April 7th, 2007

Subject:  An Open Letter to Dennis Rosen; a Tucson republican attorney.

Title: Why did you have to sell us out; was your greed so uncontrollable?

Dennis Rosen; aka Benedict Arnold

Mr. Rosen,

To set the stage for the reader, Dennis Rosen was our wonderful University of Arizona law school graduate attorney who in the end placed more emphasis on representing himself versus the legal concept of representing our interest against McCreary Homes and the lawsuit that L. J. McCreary and his attorney, Marc Simon filed against my entire family.  And I say the lawsuit was against my entire family since my children also lost their home and part of their future by their actions.  And we lost our home simply for the fact that a builder, using illegal aliens could not build without causing major defects, a lawyer that did not use his skills to represent and protect us, and an Arizona republican legislature that did not legislate to protect ours and the public’s interest. 

Dennis Rosen seems to be as morally bankrupt and incompetent as fellow University of Arizona law school graduates, Sen. Jon Kyl and disgraced former Pima County prosecuting attorney Lourdes Lopez.  Sen. Kyl is well known as the Dick Cheney loving, Darth Vader prototype for stealthiness and secrecy behind the scenes, just like Dick Cheney lurks in the bushes at Bush’s Rose Garden press conferences; very creepy.  As you recall, Ms. Lopez was the love interest of Bradley Schwartz M.D., a University of Arizona medical school graduate who became an out of control prescription drug peddler/user who was eventually convicted of the murder of Dr. David Brian Stidham M.D. of Tucson.  Ms. Lopez resigned before she was indicted on prescription pain killer abuse.  Also Ms. Lopez was aware of Dr. Schwarz’s plan to have Dr. Stidham killed and did speak up to Tucson authorities until ten days after the murder.   

What another fine upstanding University of Arizona law school graduate Ms. Lopez has turned out to be.  And who said Tucson is not a little Peyton Place at heart?  It has got to be the sun! 

Why do Arizona graduates, especially the law school graduates, who seem to run the gamut from incompetence to morally bankrupt, somehow manage to graduate, with all having a significant portion of their hearts missing?  Maybe it is just has more to due with their brains being altered by the hot Arizona sun frying it into mush and with a splash of good ole republican values to ferment its fate.

My daughter applied to the U of A law school last year and was turned down after being magnum cum lade, a 4.0 grade point average with honors, and a 159 LSAT and she couldn’t get in.  She has left for greener pasture as is doing extremely well and in the top five percent of her class.  Tucson’s arrogance and professed favoritism of a certain type of student will be another gain for a more worthy city. 

Moving my family to Tucson over ten years ago was the biggest mistake of my life and I applaud my children and encourage them to leave that moral shit hole of a city as fast as they can.  Maybe the University of Arizona chooses it law school applicants for their allegiance and loyalty to the republican party and Bush just like the office of Attorney General Gonzalez, who stacks the state’s U. S. Attorney’s deck with Bushie loyalist instead of appointing competent attorneys. 

So what does that tell you about the importance of a University of Arizona undergraduate degree and LSAT’s scores; they mean nothing!

As I look back now, I thank God that she never got accepted to this totally phucked up neocon republican recruiting program for political incompetence.  Sen. Jon Kyl is the poster boy for neocon support and arrogance in the United States Senate. Sen. Kyl is a total disgrace as a representative for corporate interest, but that is what air head Arizona residents seem to desire. 

It seems poignant that after ten years as an Arizona tax payer, I wonder how many out of state students or students with lesser resumes, and desire made into U of A’s law school.  I wonder how many morally corrupt and criminally poor judgment candidates like Lourdes Lopez’s made it into the U of A’s law school program last year ahead of my daughter.  My daughter would never make such morally deviant decisions because she was taught right from wrong from the very beginning with out the crutch of religion or race to confuse her conscience. I find it very fitting and gratifying that even more graduates like Lourdes Lopez and Alice Milton will grace the halls of Tucson law establishments and Tucson’s incompetent legal system for many years to come.

It would have been an overwhelming catastrophe for me to see my daughter accepted to a neocon republican clearing housing for Monica Gooding, religion based lawyers that are tempered on young college republican ethics.  As I said before, she is doing exceptionally well in her law school class and the U of A made a terrible mistake by not accepting her, but in retrospect, they provided a wonderful detour and opportunity for my daughter’s education to flourish in a more vibrant and wealthier city.  

