Date:  10 August, 2007

Subject:  Mortgage Meltdown

Title:  Welcome to the Mortgage Meltdown Death Spiral

Dear republican SAHBA members:

May I ask how the SAHBA Tucson, Arizona home builders are doing these days?  Are you keeping your republican bloated heads above water during the imploding sub prime mortgage death spiral or are you drowning yet?  I hope all of you are suffering as much as you made my family suffer with your uncontrolled greed with defective building.  Is it possible that some of you make have to accept incredible income losses and maybe even file for bankruptcy protection?  Ah, that is too bad!  Welcome to the club assholes.  What goes around, come around.  Did you think that the corrupted home building boom would last forever?  I have been expecting your implosion; welcome!

I wonder if McCreary homes and the subcontractors that he has used, you know, the ones that hire illegal aliens, how they will fair during this tsunami that is approaching at an ever increasing pace.  It is now time for the other shoe to drop right on top of your republican greedy heads.  I will be laughing uncontrollably at your misfortunes!

Oh, every thing was so good when sprawling home construction was the norm, fueled by rampant builder promotion of cheap money to finance the irrational exuberance that accompanied the streak in rising home prices.  Everybody wanted to jump in and buy.  Many people got into the market just to flip homes for a profit.  Some families like mine just wanted their homes without the thought of greedy speculation.  Good families were forced to pay more for their homes because of yours and these flippers greed.  Prices kept climbing at uncontrolled rates, but you just kept building.  Now it is time to pay the piper.

I knew in early 2003 when we were forced into foreclosure by McCreary Homes and the Tucson building industry, that if you could take us down, the rest of the country did not have a chance with respect to real estate mortgage increases.   And guess what, the time has now come for you to watch the home price meltdown and watch your possible future profits washed away like a summer monsoon flash flood.  The grim reaper for the building industry is knocking at your door.  And you can spin all you want through Ed Taczanowsky bull shit, but it is going to get so much worse, and you know it.  Maybe you can build homes in Mexico for illegal aliens?   

Because of your rampant greed and promotion of defective buildings, many homes were built at inflated prices that people can no longer afford.  Many people are now upside with their mortgages not because of building defects like we were, but because of rising interest rates and cost of living issues.  I find it amazing that there are people who will not be able to afford a slight percentage increase in their mortgage payments and will loose their homes to foreclosure.  Where are the predatory lenders that you steered them to when you sniveled up to these people for their business?  Many of you republican builders are the crème of the crop when it comes to lying, cheating and stealing from your customers.  And now the issue comes full circle and your lifestyle will be on the tracks of a railroad locomotive that is now barreling down on you.  Will you jump, or do you feel lucky for tomorrow; well do you?

My family was effectively forced to have our mortgage payment increase by almost 50% due to the cost of fighting a bogus lawsuit that was filed against us by SAHBA promoted and backed, McCreary Homes.  So how long to you think your “Average Joe” can continue a hike in effective mortgage payments before the financial house comes tumbling down?  And the SAHBA hired lawyers, Marc Simon and Bill Poorten III, along with State Farm’s Insurance bitch, Elizabeth Claiborne had no problem crashing us right into the ground. 

Hell even our lawyers Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton had no problem sucking us dry into the ground with their billable hour payments to their bank accounts. Hey, but that is what soul less lawyers are trained to do; sell their souls to the devil for the almighty buck.  The whole legal system is so phucked up in Arizona.  There is no such thing as justice for the little guy; just pain and injustice.

I can’t believe you stupid republicans could be so gluttonous in your fury to gorge away at future security and profits.  It is all over now.  The artificially inseminated home building boom and the credit card Iraqi War were the only thing keeping this country going after the dot com stock market collapse of March, 2000.   You stupid republicans thought that everything was fine because of the cheap interest rates that the Bush administration supplied through the Fed was going to sustain you forever.  Sure, pretend that everything is okay!  Didn’t you know that it was a financial foundation that was being built on quicksand?  Isn’t this just like our non-payment of the Iraq War that will also one day implode upon your children and grandchildren with the same effect of collapse that is now hitting the mortgage and home building industry?   Greed and denial of reality is never a good thing!

Maybe the problem has to do with the price of energy, healthcare and education that has sky rocketed during the almost seven years of the corrupted Bush administration.  People cannot afford to live the life, which they thought was coming to them.  The wolf is at the front door and he is very hungry.  Reality is going to be so very ugly.  Reality is now going to bite you in the ass!

So as you watch the continued mortgage and stock market meltdown, just remember that you builders, developers along with your mortgage brokers are responsible for this evolving mess.  Oh, and don’t forget those 401 K’s of yours that are also going to come tumbling down, like a leaden falling star.  Go ahead and work until you are seventy years old and drop dead on one of your construction projects; it’s the American way!  And I am not a betting man, but the republican policies of tax cuts for the rich, endless unpaid wars and cheap money for housing is going to trigger a recession that will make your head spin, which you can write home about.  Maybe indeed your new construction building job for the home building industry will be in a distant, far away foreign country.   All things are now possible for you.  Is your passport up to date? 

And just think about the developers, builders and subcontractors that have cheated their clients in the past, isn’t this the time that one would want a stellar reputation that is based on honesty and integrity?  There will many fewer home starts and the corrupted builders like McCreary Homes and defective building contractors like, Arizona Kitchen Designs, Terra Cotta Framing, McNary Concrete, Architectural Designs (formerly Southwest Door) and all of the numerous other companies that he used on our project, will suffer quick financial death when people who still have money, choose to build a home and know the truth about their companies.  Who in their right minds would use these companies with the track record that exist for my former home?   Isn’t the internet a wonderful way to uncover the truth about deceptive corporations? 

I am sure that your fearless leader, SAHBA moron lobbyist, Ed Taczanowsky will begin crying to the legislature about the tough times that your industry is now going through; sorry, but too phucking bad.  There will be no highway robbery, savings and loans type bailouts for your corrupted industry.   No one helped us from dealing with you bastards, including numerous state government agencies like the Governor Napolitano, Attorney General Goddard, the Registrar of Contractors, the Department of Real Estate and all the way on down to our phucking douche bag brained lawyer.  No one did shit to help us.  No, there will be no one to hold your hand or change your diapers on this one.  Now you pricks are on your own and its time to deal with it, all by yourselves.   

I hope that every single one of you have to file bankruptcy and lose your homes like many of us have and will continue to for the next two years.  Come on let’s be patriotic; aren’t we all in this together; no?  Oh, I see it is every man for himself; so be it!  If nothing else, it’s a great time for the state and federal government to finally crack down on all of the illegal aliens that you SAHBA builders and subcontractors have been hiring for the past seven years to build your defectives homes.

Please enjoy your self immolation; you so deserve it, you greedy bastards.


“The Arizona Refugee”

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