Date:  23 October, 2008

Subject:  Prop 201 - SAHBA

Title:  SAHBA; “The Community Whiners”

The fuck you do; you lying ass builders and developers.



(Keep California Lawyers out of Arizona)



No; stop home builder abuse:  Vote for Prop 201

Dear SAHBA republican pukes,

The following/former scare tactic to oppose Prop 201 is being used by the anti- consumer coalition of builders and developers in Arizona, which just happens to include that corrupt and ever greedy association SAHBA, “The Southern Arizona Home Building Association.”  Is it any wonder folks, that SAHBA is against consumer protections and in fact is a main supporter of advertising against this consumer protection bill that is being offered to the voters as Prop 201?

The following video is just about exactly what happened to us in Arizona.  Unfortunately like this couple, Prop 201 comes much too late for us, but at least they still have their defectively built home to live in.
How can SAHBA be against married couples and families that just want what they contracted for and paid for?  How can SAHBA be against family emotional and financial security of Arizona families?  SAHBA and the Arizona home construction industry is out for ever increasing profits at the expense of ruining good Arizona families and their lives.  And now SAHBA and President Ed Taczanowsky are crying how the sky is going to fall down if Arizonans decide to protect themselves from the many unscrupulous builders that occupy his state.

Please, give me a fucking break!  What republican Party support for home construction building bullshit!  Isn’t SAHBA, promoted as the “The Community Builder?”  SAHBA  can hardly be considered the builder’s of communities when their actions now oppose consumer protections for the communities that they say they are so concerned about?  SAHBA, it is quite obvious that your republican majority association of McCain supporting “Joe the Plumbers,”  the ones that want to own their own business at any cost to the community, including not paying their fair share of tax revenue, is now approaching the melting point of hypocrisy and overt greed.

Do your remember SAHBA how you supported your own version of lawsuit abuse by providing your very own legal counsel, Marc Simon to sue my family on behalf of a SAHBA defective home building member, L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes and defend his fraudulent and defective building effort for my family’s God awfully built home?   How SAHBA, did forcing my family into foreclosure because of your member’s penchant for fraud and defective building, exactly build the community in a positive way?  The community was not a better place since you decided to force us into the foreclosure toilet bowl.  When homes are foreclosed, the home value of surrounding homes goes down.  Is that what you really want for your city SAHBA?  You God damn fools!  Who actually benefited by allowing this corruption and fraud to go unanswered?  Was it the builder and the legal profession who profited from SAHBA allowing our builder, L.J. McCreary, to continue his proven ways of evil of pilfering Arizona families? 

Did I just read today that foreclosures in Tucson were up 78%?  Who benefits Mr. President Ed Taczanowsky of SAHBA, when home owners are forced to give up their homes because of defective building and predatory lending?  Who benefits Mr. Taczanowsky, the builder, the subcontractor, the lawyer or investors?  Whoever benefits Mr. Taczanowsky, it is definitely not the community. 

Our family actually decided to leave Arizona for our sanity’s sake because we knew that it was such an incredibly evil state to raise a family in.  Any state that promotes its builders over its families for profits by harming them, is an incredibly evil state of like thinking greed mongers.  Unfortunately, Governor Napolitano and Attorney General Goddard have done nothing to stop this abuse that has continued for at least a decade.   Why the silence governor?

How can SAHBA, who since 2003 have proclaimed it self to “The Community Builder,” by  be against the community by supporting ads to bring down the protection of Prop 201 that is designed to protect the consumer?  Sure the “Community Builder provides its legal counsel in 2001 to insure that a family from the community lost their home because of a SAHBA backed builder lawsuit and eventual foreclosure  

SAHBA and Arizona builders say that they want to protect the Arizona consumer by making sure that builders stay protected by republican politicians.  Once again, republican builders, just like John McCain and the economy, want to change the subject from defective building and consumer fraud to a bogus situation about out of state lawyers.  I hope like reporters with the Arizona Project, that lawyers come from every state to sue you lying ass, corrupt builders.

