Date:       01 February, 2008

Subject:   Nick Smith

Title:       E-mail threats from a very small minded person     


Dear SAHBA members and the public,

Before I begin to comment further by posting about the SAHBA Easter Parade this weekend at the SAHBA Bajada, Frittata, La Encantada, Charada, let me first begin this letter with a word on e-mail threats.

I understand that some people like the McCreary’s and right wing Christian conservative nut jobs might have a problem with my web site.  If I were these people, I too would be upset about the truth that this web site provides about people of little character and who have little concern for their fellow men and his families.

This following piece is dedicated to the little mind “Nicky Smiths” of the world.  I am not naïve enough to realize the possibility that someone from the McCreary clan could be responsible for an e-mail threat I that I received last week over the “internets.”   But I would never be surprised about any thing that this despicable family is capable of doing to harm another family because their past history speaks for themselves. 

I will choose to comment just this one time about e-mail threats since I do not have the time or passion to write about such ignorant people who try to intimidate.  E-mail threats will be passed on to government departments here in California that will do something about them; unlike the corrupted state of Arizona.  There are just way too many people out there that I would have to confront and answer to on the issue of being ethical, honest and knowledgeable on the issues and the facts to answer if all of there e-mails were posted.    

The genesis of this essay has been instigated by an e-mail that I received recently from a person/ pseudo e-mail person from Tucson, Arizona named “Nick Smith,” Nick Smith <   Does anyone out there know who belongs to this e-mail address?  God, could we get any more imaginative Abby McCreary with this generic Smith surname?  How about Nick Jones?  

As is usually the case, anonymous e-mails from hotmail accounts are primarily used to hide the identity of its sender.  “Nick Smith” could be male or “Nick Smith” could be female.  Maybe “Nick Smith” is a transsexual.  It is anyone’s guess who or what “Nick Smith” really is’; but I do have my suspicions. 

“Nick Smith” does identify himself as a republican and he does possess personal knowledge about my family’s lives.  One would have to assume that “Nick Smith” has some type of relationship with the McCreary family.  Ever since I posted my response to the McCreary RipOff rebuttal letter, I have expected some type of retaliation from the McCreary clan and their ethically challenged friends from SAHBA or their children.

This e-mail threat could have also been written by L.J. / Denise McCreary, their college age/teenage children, Abby or Connor McCreary, an acquaintance of one of their children or just another right wing republican Christian nut job acquaintance of theirs.   Didn’t Abby McCreary use a hotmail account to direct e-mails towards this website before in 2004?  It is probably just a coincidence this time; yeah right.  

Yes, I know, it must have been traumatic for Abby McCreary to realize as a teenager in 2004, that her parents are nothing more than moral less, dishonest, lying scum bags.  Now the McCreary’s have a teenage son who is coming of age, Conner McCreary.  From a picture on Abby McCreary’s MySpace page, it appears to me that the apple once again, will not fall very far from the tree.  Great, another prissy teenager, capable of carrying on the male testosterone enhanced trait of sleaziness, greed and dishonesty that is a possible McCreary gene transferred feature.   Maybe little Connor McCreary has finally reached his parental epiphany today; all at the tender age of 17.  The truth indeed does hurt for children who learn the truth about their parents; just like when a child learns the truth about their belief in Santa Claus.  But at least Santa Claus was not a lying douche bag.

It has been said that the proverbial apple does not fall far from the tree but in fact some times the fruit just stays on the branch and rots.  It is not the fruits fault, but instead the tree that should be suspect.  Just look at the saxophone hugging picture of Denise McCreary on my next upcoming post.  Doesn’t that picture say it all?  Just look at what L.J. and Denise McCreary did to my family.  Doesn’t that also say it all?

Unfortunately, the “person” who wrote this e-mail is too chicken shit with his/her chicken shit hawk bravado to identify “his” or “herself,” and their obvious relationship/ connection with the McCreary clan.  But just give me a little time and I am sure I will be able to trace back the origin of this e-mail account and uncover the true identity of the real “Nick Smith.” 

Certainly one can see how this correlates exactly with the chicken hawk, chicken shit republican ideas and agendas to phuck things up and take not one single ounce of responsibility for their actions.  This is exactly just like L.J. and Denise McCreary motives with their deceptive McCreary Homes/ McCreary Dream Homes Company.  They will never admit failure, never admit culpability, never admit corruption, never admit stealing, never admit lying and they will never admit responsibility for their actions.  Doesn’t this sound exactly like a person that occupies the White House today? 

It is always nice to see who your enemies are rather than being blind sided and stabbed in the back.  I find it interesting that this e-mail threat is so similar in scope with the 2005 threat letter that we received in the mail from a supposed college student, who we believe was associated with either Abby McCreary or an acquaintance of the McCreary family.  Once again, personal information about our family was included in the veil threat of that letter.

