June 6, 2006



As a republican candidate in 1980, the great communicator, Ronald Reagan once asked the question: “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?”  No, Mr. Reagan was not reciting memorable lines from the wishful Academy Award winning movie, “Bed Time for Bonzo”.

For the readers benefit, I would like to answer that question myself; No, but phuck no!  Hell, I was better off 20 years ago than I am today.  I owned land and a home then.  I had great hope for myself, my wife and my children.  Once, I had a promising future.  It must just be an unusual twist of fate or a simple scheme of coincidence that my quality of life started to deteriorate and nose dive shortly after Bush was fraudulently elected and both houses of Congress became republican; voted in by a vegetable electorate.  Sure, it all happened by coincidence.  Destruction of the middle class is not happening and neither is global warming.  Hurricane season starts June 1st but middle class destruction is a republican hunting party that operates as a year round affair.       

My future now is envisioned with war, terrorism, incompetence, crushing national debt, high gasoline prices, civil rights eroding, and my phone records are now being data mined and wire tapped.  I do not have land or own a home anymore, and my company sponsored pension has been stripped from me.  My family’s future is in great jeopardy.  The great American war against the middle class marches on, unabated.  Thanks to globalization, outsourcing, bankruptcy laws, judicial slanted conservatism and favorable corporate legislation by our worthless and corrupted politicians; everything has been taken away from us.  So much for Bush’s ownership society, just as long as the wealthy own everything!  The republican 1994 lie, “Contract with America” is working according to the plan, except that it should have been entitled, “The Contract to ruin America.”

Many thanks to the likes of such scoundrels as George Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain, Jon Kyl, Jim Kolbe, Jonathan Paton, Tim Bee, LJ McCreary, Mike McNarry, Mike Clark, Mark Simon, William Porteen III, Elizabeth Claireborne, Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton; and all of the other republican politicians, builders and esquires of greed, that exude the righteous attributes of genetic moral incompetence.

Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat that changed and sold out his beliefs, to the republican party.  It is always nice to see a person who can stand up and stick to his or her convictions and not be influenced by power or money.  Opportunity presented itself with the republican party.  A political prostituted mind is a terrible thing to waste.  It is very interesting to note that just about in every case (except Sen. Jim Jeffords (I) VT,) progression of political reversal is always directed from Democrat to the republican side.  Why is this?  Are there any guesses out there?  Could it be that politicians sell their very souls to the devil (corporate America) in order to have a chance at obtaining their very own pot of illusionary and immoral gold?  The American Indians never understood why the white man was willing to lie, cheat, steal and kill for the gratification for the gold dust.  Yes, the American Indians thought the white man was phucking crazy and you know they were so right.

How much is a republican’s transparent worthless soul worth these days, even terms of the golden dust?  Ashes unto ashes, dust to dust!  Remember greed mongers, you will not be allowed to take your trappings  beyond your final mortal resting place, no matter what the price of your golden casket is. Please enjoy your addictions while you still have the time, your Rapture cannot be very far behind your deaf tone conscience.

Recently, another former Democrat turned republican, Newt Gingrich, has once again prostrated himself onto the national stage through America’s patriotic official television station, FOX “talking points” news.  Fair and balanced, but always dysfunctional!  Why did Gingrich years ago switch to the republican party?  Could it be that he possessed such incredible honor and family values that he had an affair with another woman, even while his wife was suffering from cancer and in the hospital?  Or could Gingrich’s reason be the Willie Sutton defense for bank robberies?  It has been rumored that when Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he said, because “that’s where the money is!”   Did Mr. Gingrich figured that he could “get the money” by having the 1994 “Contract with America” charade?  Unfortunately, American voters bought the scam and once again the voters would be fleeced by wealthy white people, white as the KKK like corporate America’s boardrooms that the WASP’s monopolize.

American voters are such suckers for political lies.  They want to believe their candidates would not lie to them.  Unfortunately, they fall hard for the lies every single time.  George Bush campaigned as a moderate compassionate conservative, who would not nation build (Iraq) and promised to bring honor and integrity to the White House.  How do you think Bush and his promises are doing?  Bush lied, and thousands died.  The American electorate voted not once, but twice for this alcoholic and business failure prone moron.  History in the future will be very unkind to the American electorate.  Future students of American history will beg to ask the question, what in heavens name were you people thinking when you elected Gorge W. Bush and a republican Senate?  Did you people believe in checks and balances?  What were you smoking?  No, the American voter is not as smart as he or she thinks they are.  The American populace has so far proven that they are incredibly brain illiterate morons! Television and the political 30 second commercial has been the worst technological invention for the continuation of Democracy.  Americans know more about American idol than they know about their elected officials!  Would you please wake up and choose to participate in reality for a change?  We are so easily led by television down the primrose path to vegative voting and political mediocrity.

