Date:  Sunday, May10, 2009

Subject:  Mothers Day

Title:  Hollow Words from a Lying Ass, “Specialized” Bitch

I can’t wait for mother dear to teach us how to be lying ass real estate industry agents who ruin good families for the fun of smelling the almighty buck!”  I can’t wait to become a moral douche bag; just like mommy! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I wonder where Denise McCreary learned to be such a morally vacant, sociopathic douche bag.” Oh Mother; where are you? Just some republicans that actually admit they grew up in Indiana.  A leopard does not change its spots and the apple has already been explained to you.  Are there any questions?


An open letter to Denise McCreary:

Happy Mothers Day Denise!

Once again, we reach that time of the year where we celebrate the very important position of being a mother.   As you recall, it has all been explained before the idea of Mothers Day and how it was originally started by a school teacher named Anna M. Jarvis in 1907.  Ms. Jarvis pushed this initiative as a tribute to her dear departed mother in an effort to honor her memory and honor other good mothers in an anti-commercialization day of commemoration.  The second Sunday in May, was later designated by Woodrow Wilson in 1914, as a national holiday in honor of mothers. 

And unfortunately for all of us, we do know what happened, as far as acceleration of the commercialization of this event.  Ms. Jarvis actually filed a lawsuit and publically protested later in1923, even to the point where she was arrested in her struggle against the commercializing of this sacred day to her.  Years later Ms. Jarvis stated that she had wished she had never pushed for a Mothers Day holiday to begin with. 

Now today in 2009, the second Sunday of May, has become the most popular day out for dining, along with the telecom companies recording their highest traffic for telephone calls.           

It is always heartening to see that even the SAHBA type Ed Taczanowsky’s of the early twentieth century world, were around even back then, to harass good people and their right to protest.  Greed does indeed ruin every good deed and idea that has ever been created.

I write this letter today Denise, because it is important that we understand that not all mothers are not honorable.  Obviously Ms. Jarvis’s mother was an honorable person but you Denise McCreary, are instead unfortunately, cast into a cauldron category of dishonorable mothers and human being.  We are talking about Susan Smith category of mothers that either harm their families or others. 

How could another mother like you Denise, choose to harm another mother and her children, all for the smell of the almighty buck?  How could another mother Denise choose to destroy another family’s hopes, dreams and happiness for profit and gain? How could another mother play a direct role in a potential suicide?  How Denise? 

Also Denise, the picture on your home page, is one that I could say is so dated and oh so airbrushed. . Trust me Denise; you have never in reality looked like that picture in your life.  I have seen you video display on You Tube and you look nothing like that picture and instead you look like an old hag.  One should never go up against a dog in beauty contest and still lose the contest.  God; how unprofessional and dumb can one look while begging for real estate business with an ugly dog in her lap?  Nice props Denise.

In your video Denise, the one of your family photo op picture, you still give the look of being too hard to look at and way too cold inside to ever craft such a photo shopped smile on your home page website unless maybe, the photographer was holding a dollar bill to the side of the camera for you to gaze at.  Denise; is this picture on your website one that was taken of you from possibly ten years ago?  I saw you last saw you outside the TCC in 2004, screaming like a crazy woman and looked much older then.  But I forgot Denise we as the public should believe nothing what you say or project to the public because you are so enamored with deception and lying.

But the picture I would like to really comment on, the one that is old and so out of date family picture from your website.  Doesn’t your lame dick headed husband still have hair on top of his head in this picture or is he wearing a toupee these days?  The pictures of your children are much too young.  I have seen them much older on MySpace.  But the picture that interest me is the one with your republican mother from the KKK state of Indiana, is one that has more to it than just motherly feelings.  No, I think the picture says something else.  This family picture is just another fine example of the apple not falling far from the tree and the idea that a leopard does not change its spots in still in progress.

But the picture of your mother Denise is more than revealing to the observing eye.  It does explain from just a still picture point of view, the possible reason that you turned out to be such a vacant human being.  Isn’t this Aunt Blabby type portrait of her one that reveals another hard looking republican mother that passed on her morals and ideas to her real estate challenged daughter?  Will your daughter Denise one day go into real estate because she can’t do anything else, and will use you as an example and then have you teach them how to steal from people because you are such a fine human being and teacher? 

