Date: 20 October 20

Subject:  Joe the Dumb Plumber

Title:  “Joe the Plumber” is actually “Samuel the Plumber”

Joe the Dumb Plumber:" "ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do you for your taxes."  How republican can you get Joe?



Dear republican SAHBA members,

This past week’s third and final presidential debate involved the canned insertion from another pseudo fake American patriot to stoke John McCain’s anemic campaign and the American people’s penchant to embrace ignorance; the symbolic Joe the Plumber.  No, you can’t make this stuff up folks.  Joe whose real name is Samuel, seems hell bent on extracting his 15 minutes of fame no matter how much it destroys what little character that he ever possessed.  Maybe Joe will find an investor with his new found celebrity status to start a plumbing empire of epic proportions now. 

Ah folks you got to love Americans for the selling of its soul at any cost, including true patriotism, in the never ending pursuit of pursuing even more money for the sake of pursuing money at all; republican Bush Ranger, Jim Click anyone?

The republican Party is the Party of the very wealthy, Corporate America and the morons like Joe the Plumber who would be happy to sell their souls to the devil to be a member in good standing in this shallow based party.   And Joe,  that was so very revealing of you to be asking Barak Obama a question about your taxes and then support corporate America by wearing your t-shirt, complete with the Nike swoosh, that only symbolizes corporate America and their third world sweat shop greed.  Maybe Nike should pay more taxes into the coffers instead of offshore/outsourcing and then maybe you wouldn’t have to?  

The republican Party could not exist without the ignorant, greedy morons of the Joe the Plumber caliber contestant that strive for admission to this deceitful Party.   Good ole “Joe the Plumber” is being used as the face and soul of the republican Party.  Oh my God; what a fucking joke.  Joe is a peon and peons are never listened to in the republican Party unless it is re-election time.  The “Joes” of America and their ignorance for the republican Party knows no bounds.

The republican Party has never discounted the fact that they are the Party that promotes the Gordon Gecko mantra that greed is good.  No folks; greed eventually kills everything.  How about the mortgage, credit crisis and stock market meltdowns?  Just go and ask homeowner who are in the midst of foreclosures from predatory lending practices and see what greed does to their lives.  What ever happened to the Truth in Lending Law that would if implemented would have helped to prevent this catastrophe?  Oh, I forgot that everyone involved in real estate was taking their cut of the profits and then running lie hell for off shore investments.

Republicans do not believe in regulation and oversight because it catches them in the act of pilfering their fellow Americans for sheer profit and greed no matter who they harm doing it.

But despite ”Joe the Plumber” claims of independence,” Joe” is just another white scared “patriotic” republican American who only cares about money and how tax plan affect his selfish prone life.  Whatever happened to “Country First” Joe?  How come “Joe” isn’t worried about all of the jobs that have left Ohio for China?  No jobs mean no homes, which mean no plumbing jobs “Joe.”  Joe should not worry about his taxes as much as he should worry about the fact that he might lose his job in the very near future.

“Joe the Plumber,” no matter what he lies or says, is a republican and remember folks, republicans lie, cheat, steal and deceive for their goal of almighty Ten Commandment worshipping of false God proportions; money.  Money is the root of all evil and Joe the Plumber is hell bent on money and nothing else.  How incredibly fucking patriotic can “Joe the Plumber” be folks?  Did Joe ever participate and serve in the military?  I am sure that just like “five deferment Dick Cheney,” “Joe” had other priorities like sniveling for more the smell of making money. 

“Joe the Plumber” has so much in common with SAHBA building douche bags; L.J. and Denise McCreary.

John McCain stated that Joe the Plumber confronted Barak Obama during a campaign question stop in Toledo, and stated that he was concerned about purchasing a small business and the increased taxes under an Obama Administration.  “Joe the Plumber” has stated that he wanted to buy his bosses plumbing business for $285,000 dollars.

Never mind that “Joe the Plumber,” actual name is Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher, a 34 year old skin head looking, single, republican father, who is not a licensed plumber.

Never mind fact that “Joe” made $40,000 dollars last year and is in fact in no   serious discussions to purchase his bosses business for $285,000 dollars.  Never mind that “Joe the Plumber actually gets a tax reduction under the Obama plan.   Never mind that Joe shows his ignorance by opening his mouth.  Never mind that Sam the Plumber owes the city back taxes and that he has a lien on his home.  And never mind that “Joe the Plumber” had already made his mind up who he was voting for, before he asked Barak Obama his questions on taxes.

No folks; “Joe the Plumber’s” type ignorance is not bliss, but in fact it is very scary!

My first inclination about this event after hearing that John McCain made the reference to “Joe” at least twenty one times during the debate, was that “Joe the Plumber” was a plant for John McCain’s pathetic attempt at re-inventing his campaign for the presidency.  Why else would a man who says he is an independent and think that John McCain has got it right, engage a presidential candidate about issue that he has already made his mind up about.   Could it be ignorance or is it just simply republican planting?

Joe the Plumber, who obviously has been seeking his 15 minutes and then some of attention, has given a number of his republican conservative views for the nation to examine. 

Joe the Plumber said that he is sick and tired of people who bad mouth America and that he supports the Iraq War.  Well did anyone tell good ole “Joe” that the Army will take enlistments to the ripe old age of 42 years old?

Come on Joe, if you support this war so much please get off your lazy ass and go down to the recruiter’s station and enlist.  No crying Joe about America being so fucked up unless you are willing to help pay for the mess from the politicians that you voted for have all done in your name.  No “Joe” if you want to get pissed about something, get mad about all of the fraud and corruption that has gone on during the Bush/Cheney Administration and all of the fraud and corruption that will continue with a McCain/Caribou Barbie administration.

JFC; you really can’t make this shit up.  Wake the fuck up America because you are falling into a permanent state of unconscious ignorance!


Did anyone tell good old patriotic “Joe” that choosing to fight wars is very expensive?  Who is going to pay for your wars Joe?  Who is going to fight for your wars Joe?  Will your thirteen year old son be available for cannon fodder duty in Iraq or Afghanistan in just over four short years Joe?  No Joe, leave it to someone else a poor boy to fight your republican wars. 

Will you choose Joe to whip out your check book and start paying your extra share for the credit card wars that you so desire.  Why isn’t it appropriate to raise the taxes for people that want war so much?  If each individual family was asked if they wanted the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to continue and they were told that they would be tagged with a war tax to pay for this continuing folly; the war would end tomorrow.  Does anyone want to bet?  Bush starts a war in Iraq, reduces taxes for the wealthy, borrows money to continue his wars and then wonder why the American economy tanks under the mountain of such debt; unfuckingbelieveable.

“Joe,” in just 15 brief minutes we hardly knew you.  I can’t imagine if more time was spent looking into your background Joe and the obvious hypocrisies that lie behind your very thinly veiled character.  Character and integrity Joe come from telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help your version of your republican God.

Say it isn’t so Joe?


“The Arizona Refugee”

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