20 July 2007

Subject:  Coy Privette

Title:  More Senator Vitter like Republican hypocrisy

  Pastor Coy Privette Prostitutes - Emergency


Dear SAHBA hypocrites and republican members alike:

Please, I asked and begged you to stop it, but I know you can’t stop something that your souls are predisposed to; the republican genetic code of a lack of honesty and integrity.

Please look in the mirror tomorrow, and you will see what I mean.  There is a sullen hollowness in your eyes that has a direct extension to your very worthless souls! 

Why are you self professing, moralistically advertised lives, nothing more than tapestries of deception?

Coy Privette a 74 year old North Carolina former Baptist minister, current county commissioner, conservative republican lawmaker of Rowan county, and evidently an ardent supporter of a prostitutes right to work, was arrested at his home today and charged for paying for sex with a black 34 year old, Don Imus “Ho.” 

Praise be the baby Jesus; but make sure his eyes are closed due to the fornication that may be in progress with people that may not remember how to do it!  Is sex like riding a bicycle for a 74 year old preacher?  Oh.... baby!

You lying phucking republican conservative hypocrites!  I am sick of your lying and hypocrisy while profess your non-existent moral integrity!  If you have the audacity to profess your integrity as a moralistic human being you better have your shit together on the subject, or just please put you vote in for the end of  the human race as anything but an example of the behavior that advertise the prevalent deficiency of the human soul to prefer lying.

You do have a choice in the matter; if you so choose!

Mr. Coy Privette, a married man with four children and eleven grandchildren, was evidently just a little bit too “coy” with keeping this relevant information about hookers, just like republican Senator Vitter did, to his self consciously blind wife.  I am sure like leopard dressed Wendy Vitter; Privette’s wife will understand a republican man’s short comings as a man whose words were supposed to be based on a sacred vow of trust and backed by personal integrity; failed miserably.

So was it a miracle, or was it just an overdose from a bad batch of Chinese made Viagra, laced with toxic melamine?  It is now a global economy and a global world of deception, deceit and dishonesty! 

Maybe this is really what Armageddon is all about? 

Don’t you just love 21st century technologies, be it electronic or chemical in nature?  A guy who might have been locked in his seat belt, belted rocking chair, that had been mechanically bolted to the ground, to prevent the victim from falling out and hurting himself, dreaming about the days when he used to jump on 34 year old prostitutes bodies as a young republican minister, just like republican Strom Thurmond used to do, is now doing it from the comfort of his removed Depends diaper and battery removed wheel chair to prevent electrocution from contact with genital liquids. 

Jesus phucking Christ!  GMAFB!  I can’t take anymore of this hypocrisy shit!

I am no stretch by the imagination a holy person, as these holy people profess to be, but I feel like one of the future investment bankers, the Three Kings that brought gold, hot smoke, Sassafras and Mir to a child in Bethlehem, at everyday pre Wal-Mart prices. 

I can’t believe the audacity and nerve of people like Senator Vitter and County Commissioner Privette, who are the equivalent of moral Tampon douche bags!

I will bide my time, but by next week, another republican douche bag like L.J.McCreary, or another member of SAHBA will fail miserably as a human being that professes to have some morsels of human morals still intact.

You are nothing but moral hypocrites and complete failures as moralistic human beings.   Go and phuck your religion, it has absolutely nothing to do with any of you SAHBA base morons with telling the truth or acting honestly.  How did your parents raise you?  What is right and what is wrong?  Take you’re your republican conservative values, your family values and Christian values and stick them up as far as you can up your asses until you need surgery to get them out.   You cannot believe the contempt that I have for people of your deceptive nature!   

Trust me; in the last seven years, I have met all of the worst that the world has to offer, of the human soul concerning honesty and integrity in Tucson, Arizona!  I remember clearly how L.J. McCreary and Fran Epsen used their profession of religious beliefs to enhance their status as moralistic human beings and then lie, cheat, deceive and steal their way to your bank accounts.  I believe the American people, along with people like McCreary and Epsen, have never been at a lower level of moral less character than we are at this point in time.  Religion has actually made people worse when it comes to being honest and responsible of another human beings trust.

It is sickening to experience and observe the level of degradation that has occurred to Americans moral convictions.

Praise be the Lord!  Jesus wants all of us white people to be country club millionaires and have the poor serve us our slaves.  And even some of get to serve as hookers for the professed pious among us. 

Please say a prayer next time at your church or synagogue, to your God and Jesus of choice that he or she will appear to you in a night time cryptic vision in the middle of the night that spells out the words in halo of misty holy water vision that states; “Go phuck yourselves, you hypocritical phucking morons!”


“The Arizona Refugee”

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