Could it be that SAHBA executives do not want any oversight or regulation to see what the criminals are doing in the Arizona construction industry?  And after the current Wall Street meltdown from non-oversight and non-regulation, does anyone think that oversight and investigation through lawsuits is not a good thing to pursue?  Without court action these scoundrels will only delay and defer from their responsibilities. 

SAHBA is now whining about the possibility of there being actual responsibility and legal investigative inquiries into their corrupt, fraudulent, and defective building practices of their members.  Do I really need to say McCreary Homes?  Surprise, surprise, surprise!  Does SAHBA and Arizona builders just want more of John McCain’s deregulation and non-oversight to permeate Arizona and its resulting financial carnage to Arizona families to continue? 

Ah..................just go fuck yourselves SAHBA executive members, with your support of Prop 201 and your never ending pursuits of consumer harm and business greed, all fueled by more SAHBA non-oversight that is funded by political campaign contribution corruption.  Hasn’t state Senator Tim Bee and state Rep. Jonathan Patton been in the hip pocket of SAHBA for too many years now?  

Whatever happened to professional courtesy, from one whoring industry (construction) to acknowledge another important whoring industry (legal)?  Sorry, but you SAHBA teeny
ass, weenie, penis head republicans, are just so God damn fucking pathetic.  When it comes to money, you fucking mental midget pricks will piss and moan about having an unannounced wet dream in a Pamela Anderson moment, all because you might not have a digital camera available to take a picture of a real pu tang and your wimpy ass republican, limp dick wang.  It is all such pity.  

So now you at SAHBA and the “coalition of the willy nilly”,” are seriously pissing and moaning about ballot initiatives to fraudulently protect the Arizona public with substitutions by builders and SAHBA that say they have the answer to protect the Arizona homeowner; it is all pure republican building industry bullshit!

And to think, until I made the connection with all of the republicans that participated in the financial take down rape of my family, I never paid too much attention to everyday politics.  That is no longer the case.  Politics, especially republican based politics is all about the slime of basic human nature.  I am surprised, so surprised that SAHBA members L.J. and Denise McCreary of infamous McCreary Homes or McCreary Dream Home fame are not going in to politics for themselves. 

Oh well, just one more month and your political republican implosion will be complete.  Just think SAHBA, a generation of regulation and oversight for the country and you sorry ass bastards in the Arizona home construction industry is coming very soon.  The frat building industry party is now over and the gravy train express is out of steam and gravy.  By the way, how is business SAHBA?  But enough of depressing eulogies, let’s get back to talking about the builder protective proposition called Prop 201.

Oh the humanity!  The sky will begin to start falling any moment!  But all we really have to fear is SAHBA and Arizona builders themselves! 

Wow SAHBA pukes, you guys are such a bunch of dumb ass, fear mongering, republican pussies.  Let see, we have lawyers who wrote this bill in secret from California and are now targeting to come to Arizona to steal money from the good old honest builders.  Such bull shit!  Yes, go ahead, change the subject and blame the problem on someone else but it will never change the fact that Arizona builders have been swindling the Arizona public for over a decade now.  I would welcome anyone coming from anywhere to clean up the corruption and filth in the Arizona building industry.  Arizona deserves to have it legal clock cleaned for allowing all of this corrupt building filth to exist on its watch.   

And where did you get that picture of a republican prostituting, tie wearing, jerk off lawyer, making grimacing faces and holding his thumbs down in disgust for Prop 201.  Is he a first year republican law student?  What’s next on the agenda for this legal whoring douche bag; sticking his thumbs up his ass and then suing himself for self malpractice?  I have to hand it to the SAHBA executive level personnel because you guys are the essence of pure slime.  But then again, you are all professed as the lying, cheating, and stealing ass republicans; now aren’t you?  I bet you feel oh so proud of yourselves?