Remember, with republicans controlling all phases of government, there is no corruption; I repeat, there is no corruption.  Karl Rove says, “You are getting very sleepy, you pseudo- patriotic and religious morons.” He waves a fist full of imaginary wedge issues in your face and slowly and methodically, back and forth, back and forth and you are hypnotized with hate!  Scumbag Rove will offer wedge issues like same sex marriage, immigration and religion in order to buffalo hump the republican faithful.  It is never too soon to be afraid.  Are you stocked up on your plastic sheeting and Home Depot duct tape? 

Maybe the “faithful” can use their plastic sheeting to use as oversized condoms to prevent unwanted births and the whole abortion issue?  God forbid we talk about real human social issues without drudging up religion and your super moralistic, puritanical, religious bigoted views on humanity.  Where did all of you republicans become so smart with your analysis of Bush as a potential leader?  You were all so wrong.  Even super neocons with advanced degrees are no help when it comes to being an honorable human being and making good decisions.  Henry Kissinger and Paul Wolfowitz are prime examples of well educated republican neocon Jews who would send their own mothers over the Niagara Falls without a paddle, if meant making an extra nickel from there demise.  Kissinger and Wolfowitz are responsible for the deaths of thousand of civilians from Iraq, Vietnam, to support for right wing death squads in Chile.  Neil Young knew what he was talking about, over thirty years ago on the subject of hate, bigotry and killing.   Why do the American people not express concern about issues of American war deaths promoted by lying politicians, American corporate and personal greed, and the destruction of the American middle class?  Have we become that jaded as a people?  We don’t care about our fellow American unless the problem is knocking at our door.  How pathetic!  The rise and fall of the American empire is now at hand.

The mid term elections will once again produce people who fall for these lies and deceit.  Do not allow this to happen.  Choose to care!  Do you really think the republican party cares about any of these wedge issues?  Do you think the republican party cares about you or your children?  Yes, they do care about them if they will sign up to be IED cannon fodder material for corporate American interest in Iraq.  Will you send your son or daughter to Iraq?  I am ex-military and I would never be fool enough to allow my children to sign up for an American corporate war!  I would personally kick their ass if they ever made such a stupid decision.  I have now taught my children to be aware when their government is lying to them, which is all of the time. 

Our government is composed of mostly Caucasian men who are experts at lying to us.  Today’s government is controlled, bought and paid for by corporate coffers and lobbyist.  Why do our politicians let the thieves in the door?  It is just like Neil Bush (W’s little slimy brother) letting in the Thai prostitutes into his Bangkok (is that what they did to him) hotel room and then getting ripped off.  This happens to sound just exactly like what is taking place in Washington D.C. 

It is time to clean the “people house” of the corrupt elected officials who have violated our trust.  Choose to not deceive yourselves?  It is time to vote to do the right thing.  A true patriot does not vote with only their pocketbook!  Only a pathetic greedy moron votes with only his or her self interest in mind.  Some of you republicans need to consider joining the human race again.  Are we a nation of unified people or are with just concerned about ourselves only as dirty, greedy bastards of capitalistic profit?  Have we reached the point where it is every man, woman and child for themselves.  How can a person feel patriotic if their fellow American only thinks about themselves?   

Dollars and the use of Karl Rove for these political advertisements have been proudly provided by the 1994 republican “Contract with America” and the “Project for a New American Century” subsidiaries, where corporate money and prostituting politicians have raised American democracy to hypocritical new heights of corruption.

Concerning the congressional mid-term elections, Newt Gingrich, in a recent interview made an insightful statement that makes an incredible amount of common sense in a non-partisan political way.  Mr. Gingrich was asked the question what the Democrats campaign slogan should be for the mid-term elections.  Mr. Gingrich’s response was that the Democrats only have to say two words and two words only to win back control in 2006. “Had enough?” Let me combine statements for moral clarity and effect and please remember, Bushco took office on January 2001.


