Date:  30 July, 2007

Subject: An open letter to Randy Pullen

Title:  Why I am not a republican!

Mr. Pullen:

Please tell me why I should consider becoming a member of the republican Party with the story that I experienced in the state from 2000 to 2003?  Please Mr. Pullen, honestly answer my question, if you posses the honesty, courage or guts to address the problem that is presently a cancer in this state.   The economic devastation that has been brought upon my family has been chronicled at; “www.MyMcCrearyHome Sucks” and 

Please tell me how the state republican Party deal with this issue of promoting and hurting good Arizona families; because that is exactly what you are doing?

As the acting Chairman for the republican Party in Arizona, I read your story titled; “Why I am a republican,” with great interest.  The experience that I had with republican Party in Arizona was anything except catastrophic for this ex-military family and our hopes to live the American dream in this state.  Why were we forced into such a predicament when all we wanted to do was build a home for our family to grow and live in?

Before I came to Arizona, I had always owned a home before.  After four years of saving and planning for the perfect home, I had a custom home built for my family to live in.  Mind you, it was not built on speculation, or for the “art” of house flipping, it was built for my family to live in.  Our home build was a nightmare and disaster.  Our American Dream was riddled with defects and most of it caused by incompetence, fraud, defective building with illegal alien labor.  Thank you Arizona and your willingness to look the other way with federal law!

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say and do nothing!
And today in 2007, after countless state protection to protect fraudulent and incompetent builders and contractors, I have absolutely nothing left after a lawsuit, foreclosure, bankruptcy and a complete loss for the idea of the American Dream. I truly believe that all of this occurred because of republican legislation that has favored to help the republican building industry corporations at the expense of the public’s financial health and sanity.    

I came to Arizona to live with my family over ten years ago, but was forced to leave your state because of republican legislation that financially raped my self and my family’s dream to have a home in the republican state.  I have told my well educated children that they will become fools to live in a state that chooses to economically rape them at will.  There are few agencies in Arizona government that are solely dedicated to protecting the people from wealthy, developers, builders and contractors.

So please, look at our websites and contact me to please explain why a long and continuous republican legislation for the home building industry has been allowed to rape good ex-military Arizona families. 

Again Mr. Pullen, I am willing to listen and even see what you can do to address this problem.  I hope you possess the moral conviction to step up to the plate and answer my questions.  But please, no twenty- two year old college republican interns with dollars signs in their eyes to answer my question; I would like for you, the leader of the Arizona republican Party to answer them.  Surely, an ex- military family that gave twelve years to this country defense should be afforded the courtesy of an honest and intelligent response to this issue.   


“The Arizona Refugee”

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