Date:  04 September, 2007

Subject:  Senator Larry Craig

Title:  The republican GOP Party; (the Gay Old Party!)

Senator Larry Craig (R) ID, a republican hypocrite Senator Mitch McConnell (R) KY, republican douche bag Senator Jon Kyl (R) AZ, a republican numb nuts Senator David Vitter (R) LA, a republican philanderer

Your republican family values; hard at work in bathrooms and bordellos throughout the country

Dear SAHBA members:

Why are the majority of SAHBA members, the people who are in the building industry and the real estate agents of Pima County mostly republicans?  Could it be the wanton hunger for money?

And you wonder why people like you from Arizona are fashioned, as so called republican conservatives?  Republicans like you seem to lie, cheat, steal and phuck around with other people with a vengeance.  Is it really any wonder why people like you and L.J and Denise McCreary and your SAHBA lawyer, Marc Simon, choose to financially rape good American families in your state?  You are all such despicable people without conscience or morality and are now a group of people that demonstrate uncontrollable hypocrisy. 

I find the continuing saga of Idaho Senator Larry Craig a hoot to watch.  On this past Saturday, Senator Craig told the national media that he had the “intent” to resign his position by the end of September 2007.  That’s all it took for the national media and the republican leadership to breathe a sigh of relief and say the storm has passed and the tawdry story of Senator Craig is old news and it is time to move on.  Not so fast republican Bubbas and Bubbettes!  Evidently the republican leadership did not drive a political stake through the heart of Sen. Craig.

After the republican leadership offered Senator Craig to the political sacrificial altar of upcoming election campaigns, Senator Craig has decided to maybe stay in the fray and fight the charge.  And I wonder how many sanctimonious media whoring loud mouths like Sen. John McCain (R) Arizona and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) of Kentucky, who were unable to keep their big mouths shut, are now going to whimper in silence as Sen. Craig challenges Sen. McConnell and his threat of an ethics investigation? 

I find that in the republican Party, the people that scream and yell the loudest against the gay community, usually have hidden homosexual tendencies to begin with.  Yes, I think Sen. Mitch McConnell is gay.  How about Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) of South Carolina?  Well if they are not gay, at least they look gay’; whatever that looks like.   

Sure let’s go ahead and open up a republican ethics investigation on all members, for all of the country to see.  Let’s examine the ethics of conservative Senator, David Vitter (R) of Louisiana.  I can’t wait to hear the details.  Does Senator Vitter prefer anal sex to vaginal sex?  Does Senator Vitter prefer blowjobs?  Does Senator Vitter prefer to be tied up with rope?  Does Senator Vitter prefer whips and chains?  What is Senator Vitter’s wife, Wendy, no not the hooker; what is she not providing her husband with?

So why is the republican Party the Party of anti-gay legislation?  Why are you people so homophobic?  Why does your Party have so many gays in political positions?  Isn’t the GOP Party really the Gay Old Party, the Grand Old Perverts or the Party of Gay Old Perverts?  Where is James Guckert (Jeff Gannon) the republican white house media plant when you need a good male escort on a Friday night in Washington?   Are James Guckert and former RNC head, Ken Mehlman, dating yet?

And please, do not give me that sanctity of marriage, bullshit crap to profess your protection of marriage.  No gay person has ever had an affect on the health of my marriage; instead, there have been plenty of heterosexuals that participated in ruining my family and my marriage in the state of Arizona.  When your Arizona legislation took my house away and ruined our marriage, did you care one bit?  No, you did not care for even one second about my family or our marriage.  No, there is no sanctity of marriage when money is on the table; only the sanctity of money is the real issue.  And all of the people that participated in our rape from SAHBA; they were all heterosexuals.  I am more afraid of a white heterosexual person that I ever will be of a black, Asian, Mexican or homosexual person.  Many of the white people in your state are simply racist, greedy devils.

And even though I have many problems with Sen. Craig’s holy than thou conservative voting values, or his hypocritical behavior, I do applaud his fighting the republican leadership to the challenge that those among you, who have not sinned, cast the first stone.  That would be the day that that the nerdy, wimp Sen. from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell would tell me or anyone else to step down because of my personal behavior.  What a phucking nerd?  If you choose a sexual preference by how a person looks, Sen. Mitch McConnell would be the leading candidate.  I am so glad that Sen. Craig now seems like he is going to challenge the wimps like McConnell (R) Kentucky, Sen. Trent Lott (R) Mississippi and your very own immigration challenged nerd, Sen. Jon Kyl (R) Arizona, on behavioral issues.

Republican hypocrisy is even evident at the national leadership level.  Please tell me why Sen. David Vitter (R) Louisiana,  last month was not pressured by Sen. McConnell after he admitted to cheating on his wife and visiting hookers in Washington D.C. and New Orleans.  Why the double standard?  Why the hypocrisy?  Are hookers okay but same sex encounters bad?  Would it have been acceptable if Senator Craig had just paid for his sex, like Sen. Vitter did?  Is that what this is all about, Capitalism and the transfer of money?  Because someone made money, Vitter’s hypocrisy and his patronizing of prostitutes is deemed okay by the republican leadership; Sen. Jon Kyl and Sen. John McCain included.  

Let’s be straight about this; if republicans are for family values, then how can republicans support their members using prostitutes to enhance their outlook of republican family values.  Could it be that members of Congress are more likely to patronize D.C. hookers, versus free male same sex encounters in bathrooms?  If Sen. Craig would just come out of the closet and stop legislating against gays, he could stop patronizing public bathrooms and looking for sexual encounters in all the wrong places.

In the final analysis, the public relations problem with Sen. Craig’s political career is up to the people of Idaho and not the republican leadership.  Come on Tucson, Arizona, you had your very own gay congressman, Rep. Jim Kolbe (R), who was allowed to stay in office after coming out of the closet in 1996, since he continued to vote for conservative causes, like all good little republican were told to do so by the likes of Tom DeLay.  Even Kolbe a gay American voted lock, stock and barrel for the ”Defense of Marriage” act as did most republicans.  Kolbe’s votes exude with hypocrisy.

Like I said before, if I have to worry about a gay married couple breaking up my marriage, then I really didn’t have much of a marriage.  Shouldn’t republican families be more worried about hookers and prostitutes living next to them in their communities rather than people from the gay community?  

And after everything has played out and the final curtain call falls on the republican drama play of Sen. Craig, Larry Craig will move to Phoenix, Arizona and be cured of his homosexuality in three weeks by the same people that brought you Pastor Ted Haggard’s transformational heterosexuality.

Besides hypocrisy, republicans are proficient at the art of lying and bull shit!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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