Date: 10 January 20007


Title: A couple of middle age dickheads trying to play the part of cool!

Objective:  A MySpace.Com Parody

Performed by:  The Mighty “My McCreary Home Sucks” Art Players

"Hey, we are so MySpace "cool;" let us fuck you!"
Why you ask; because we are the DICKHEADS!

Dear SAHBA members:

Have I got a treat for you?  L.J. McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes is telling everyone that he is cool.  No, he and his wife Denise are dickheads!

Recently, I was engrossed, okay, instead I should honestly say that I was totally groused out during my reading of the page about the SAHBA backed company that L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, a.k.a. McCreary Dream Homes still own.  How does one say in your country; creepy sleaze, shit time?

And my response to this site; I’d rather be water boarded by a naked Dick Cheney (extremely disturbing) than be forced to go back and read such slimy drivel.  Oh my phucking God, just shoot me!  Please forgive me God for reading such sleazy commercial begging networking drivel.  Excuse me, but I think that I have to puke from just the thought of it again!  Oh God again; here it come, dry heaves.  God I can’t believe what a whoring network prostitute that L.J. and Denise McCreary have chosen to become to try and save their sinking fraud based home building company to come back from the living dead of the Tucson real estate meltdown. Nice friends that you got to; some of them just out of jail? 

So McCreary Dream Homes, the reincarnation of the ever defective McCreary Homes, is trying another whack off start job at the Custom Luxury Home Building market of Tucson, Arizona?  No way, no second chances L.J. McCreary because you phucked up so badly from 1998 to at least 2003.  You have never acknowledged, apologized or made amends for the horror that you caused us my family from 2000 to 2003.  Trust me folks; this recreation fantasy game isn’t going to happen.

McCreary Homes, McCreary Dream Homes, McCreary Nightmare Homes, or whatever in the hell they call their website/company is going down the shit hole.  And it started to go down the shit hole back in 1996 when this, then 34 year old jerk off decided he wanted to get rich quickly and retire.  God damn, what were you going to do the rest of your life, torture yourself by drinking glasses of milk and beating off with sand laced KY jelly at SAHBA headquarters all day?  But then again, of all people, I know exactly how incredibly slimy these two characters can be when the smell of money is in the air.  Quickly, hide the men, women, children, animals and your wallets from such financial slithering sleaze.

It has been told to me that the letters L.J. actually stands for the name “Little John” or was it “Little Johnson,” I forget; but it was given in honor of L. J’s father who was called “Big John.  It is always so nice to see a proud family tradition of family ancestral naming, coat of arms display, showing the long lines of lineage and very distinguished heritage of sophisticated refined culture and the branded integrity of Mid West values of Indiana, all so proudly expressed in later generations of the McCreary children pedigree, all presented as “Little Johnny” McCreary. 

But didn’t the McCreary family hierarchy own a dilapidated lily white trailer, where they were always busy putting on those cute little state of Indian sanctioned, KKK stickers on the  trailer windows?  To this day, “Little Johnny” likes a room to be very dark; just like some morticians like it.  I am not sure about Little Johnny’s morbid fascination with ice cold water bath stories, but I am sure about where his lack of character and integrity were developed.  

But there would always be continual problems with growing up for “Little Johnny.”  Even as early as a ten year old youngster, “Little Johnny” had already been “certified in the custom built, sissy ass nerd program, of life.” Little Johnny always seemed to be coming home crying like a little girl after getting back from getting his ass kicked by the paraplegic three year old girl that lived just down the street.   Boy, did little Johnny cry like a baby when she provide him with a right uppercut in the empty dick area of “Little Johnny’s” pants.  Johnny to this day has never filled out his pants properly like most men have in the groin area.  I think it a blood flow problem.

And what did L.J. really do with those used corn cobs that he used to steal and hide in his pants when he lived in Indiana?  Why do you think that even to this day, some of McCreary’s relatives from Indiana still refer to maladies that affect a person’s groin area as the Little Johnny McCreary Little Corn Cob Pointer Syndrome Disease?  Yes, people say that there was quite a bit of (dis - ease) around the area while the “Little Corn Cob Nerd” was growing up around the huge corn plants.  Some relatives recollect about the way the corn plants use to shake furiously on totally calm winded days and that the corn stems seemed quite sticky when Little Johnny could not be found inside the house.   It wasn’t long after this that Johnny’s dear mother became a strong proponent of family planning and a viscious abortion rights advocate.