As an American, please consider what has transpired on your watch of Democracy.  Rumor has it that during the last five years, the inmates have been running the insane asylum.  Now the “inmates” are not only running parts of the operation, the “inmates” are running the whole show!  The “republican inmates” are acting in a fiscally, morally, corrupt and bankrupted way.  You be the judge.
- Over 2,500 Americans have sacrificed their lives for this lie, this huge mistake!
- Bush, our “mission accomplished, bring em on” lame dick, photo- op president, lied us into an illegal and immoral war.  God forgive this country for its stupidity!
- Initial estimate, $50 billion.  Estimate now, (1) TRILLION DOLLARS!
- $250 Million/ day, $10.4 Million/ hour $2,895/ second 24/7, 365/year
- This war by design has not been paid for.  Bush has borrowed money in your name from Asian rim countries like our commie capitalist buddies at communist China.
- China, the “mobile” death penalty capitol of the world that is now harvesting human organs from their citizens who have experienced capital punishment and brutal Chinese “justice.” America easily looks the other way because outsourcing and money are involved in the human equation.  Why does freedom have to involvekilling its very own people.  Yes, “freedom is on the march,” hell they are in a full speed sprint in China to that death prone, pearly gate, finish line.  Time to cash in those stock options while someone in China takes a bullet in their head for your obscene profits.
- America did not invade as liberators “to spread freedom”, we are there as occupiers.
- Why are we building 13 permanent military bases (4 super bases) in Iraq?
- We have been in South Korea for over 50 years and they do not posses any oil.
- Just behind Saudi Arabia, Iraq has the 2nd largest oil deposits in the world.
- How long do you really believe that we will occupy Iraq; decades maybe?
- Republicans are in love with the concept of perpetual war and perpetual profits!
- Iraq will be turn out to be a bigger mistake and larger quagmire than Vietnam. 
- It is much worse than you think. Military command reports have been suppressed
- How about 24 innocent civilians killed at Haditha? No suppression there!
- Pictures of dead bodies lately?  Over 36,000 people have died; where are they?
- Yes, the 36,000 are up in heaven along with the Islamic 72 virgins; religion, WTF?
- American’s can’t handle the horror and truth of war!  Is it time to go shopping?
- WMD’s; we went to war over manufactured lies, tens of thousands have died!
- Can you handle the cost of this horrific war? Open your wallet and whip it out!
- The slam dunk “cakewalk” is now the “Long War,” the “Long Lie,” now WW III?

- Plans for an air and nuclear attack on Iran, can Armageddon be far behind?
- Iran, 3 times the land mass and population.
- How are we doing with our perpetual war in Afghanistan and Iraq?
- Let’s attack Iran; brilliant!  How much oil do they have?

- Bush said he would not nation build; WTF would you call this?
- We invaded Iraq and now Iran is next on the list to nation build.
- War is very profitable for the very few and wealthy. “War is a racket.”
- Bush lied about his intentions for nation building. The one world order is coming.
- Failure; warlords just harvested largest heroin crop ever; more money for weapons.
- Afghan insurgency is starting to develop just as it did in Iraq.
- Iraq has been on the job training for terrorist and the Afghan Taliban.
- Suicide bombings and IED’s are now coming to Afghanistan.

- Unequivocal failure; one-way road map to Hell
- We are like drug junkies except our drug of addiction is oil
- Our Middle East policy needs to change.  Israel must be expendable.

- Blind support again for the Jewish welfare state; why?  Had enough of Israel?
- AIPAC an influential Jewish lobby is setting American foreign policy.
- Why were 2 AIPAC employees arrested for spying on America? WTF?
- Friends don’t let other “friends” (Israel), spy on them!
- Maybe Israel after all, is the real problem in the Middle East.
- Maybe U.S. policy in the Middle East is the main problem?     
- What a great way to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people!
- The Iraqi insurgency started as a result of this
- I never thought we could be so ignorant in our foreign policy!
- I don’t recall Democracy being based on the concept of torture.
- No, unequivocally, we do not torture; film at eleven.

- Let sell our ports to Arab 9/11 supporters; phucking brilliant!
- What republicans were going to get rich off this corrupt deal?
- Republicans now want to sell our airlines to foreign countries; brilliant!
- Republicans would sell their grandmother if it meant a profit for them.

- Only 5% of cargo ship containers are checked; almost 5 years after 9/11.
- Republicans are stronger on keeping us safe?  I don’t think so.
- Republicans are great on giving money to defense contractors.
- It is not really defense; it is based on the concept of offense.

- $400 Billion plus per year; China is just loving our financial fantasy!
- The Iraq war has not been paid for.  You and your grandchildren will pay!
- Katrina and New Orleans have not been paid for.
- Let’s have more tax cuts for the wealthy top 5% of greedy Americans!
- Let’s give the wealthy a trillion dollar estate tax cut!
- Why do you allow your grandchildren to pick up the tab for your incompetence?

- Would you feel safe if there were a terrorist attack tomorrow!
- FEMA during the Clinton Administration was a well run department.
- Bush has totally devastated FEMA with cronies like Michael Brown.
- Fraud, waste and abuse is now rampant in FEMA.
- Do you like wasting your tax dollar on incompetence and corruption? 

- Beginning of the exposure to the Bush and republican incompetence.
- All Americans are not treated the same, especially the Blacks and the poor.
- Even Barbara Bush could not contain her class bigotry.
- Fraud, waste and abuse in the Bush administration were finally exposed to the public.

