iraqi’ past Saddam Hussein and Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf, it is eerily similar and quite revealing how this American backed puppet and the power elite of his country have handled opposition and the sharing of power in a military controlled country.   Wasn’t there recently a woman named Benazir Bhutto, who like Dr. King, challenged the power structure of her country, but then was silenced at the hands of an assassin’s bullet, all in order for her to be a former political opposition party member and problem.

Dr. King’s death in Memphis forty years ago is very similar in scope to Mrs. Bhutto’s assassination except that Dr. King unlike Bhutto had no personal political agenda but instead was a man who protested peacefully against injustice.  It is obvious that protest in America and especially Tucson can be a powerful weapon against people who crave to hold onto to money and power.  

Isn’t America itself, a country that has had plenty of practice brutalizing its former slaves  by lynching and the practice of committing planned genocide of the American Indian in order to facilitate land grabbing opportunities while at the same time keeping itself in top shape, violent form?   Wasn’t the American Indian executed like dogs by the U.S. Army for not agreeing to accept their fate on forced reservations?  Yes they were.  No, America has never had a problem having its people killed who get in the way of its corporate directive agendas or its wars of profit.   But at the same time, America has always chosen to remain in a slow motion response mode when acknowledging or even trying to administer obvious and needed justice for its citizens. 

Dr. King also understood America’s brutal and violent past and he realized that he might one day become a casualty in that ongoing struggle to free from suppression a people and their God given rights that this country espouses but chooses not to offer in the face of profit and reality.  His words, the night before in a speech in Memphis, that he might not make it to the “promise land” would prove prophetic and he would not be alone in his missing the promise land as well as many others after him. 

The bullet that was destined for Dr. King as he stood against a second story railing at the Lorraine Hotel struck him on the chin and tore the right side of his mouth and jaw off; how fitting.  It would be a predictive event that a bullet, a by- product of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), would be aimed at the mouth of a gifted and passionate orator, whose only crime was that he had the audacity to question America’s complicity in another immoral war.  I find it totally plausible that the (MIC) and its powerful influence in American government, used one of its products as a tool of choice to silence the opposition of Dr. King on this day, forty years ago. 

And why was Dr. King killed on this day in 1968?   Was it another lone gunman theory that explained a person seeking notoriety for a killing?  I don’t think so; it would be much too convenient to think otherwise.  Could it have been that Dr. King had the nerve to question our involvement in Vietnam and the obscene money that was being used to kill people rather than helping the poor and disadvantaged in this country?  But why help the poor when money is to be made with all of the killing that takes place by the American business that goes by the name of WAR Inc?  

Killing people around the world is a very expensive past time for American businesses that seek natural resources and its composition has steadily flourished since 1945.  Did anyone really think after the war machine that was created and kept intact after World War II and the accompanying profits that had been made by this industry would easily be curtailed and voluntarily given up these profits when peace could have been so easily at hand?  But alas American would be scared and lied into the Cold War, The Korean War, the Vietnam War and eventually the Iraq War which were all waiting just around the corner in time.  And have no misconceptions, but America has armed countries around the world to the teeth to continue the fight.   And just like a pro litigating lawyer, your American corporations that are in the business of war and who kill people instinctively, do strive for conflict.  Conflict is what drives their profits.  If there were no conflicts, there would be no money to pursue. 

Did you think that all of this military equipment and their continued need would go away quietly because of the goodness of these men’s republican hearts?  Isn’t the republican Party, the Party that promotes military spending and war?  Isn’t military funding like taking a hit of crack; once a person starts they can’t stop themselves from stopping or going back to where they started from?  Yes this would describe our politicians and Military Industrial Complex of today.  These corrupted politicians and companies are hooked on the profits of war and the resulting crushing debt for their countrymen and their grandchildren to pay for. 

Sorry folks but this cat has been let out of the bag and it cracked the code to Pandora‘s Box back in 1947.   This little kitty isn’t going back inside anything, unless the cat is killed and stuffed into a mayonnaise jar and left for good on a doorstep outside a Funk & Wagnall store. 

Why since the fall of Communism has our military budget, not been one for “defense,” but instead, it has been one of aggressive military “offense” that has now increased to over one trillion dollars a year with almost half of this figure being hidden in other department budgets by design?  Why does the United States spend more on its military budget than all of the countries of the world combined?  Who is fooling who? 

Sure go ahead and keep the people scared and they will open their wallets and defense budgets for so called security for imaginary and cultivated foes. 