What a great image that you try and  portray under the heading of “Get Involved” picture that you guys shot of the tag team lawyer getting a multiple hand job done on his bony ass head; how dramatic. You republican fuckers are so God damn creative it makes me shudder.  How many of you assholes at SAHBA, the Arizonans against law suit abuse, the coalition for affordable housing and the home building association of central Arizona either have your heads up your asses or were abused as children?  Jesus Christ!

Now wouldn’t it be nice if these coalitions and lawsuit abuse really identified who they really are.  Come on, you know that this lying ass group of builders and developers is represented by surrogate pseudo names of prostitution for the almighty buck.  These incompetent Arizona builders are afraid of oversight and quality standards.  I laugh at will with your text and the videos that are geared toward a sixth grade education electorate.  We will see in November if Arizona remains as corrupt as John McCain is or as dense as ever with their continued republican conservative ignorance.

Trust me on this one boys; you have a hell of lot more to worry about than regulatory items like Prop 201.   Rather than trying to get your underwear up in an imaginary bundle by being forced under threat of state government sanctioned litigation to build a good home, your prime goal should be the discontinuation of defrauding the Arizona consumer for your personal profit. 

If you really want to worry about something, try and think about the continuing foreclosure rates, mortgage delinquencies and credit crisis crunch that is afflicting America, that is if many of you aren’t out of business in the next six months.  I am sure that you will be agreeable to Democratic provided soup kitchens in your near future.  People from out of state are losing their asses, their homes, their 401K’s, their golden years and are not going to by even a dog house, let alone trust you very greedy, corrupt bastards with their money and dreams of building another nightmare SAHBA custom home disaster like you did for my family.

But I really couldn’t help myself from reading about the ever girly man, SAHBA backed opposition to consumer friendly Prop 201.  As most money sucking SAHBA pukes must know by now, Prop 201 is the Homeowners Bill of Rights that gives good, honest hard working Arizona families the right and a fighting chance to take on the corrupted and defective builders of Tucson, Arizona, with out further fear of elongated time lines and its accompanying financial genocide.  Without quick court action, the builder will continue to abuse the system by tactics of delay as a matter of design.  Prop 201 holds their feet to the fire and it does it quickly.

I do understand why your members are so afraid of this bill, because it will force builders to build a quality product or get their asses sued and then run out of business very quickly.  Word gets around these days on the internets.  Sorry SAHAB pukes but if you can’t build a good home for a family correctly the first time, get the fuck out of the business and just go away and get in that line called the unemployment line.  Is L.J. McCreary listening?   No soup for you in the coming soup kitchen line McCreary. 

It is about time that SAHBA and its thieving builders will be forced like Wall Street, to clean up their God damn corrupted practices and stop harming good families.   Won’t it be a pleasure for the Arizona consumer knowing that SAHBA builders will have to be on their best behavior and will go the extra mile to make sure a client’s home is done to high standards the first time? 

Maybe clients will just have to plan on stashing away another hundred thousand dollars for legal fees to make sure these Arizona corrupt bastards behave themselves.  I so wish I would have planned our home in this manner to fight these rotten SAHBA building industry fuckers.  Oh, well, don’t worry SAHBA pukes; I will never be giving up my ridiculing your fucking corrupt ass industry in Arizona.  I will be patient and it will eventually come full circle in one way or another to my satisfaction.

Just remember SAHBA pukes, you are no different then the fucking ass scum on Wall Street of republican bankers and financial firms that have pilfered the American tax payer, by drowning themselves into a financial death of greed and fuel based money based derivative orgies.  Yes, SAHBA, you the Southern Arizona depraved builders have behaved just like the character deficient, piss scum in New York City and in local venues such as Anna Stark’s defunct mortgage brokering, secondary mortgage power house, the very bankrupted and liquidated like an Oktoberfest pissing contest, the First Magnus Corporation of Tucson, Arizona.  And just look what happens when Asian Rim capital money dried up in late August of last year; First Magnus went down as quickly as a two bit whore on a midnight service call.  Figure it out for your self boys and girls.