Sure go ahead U of A law school graduates, why don’t you all just take the Fifth Amendment on the issue of honesty and integrity?  I fear greatly for the continuation of this country and its democracy which is being jeopardized by the Alberto Gonzalez’s and Monica Goodling’s of this country.

And some exceptional graduates of the U. of A. like, Sen. Jon Kyl managed to graduate e without even a heart beat even being detected in their body.  It has been rumored that a Broadway play of “The Wizard of Oz.” will have Sen. Jon Kyl in the starring role of the scare crow who has always wanted a human heart.  I see Oscar nominations in Sen. Kyl’s future.  But this letter is not really about the problems of the University of Arizona or the republican neocon attitudes of Sen. Kyl; it is about you Mr. Rosen.

As you must know, I have waited a long time to have my say.  As you recall, as an American citizen I never received my day in court because of the barricaded and insurmountable issues of monetary entrance fees.  If you can no longer pay, you will not be able to play; even if it means the forfeiture of your home, your land and your dreams. 

Justice in America is only for the people who possess money; more money and power than you or I will ever possess.  The rest of us beg to have a place at the table of justice, but we are only choreographed as a façade for the face of an unjust system of back room deals, lies and deception. 

Because of you Mr. Rosen and the other parasites of legal justice, I never received even a chance, let alone a verdict in the chase for even a morsel of justice.  But then again, you would have had to care for even just a second before the issue would have had a chance to be exposed as a true measure of justice.

You Mr. Rosen as a little man of make believe misplaced and vacant theories of justice,
were never in your wildest dreams, considered for the remote position as gate keeper for integrity or protector for the hallowed name of justice.  And as former Secretary of State, Colin Powell did to his once good name; you also sold your integrity and name for the mere spectacle of a few dollars and all at fire sale prices.  Would you not agree; so very sad indeed!  You have my sympathies.

Why is it that the people who are least qualified to profess ethics, honesty and integrity in our legal system, are at the fore front of our civil, criminal and legal justice systems?  Why such incompetence such corruption, such lapses of ethics and integrity?  How can true justice ever be dispensed to the public when the men and women in charge of such public trust entities, are only such charlatans placed to guard the name of honesty under the auspices of trust?   

Please explain!

One thing that this whole fiasco has taught me about the American justice system is that it is just an illusion, a mirage, a pack of lies that have been sold like everything thing else in this country, that is tantalized before the American people as good, as patriotic, as a noble and ethical concept that is then pulled away from us, faster than a speeding bullet and Superman’s image.  I stand now as a man who no longer believes in what this country has professed to enunciate, which was once a country who respected the rule of law.

And now as a country we accept the departure of Habeas Corpus and the approval of torture as a U.S. Congress approved method of human rights abuse in direct conflict with the Geneva Convention.  How could anyone ever believe that a tortured subject confession of implication could be considered true based on forced physical and mental pain? We as a country are such ignorant and legal morons to approve of such fantasies of desperation for intelligent leadership!  Why am I surprised by local politics and legal proceedings?  All politics and lawyering are local at best and at worst, nothing but individually personal for profits sake.

When our current justice system lead by Attorney Alberto Gonzalez is nothing but a pack of incompetent, Bush supporting liars of loyalty, how can there be any faith that are attorneys and judges are not already on the take by government religion and corporate America ideology.  The saddest part in this whole debacle is that my faith in justice has been raped away from me by soul less attorneys and mind numbing concerned insurance companies whose only agenda is the preservation of money and to hell with the American dream for middle class Americans. 

We as a people and as a country have been so lied to for so many times and for so long that we do not even realize any more when we are being lied to again.  As Americans, I do not feel or think we would or could even recognize truth, even if it was presented by biting us in the ass!

Now, I will have my say before the jury of the public and the internet world.  Please enjoy the public release of emotion and truth!  You only deserve to have the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God.

It seems that you Mr. Rosen were not Dennis the “Menace” Rosen but really Dennis the “Mess” Rosen; you know the one that made a total phucking mess out of a slam dunk case in real estate fraud and builder defect litigation.  But I must not be so critical of your performance since Passover is taking place and you must be at your synagogue counting the money that has pilfered from others this past week.  Doesn’t the celebration of Passover represent the act of money being “passed over” from a client’s wallet to a lawyer’s bank account?  