One relative even commented that Little Johnny always said that he wanted to build houses some day, but “Little Johnny’s” father “Big John” scolded him to forget about house building and concentrate on the corn cobs because he would probably be a phuck up in the home building business.  “Big John” McCreary was a wise man.  But the houses would come much later and people would cry over Little Johnny’s future phuck ups for years to come.  Maybe on second thought, it would have been better if “Little Johnny” should have stayed in Indiana and beat off with the corn cobs as fast as a spring F5 tornado twirled, rather than travel to the great corrupted red state of Arizona and add to the dysentery moral fortitude of state that doesn’t give a shit about its regular people.  Everyone would surely have been much happier in Arizona; but then Indiana would be a greater phuck up red state than it already was.
When little Johnny first came to Arizona he was now considered a man by the law, but the public still saw “Little Johnny” as a just another Indiana, corn cob beat off, phucked up dick head.   But who was “Little Johnny” to argue with?  The public was right.  “Little Johnny” knew what he was.  Little Johnny would probably always be considered an Indiana dickhead!  

Little Johnny quickly tried to do his con- man, corn cob job magic on these strange new trees called saguaros.  Little Johnny spent many days studying how he was going to mount his attack on the big saguaros.  Obviously the great southwest saguaro was a formidable opponent as compared to the Indiana corn plants. But one day, “Little Johnny” got frustrated and jut a wee bit horny and said phuck it.  “Little Johnny” did a full frontal jumping jack assault on the big bad saguaro tree.  Unfortunately the first time “Little Johnny” lassoed and jumped on a (20) foot saguaro and began humping it like the saguaro was being shipped off to war, and it was the last time he would ever pleasure himself in his all too short life.  “Little Johnny” got hurt real bad in the Wang area from the encounter on that one.  Little Johnny was told by the good ole doc that he would never have children.  It would have been a good thing.  Little Johnny would never forget the lesson from that encounter. Next time “Little Johnny” would potato peel the big bad saguaro and use just a simple dab will do you, of KY jelly for insurance.  “Little Johnny” was never accused of being very smart.

Not too many band aid cures in the old first aid box for little penis saguaro triage injuries to have much effect upon.  For a moment ‘Little Johnny” considered cutting his damaged wang off but changed his mind once he realized that he would look like any other Arizona pussy; but not by much.  Because of the incredible pain that “Little Johnny” experienced in the almost absent less penis area, “Little Johnny” had an epiphany; no more humping (20) foot vertical poles with needles on it.  Little Johnny was going to have to get his rocks off in another way.  He would build defective homes and then overcharge people; the perfect con game.   

“Little Johnny” instead of phucking corn cobs or saguaros would now choose to concentrate on phucking over people.   “Little Johnny” decided he would wait just a bit longer until 1986 and then he would begin to build houses.  Everybody believed that the reason “Little Johnny” decided to hurt people was because he hated himself and his corn cob relationship with his much bigger father in the Wang of life area.  The houses would eventually become his vehicle, his way of phucking over people by desecrating the memory of his dad; “Big John and his big Wang. “Little Johnny” would go through the remainder of his life conflicted and tortured by his and his father’s Pu Tang Wang complex.  Surely “Little Johnny’s” Wang problem would be seen one day as the major reason why he phucked over people in Tucson, Arizona, it was a sex thing problem.  Maybe Little Johnny wasn’t getting laid enough at home ( I understand why) to curb his hidden sub conscience desire to be the biggest.  To this day Little Johnny deeply admires the tallest saguaro trees.   

After the above revelations, could it possibly be that Denise and L. J. McCreary are really brother and sister after all?  Was there a “Big Denise” and a “Little Denise” type of arrangement also?”  That surely would explain quite a bit, with the same type of socially abhorrent and sociopath personality behaviors that exist between both of these “cool” people.

But I honestly believe that L.J. McCreary should have been more accurately named L.C. for “Little Character.”  It is obvious to me that “Big John the Dickhead” raised a son called “Little John the Dickhead” in order to keep the dishonor of that name for the future way that the “Little Dickhead” of 2007 would chose to harm Tucson families.  Maybe L.J. McCreary should be referred to as the “Little Johnson Dickhead” for the fact that he has chosen to harm innocent children of good families because people like the McCreary’s, are only bent on their quest for greed and their perceived early retirement at the ripe old age of (38) years old.  If McCreary hadn’t chosen to become a little lazy ass nerd and dream of his impending retirement in early 2000, my family would be today living in our rightful home without the incredible stress and damage that they have caused.                                              

It is so incredibly hard for me to stomach reading about a (45) year old corrupt and lying ass defective prone home builder who is trying to act cool and hip while he tries to snare potential victims into his defective home building web trap.  And this guy is pretending to be some hip shit, cool guy with an occupation that is called “owner.”  Once again, this site is living proof that fancy websites that visually profess an air of sophistication and suaveness are probably the most suspect sites that are only attempting to hide the truth about their operation.  Does anyone remember Ted Bundy’s shtick and his MO?  Yes, con men are able to make a person lower their guard so that they can then come in for the kill.  The following example explains my point. 