- Kyoto protocol was quaint, just like “The Geneva Convention.”
- No there is no global warming, just like the earth is only 10,000 years old.
- It is amazing what the right wing radicals will want you to believe.

ANWAR (Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge)
- Only in America could you take a wildlife refuge and rape it for natural resources.
- Sure, let us rape the last pristine environment in America for oil that will go to China. 
- Lute and Christine Olson are so angry; they need the money from drilling gas wells.
- ANWAR is like Iraq, if we can’t see it, then everything must be okay.

- Why else are we in Iraq?  Do you mean it is not about “freedom is on the march?”
- “Freedom on the march” means, corporate freedom to rape and pillage at will.
- No, we are in Iraq to control the supply and hence the price of oil.
- Since the Iraq invasion, oil is now $70 a barrel and gas is $3 a gallon; by design.
- Jim Click needs to sell you more gas guzzling SUV’s for his auto sales profit quota.

CORRUPTION (republicans)
- Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Randy Cunningham, David Safavian, Claude Allen, Michael Scanlon, Irving (Scooter) Libby, etc, are all crooks. God, there are so many that I can’t keep track of all of the corrupt bastards in the Bush administration.
- Do the American people still think Bush is an honest man?  Has Bush ever lied?
- Middle class jobs being sold to the lowest bidder; pathetic treason.
- Planned destruction of the American middle class, how patriotic!
- What a brilliant policy to separate the wealthy from the rest of us.
- Let’s build up China’s economy and military with the loss of American jobs.
- For the sake of oil, your sons in 20 years will be asked to fight a war against China.

- Global network, global problems; American workers lose jobs.
- Corporate America chooses to drag us down to third world class wages!
- The American wealthy investor could care less what happens to America.
- The only thing that counts to these people and CEO’s, are profits.

- Why do republicans want to repeal the “Paris Hilton” tax?
- Let’s provide tax welfare to the wealthiest 2% of Americans.  Bravo!
- 1 Trillion dollars in lost taxes, who do you think will pay; middle class?
- If Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are for the tax, is there really a problem?
- Civil rights, what a quaint idea. What civil rights?
- Government spying on your phone calls, emails, and banking records.
- Trust me, they will not listen in to your republican mistress phone sex calls!

- Enjoy them while they last, they will shortly be outsourced to China.
- Your republican Supreme Court will be stripping us of our civil rights.
- Roberts and Alito are former corporate lawyers; they will rape each of us.
- Pro choice women do not have a chance against the white male Supreme Court.
- Your civil rights will be controlled by corporate America’s wishes.

- 1986 Ronald Reagan signs bill giving 3 million illegals amnesty.
- Illegal aliens were republicans answer for cheap labor. Just import it!
- Only 3 companies were fined for hiring illegals last year.
- Americans won’t pay 5 dollars for a head of lettuce; more coming.
- Over 12 million illegals are in the U.S., many more are coming!
- It is a republican conceived problem! Fix it and fix it the right way!

- Ladies, it is back to the allies for the poor; Paris for the wealthy
- Notice how abortion is off the radar screen?  Another wedgie issue!
- No, just die or let Bill Frist diagnose you ala Terry Schiavo.
- Republicans would rather have you take drugs than fix the problem.
- Drugs have a higher profit margin and besides, you will be a repeat customer,

- Bush, Cheney and Irving “Scooter Libby; “spilling the classified beans.”
- Rove and Cheney have their fingerprints all over this smear of Joe Wilson!
- How many world wide covert agents and informants died because of this outing?

- What a fiasco for older Americans to stress through.
- Sold to Congress for $ 400 Million over ten years.
- No negotiation over drug prices; brilliant corruption.
- Present cost estimate, 1 TRILLION DOLLARS!

- A pension is promised deferred compensation for work done.
- Middle class Americans will be defrauded from their promised pensions.
- PBGC imminent bankruptcy with future taxpayer bail out?
- Millions of American’s will lose their pensions through Ch 11 bankruptcy.
- Corporate America executives are nothing more than lying bastards.
- Congress has given themselves a guaranteed promised pension.
- Where are our corrupt politicians on this issue?  Where are Rep. Kolbe and Sen. Kyl?
- Do you think Congress will ever default on their pensions? I don’t think so.

 - The Senate recently voted against raising the minimum wage.
- Every republican Senator including McCain and Kyl voted against an increase.
 - Minimum wage has not been increased in 9 years.
 - Congress during this period has increased their pay by $30,000 dollars a year.
 - Politicians say raising the minimum wage will cost jobs.  Bullshit, they are lying!
 - Why don’t they seem to worry when jobs are exported to China and India?
 - Do Americans lose their jobs when companies outsource?  Yes, they do.
 - The majority of our politicians are corrupt bastards.  It is why they are in politics.

