Date:  17 November, 2007

Subject:  Proposition 200

Title:  The monster chooses to tighten the noose around its neck.

Tucson's Prop 200 (to help stop the anything for growth mentality) would have prevented you and your pets from drinking out of the toilet.  Enjoy the fresh taste of Tucson's blended toilet shit water and the already proven CAP shit water, from a toilet near you. Even SAHBA Illegal alien workers are in favor of more gringo growth.  Who needs water to live and drink with when you have tequilla?

Dear republican SAHBA members:

In my humble analysis, Tucson has become the unofficial shit hole of the southwest!  But now it is official; Tucsonans have voted to drink their own shit hole waste water to fuel any future growth; that is if their doomed housing market ever recovers from over building.

Congratulations on the pathetic “out pouring” of only 57,000 civic minded, ignorant majority Tucsonans, earlier this month, to vote down the anti–growth initiative; Proposition 200. A majority of these “gifted” people chose the visions of money over a vision of lifestyle.  Tucson has chosen by default to put a noose around itself and tighten the loose rope to a snug fit.  Will your community begin to jump of the box when water is no longer available? 

But maybe that “new and improved” water will become available to lessen your drought since you can dump your fresh effluent right in to the Santa Cruz River and recharge your aquifer with fresh, diarrhea toilet water.  And you people thought that the CAP water taste bad and by the way, it does.  Wait until you can drink a Tucson blend of toilet water and CAP water.  Why don’t you raise a glass and propose a toast to your health?   Maybe Tucson will sell the concoction to the rest of the country and call it “Tucshit;” Tucson’s very own, all natural piss water!  

But what happened to the hundreds of thousands that did not vote on this issue?  Could it be the fact that the city of Tucson and its republican mayor, Bob Walkup, chose to confiscate the “Vote Yes on Prop 200,” signs that were placed around the city?  Why were Walkup and the city government so in favor of seeing this proposal defeated?  Does anyone in Tucson still read a newspaper or search the internet for information?   Could it be that the local newspapers like the Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Citizen are in the hip pocket of SAHBA and the out of state developers agenda because of the advertising revenue buck?  Money trumps Democracy every time.  You see, even Tucsonans don’t give a shit about their own community, their neighbors or their future quality of life. 

Is it any surprise that this anti-growth initiative was voted down by the apathetic public voter turn out and pro growth SAHBA backed agenda?   Maybe it was just the four hundred thousand dollars that developers from out of state and within Arizona put up to defeat this bill.   Four hundred thousand dollars will “educate” a lot of ignorant people to remain even more ignorant through the magic of television ad frontal lobotomies.

Apathy kills cities and apathy kills the idea of community!  Developers like Don (Israel) Diamond and SAHBA just love your collective apathy!   Even a frog will continue to swim in a future pot of boiling water as the temperature of the water is increased by only a single digit at a time.  

Developer’s television ad money is only meant to increase the public’s ignorance and apathy.  Television will undoubtedly be one day seen as the worst man made device ever conceived for the further improvement of Democracy or community, but instead a purveyor of the advancement of ignorance.  Sheep have more brains than Tucsonan television pigeon stools do.
Didn’t the earlier May 2006 RLA transportation tax increase, for pro growth road construction, only have a dismal 25% voter turnout also?  Isn’t it a fact Tucson, with the perceived improvements in your road situation will only be negated with the coveting of more growth, which in turn will mean more traffic?  Jim Click’s, future automotive sales, Don Diamond’s “Sonoran Institute,” to build more homes, along with their greedy out of state investors, have done Tucson, no future favors.   Unfortunately Tucson, your fate has been sealed by developer’s greed and your ambivalence toward yours and your children’s futures.   

Yes Tucson, you as a city are choosing to go down the shitter, faster than you can say, “CAP shit water” or SAHBA’s lying ass slogan, “The Community Builder,” because of the quest for the almighty buck.  But SAHBA does not really help the community, in fact it choose to rape your community in the name of growth for guaranteed profit.    

It isn’t any surprise that SAHBA members are so supportive of pro growth initiatives since it always gets down to money for SAHBA people.  Why is the Tucson’s business response to quality of life issues always; “ah hell with them.”  Show me the money!  Why would Mayor Bob Walkup be so much in favor of pro growth; unless money and power were involved?  But who really cares if Tucson continues its death spiral spin, into the gutter with traffic, decreased air quality and the lack of water in the future?

Tucson will continue to press for more uncontrollable growth, which means more houses, more automobiles, more congested traffic, more gridlock, more pollution and more eroding of a once pleasurable way of life that does not have the water to support such growth.  The SAHBA and business agenda of companies like Jim Click Automotive are being totally irresponsible in their quest for money.  But hey Tucson, enjoy your self made grid lock.

And who will save your bloated community when prolonged drought settles upon your region?  How can you live when water will not be available to all?  But rest assured Tucson, the wealthy phucks in the Catalina Foothills like Jim Click, and Lute Olson will be able to purchase water at inflationary rates for their Olympic size swimming pools while the rest of you Tucson peons will gnash your teeth with minimal drips of water to quench your parched lips.  Then and only then will the Tucson masses begin to understand that there is no such thing as community any longer and it will be every man, women and child for themselves.  Your properties will be worthless during the coming drought.  Do not believe what city officials say about the availability of water.  They are lying once again.
Tucson has chosen to gorge itself to social and economic death by its insatiable greed of its building industry and car sales companies like Jim Click Automotive.  Someone should ask republican mayor Bob Walkup why he supports the tightening of the noose around the Tucson lost way of life.   Mayor Walkup, like the other wealthy among you, does not care about the people of Tucson as compared to the business interest that controls your city.  So much for Tucson being perceived as a Democratic city; what a deceptive illusion!  Tucson is controlled by the rich republican elite.  And just think Tucson, you have got state Rep. Jonathan Patton (R) and state Sen. Tim Bee, both SAHBA groomed lobbyist/politicians to represent your humble interest.  You people are so phucked!

Why would anyone consider moving to a city that has chosen to choke itself to social death with an agenda that is based on economic greed and diminishing quality of life issues?  Please continue to enjoy your automotive grid lock, dirty air and coming lack of water in the next few years.  All of you apathetic people will fit in very nicely with your dysfunctional city.

Tucson and SAHBA; do please choose to enjoy the fruits of your coming implosion.   I pray each day that your penance for what you did to my family will come very soon, since you so deserve punishment for your greed and apathy towards my family and our once rightful place in a Tucson community that no longer exist.

Sure Tucson, go on ahead and just pretend that everything is going to be okay!  You are only fooling yourselves Tucson, for just a little bit longer!


“The Arizona Refugee"

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