Come on Denise; prove to the public that you are not a moral douche bag with your continued advertising that McCreary Homes is the première builder in Southern Arizona.  How dare you and your husband use words like meticulous, première, and professional in any type of sentence to describe you corrupt operation?  

Aren’t these deceptive boast offered to the public solely to the public, only because you say it is so.  There is no proof for any such bogus claims.  How come testimonials from our disastrous build, the Van Dan Elzens, the Collins and the Grimes are not listed for all to read Denise?  You wouldn’t choose to deceive the public now Denise?  As the President of McCreary Homes, a realty agent for Tierra Antigua Realty and a make believe, lizard lounge night club performer, surely you would want the public to have the whole truth and nothing but the truth; wouldn’t you Denise?  Didn’t the Grimes have water leaking through their walls Denise; just like we did?
What prestigious contest did you win for each of the past twenty years to make up and use such lies to deceive the public?  God Denise; you and your little squirt headed husband, L.J., have no qualms, no shame and no conscience with your continuing desires to lie to the public. 

Was it just genes or did you mother Denise teach you how to be so cruel in business and dealing with families.   Did your mother teach you how to lie to customers about your products or services?  Did your mother teach you how to create secret behind the scene deals with real estate agents to bring business referrals your way with glowing testimonials based on lies?  Did your mother Denise, teach you how swindle and pilfer customers with substandard work and defective building acts while overcharging by tens of thousands of dollars for such corrupt behavior. 

Who taught you to do all these things Denise?  Who taught you how to financially destroy families?  Who taught you how to deceive Denise?  Who taught you Denise how to lie so masterfully?   Who taught you how to be such a moral pervert Denise?   Could it have been your mother that trail blazed the way for you to be such fraud?  Is this all true Denise or was it your real estate moron father that is too blame for such perverting?

On the real estate website called active rain, you have a page set up that once again deceives and with a comment on the description department that is breathtaking in its audacity to further lie and deceive.  Your statement Denise is and I quote; “I specialize in TRUST!”   Excuse me?  Did I hear that correctly?  Denise McCreary still continues to boast that she really believes in the concept of trust?  Yes, trust Denise McCreary so that she will gain your confidence and then possibly screw you and your family all the way to the act of death.  

Oh Denise; capitalization of the word trust and even an exclamation point must mean you are honest and sincere.  No, you do not specialize in trust Denise!  No Denise, when it comes to professionalism, honesty, integrity, character and trust are all very important attributes that you and your incompetent husband absolutely SUCK at!   

You Denise McCreary are anything but honest or sincere and you will never deserve anyone to ever TRUST you.  I know of at least four families Denise that you and your professionally challenged husband built defective homes and pilfered from.  Trust is the furthest thing that you choose to specialize in, because DECEPTION and LYING are your prime specialization attributes.  Why is it Denise that the people that try and advertise the loudest, the boldest, with such bravado are the most lying ass, moral douche bags like you around?  Wasn’t it Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) and Sen. Larry Craig (R- ID) respectively, the two members that complained the loudest about marital fidelity and homosexuality and then were caught doing it?    

It is always more than wise, to never believe a person, especially a real estate/ construction person that chooses to beg and advertise their guts out as having their greatest attributes, ones that specialization in Christian make believe values or acts that involve INTEGRITY, CHRACTER, or TRUST !!!!!!!!!

So this Mothers Day of 2009, just stop and realize the day is not meant for you, your mother or even your daughter to pay homage to such morally deficiently women like yourselves.   Unfortunately you are just morally vacant women, ones who long ago became pregnant and then gave birth to make the world, a less than better place for the concept of humanity and community.

And you know Denise that everything I say about you lying and deceiving is true and that you will never find the courage to sue me for libel because what I say is true.  Free speech is a bitch, especially when you have ripped off a family and the family now fights back to warn the public about your incredible evilness.  Arty and just consider it more of that free advertising that you seek.  Remember Denise, there is no such thing like negative publicity or is there?

Sincerely sorry for your continued lying ways,

“The Arizona Refugee”

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