May 10, 2008

Subject:  Mother’s Day

Title:  SAHBA and the real estate industry have honest mothers who care; really?

How do you think this Iraqi mother will feel tomorrow as she looks at a picture of her clutching her dead child? Well, this is certainty a different setting; all smiles while her husband and her father continue to have people killed with "crusade" like emotions for cheap oil. Could it be possible that this Iraqi girl's mother will not be around to "celebrate" Mother's Day since she has already been killed to?  There seems like no Mother's Day celebration; unlike the Bush family.



Dear SAHBA member,

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate the contribution that mothers make across this country to the future of this country; its children.  It has always been important that the children are raised to be the bearers of honesty and integrity for this country’s continued existence.    Without honesty and integrity in our children’s characters, this country is doomed to extinction as a leader among nations, because the pursuit of greed will eventually kill anything in its path.

And just look at what damage that an inept and mother can do with her contributions towards raising a child and a character challenged son who eventually becomes the POTUS and is then responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in the interest of lying about WMD’s and freedom when the real game for war and death was all about oil.  Please tell me how on this Mother’s Day, how you and this woman, Barbara Bush could be proud of how Mrs. Bush raised her son and the actions that he has taken for the wealthy to profit.  Do you think Dick Cheney’s mother can be proud of her son, Dick, the person who has developed into a total, Halliburton war mongering profiteer?  Where did Marjorie Cheney go wrong with Dick?

Like wise SAHBA and the real estate women of Tucson, how can you be proud of your actions and examples that your children see you do in the name of being just another hard working white American?   When you allow your members to defraud the public like McCreary Homes and LONG Realty choose to do, what can one only think when silence is the course set for the day?  If you remain silent in the face of evil and corruption then what kind of mother do you choose to be?  What kind of children will you raise when they see that mommy approves of such actions?  Why do you not want to break the vicious cycle of real estate fraud and defective building that permeates your city and state?

I will bet that majority of members in SAHBA are supportive of republican policies.  Real estate “professionals” are even more apt to follow the republican path of social destruction that promotes real estate fraud and corruption for the benefit of advancing ones bank account. 

I wonder how many of you SAHBA mother members were on that long list of donors and supporters for the Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) 2006 website that was titled, “Women for Kyl.”  It is safe to say that Sen. Jon Kyl along with Sen. Joe Lieberman, are both certified war mongers. 

Why was the list of republican women names like, Christine Olson, Vicki Click, Anna Stark and Denise McCreary removed just two weeks after the election from the “internets?”  Were these women along with hundreds of other ones embarrassed with their support for such an evil man?  And to think, one of these women e-mailed to say that she did not run in the same circles as Vicki Click or Lute Olson’ soon to be ex-wife, Christine Olson.  Well if she didn’t think she was running with them, in my opinion, she must sure want to try and run with the big dog republican women of Tucson. 

I will publish for the public’s benefit a list of these women’s names at a later date before the November presidential elections.  It is always nice to see how people really are and not the perceptions and deceptions that they would not like for you to be made aware of.

As mothers who belong or have husbands that belong to SAHBA and the republican party, how can you keep a straight face when the politicians and the Iraq War that you support is killing innocent mothers and children as I write today.  I don’t get it.  You profess your belief in God and are such pious Christian individuals and families and then you look away when families are defrauded or families are killed in cold blood in your name in Iraq you act if nothing has been done.  Hasn’t all of this been done in the name of “freedom” for oil companies to control the flow and price of oil with the Petro-dollar. 

Do any of you feel even a morsel of guilt for letting these things happen?  I guess of course not or you would have done something to stop it by now.  Maybe some of you could have stopped this senseless fraud, corruption and killing by not voting for Sen. Kyl.  But that would have meant that you had to think and have some morsel of compassion for fellow human beings in you country and around the world.  Our country is disintegrating when even the mother’s of America have become sullen and apathetic to death and corruption.  I thought America’s mothers were for promoting life and strengthening families with homes for security?  I was wrong; you are only in it for the money.

Have a very Happy Mother’ Day Tucson SAHBA members, because you deserve the time to be honored with all of your apathy that you have worked so hard to develop towards your fellow citizens of Tucson and the ones half way around the world that are dying in your name for once cheap but now expensive oil for your SUV’s.


“The Arizona Refugee”

Mommy is a Democrat because she doesn't believe in lying, cheating, stealing or having people killed in her name for cheaper oil. Sure, enjoy the day SAHBA mothers, but remember some mothers will never forget the hearthache and loss of losing their homes or children because of republican politicians that you have voted for with your name.
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