So now we have SAHBA executives crying like a bunch of little “sissy boy” girls about stopping Prop 201.  What is SAHBA going to do now, give up pissing and moaning about the pygmy owl for awhile; thank fucking God?  SAHBA pisses and moans about every God damn thing that affects the almighty buck bottomed line. What ever happened to that SAHBA city saying jingle that states SAHBA is “The Community Builder?”   Where did you self promotional community builders go to now that Prop 201 is on the ballot?  How can SAHBA say they are the “Community Builder” when you now are showing your true cards as an anti- consumer association? 

Sorry, Fast “Eddie” Taczanowsky, but as the SAHBA designated home butt boy, you can’t have it both ways.  You are either for supporting consumers for the benefit of the community or you are out to protect SAHBA builders by screwing the public; jut like SAHBA has done for at least the past ten years.  I think you have now shown with out question, your true colors of disgust for the Southern Arizona consumer.

Well it’s about time Arizona, the state has finally put a much needed proposition on the November ballot to hold builders accountable for their defective building efforts.   And to think you morally and ethically corrupt bastard have been defrauding Arizonans for the past ten years and it is now all coming to an end.  The gravy train of fraud and deceit is coming to an emergency stop and the slow motion train wreck will continue unabated.  SAHBA and its builders deserve every single awful occurrence that will now come there way.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the SAHBA republican scare tactics that they have probably directly borrowed from the Karl Rove Nazi play book and the Bush Administration rush to the ill- fated Iraqi war.  Come on SAHBA can’t we get just a little bit original with your prose and images of deceit that you intentionally propagate?  Does SAHBA have to pay a user fee for this business style, political campaign type programs or did SAHBA just steal it, like many of your SAHBA members defraud and steal from their clients?

  1. Our system is fair and balanced.  It actually works.

-  Homeowners get their problems fixed in 90 days
-  If parties fail to come to agreement; homeowners can pursue litigation
-  It encourages parties come to agreement and avoid litigation
WTF SAHBA? Is this some kind of FOX News fair and balance shit?   No SAHBA, there was nothing that was fair or balanced for my family and by the way, not a God damn part of this building fiasco nightmare ever worked for my family!  We lost our home, our home, our credit rating, our future, and our dreams because of your SAHBA backed financial lynching.   

No SAHBA deceiving weenies, “your” system does not work at all for the consumer.   Yours SAHBA PAC system screws the consumer by buying their politicians for their benefit.  Please explain to me how SAHBA and McCreary Homes helped my family from other than losing our home and our version of the American dreams.   SAHBA raped my family’s American dream.  I can’t believe you stupid bastards let this happen.  I will dog you fuckers and your fucking organization for the rest of my life.  What SAHBA and McCreary did to my family is unforgivable and that is exactly why Prop 201 needs to be passed without delay.

I would have loved to get my home fixed in 90 days.  But we all know that SAHBA and its builder’s tactics involve stalling longer than 90 days to make the problems go away by default.  After two and one half years our home was not fixed.  SAHBA and McCreary homes had the power to fix that home in the first month but McCreary and his SAHBA preferred counsel chose not to.  So please do not lie any further to the public about your 90 days same as cash in your pocket bullshit.   SAHBA and Arizona builders lie like dogs.  

If anything SAHBA, my family is the poster child for how “your” program is a complete failure for the home owner.  Arizona consumers want a program that works for them and not just SAHBA member’s bottom line.  Didn’t SAHBA have their counsel, Marc Simon available to defend L. J. McCreary’s defective building and fraud?  Was there ever a question that McCreary Homes didn’t fuck over my home with over 222 defects?  Was there ever a question that L.J. McCreary would not fix by home?

  1. Prohibits out of court settlements.

Come on SAHABA; who is kidding who?  Your God damn blood sucking lawyers like Marc Simon or William Poorten III can settle at any time and God forbid if your corrupted, greedy ass builders decide to fix their mistakes and take responsibility when they are caught pilfering a family, just like L.J. McCreary was with our home.  Maybe, just maybe if a God Damn corrupt builder like L.J. McCreary had to pay the entire cost of litigation and not use insurance premiums whoring lawyers like Elizabeth Claiborne to willfully defraud customers, he would be forced to build a home correctly the first time around.