But why do you some of you piss and moan about paying taxes, just like First Magnus/ Stonewater Mortgage’s executive Ms. Anna Stark, when this money that is being siphoned from her to create wars around the globe, for our bankrupted expense?  Does Ms. Stark ever complain about the cost of perpetual war?  Why not?   Isn’t this the key to bankrupting the United States and then begging for cancellation of the Social Security and Medicare programs; how sinister and diabolical?   I am sure Ms. Stark does not support either of these safety net programs because she is such a strong believer in, American government backed, corporate executive welfare financed golden parachutes for the few.

Americans are very foolish people indeed to not be able to put 2+2 together and have it equal 4 yet.  Wake up people.  Dr.  King tried forty-one years ago to wake people like you up, but many of you have been in semi drug/alcohol induced state of denial to see the truth about your government and its corrupted politicians.  The vast majority of your politicians are lying crooks, who are out to swindle us with needless wars like we now have in Iraq and Afghanistan, all for the accumulation and transport of oil resources. 

Look at the fact that the Trans Afghanistan pipeline along with oil/gas is an issue of our continued involvement in that country.  Isn’t it a coincidence that our military bases in Afghanistan are directly along the pipeline route for protection?  It is just like the Army cavalry post in the Southwest United States in the 1880’s.  We were planning on invading Afghanistan long before 9/11 came along as a catalyst prize.  9/11 just made it convenient and advanced the time line for action.
Why America do you allow politicians to make fools out of yourselves for allowing this wasteful and debt ridden war to continue?  America, you are responsible for your corrupted politicians and no one else.  If politicians are not honest then it is past time to remove them from office, put them in front of a firing squad and give an honest person a chance at leading their communities and country.  I guarantee you the first time that crooked politicians like republican Rick Renzi of Arizona or republican Randy “Duke” Cunningham, a disgraced Vietnam War hero from San Diego is executed, you would see Washington corruption come to a screeching halt.  But no one wants the corruption gravy train to stop, now do they?  Our politicians are the biggest pussies in the world and they would step back in line quickly and begin for the first time in their lives to do their jobs for the American people and not the job of having money stuffed in their underwear from corporate America.

Just like Iraq, the war in Vietnam was similarly marketed and then sold to the American people under lies of the Gulf of Tonkin imaginary attacks and the Domino Theory of ignorance.  This marketing #101 and selling of the Vietnam War and its accompanied deception was no different than another war that we have created in Iraq for our limited viewing pleasure.  It is all provided to you the owner, the American people, with the same type of deceiving ignorance and lying excuses about WMD’s that did not exist for justification for an endless and blood filled war.   

Hey, I wonder if First Magnus/ Stonewater Mortgage’s Anna Stark realizes that the blood of over a million Iraqi’s and over 4,000 American service men and women are on the hands of her and her  Pima County republican women’s club hands?

Do any of you so called republican fiscal conservatives understand the immense cost of this war?  Didn’t this war start out as a $50 billion dollar estimate by neocon jewish republican Paul Wolfowitz, the same war that is now over a trillion dollars if you have the guts to add up the long term cost?  America’s National Debt has more than doubled to $9 trillion dollars under republican rule and President George W. Bush thievery. 

Who pays the long term cost for a soldier that will never get out of bed?  There is an incredible cost for ignorance and there is an incredible cost for war.  And don’t worry folks; we borrowed all of the money for this credit card war and the accompanying boondoggle into foreign policy disaster.  Do not forget this simple fact when November comes around and you are asked if you want to hire these same republican Bozo’s again to defraud and swindle you once again with their ridiculous professions of same sex marriage fear.  How can Americans remain so ignorant?

Isn’t it a great idea that Israel can get America to fight and pay for their security and wars by buying politicians like Arizona Senator Jon Kyl?  What a brilliant financial tactical move on the part of the American politician.  Scare the people first and then rob them blind of their money and their futures. 

I find it utterly amazing the amount of lies and deception that our politicians will peddle in order to promote war for profits by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), in exchange for so such much blood and death.   The main difference between Vietnam and Iraq is that besides Iraq being so ripe for continued civil war; it also has vast deposits of oil which we covet.  What are those ten things called?

“Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods.”

And to think some of you actually believe the republican “Sanctity of Life” bull shit mantra.  Oh, is that the same mantra that also involves the “Sanctity of Marriage’ crap.  None of you in Tucson carried about my family’s lives or my marriage; now did any of you?  Do any of you brain dead, “sheeple” see the incredible hypocrisy in your beliefs?  On one hand you go phucking nuts about abortion, but once a child is born, there are incredible problems with educating them and providing health care, but no one seems to care about those problems.  Why are women like Anna Stark giddy at the fact that people like her could care less about your children lives while they are growing up, but she would be happy to ship them off one day to war, to kill or to be killed?  I really do not understand this hypocrisy. 