Mr. Rosen if you couldn’t get on top of our case in two years, you probably couldn’t wipe your ass in the same amount of time, even if your life depended on it.  Was there something else preventing you from accepting the legal challenge to protect our assets?  Sure there was! 

And just for you Mr. Rosen, I will promise to be on my best behavior and do my very best to keep the remainder of my comments calm and civilized.  And just like you Mr. Rosen, I don’t really care if you can handle or seek the truth about my comments ands promises of constraint and civility.  You deserve no consideration or compassion.  I will afford you the same effort of care and control that you provided to my family, with respect to caring, compassion and justice that was never even considered.

My main reason to voice my unadulterated opinion on this website is to warn the innocent, about people like you and L.J. (phucking) McCreary and chastise the many guilty parties that raped us.  Am I really Time Magazine’s “person of the year?”  As you recall again, I never did have my day in court.  You and the other legal whores and vultures made sure it would happen that way.  Settlement after settlement conferences and legal whoring for billable hours made sure that justice would remain elusive for my family.  All the lawyers let my family’s dreams be destroyed by their lust for money and greed.  You legal phucking prostitute!

During this whole charade of legal dancing with the stars pursuits, I had thought for sure that eventually the great Dennis Rosen would finally step up to the plate and fight against this great injustice that was forced upon my family.  But no; you never even once got out of the dugout to even see what kind of game was being played, let alone step up to the plate like one of the big boys.  You left me dancing without even a partner.  You Prima Donna, Sadie Hawkins reject.  You must have had your ass kicked and ridiculed a thousand times as a child, just like Karl Rove did, to become such a pompous and lethal character assassin for you and your personal revenge towards your fellow man.  Every phucking republican nerd must have this character defect buried deep within their DNA.

You Mr. Rosen must have been just like L.J. McCreary in your youth; one hell of a phucking nerd to treat your fellow man so shabbily in your adulthood.  There is no other explanation for such behavior by both of you.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what so many lily white, dumb ass, dumb shit, nerdy white guys have in their childhood backgrounds.  I bet to, that you never got laid until you were both in your thirties; am I right? 

Yes, pent up sexual frustration is always a brain killer because not enough blood is going to the brain since all of it is trying to congregate in your penis to relieve your sexual frustration.  Just think if you had been laid in your teens; your adulthood would be normal and you would be a Democrat instead of a republican sexual perverts like Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove and Pastor Ted Haggard.  Oh, I forgot, Rush needs Oxycotinin and Viagra just to get it up even on a good day.  Just goes to show you that republicans are so concerned with screwing people for wages, jobs, social security and pensions that they have nothing left for their wives or republican girlfriends.       

Is there any doubt why the majority of republican lawyers are considered by the public in general to be lower than gutter puke, scum licking cum of the earth?  There is no argument from me.  I hope one day when your God has finally taken you, to God knows where; I will get the chance to thank you properly by pissing on your grave!

I recall that one of the last things said at our final settlement meeting in early 2003, was your self admission of professional innocence of how the McCreary Homes lawsuit against my family had transpired.  As I remember, you were seated to my right at the conference table, and Skip Whitley to your right when you decided to sum up the closing of the settlement, by making the incredibly phony and outright deceitful statement that said; “I think we did every thing that we could have done.”

Mr. Rosen, you are such a lying, deceiving, mother phucking, legal whore!  We were at that table dieing inside because of what was transpiring in our lives and all you could do was lie to us, one last time.  I remember thinking to my self, “Yes, you did everything, that is, to protect your financial interest and not ours from this emotional and financial assault and rape of my family.”   Mr. Rosen, because of your bankruptcy experience, you committed legal mal- practice in our case to protect you bottom line.  You used our trust to enrich yourself, and all at our expense.

Mr. Rosen, what I really needed at the settlement conference was an honest, competent lawyer to help protect us from you!