- Go ahead and gamble your savings on a future Wall Street 401k corruption scam.
- Let us just trust the “Gordon Gecko’s” of the world with our safety net.

- Provide Iraqis with national healthcare, but not Americans.
- It is a national disgrace that 45 million American’s are without health insurance.
- Why is our health care the most expensive in the world?
- Why are our pharmaceutical drugs the most expensive in the world?
- Why can’t we import the same, less expensive drugs from Canada?
- Our politicians profess that reason is that the same drugs are not safe. Bullshit!
- Drug companies buy our politicians so that they can insure their profit margins.
- Don’t you just love it when our politicians lie to us for the sake of the almighty buck?
- Sen. McCain and Kyl, Rep. Kolbe, Flake, Hayworth vote against your health interest.
- Why are republican politicians against the American people?
- Why have republican politicians sold out the American people?

- World’s best air system relegated to bankruptcy devastation.
- Bankruptcy has been used by management to devastate workers pay and pensions.
- If the rest of America was like the airline industry we would say the American economy is in a depression; just like 1929.  Maybe the rest of America is next on the hit list of government and corporate America wishes?

- They have “all” been left on their bare behinds.
- Armstrong Williams can’t fix this problem with deception.                                        
- Sure, a republican administration caring about education?  What a laugh.

- Clean air?  What initiative? What are you talking about?
- How many coal fired power plants have been built in the last six years?

- Non-Existent; WAL-MART stores at the border for security.
- Let’s watch Bush drive around in a dune buggy for a photo op. WTF?
- Republicans don’t want border security, they want to import cheap labor.
- Last year only 3 companies fined for hiring illegal aliens.
- There are 12 to 20 million illegals in this country?  So much for security!

- Alternative energy, what alternative energy source and plan?
- Why, it is our national policy and yes, we are hooked!
- The great “Decider” has always been the great “Addictor!”
- Gas prices are sky high, what did you sanely expect from two ex-dumb phuck oil boys?

- Excuse me, but what security?  Bush was told in August 2001 that Bin Laden was planning on attacking America.  What did Bush do with that information; nothing? Condosleezza Rice stated before the 9/11 commission (the one that Bush did not want) “we had no idea that they would fly airplanes into buildings.” Ms. Rice lied before the commission.  CIA intelligence was aware that this possibility existed.  Did the Bush junta keep this secret for business purposes or were they silent for other reasons?
- Did Bush protect you or was he busy clearing brush on his make believe “ranch?” In order to be called a ranch, you should have at least one animal (maybe a squirrel) that roams on the land.  Bush’s “ranch” is nothing more than a photo op back drop. Last year we went to Crawford, Texas and I must admit, it is a certified dump of republican conservatism.  Crawford “red light district” consist of the “original” copy of the Ten Commandments and a replica of the Liberty Bell prominently displayed at the only red light intersection in town.  Maybe a look alike Moses addition or a brand new Taco Bell, would be the perfect symbol for fast food corporate America’s contribution towards pseudo religious patriotism.  Separation of Church and State is just a far away wet dream in the corrupt red state of Texas.
- Why has there not been an orange alert since the 2004 election?  What a coincidence! The American people should plan on more terrorist alerts as the mid term elections approach.  You should be very afraid for you safety, it is what Karl Rove desires.
- Only 5% of cargo ship imports into this country are checked. 
- I feel safe that 95% of cargo imports are not checked.
- Bush’s kiddy porn ambassador (4th top official) at Homeland Security Brian Doyle, arrested for on line child porn.  Where does Bush find such people?
- We invaded Iraq to control the supply and therefore the price of crude oil.
- Three dollar gasoline is the results of controlling the supply.
- The oil companies have not built one new refinery in the past 30 years.
- Control the supply and you can control the price and profits.
-  Exxon Mobil had profits of 25.3 billion dollars for the past year.
- Highest prices ever; 2 oil guys running the country, again, what in the hell did you expect from two Yale pussies?  Hell, Cheney couldn’t make it through Yale as well as Vietnam and his phucking 3 college deferments, his one marriage deferment, and his one deferment for getting his wife pregnant, for a total of 5 chicken shit deferments. Yes, a republican will even have sex if it means that he can refrain from getting his big, lazy ass from getting shot at.  Leave the heavy casualties to some poor kids that feel they have no good choices for their future.  The rich and powerful will always shirk their responsibilities and pawn them off on the less fortunate. After all, they do consider themselves the chosen ones!      
- The ultimate wedgie issue!  Yes, most republicans are gay!
- I would be honored to live next to an atheist, black, lesbian, or homosexual couple rather than a morally corrupt WASP  fortune 500 CEO or U.S. Senator who has phucked over thousand of employees or constituents!)

SPACE TRAVEL - Let’s solve all our problems by going to Mars!  WTF!