How about Capitol Punishment; sure let’s kill everybody that needs a little killing.  Jesus would be so proud of all of you people that parlay his teachings into republican lite christian hypocrisy.  Does anyone remember your good book story about Mary Magdalene and Pope Gregory referring to this woman as a prostitute?  They used to kill prostitutes back then by stoning?  I am sure you good christian people, unlike Jesus, would have had her killed to.   

Remember you good christian folks that Jesus said; “Those of you that have not sinned cast the first stone.”  Jesus made his point that everyone one of you are hypocrites and don’t judge or execute people unless your integrity on the issues is above reproach.  But then still, why do you insist on playing God?  Didn’t Jesus also say’ “Turn the other cheek?”   Jesus was against violence and against killing people, so why are you so easily persuaded to have people killed in Iraq in your name?  Do you not believe the teachings of your Jesus Christ; answers please?

I will not hold my breath.  I couldn’t even get L.J. McCreary’s priest, the Reverend John R. Smith from the all white Episcopalian church of St. Michaels’ in Tucson to answer question like these.  What does that tell you if a priest is even too afraid to answer questions about morality?  To me it says that I have met one more Tucson hypocrite.  No wonder why McCreary attends that church; no one questions his deviant and sociopath behavior towards his fellow man and their families.  God, it must be something in the water in Tucson that makes people so morally repugnant. 

Unlike many of today’s Christian hypocrite priest who approve of war and its affect on Islam, Dr. King detested the war that was raging in Vietnam because it was all so senseless and an incredible waste of lives and money.  Millions of North Vietnamese died and over 58,000 American died for what noble cause?  Was the noble reason for the Vietnam War being fought so that Americans could one day buy cheap shit products from Wal-Mart, a company that had $19 billion dollars in profits in 2007?  Did it ever occur to Americans, that they have to consider going to a Wal-Mart store because of the downward pressure on their wages from importing cheap products and the fact that there once good paying jobs have been exported to China?

And didn’t that wonderful company Wal-Mart, just win a lawsuit by going all the way to the Supreme Court to have money taken away from a woman who received it for health care settlement that she received because she was brain damaged in an auto accident?  Did it matter to any of you or to the phucking soul less Wal-Mart executives that her son died recently in Iraq with the United States Army?  Why give your life for your country when Wal-Mart is ready to have your mother roll over and die after taking her health care money.  After ten minutes, this woman doesn’t remember anything, including the fact that her son has died in Iraq, all due to her brain related injuries.
What a nice job of compassion exhibited by these moral less, Wal-Mart executive pricks of evilness.  I learned how terribly awful that Wal-Mart treated their employees long ago.  I have not been in a Wal-Mart store in over six years and along with AT&T and Verizon, I will never, ever again use their products or services since companies like Wal-Mart choose to hurt Americans and ones like AT&T and Verizon choose to spy on your family’s by request of your Bush Administration government; even seven month before 9/11 even happened.

And just think that we have 14% of Americans that believe that everything is okay in America.  How can America have 14% of its people locked up in insane asylums or in hospitals that cater to the brain dead walking dead among us?

Who among you will be the first to sign their children up to die in a foreign country for a needy, greedy corporation like Wal-Mart?  Maybe Anna Stark of First Magnus will sign up her fat butt to join the Army tomorrow and personally take those care packages to Iraq and Afghanistan and then fight in order to get her god damn head blown off by an improved IED?  Who among you will pay a hundred thousand dollars of your own money to continue the war in Iraq because you are so enamored with our occupation?  What, there are no takers; such republican scum hypocrites!  If republicans want war, then let them fight and pay for it all by themselves.  This war would stop tomorrow if the minority people who want this phucked up war so bad, had to go and pay for it from their own bank accounts.  Why should I have to pay for your blood thirsty wars of profit?
Oh, did you hear this past week that John Yoo and President Bush decided to get rid of your Fourth Amendment Rights under the Constitution after 9/11?