Mr. Rosen, as a lawyer you committed legal malpractice by having an obvious conflict of interest that involved money which would enrich your bottom line.   Mr. Rosen, we were honest with you, but you took advantage of our honesty by not recuising yourself from our case and advising us instead to see specific legal counsel.  You Mr. Rosen offered your previous bankruptcy attorney experience which we thought you would offer in our best interest.  You Mr. Rosen gave us legal advice to accept foreclosure rather than bankruptcy in order that you would receive money for the shoddy services that you and Alice Milton had rendered.  If we had filed bankruptcy, you would not have received another single cent, but by advocating foreclosure, you would be in the running for the fifteen thousand dollars in settlement money that you eventually negotiated with State Farm Insurance.  At the time we were so devastated because of the immense cost of the lawsuit which directly led to our getting behind in mortgage payment.  You Mr. Rosen took advantage of us at a particular emotional and vulnerable time in our lives.  You Mr. Rosen should be stripped of your law license so that you do not hurt another Arizona family.  You Mr. Rosen are a whore, because you did it solely for the money and left us hanging to fend for ourselves.

How do you sleep at night Mr. Rosen?  Do most greedy lawyers that hurt their clients, sleep like babies?  I bet little phucking bald ass, douche bags like yourself sleep just fine at night.  You possess no soul or conscience.  Don’t all legal whores who act like you in the first place, begin with these traits if they desire to become a player in your professional field of deception and deceit?

Mr. Rosen, are you proud of your self serving actions?  Does it feel emotionally satisfying to use people through their pain, for your profit?  And all during that time I thought you were supposed to be on our side, you were only fighting for yourself.

How dare you say that you were even competent, let alone that you gave it your best shot?  Does competence involve the slightest hint of ethics? You little lying republican, jewish real-estate, Bush supporting, cock sucking lawyer!  Did you really plan to take us all along for such fools?  Maybe you were right Mr. Rosen; I was a fool because I chose you to represent us and I endured another incredible mistake of trust by reference to Fran Epsen and L.J. McCreary.  I trusted you Mr. Rosen and you alone abused that trust to satisfy your greed.  I will pay a lifetime of regret for trusting you, Epsen and McCreary.

In Tucson, the word trust is no more than just a five letter word that means absolutely nothing.  Tucson, Arizona must be the capitol of the world for individuals that cannot be trusted and who have a mandated and born tendency to lie, cheat and steal from their fellow man.  

Mr. Rosen, you and Alice Milton had a slam dunk case that you blindly fumbled, as Donald Rumsfeld has fumbled in Iraq, because you were too short in height and character to even make the effort; let alone attempt the shot that could have helped save our house!  Why did you not do everything possible to help save our house and land from McCreary’s lawyers?  If this had been you son’s house, would you fought harder to save his house?  I am sure you would have.  You Mr. Rosen attempted nothing on our behalf, except to give us pain! 

According to you Mr. Rosen, you and attorney Marc Simon seemed to have a little personal professional feud going on between you when you first decided to take the case.  For someone that had such an outstanding, fellow jewish professional feud going on with the original opposing lawyer Marc Simon, your additional professional malfeasance with its misplaced legal sibling rivalry and resulting emotional incompetence in our case was legally and unethically juvenile.  I can’t believe you propagated your little feud with Simon, while the meter was ticking on my dime.  Is the reason that you gave up on our case was that Simon pawned this case to a junior attorney, William (Bill) Poorten ?   Did you loose interest when Simon was no longer present?

Mr. Rosen, is the professional and personal feud that you had going with Mr. Simon the true reason that you decided to represent our case?  Such shallow nerdy lawyers like you and Simon, should not ever counsel individuals on the subject of law and justice when in my opinion, you both posses no morals or scruples of any kind!  Your fiduciary responsibility was to legally protect us and our home; not you or your delicate professional egos!  Did I pay my hard earned money so you two could continue your legal sibling rivalry dance?  And after all was said and done with your recommendations, we left with the brilliant defense of foreclosure and eventual bankruptcy. 

You Mr. Rosen, are such a brilliant, self serving, suck ass U. of A. trained lawyer!

I remember Mr. Rosen that you were only too happy to provide the notary for our home equity loan that we took out to fight this lawsuit.  Mr. Rosen, were the imaginary dollars going from my bank account at near supersonic speeds to your firm’s account that intoxicating?

You Mr. Rosen are a legal and moral scoundrel; so little character!  I expected so much more from you but I should have known from your stature and demeanor that you were a mental and professional cripple as an effective and competent lawyer.  Greed ruins every person and it hurts so many innocent people that have the unfortunate displeasure to come in contact with you.