I could go on and on but it is just too awful and depressing.  I don’t know what people must feel, but I am sick and tired of the Bush administrations lies!  Republican enablers like Jim Click, Lute and Christine Olson, are perpetuating the demise of the poor, the middle class and our country’s American dream.   In five incredibly short and tortuous years, this country has become an incubator for insanity?    Yes, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are acting in an insane manner!  God has “spoken” (psychological stress) to Bush and God has told him to kill Muslims in the Middle East for peace.  WTF!  The man is delusional.  Read the book “Bush on the Couch” by Justin A. Frank, M.D.  The red flags were waving madly on November 2, 2004, but 58 million Americans chose to remain asleep at the wheel frozen with fear.

George Bush is a man who has used cocaine, is a non treated alcoholic, and ran two businesses (Arbusto and Spectrum 7) into the ground.  Bush had his fortune handed to him by selling stock for a 200% profit, just before Harken Energy reported heavy losses.  This also was two months before Iraq invaded Kuwait in the First Gulf War.  Can you say insider trading?  Bush was a consultant and director at Harken energy.  Bush’s insider trading was investigated by the SEC.  The SEC investigator was a friend of his father George H Bush.  It must have been sheer coincidence, but no charges were filed against the younger Bush even though he violated SEC rules by not reporting the sale under SEC time limits.  Bush reported his sale after the First Gulf War was over. 

Bush turned his $848,000 proceeds from Harken into a 13.9 million dollar profit. Bush’s “sweet heart” deal involved a shady business deal with the Texas Rangers baseball team. Bush was instrumental in getting land through the eminent domain process for the construction of the ball park.  It always helps when your daddy is the current president   of the United States of America.  There is no such thing as political cronyism or corruption in America!  
Bush is now the “leader” of the former greatest country in the world (America) and he is presently the most powerful person in the world.  Oh shit! Wake me up, I am having a nightmare.  Yes, Texas has been the root of all evil in this country for the last 50 years.  It seems like the time frame for all of this political and human carnage coincides with our infatuation with Middle East oil and the oil power brokers in Houston, Texas.               

The American people have elected not once, but twice a religious, ineffective and incompetent lunatic!  Wake up America and wake up your corrupt politician while there is still a chance to save America! 

The protectors of Americans Democracy are finally starting to wake up because gas prices are going through the roof and prescription drug prices are rising.  What will the masses do when their 401K’s are taken down by Wall Street?  Bush’s insane idea of attacking Iran is making the oil futures just a tad skittish.  Obviously, everyone has forgotten about Iraq and the master piece that was performed in “cake walking” on  that country!  Why were we sold a fictitious war?  Could it be that Iraq had changed its oil dollars to one based on the Euro?  What does it matter now? Never mind today that American boys are dying in the streets of Iraq.  We now torture in secret prisons in Europe.  Budget deficits are sky high and American’s are being wire tapped.  Everyone of your phone calls and E-mails have been data mined!  None of these issues gets America’s attention except, high gas prices and drugs.  Who would have ever thought that the combined post Korean War generation and the baby boomer generation oil and drug addiction might eventually save our Democracy?

The very latest insanity involves Bush cabal planning to attack Iran with tactical nuclear weapons.  Yes, Iran, three times the size and three times the population of Iraq.  Oh that’s right; I forgot how phuckin wonderful we are doing in Iraq after our “Mission Accomplished,” Hollywood Top Gun cameo.  Did Bush stuff tube socks into the groin area of his flight suit in order to look macho for the men and lady folk alike?  Oh, that is so republican; deception and lies!  Fifty-eight million Americans were able to believe a big lie rather than a small one like (Clinton); it’s genetic.  Our nationalistic and Christian religious emotional make-up, make some of us Americans, easy dupes for this type of deceptive charade.  Remember, Americans are such an optimistic group of people. Maybe American optimism has been replaced by optimistic denial and self deception!

Pentagon officials have recently talked to Tim Russert of NBC News and told him that Rep.John Murtha (D) OH; comments about the Iraqi war were right.  Russert has asserted that Bush will not fire Rumsfeld since it would be tantamount to Bush firing himself.  Never act like a leader.  Never admit a mistake.  Never change a faulty course.  Never admit responsibility.  Never act like an adult.  Never act sane! 

No, acting sane, that would not be “prudent.”  Time will harshly judge the deceptive and secretive Bush presidency as the greatest illusion in American political history.  The voting mistakes of the American people and the Bush cabal will haunt us for generations to come.  We have no one to blame except yourselves and your collective ignorance.  Then again, what did you expect from a couple of C students running the most powerful nation on earth; maybe incompetence and corruption?