  1. Ban the recovery of legal fees.

Well this one is pretty simple.  If you do try and swindle the customer and build them a good home like promised there will be no lawsuits.  Do you think some one wants to be involved in a lawsuit for the fun of it?  All it would take is one look from a judge concerning pictures taken of the defects to prove a

  1. Allows prospective home buyers to sue.

What’s the problem SAHBA weenie?  If you even make an attempt to defraud a prospective client, even before they own the home, then you deserve the right to have your ass sued. What’s a matter SAHBA, you want the right to lie, cheat and potentially steal and be afforded the right to be untouchable?  Fuck you, you God damn crooks!

 5.  Assures even small disputes go to court. 

Again SAHBA WTF is the problem?  I of all people hate lawyers with a passion since I haven’t met an honest one yet.  But again, if a builder builds a good home there won’t be any problems worth going to court over.  If a builder fixes his mistakes a home owner will not be forced into a legal situation.   What ever happened to that lost axiom that the customer is always right and whatever it takes to make the customer happy?  Again, unlike L.J. McCreary, if you fuck up, take responsibility and fix your mistakes and don’t try to swindle us as you are in the process of fucking up or we will sue you for defective building and fraud.  Unfortunately for the consumer, you have been financially raping the consumer for mush too long.

  1. Delays problems getting fixed.

Nice try SAHBA.  Your statement about delays getting problems fixed is without merit and is in fake a lie.  If anything, SAHBA lawyers Marc Simon and William Poorten III along with State Farm attorney bitch, Elizabeth Claiborne, had every chance to encourage L.J. McCreary, a SAHBA Certified Custom Home Builder, to fix his mistakes but they did not.  L.J. McCreary after January 2001 did not fix a single item until the home was foreclosed in 2004.  So please SAHBA, take your delay bullshit theory and stick it up your ass.  Once again SAHBA, just like your Certified Custom Home Builder program and McCreary homes advertising, the images and words that you purvey to the public are nothing but lies.

SAHBA can make up all of the lies that they want but in the end it all gets down to the point that SAHBA wants you the consumer to trust them and no th legislative initiatives that have come about because of the numerous consumer abuses that have germinated in this state.   Ballot initiatives will force SAHBA and other builders once and for to have their feet held to the fire. 

If anything SAHBA, my family is the poster child for why the public should never trust you SAHBA lying bastards with their family’s financial or emotional security. Look what you all did to my family.  

Just remember that SAHBA works for the builder and could care less about you or your family’s welfare.  If you trust these republican bastards with arbitration or mediation you will only get screwed in the end.  SAHBA will buy the mediator or arbitrator so that they rule or push the agreement in their favor.  This is exactly what happened with our settlement deal.  It ended up with three SAHBA affiliated “experts” who determined what was supposed to be a defect and what was not.  Wow; I don’t think I needed to pay thousands of dollars to another SAHBA supporting puke, such as Fred Pace of Pace Engineering to be on the SAHBA team against my family.  The whole system is rigged against the homeowner and that is why Prop 201 is needed.  If SAHBA is against this ballot initiative it can only mean one thing; it is a good thing for the home owner.

The SAHBA member’s premise is to charge top prices and deliver minimum services.  We saw this time and time again with McCreary Homes.  The contract that you sign with a SAHBA builder member is only an excuse for them to violate it.  Our contract or our lawyer wasn’t worth the paper that it cost to print on it.

Never trust SAHBA!   SAHBA is anything but “The Community Builder.”  SAHBA instead has been all along The Community Swindlers.”

Vote Yes on Prop 201

Yes, please do the math.  A "yes" vote means arizona homeowners win.  A "no" vote means that Arizona homeowners lose.  A "no" vote means that you don't care about your family's financial security and future.  A "no" vote means they have scared you into ignotrance.  Please, do not let them scare you!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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