The threat letter to us in 2005 was directed to how my family members are unstable and all of us are such law breakers.  Was the evil McCreary pot trying to call the kettle black?  Considering the hell that my family has been forced through by SAHBA/ LONG Realty and the McCreary’s, I’d say we have all been quite stable since we were left Tucson after our forced foreclosure in 2003.  But what does one expect when a company throws a financial hand grenade into your life at one is forced to recover from the wounds?  In fact I personally have not had a problem with the law since getting a speeding ticket over 16 years ago.  Can Denise or Abby McCreary say such things?  I wouldn’t bet on that one.

It didn’t take too much time to point out to the McCreary’s, that Abby McCreary had been recently arrested for a DUI and her mother Denise had an incredible series of speeding tickets around Tucson that have put the lives of its citizens at peril with her disregard of the laws that are meant to protect us and our families.  So who is unstable and who was breaking the laws?   It was the McCreary girls.

Well that seemed to shut up the McCreary’s for just a little over two years.  But sometime people just choose to keep punishing themselves by choosing every so often to run head first into another wall.   I have never accused the McCreary family of being intelligent. We did not hear another peep out of this scoundrel family until their December 10th, 2007 letter against us to RipOff Report that was published to make their case against our previous post on that site.  The McCreary’s in their rebuttal stated that everything that happened on our defective build was solely our fault.   I must admit, one has to admire L.J. and Denise McCreary’s resolve to continue to lie. 

The McCreary’s are now a desperate family that is trying to prevent their defective building company from going into bankruptcy in 2008.  Karma says; good luck.    

As I said before, the McCreary’s are incapable of telling the truth since they choose to lie so much.  I have never met such an untruthful and dishonest family during my entire life.   I rue the day that LONG Realty’s Fran Epsen “set us up” ($3400 dollars profit) to meet L.J. McCreary.  At least back then McCreary had an office unlike now and how he chooses to live his company’s life out of his home, Denny’s restaurant and a commercial postal box on Tanque Verde Road.

As one can see, I am just fine but I am quite passionate and have quite a bit to say for many more years to come on subjects concerning the people of SAHBA, McCreary Homes/McCreary Dream Homes, corruption, dishonesty and lack of people’s integrity and the integrity in government in Tucson and the state of Arizona.  With my post, I will eventually reach the right persons and warn them of the impending danger that lurks in Arizona and especially Tucson.  

Obviously since the December 10th, 2007 rebuttal letter by L.J. and Denise McCreary on, my offerings about McCreary Dream Homes must be having an added effect on this abhorrent and corrupt company.  It is unfortunate for the consumer public that the state of Arizona remains so silent on issues of such fraud and corruption.   That is why this website exists; to protect the public and prevent companies like McCreary Homes/ McCreary Dream Homes from further emotionally and financially raping the public.

I just love it when the very few people who respond negatively to my website at the rate of less than 100 to 1, e-mail me, because it usually gives me so many more reasons and ideas to write about our right as a temporary free people to still express our minds with our words.  Why just read my following upcoming post on Denise McCreary and her saxophone.  Why just look at what little “Nicky Smith” has inspired with my e-mail letter research on the McCreary family.  

I have found that the more that I research, the more sordid details that become available about the McCreary family.  I would have never looked further after the link to L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes, if I had not received this e-mail threat and the McCreary rebuttal on  Seeing L.J. McCreary trying to act hip and cool on My Space with his new hip “friends” that they looked like that they were fresh out of jail was enough to make me almost cancel my internet service.  How pathetic.  Sorry little “Nicky Smith,” but this website would not exist if L.J. and Denise McCreary had not phucked over my family like they did for greed.

But now, “Nick Smith,” a “supposedly” 21 year old nerd is now threatening me.     Maybe it is time to become a full time investigative writer now?  For the purposes of this piece, I will treat “Nick Smith” and all of the “Nick Smith’s” of the world as a person in the 17 to 24 years old range and person of such obviously little experience and knowledge in life.  Yes little “Nicky,” I do love a challenge and I will not back away from your threats.  Instead I will refocus my energy to offer more essays on the crooks at SAHBA and McCreary Dream Homes.  

I am so sorry, but as a 12 year military veteran and a person who has been checked and re-checked professionally as an employee and military officer for the past 27 years, I laugh at your assessment of professional competence, which is laughable at best.  You do not scare me.  Just last month I performed flawlessly on an emergency situation at work. How have you done “Nick Smith;” that is if you have ever held a job worth a shit to talk about.

Maybe “Nick Smith” should concentrate on spelling and grammar errors to create a coherent sentence when he/she chooses in the process to threaten someone.   Isn’t the state of Arizona next to last, number 49 out of 50 in states that provide funding for education?  Is our children learning yet “Nick Smith?”  You get it; don’t you?

What did you do last month “Nick;” pick your nose and scratch your balls while you sat in your soiled under wear, tapping away on the computer while stroking your imitation computer bravado?  “Nicky,” I don’t care what anyone says, you have provided a wonderful contribution to society each and every day with your farting around as an ignorant human being.   “Nicky,” shouldn’t children like you be seen and not heard?  Now go to your room “Nicky,” like a good little boy/girl and remember; no desert tonight.  