In an April 2006, New Yorker article, Seymour Hirsh writes a chilling story of the president’s illogical and twisted-oh-so-tightly, feeble mind:

A government consultant with close ties to the civilian leadership in the Pentagon said that Bush was “absolutely convinced that Iran is going to get the bomb” if it is not stopped. He said that the President believes that he must do “what no Democrat or Republican, if elected in the future, would have the courage to do,” and “that saving Iran is going to be his legacy.”

One former defense official, who still deals with sensitive issues for the Bush Administration, told me that the military planning was premised on a belief that “a sustained bombing campaign in Iran will humiliate the religious leadership and lead the public to rise up and overthrow the government.” He added, “I was shocked when I heard it, and asked myself, ‘What are they smoking?’ ”

Do you think in the White House they are smoking toxic, moldy, Katrina souvenir salvaged carpeting?   Has this carpeting been placed in the White House Oval Office, as a memento of their outstanding effort at hurricane Katrina disaster relief management?  Hurricane season 2006 is just around the corner and it will be a sight to behold!

Do you remember Bush’s second inaugural address in January, 2005?  Do you remember when Bush bragged about the “political capital” that he now had to spend?  Yes, he spent it alright; just like a horny, drunken Navy puke on his first shore leave expedition!  I have not seen such a collapse in bravado since University of Arizona basketball coach, Lute Olson had a 15 point lead against Illinois, with (4) minutes left in the 2005 Final Four tournament.  Olson, just like Bush, squandered his lead and lost the game.  I have never witnessed such a collapse in judgment, until now.  Wow!

Please tell me, after you have read the New Yorker paragraphs, are you as scared as I am?  Did you happen to see Bush’s performance at the John Hopkins school of International studies?  Oh my God!  The guy could not answer questions from college students.  “I’ll have to get back to you with that one.”  The neurons were short circuiting and self-destructing on national cable television.  This man does not need another war; he needs mothers breast milk and a shrink!  No thumb sucking, please!  Some day, wake me up and tell me that it is all was just a bad dream and that we did not elect this man twice to the world’s most powerful office!  What a frickin nightmare. 

The Constitution has not been raped like this since Richard Nixon announced in November 1973, “I am not a crook”!  Nixon had won re-election in 1972 with a landslide victory.  Nixon resigned in 1974 rather than risking an impeachment trial because of yes, he was a crook.  How could the American public forget so quickly the abuses of a republican led presidency now run by some of the same guys that cut their teeth in the Nixon Administration?  Six years later, the American people let the crooks back in the oval office with the coronation of an ex-actor, Ronald Reagan.  Once again the American public was fooled since Reagan was only acting out a script in a Hollywood movie as the president.  When will we ever learn?  How about Arnold Schwarzenegger in California?  How is he doing?  I rest my case.

Clinton was impeached for lying about an embarrassing sexual affair.  As much as abhor anyone lying to me, no one died.  Bush has lied to the whole world and thousands have died because of it.  Would someone give George W. Bush a blowjob so we can impeach him!

Remember, these two White House moronic idiots, have access to nuclear weapons!  Bush acts as a reincarnated, religious, alcoholic Texas long horn steer.  Cheney just likes to shoot 78 year old retired republican lawyers while sideling as the prince of secrecy and darkness.  God forbid if they make a nuclear shotgun designed for quail hunting.  Maybe Cheney could use the “nuuklear” gun on Iran.  There is incredible merit for the Bush administration in that proposition, but please, I am willing to negotiate for the sake of humanity.  Terms are favorable.  As an American, I am desperate for a Democratic Congress to stop these mad men.  Republicans are too afraid to do their constitutional duty.  It is time to save our Democracy by voting the republicans and some republican lites like Joe Lieberman out of office! 

When republican Americans voted for the incompetent and malapropism prone George Bush, did it ever occur to them that they might be making the biggest mistake of “all of our lives”!  No?  Thank you so very much for my great grandchild.  Yours and my grandchildren are so screwed!  On further examination, we are so all incredibly screwed.

What an incredible mess, but what did you expect from a couple of C business students, and former pseudo, greedy oil company executives?  These incompetent Bozos are running this once great country right into the ground.  Who gave these two morons a snort of monarchy power?  Can any other sane person in America besides John Conyers and Russ Feingold, utter the democracy saving word, impeachment?  I predict 8 years of Bush will kill this country as we know it!  So do nothing, wait, watch, see, and then cry.
If you must, go ahead and fall once more for the republican’s lies and wedge issues which gets the republican base all worked up.  I don’t think these tactics are being utilized for the just the fun of it.  Same sex marriage, immigration, abortion, and stem cell research are all issues for just another rainy day.  Once again, do you really think republican party officials give a damn about these issues or you?  Try and take these imaginary problems to the bank with you.  Go ahead; spend your imaginary moral capital as you wish.