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Why were George W. Bush and Alberto Gonzalez accomplishing this great feat of Constitutional neutering when they decided along with Dick Cheney, his chief of staff, David Addington and John Yoo seeking how to deceive and by pass the Constitution.  Why were these same people allowed to reinterpret The Geneva Convention and their potential, future indictments with having war crime charges against them because of their torture program at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo?  You see, we are at war over the entire world, including the United States and because of this non fact, these two alcoholic, “C” students in college, it is needed to suspended your rights without your consent.  Oh did you miss that one America?  Where is the mainstream media with this breaking news; asleep again since they have been bought off to remain silent on such important issues that you might find relevant. 

Your Democracy America is in the shitter and you are all so silent; why?  Nice job of voting America in 2000 and 2004.   How many of you bright voters who voted for George W. Bush in 2000 and worst yet, again in 2004 still feel that you would like to have a beer with this ignorant, morally depraved moron?

And why did all of those hundreds of thousand U.S. servicemen from the Revolutionary War through the Iraqi War give their lives to protect our freedoms and rights when the Bush/Cheney so easily discarded them?  Did these servicemen die for nothing?   Dr. King was so right.  Americans died in 1968 and even today for no reason at all except for the pursuit of America’s corporate profits. 

Wake up people; the temperature of the water in the boiling pan is beginning to rise!

But why did Dr. King protest so passionately against our involvement in Vietnam?  Isn’t Vietnam still a Communist country, as is China?  Why do we still have American companies leaving with American jobs from the United States like they are first time investors participating in a fire sale for home foreclosures along the Pacific Rim?  How incredibly very patriotic!  America is no longer the land of “we the people” but instead “we the powerful corporations that buy our politicians for peanuts.” 

Dr. King like most protesters against injustice was vilified by people and the media for his beliefs and words.  Dr. King was ridiculed for his comments by Time Magazine and the Washington Post as being almost a traitor and a voice for Hanoi.  So in hindsight, one has to ask who was the real patriot; the vilified Dr. King or was it the corporate media hacks?  Isn’t it fascinating that Dr. King was ahead of the foreign policy curve, but he was still ridiculed by people including the media who had blinders on their eyes and minds?

So please answer my question to all of you war republican chicken hawks; why did 58,000 American have to die in Vietnam?  Did we stop anything from having the reunification of North and South Vietnam from happening?  Okay, so we postponed the inevitable by having millions die, but the event still happened in 1975.  Since Iraqi’s hate each other because of their silly religious convictions and our occupation will not stop this, are we not doing the same as we did in Vietnam by postponing the inevitable?

I am thoroughly disgusted with America people!   Your apathy and compassion on issues are appalling.   I have said we as a country are on the wrong path for the past five years and only recently this week a survey says that 81% of Americans think so to.  Well welcome to the club people, it is better late than never, but how about the other 14% of morons that believe everything is okay in America and the other 5% that do not know?  What kind of Kool-aid or drugs are people drinking/smoking?  Could some people be smoking one-hundred dollar bills? 

The following videos were initially recorded on January 17, 1961, only 16 years after the end of World War II.  A new industry, the Military Industrial Complex was beginning to flourish and a wise man told us to beware of its coming power and largeness and the profits that would always follow because of the waste and corruption that would be created.  Dr. King’s speech about Vietnam was shocking at the time because the clergy had mostly remained silent on the issue, just as they are today.  Just remember that there is no way in hell that these (MIC) companies would ever allow a black man to stop their gravy train express of killing for profits when a single bullet is all it takes to solve the problem.

But even with the warnings from a man that knew war and the potential monster that would be leashed on America only too well, America’s power elite still went ahead and killed one of our greatest leaders and a person not perfect, but one whose morality and love for all of his fellow men and humanity could not be questioned on that day in 1968.  No one deserve to die in America with having their mouth shot off for speaking the truth; no one.  Why does America seem content to choose to kill some its greatest leaders because they question the need for continued war and instead advocated using the money which could have done so much good for all Americans and not just the wealthy American that seek investment and profit?

Isn’t it ironic that Dr. Martin Luther King, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his work in America, would seven year later be struck down in act of violence that he so spiritually detested by some of his countrymen?  And no, I have a hard time believing that some lone gunman is always selected as the one so motivated to take matters into their own hands.  Remember, a conspiracy can involve a minimum of just two people.

But America continued on its merry way and postponed the inevitable rendezvous with destiny, just like Vietnam with its postponement about the question of race being relegated as a moot point in American politics and social settings.

Unfortunately, many of you were too young, or as in Ms. Stark’s and Mr. Hayes’s case, not even born yet with the incredible wisdom and compassion that they later develop as shrills of the still racist republican party of today.  Many of you in this group have learned nothing from Dr. King’s wisdom and in fact practice the art of hurting people, rather than helping all Americans as Dr. King had advocated. 