How dare you say that you did everything possible to help us? You abandoned us in our greatest moment of need!  Our home and dreams were going down in flames and all you could say was, “go ahead and let it go to foreclosure.”  Why did you allow your previous bankruptcy experience to shade your advice and go the route of foreclosure?  Who Mr. Rosen were you really looking out for?  

Mr. Rosen, did you have a lucrative divorce case that was occupying your time?  You knew jack shit about real estate and construction defect law.  You knew absolutely nothing professionally about construction defect law and knew so little about our specific case.  You never asked one question concerning specific construction defects.  Is that the reason that you would not come to our home and see the defects because you would not know what the hell to look for?  You probably didn’t know how to pound a nail into a piece of wood since you might have never lifted a hammer in your life.  You Mr. Rosen wouldn’t know a defect from a masterpiece.    

Do you recall our request for you to come to our house to see the defects?  I remember your answer to our request to see our place and the construction defects.  Our request was turned downed by you since you said that, “I want to envision my own idea of what the home condition is like for trial;” was such brilliant bullshit Mr. Rosen.   You were too lazy to even see our place.  How were you ever going to defend our home by pictures if you have never in fact seen the real evidence? 

What the hell is wrong with the concept of reality Mr. Rosen?

Yeah sure, you never had any intention of going to trial since your obvious inadequacies in construction defect litigation would become obvious.  Mr. Rosen you are such a jack off, of all trades lawyer, with so many disciplines of the law to exploit, but yet, a master of none.  So you have done real-estate, bankruptcy law and you have also become a mortgage broker.  What Mr. Rosen do you do well; maybe billing clients?  Did we have to be like non-swimmers, drowning in the water with you watching in a boat with a life line in hand, all the while looking in the direction of your bank account and refusing to help by throwing a life line? 

This past summer, we consulted with a Phoenix attorney that specializes in construction defects.   We were appalled at the number of issues that you did not cover in our case.  I believe that if we had a competent attorney like this man in 2001, our case would have turned out so differently in our favor.  The case would have never got this far out of hand if I had had lawyers that knew what they were doing and took immediate charge of the case.  We and our home were the victims in this case.  How did you let them beat us?  There is no good reason why our case was bumbled this badly.  You were content to spar against Marc Simon and his protégé, William (Bill) Poorten III and Elizabeth Claiborne and drag our case out in the quest for your billable hour, payday bonanza and all at our expense.

Did you buy another BMW with the proceeds from our case?  How much did you charge us by telling us about your BMW lemon that you bought?  Do you subscribe to the republican lawyer’s defense theory of “the little dick syndrome?”  You know Mr. Rosen, the one that justifies lawyer’s expensive cars to make up for their sexual and physical pro-creating inadequacies!  Maybe you should just use your other head, you know, the bald headed one to penetrate your wife’s life long area of dissatisfaction!

You Mr. Rosen are such an ugly person inside of your self for leaving us out to hang in the desert wind, twisting all so slowly because of your greed and legal incompetence.  I wish you had not been such a sickly person in your youth and had decided to stay in your native Chicago and just stayed immobilized from your asthmatic medical condition, rather than allowing my family to be gang raped in 2003.

I believe Mr. Rosen that one day your God will hold you accountable for what you allowed to happen to my family on your watch.  I believe that in some way, your God will make you suffer for your planned sins against my family!  I don’t believe for a moment that you cared if our house was ever fixed or not.  I don’t believe you even cared for a moment of what would happen to my family because of your self serving incompetent consul.  You just cared about your bank account; you phucking greedy, little, bald headed bastard!

As you recall again Mr. Rosen, my wife and I were going through the most stressful and tumultuous time in our lives; but you did not seem to care.  You Mr. Rosen offered no help to us.  You Mr. Rosen could have done so much humanitarian good with your law degree but instead you decided to hump the almighty buck to an early death; congratulations! 

Recalling our last settlement in February 2003, and after you said you would take the fifteen thousand dollars of insurance money and call it even, you later asked for another four thousand dollars to pad your bank account once again.  Mr. Rosen, you are such a greedy little phucking bastard.  You did not deserve the over fifty thousand dollars that we had already paid you.  Such chutzpah from such a little moral and mental runt!  