As you see “Nicky,” I have been put through hell by SAHBA, LONG Realty and McCreary Homes and I am still standing to fight and write about it.  Maybe  little “Nicky Chavez” should look in the mirror and ask himself why he is too chicken shit to volunteer to be in Iraq at this very moment.  Come on “Nicky,” the U. S. Army is always looking for illiterate morons like you to become their latest cannon fodder casualties.  Maybe the Army can teach you how to write and spell for the goal of writing a coherent sentence?  Little “Nicky,” you are a real threatening tough guy, chicken hawk on the internet, but unfortunately, just too afraid as a young college republican type to sign your butt up for duty in Iraq or Afghanistan.  

The following links are for all of the little “Nicky Smiths,” male and female to digest in their feeble little minds.  
Yes “Nicky,” people like you elect leaders in your very image of stupidity, ignorance and corruption.  Maybe now after viewing these videos little “Nicky” will choose to sign up for the Army or Marines and have his little ass sprayed over the landscape of Iraq in shades of red, white and blue if he is still such a strong supporter of republican politics.  I did my stint in the military little “Nicky;” now it should be your turn, that is, if you have the guts to keep talking big and still want to go.

I challenge little “Nicky,” to let me take away his bassinet, nipple pacifier and then his home away.  Let us see how little “Nicky” and his parents will act and how relaxed and unconcerned they becomes with corporate corruption, politics and republican legislation after those items are taken away from their lives.  17 to 22 year old mental douche bags should stay with the cause of popping their acne pimples and sexually reliving themselves on the key stroking bravado internet, rather than questioning the competency of an adult.  How many of you little shit head greedy, white racist republicans out there could medically and professionally pass for your jobs each year under such imposed financial damage and stress?   Until you have walked in my shoes for a mile I suggest you apply duct tape to your mouth and fingers and continue to hide your ignorance.

For all I know “Nicky” you just might probably be some pimply nerd ass reincarnation of a young Karl Rove that gets his butt kicked everyday but feels like a tough guy when he gets the chance to e-mail your his thoughts.   Then again, I still feel that one of the McCreary’s or their accomplices is behind this latest threat.  How did that threat in 2005 work out against me McCreary as far as shutting me up; not very well, huh?  You will never shut me up in your wildest dreams.  Just remember who started this whole fiasco?  It was L.J. McCreary and his smutty looking wife, Denise.  

Great amounts of pain caused by a person results in great amounts of expression and protesting towards such a person.   If chicken hawk college republicans like little “Nicky Smith” want to invoke the concept of incompetence, then maybe they should try talking to L.J. and Denise McCreary about their incompetent and corrupt company. 

If you are looking for incompetence, L.J. and Denise McCreary are the prime examples of incompetence.  Let me tell little peach fuzz republican douche bag like “Nicky,” that my family has been forced through hell and I am more toughened and stable than your little college ass, chicken hawk republican ass hole will ever be.  You will not scare me with your threats.  I was afraid for my family when our house was forced into foreclosure and I had no one to turn to.  Even our lawyer abandoned us back then but I am no longer afraid financially or emotionally about people who threaten me now.  No one will ever be able to harm me again. 

No, little Nicky, you do not scare me with your threats.  You cannot scare me any more peach fuzz punk face after my home has taken away and my wife once thought about putting a loaded gun to her head to stop the mental anguish.  You are such a weak and stupid imbecile for even trying to fuck with me on that issue!  Thank you “Nicky Smith,” for giving me the inspiration and continued passion to write future essays about your ignorance and the incompetence and corruption of L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Dream Homes.

I must apologize to the reader for the quality of many Tucson residents and their total lack of character and concern.  I know, these people suck as human beings.  I believe scientifically that it has something to do with the low humidity and searing hot temperatures and direct sunlight that the human brain is subjected to in Arizona and especially Tucson.  The heat must just suck the integrity out of the majority of people who move and live in Tucson, Arizona. 

Doesn’t everyone know that the majority of people in Tucson receive low paying wages, choose along with their wealthier inhabitants to suck up to the almighty dollar because of the cheap business climate, thrifty retirees and families that move to this unfriendly family state. Never forget that the majority of these people of Tucson will lie, cheat and steal for greed in order to continue their downward spiral for their community.  Moving to Tucson, Arizona and its right wing republican elite, republican controlled business climate and corrupted politicians will always be the second worst mistake of my life.  My worst mistake in my life will always remain as having L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes attempt to build my family a custom home.

How can any one choose to be so complacent with their community when honesty, integrity and righteousness are at stake?  I must continue to comment or I will forever be ashamed of myself for not reporting and warning people who are considering moving there to become aware of the Arizona traps of deceit, greed, corruption that exist in that state and how acutely these negative attributes affect the soul of its inhabitants. 

All it takes for evil to exist for good men and women to say nothing.  How many out there in the Tucson can count yourselves as a member of the silent majority that approve of this corrupted, back stabbing agenda of the city?

Hey “Nicky” boy, until you can spell and construct a coherent sentence please keep your personal threats to yourself.  If you ever decide to grow up, maybe we can converse again after you learn to shave so we can then talk about adult subjects that you currently know nothing about.

Nothing respectful about this post,

“The Arizona Refugee”

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