I remember that early evening in 68,’ in front of my parents house when we first learned about Dr. King’s death as we finished playing a pick up game of basketball with my next store neighbor.  I remember the race riots of 1967 and the panic in Detroit and other cities from the East coast and Newark, to communities on the West coast like Watts in South Central Los Angeles.  After this assassination event, there would be many more American cities that would be going up in flames. 

Dr. King’s death was the culmination of hundreds of years of black struggle in America and black leadership that would never be the same.  Richard Nixon took advantage during this black leadership shock and void during his quest for the presidency with a plan to you use race card which was called the “Southern Strategy,” to pit white Americans against black Americans for political gain. 

Forty years later, the Nixon strategy and the flames of democratic incineration have slowly been put out to a point that a black man will become the next president of the United States.  Dr. Martin King would have been pleased to see such a development but I am afraid that history will repeat itself because the elite white people that control power in the United States will not let this happen.  Just as Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were taken out in 1968, I predict that white America will not physically allow a black man to lead this country.  What is white America afraid of and why are they so afraid of this welcome and needed change in America’s thought process?  Whatever happened to the creed of that melting pot country which only chooses white men to be their presidents?  I hope it does not take another generation or a metamorphous in the thought process of white Arizonans and the white men and women of the South.

The ugly ramifications of this strategy still exist to this day and it will only exponentially explode this September when republican Swift boaters crawl out of their snake holes and gutters, to insure their control of white power and control.

Dr. King’s most important speech, “Beyond Vietnam” was given at the Riverside Church in New York City on April 4th, 1967, exactly one year to the day before his assassination on April 4th 1968, (957) miles to the south in Memphis.  It was not Dr. King’s most famous speech but it was definitely his most important.  Dr. King felt that he could no longer be silent as so many people; especially Black people were dying in Southeast Asia.

Please listen to Dr. King’s speech in its entirety and then decide as compared to politicians of today, especially one like George W. Bush, whose quality of thought and delivery of intent and just plain reading a prepared text, pale in comparison to a great leader and man that this country had killed for his passionate thoughts and words.
One of Dr. King’s memorable lines from his speech still rings true today and it will in fact forever remain a truth; “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”   How very true those simple words are.  How many times has the idea of silence and betrayal been perpetrated upon Arizona citizens by politicians and government officials like SAHBA owned Registrar of Contractor head, Israel Torres?  

I have seen so many people in Tucson, Arizona remain silent from people just like you, the SAHBA membership, to your president Ed Taczanowsky, to politicians like Gov. Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard.  I have seen so many people like them and other state government officials who choose to remain silent in the face of evil and corruption that is taking place against the public consumer in your state.  Why is looking away and covering their ears and minds to evil and corruption so permissible to them?    

This silence and refusal to investigate can be considered nothing more that an act of conscious betrayal.  We have learned absolutely nothing in forty-one years from the day that Dr. King gave his most important speech about not staying silent any longer and its implications of betrayal.

The people who could have helped families from losing their homes, including lawyers, Arizona state department officials, Governor Napolitano’s Office, to Attorney Generals Office have betrayed all of us completely.  The fix was in from the beginning.  People could have changed this corrupted behavior in Arizona state government and the home construction and real estate industries if they wanted to, but instead they chose to remain silent and look the other way and betray us to corporate interest and profits.

I find it fascinating that all of Dr. King’s, speeches, acts of protest and marches about social injustice did not bring about his death from 1960 to 1967, but a simple stand against the Vietnam War most likely did.  Look at the men of stature that opposed the escalation and the war itself.  Although President John F. Kennedy initially sent advisers to Vietnam, his plan for his second term was to pull American troops out of Southeast Asia.  As we all know, that event in history never took place since President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. 

Lyndon Johnson from Texas had no problem escalating the war for his corporate buddies in his state that included Bell Helicopters and Halliburton which would rear its ugly head again in Iraq. 

Robert F. Kennedy was opposed to the Vietnam War and would have become president, but that did not happen since his assassination date was 59 days later than Dr. King’s assassination on June 6, 1968.  

In the American Democratic Republic of 1968 and in 2008, there will be no opposition to curtailing the profits of war or one has a very good chance of getting killed by a lone assassin’s bullet if you dare speak up as an important politician or a man like Dr. King that had such a major and important following.  I wonder where our government continues to find such lone men that they set up and appear to export death when others in clandestine operations perform their works of deception upon the American people.  Why has America been allowed to become a nation based on the need for lies and covered up with deception?