Mr. Rosen, you or Alice Milton never called again to even see how we were doing.  Was it a guilty conscience Mr. Rosen?  Where did Alice Milton ever disappear to?  We know Ms. Milton has done everything to avoid any type of communication with us.  Mr. Rosen, did you make an agreement with Ms. Milton to buy her silence?  Ms. Milton was a complete legal mental phuck up and more than one Tucson attorney has told that.  How long after our case imploded did Alice Milton leave your office?  As you recall in a letter that I wrote you; you never answered the question; you chicken shit.  Why did my wife have to spend six hours at your office looking for documents before a hearing because Ms. Milton had called in sick the day before a hearing?  How much did you charge us for the other female Bozo lawyer that took her place that knew absolutely nothing about what was going on in our case?  No wonder Judge Christopher Browning ever seemed to rule in favor of any motions; you people had your heads up you assess.  Yes Mr. Rosen legal malpractice is just too nice of a word for what transpired.  

Mr. Rosen, to us it appeared that you did not pay much attention to our legal case at all.  I thought you were paid by us to represent our interest of getting our house fixed, let alone protecting our house from being lost to this legal abyss?  I never thought in a million years the possibility that entering into this legal entanglement, that I could loose my land and house because of incompetent and greedy lawyers. I guess you were just having too much fun thinking about yourself and padding your bank account, at my family’s expense to even truthfully care about our case.  I even remember how you professed at one of your legal rip off, pad the billable hour meetings that you would stay up at night because you were troubled with our case.  Mr. Rosen, your insincere and fake drivel that you composed on our behalf, was so touching, and it is so hard to believe that we actually trusted you to help us.  

Mr. Rosen do you have any capacity for shame?  How much money does a jewish republican real estate lawyer need these days before he can stop pilfering his clients?  Did it ever occur to develop a morsel of compassion for your fellow man in their time of need?  You could have helped us in our struggle but you chose to look the other way.  Remember, we were fighting to get our house fixed.  It was nothing too important.  You know the place that one raises their family.  But you did not care about our “little case”.  Our counter suit was anything but frivolous.  Maybe if you did not have a home you might have compassion; I doubt it.  Our one chance at our dream of building a custom home and it was ruined and eventually lost.  You did not even care.  But you did not care about our “little case” because there was not enough “big” money for you.  Will there ever enough money to satisfy your little, hollow, bald headed soul?   

Why do jewish, republican, real- estate lawyers conjure up so quickly the concept of greed?  The lowest, gutter individual on this earth is a jewish, republican, real estate lawyer that is involved in a legal case for profit and is being paid by the hour.  I should have never entered into an agreement with the likes of you and allowed you to be paid by the hour!  You are phucking no good thief!  Any of the above traits that stand alone is not cause for concern, but these quad-fecta attributes combined together create a potent, toxic mix than transpires all forms of human decency and greed.  

It was obvious to us, during your first appearance before Judge Christopher Browning, for summary judgment for McCreary, that you had no idea of what our case involved.  You simply did not care about our case.  You cared about getting paid.  Why do think that blood sucking lawyers like you, Poorten and Claiborne, give the other 1% of good lawyers a bad name?  You little greedy mother phucker! And the majority of lawyers have to wonder why they as a group are so despised in this nation because of their insatiable greed; unphuckinbelievable!

During our first meeting in February of 2001, I thought when we first met, you did not seem very impressive physically to me.  You Mr. Rosen are short, balding and unattractive to say the least.  But I really did think that you would make up in character of what you lacked in physical stature.  In fact I was not looking for a good looking dancing partner, but someone that was knowledgeable, competent, trust worthy and who would fight for our home in this merit less case by Marc Simon and L.J.McCreary.

Surely, as a highly recommended lawyer by other lawyers, you would surely be an impressive figure intellectually to represent us.  God, I was so phucking wrong!  You were just another douche bag lawyer trying to make money on someone else’s back.  You are what you are, a balding, characterless, turd blossom loving lawyer who was only out for himself at another good family’s expense. 