If a person was ever unfortunate enough to attend a past Brittney Spears concert, a person did not go to hear the quality of her lip sink voice as much as they went to see her jump up and down and gyrate to the beat.  Brittney’s act is an attempt to cover up the fact that she cannot sing and that her music sucks.  And look where her “operation” is today; in the gutter.  There was never a foundation of competency in her music or voice and her life is now in shambles because there was no foundation to fall back on.

The same effect is happening with the McCreary Homes website and his MySpace page.  L.J. McCreary is attempting to appear sauve and cool and that his provided pictures only paint an imaginary canvas to prove that he builds very good quality homes.  Nothing could be further from truth.  In reality, McCreary is nothing more than a bald headed phucking nerd who enjoys harming family’s and their lives and then choose to lie about building us a defective home and forcing a lawsuit upon our family which resulted in us losing our home, our land, our credit rating, our future and it devastated the lives that we once had in Tucson.   And the reason that L.J. McCreary did this to us was simply in order pacify his greed! 

L.J. McCreary’s operation is hurting because of the real estate meltdown and coming recession and is trying to paint a picture as one of the top builders in the Tucson market.  I predict that later this year L.J. McCreary’s business will be in shambles like Brittany Spears career because his company does not operate on a foundation of honesty and integrity.

A quote from the McCreary My Space website states: “We build cool homes for cool people.” I beg to differ!  I do not feel “cool,” L.J. McCreary is not “cool” and as sure shit my phucking home was not “cool.”  L.J. McCreary built me anything other than a “cool’ home.  L.J. McCreary and his McCreary Dream Homes Co. built me a phucking abortion; a birth defected home from the start that had water running down the walls and into the garage.  No, the McCreary advertising boast should state: “We build defective homes for good people and then we phuck them over in court and make them loose their homes!”   Now we have a piece of advertising that is telling the truth!   Now would you please sign onto my page and will you be my 20th friend?  Just call me Mr. Rodgers.  God this MySpace page is so pathetic.

It is also hard for me to stomach that L.J. McCreary in 2000 was a 38 year old con-man that had come up with a plan to “retire early, buying choosing a path that was based on greed to expand his building operation and begin building homes that were defective pieces of junk to offer an unsuspecting community.  After all of the years I spent in the military to defend this country I am treated like shit from a phucking (38) year old chicken hawk, republican nerd.  God I feel so God damn patriotic.  McCreary from 1996 on had decided he could hide behind the protection of SAHBA and that the legal representation that SAHBA could provide would protect him and his corrupt business from lawsuits that most home owners could not fight because of cost.

The moral of the story is to be very careful when reading and informing your self on the web.  Unless you can absolutely verify the content of the author’s character, one must take the cautious approach when someone is trying to sell you something that this person could be, and probably is in fact lying to about in order to achieve their true deceptive agenda of profit. 

Notice how McCreary never mentions his name on the MySpace page.  A “Google” search of L.J. McCreary will enlighten the reader to another hidden part of the McCreary operation; the facts and pictures from our disastrous build.  L.J. and Denise McCreary and his McCreary Dream Homes Company are lying about their past history of their operation to this day. If a person considers doing business with this two legged snakes, they are taking a great risk with their family’s future and security. 

Do not be fooled by illusions and fancy fantasy professions of the written word!  Look behind the façade and peel back the cover up that conceals their true naked lies.

And don’t be fooled by people that try to profess their religion our try to give the impression of being “cool.” People who exhibit morality and coolness never need to advertise or beg you to listen to them about it.  People that are cool and moral just live it.  No slicked up pictures of suave like text is needed. 

Actions always speak louder than words!


“The Arizona Refugee”

P.S.  Look for future annals of “Little Johnny McCreary” life in Indiana!  Maybe I will just write a God Damn book about why I think you turned out the way you did; a phucking asshole!

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