It is incredulous, that a slim majority of the American public has not figured out the political “shell” game; even after five years of deception.  You now have a chance to rectify this situation.  I am terrified that if the wrong choice is made again, our Democracy will no longer be viable.  I beg of you, do not commit political national suicide on behalf of your countrymen and in the name of the incompetent republican party.

In January 1929 another great republican, Herbert Hoover took the presidential oath and proceeded to occupy the white house.   Nine months later, economic policies triggered the stock market crash of October 1929.  What followed and dogged Hoover the remainder of his term was the Great Depression.  Americans easily forget history and so willing to forgive past mistakes.  When will we ever learn?

Personally during the last 4 years, I have lost my house, my land, my pension, 50% of my pay, my future, my dreams, and my country!!!! I have almost lost my marriage!  My vision of the American dream is forever dead!  It was all nothing but a republican sponsored wet dream scam of the American people.  Hey, but China is growing by 10% per year, thanks to American corporations and outsourcing. Thanks! Republicans have absolutely phucked up everything that was good about this country!   I have nothing more for these phucking bastards to steal from me!  This country used to be respected and now it is hated around the world for its incredible greed and arrogance!

So once again:


You have a chance this coming November to rectify this grievous situation.  Religion cannot and will not solve our country’s problems.” We The People,” own this country, not special interests.  We, together for the sake of each other, can solve these problems.  Come this fall, LET US KICK ALL OF THESE CORRUPT BASTARDS OUT OF OFFICE.  The majority of politicians from both parties do not deserve a second chance at serving at the pleasure of their employers, “the people”.  Republican’s had their chance to lead and they have phucked up all facets of American life.  Politicians have to be held accountable.  Election time is the only time our corrupted elected officials appear to listen to us.  The winds of change will be blowing at hurricane force come this November, even if it is the end of hurricane season.

It won’t kill you, but it just might save our Democracy.   Please vote *Democratic* in November, 2006.  If you won’t do it for yourself, will you do it for your children and grandchildren?  If the Democrats begin to think about acting irresponsible, I will be the first person to rail against them.  I hate corruption from any party.  We need change!  Americans please, your Democracy depends on you paying attention and doing the right course of action for our country.  Enough damage has already occurred.  Politicians are like soiled diapers, they need to be changed frequently, because they stink!

This community service essay is sincerely written for Sen. John McCain, Sen. Jon Kyl and the 35% of morons that still support this incredibly incompetent, corrupt and lying President.  Unfortunately, Arizona is a republican red state with about 45% of its residents registered as republicans.  Arizona was one of the last states that voted to have Martin Luther King declared as a state holiday.  No, there is no racial bigotry against Mexican’s or Black’s that has ever been present in this state.

Jerry Falwell Institute of God, bigotry and whoring to the religious radical right

Read Senator McCain’s new book entitled:  Why I changed my name to Senator McFlipflop?  Subtitle:  How I sucked up to George W. Bush and kissed the Christian far right wing nut jobs like Jerry Falwell and their big fat deceiving, (Ralph Reed) lying asses.  As an added bonus, Sen. McCain will discuss how he found God after he was caught prostituting in the Keating 5 scandal. 


University of Illegal Immigration and Anti Estate Welfare Tax (Paris Hilton Tax) for the Wealthy 1% of Americans.
Read Senator KYL’s new book, titled: A bought and paid for, corporate sponsored, United States Senator, who begs to have his job description replaced in November 2006”.   The subtitle of Kyl’s book is:  “Senator Kyl and his Anti-Illegal Immigrant, WMD Promoting, Estate Tax Welfare for the Wealthy (The Paris Hilton Tax) and Water Boy messenger prostitute for corporate America”. 

Mr. Kyl will be granted his wish to become an ex “corporate water boy” by the people in November, 2006.  Maybe then Mr. Kyl can finally become the “water boy for the people.”

An Angry Ex-Christian White Male that Votes!
(Do I need to say anything further?)


* Republican lite Democrat, Israel Torres does not even deserve the chance to run for Arizona Secretary of State.  A candidate should be disqualified for misrepresenting the truth to the public.  Mr. Torres is a traitor to Arizona consumers.  On Mr. Torres website, he lies about his “passion” for consumer rights.  As Register of Contractors, Torres sold out to special interest (developers, builders and contractors).  Mr. Torres was selected by SAHBA to ascend to higher office, just like lobbyist Jonathon Paton (Tucson) did; all the way to the state legislature.  Mr. Torres acted in disgrace as an advocate for home owners in Arizona.  As a declared Democrat, Mr., Torres is a disgrace as a Democratic lawyer/ politician.  I would advocate voting for any other candidate that does not lie to the electorate.  Does such an animal exist in the sun parched landscape and corrupt political hot winds of Arizona?

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