Our reason for wishing you to represent us was that we had heard some supposedly good things about you from other attorneys like Leighton Rockafellow who through his wife Millie, recommended you.  Unfortunately I have later discovered that Mr. Rockafellow is also a University of Arizona law school graduate.  I guess I had forgotten that there is no honor or honest referrals among thieves.  Mr. Rockafellow’s referral may have been accurate in the past before our case came about, but I doubt it. Maybe thieves actually work harder for other thieves than they do for real clients.  Now it seems to me like any other piece of shit, fallacy, and adverting gimmick that a lawyer is willing to conjure up.  Unfortunately, the recommendations were no better than Fran Epsen, another fellow jewish real estate crook who recommended McCreary Homes to us and we all know that McCreary Homes couldn’t build a dog house correctly without major defects if their life depended on it.  I have since learned and now believe fully that most referrals and advertising in Tucson are based on nothing more than lies. 

Is everyone on the take for the almighty buck in Tucson? Mr. Rosen, do lawyers that recommend you also receive monetary compensation from you for their referrals like Fran Epson did with L.J. McCreary and her secret referral?  Was Mr. Rockefeller paid a referral bonus?  In the end, you were no better than the outdated recommendations that McCreary Homes still fishes for, even to this day on his deceiving website.

Why in Tucson are most commercials and professional advertising based to some majority extent on deception and lies.  Commercial advertising in Tucson takes these concepts to incredibly new heights.
Maybe at one time long ago, both you and McCreary knew what you were doing as professionals, but you both should never deceptively advertise under your past and irrelevant pas laurels unless you also disclosure your past and recent failures.  Mr. Rosen, do you ever tell potential clients of how you and Alice Milton miserably failed us on our case?  Do you think McCreary Homes ever offers to tell potential clients about our disaster?  I am not a betting man, but I bet both of you don’t.  I bet you have not told a single soul since your failure to protect us from not only a fraudulent builder, but also from viperous lawyers.

Silence will now be the order of the day!

Mr. Rosen I should have seen all of the signs of incompetence, a golfing addict, a republican, a supporter of Israel and blind fool supporter of George W. Bush.  But you do not support your neocon supporting cause enough to have your son and daughter to join the Army and be all the cannon fodder that they can be in Iraq; you phucking moral hypocrite.  I believe republican jewish people like yourself are content to insist on other less fortunate to do the dirty work for you.

Why does such professional incompetence exist in Tucson at such great levels?  No matter what vocation one possess in this city, professional incompetence grows at exponential levels in the city of Tucson.  Could it be a trait that the University of Arizona promotes in their graduates?

And forgive me, but I must comment on your neocon republican support of your home state of Israel.  Mr. Rosen what comes first America or Israel?  If America is not your answer, why don’t you pick up and move your family to your preferred jewish homeland?  I used to be a supporter of Israel, but never again from what I have experienced from jews in the city of Tucson.  Phuck Israel!  I know sympathize totally with the Palestinian issue.  It is obvious to me that the jews phucked over the Palestinians just like you phucked over me.  I understand what it is like when someone like the Israeli’s steals a family’s land and home for the sheer phucking pleasure of it all. 

The Israeli and American republican jews who are lawyers want everything that a person might possess for themselves. 

Why Mr. Rosen, did my family have to suffer such financial damage after 09/11?  09 /11 happened because of our lunatic support for Israel and our accompanying Middle East policy to protect Israel and oil.  Mr. Rosen, did your law office suffer from the 09/11 attacks on the east coast?  Did you loose your home?  Did your monthly pay check get slashed in half?  Did you loose your pension?  Did you lose your bank accounts?  Why did my family have to pay so dearly for the phucked up state of Israeli affairs?  Why don’t you open up you wallet and pay if you want Israel to exist in its present state?  No, you want Israel to exist, but you want everyone else to pay for this welfare state, dysfunctional country of aborted religious ideals.  Israel could never be part of the ‘Chosen People,” because they are too entrenched in the concept of stealing from everyone.  I don’t think any kind of God would approve of such human deceptiveness.

The Israeli toxic stew of Religion and politics will never mix!

Would it not have been special, if you could have felt some type of compassion for my family home, since we were the ones paying the tab for your beloved Israel’s existence?  Where was the compassionate conservative that “your” president talked about?  Is Paul Wolfowitz your neocon hero of disaster?  Why is Wolfowitz, who was the architect of the Iraqi invasion, presently counting money at the World Bank with President Bush’s blessing?  Is Douglas Feith, another one of your jewish architects of war and cherry picker of Dick Cheney intelligence, also one of your jewish heroes?  Why shouldn’t all jews have to suffer first before all non jews are asked to pay such incredible prices for the welfare state of Israel.  Don’t you think my family has suffered enough?  Did you feel any compunction to help us since we had paid such an incredible price for your jewish homeland’s welfare?  Of course you didn’t.  That is why so few jews have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Jews like you want everyone else’s sons and daughters to foot the bill with their tax money and their lives; GFY’s!