And on this day of commemoration we have now had the all time political hypocrisy being displayed to us by having the very elderly Senator from Arizona make an appearance at the Lorraine Hotel.  John McCain, the senior Senator from the very red state of Arizona, whose racist intact views and long history of being from such a conservative state has not changed.  Arizona, a state that fought against honoring Dr. King and one that has tried its best over the years to distance itself from the Black community, even though it seems to covet Black people for Super Bowl sporting events.  Well, at least Arizona covets the Black players that come to play in the Super Bowl game. 

When a person says that they are a conservative, certain things come to mind such as; I want wars but I will not fight in them.  I am fiscally conservative, but I support government corruption that makes people wealthy.  I believe in Jesus Christ but I will screw my fellow man or his family for profit.  And the simple fact that many conservatives, especially in Arizona, are bigoted against the black population.

John McCain, on the anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination had the audacity to come to Memphis and stand on the site of King’s death on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel and visually beg for any possible black votes that his campaign will try and collect for the November election.  It must have made Sen. McCain feel incredibly uncomfortable to have so many black people around him and no think that he was not in an American prison.  McCain was in fact booed for his hollow apology of being a racist in 1983 and probably one to this day.

If you recall McCain hypocrisy stems from the fact that Arizona was one of the last states to make Dr. King’s birthday a state holiday.  John McCain in fact voted in 1983 against having Dr. King’s birthday set aside as a national holiday.  At least you have to say that these Arizona conservatives like John McCain and Sen. Jon Kyl are consistent.  But what else would one expect from an Irish kid that used to be known by nick names as “McNasty and Punk?”  Could you expect a man that was tortured and still approves of torture a gook hater or would I be taking the words out of John McCain’s mouth?  What does John McCain call Black Americans behind closed doors and alcohol loosening bouts? 

McCain during his written for him speech words in Memphis today, said that his apology was  better late than never, but that he was wrong in voting against Dr. King’s national holiday; how convenient.  So McCain is so sincere then why did it take him 25 years to speak up?

It is nice to see that a whole 25 years after John McCain’s vote in the House of Representatives, that he has finally found Jesus on the subject of race, just like he found Jesus when he got his hand caught in the cookie jar with the Keating 5 scandal.  Well, you sure have to admire that “Maverick” and “Straight Talk Express” guy is so able to perform a quick in-place 180 degree turn and confess up when he gets caught in the bulls-eye of political reality.  With McCain’s record and penchant for only speaking up when getting caught in scandals like the Keating 5 scandal, I would not believe a single word that comes from his flip flopping, Bush ass kissing, Jerry Falwell sucking up elderly mouth.

It was more than fitting that while McCain was offering his feeble attempt at apologizing for his continued contempt and racism towards American blacks, a cold steady rain, rained upon his political parade to show that he possesses any minuet amount of compassion or respect for blacks.

I am sure that Sen. Barack Obama will make a fine president, one who will lead this country out of the republican financial, moral and foreign policy disaster that George W. Bush, John McCain and Jon Kyl have lead this country into a box canyon political abyss.  Why would anyone on earth vote for McCain since he has supported a president who has harmed this country and will be considered the worst president in history?  I will be waiting patiently to see the republican political game of Swift Boating Sen. Obama for his race/religion/name and whatever morally repugnant garbage that they will try to throw at him.  It will only make the situation worse for republicans because your party is going in the shitter in November for the mismanagement, corruption and violation of our civil rights and laws.  The tsunami as compared to 2006 will be much stronger.  Your Party deserves no mercy for the harm you have caused normal American families.

Something was terribly wrong on April 04, 1968, just like something is still terribly wrong with America in 2008.  I am sure that Dr. King would be pleased with a viable Black candidate who will win the presidential nomination if the government and power elite will allow the will of the American people to take place. 

I wonder if the soul and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be watching and taking note of the continued bigotry that takes place, especially in the republican Party this election sequence.   Our the adds for republican Swift Boating of Barack Obama been already designed?   I am sure a few tears from his spirit will be shed upon us for our continued collective blindness and greed towards our fellow man.

And as the rain continued in Memphis with the commemoration of Dr. King’s assassination, I can only feel that God was crying down upon America and its collective ignorance to address its racial problems or continue once again to ignore, stall and remain rudder less on this issue for additional time, which seem like it has already been verified as an eternity for Black Americans.


“The Arizona Refugee”

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