Earlier this year Mr. Rosen, I wrote you a letter asking specific question about you, Alice Milton and our case.  True to form, it was filled with replies that tapped dance around the question and the truth with legalese deceptions of half truths and lies.  I did not expect anything more and quite frankly, much less from an incompetent and greedy individual lawyer like your self.  My questions were quite simple in nature but you still could not find the courage to answer them truthfully.

I still have many more questions for you to deceive me upon.

Mr. Rosen, beginning with our first meeting, why did you really advise against using the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) legal proceedings, rather than going to Circuit Court?  I recall your “make believe” answer was to the effect that our home would not be fixed to new home standards.  Was that the real reason Mr. Rosen or did you know that considering the construction damage to our house, the case would be quickly resolved by the judge who oversees the ROC?  Wouldn’t this mean that there would be less billable hours for your law firm?  By having us go through Circuit Court, did you advise and steer us into this course of action to us to further your law firm’s profits, by using your usual lawyer stall, tactic games?  You would not lie to me; now would you?

It would have been so much better for us to take our chance with the (ROC) judge than to have you and McCreary’s lawyers drag out a lawsuit for over two years, while spending over fifty thousand dollars in the process for absolutely nothing.  At least going through the (ROC), we would have had a better chance of getting our home fixed with our limited funds, rather than being sucked dry by you, just like a paid two bit whore might provide.  We would have been able to pay our mortgage and keep our house and land if you money sucking lawyers had never become involved with our lives.  I thought rape is still considered a crime in most states.  Maybe rape is still considered okay in red states of the south and southwest, but it would not surprise me.

During our first summary judgment motion by McCreary’s lawyers, why did allow with out our concurrence to limit our damages to the amount that McCreary said that we owed him?  McCreary’s fraudulent and inflated amount was about ninety-eight thousand dollars.  The amount to fix the house and our legal bills would easily have covered that amount and much more.  Who gave you permission to give away our rights to our damage amounts?  Why did you do this without our permission?

In the spring of 2002 we met for the first settlement agreement with Judge Skip Whitley as facilitator.  We came to that meeting in good faith and with an understanding that we had an agreement on how to proceed with fixing the house.  If you recall, I was the person that offered the solution to have a third party, an independent construction expert, settle the dispute if our own separate construction experts, Fred Pace and Phillip Rosenberg could not agree on responsibility, cause or remedy.   

I believed that this was the fairest way to settle our dispute with McCreary’s building incompetence.  There was only one problem; McCreary’s lawyers had no intention of good faith bargaining our solutions to fix our home.   Why didn’t you or Alice Milton file a motion before Judge Browning to have the work not just expedited but even done at all?  You and Milton in fact did nothing during the next ten months that ensued until or eventual foreclosure.  You phucking bastard!

Never trust the majority of lawyer because their words are as worthless as the amount of character that they will never possess.

So Mr. Rosen, after ten months from the spring settlement agreement, not a single item was fixed on our home.  Why did you allow this to happen Mr. Rosen?  Why did you not have a motion before Judge Browning to force McCreary’s lawyers to proceed with the original settlement agreement?  Why did you and Alice Milton screw up on the settlement agreement? Why were you both asleep at the wheel of our case?  How incompetent could you and Alice Milton have been on our case?  Events should have never been allowed to progress in this direction but you didn’t care as long as the checks kept coming in every month. 

You are both such scumbags for allowing this fraud on my family to have been perpetrated.  If my house had been fixed earlier, I would not have been forced into this financial corner in December of 2002.  I lost my home and land because both lawyers on each side of the legal table along with State Farm Insurance were able to milk this case for as long as they could. 

Justice on our case was never served; in fact it was not even consulted with!

Mr. Rosen, please tell me why my wife had to help your law firm one day for over six hours to find paperwork for an upcoming hearing?  Why was your legal firm so incompetent on this matter? 

Mr. Rosen, please tell me why concerning our lawsuit, that your law firm missed a deadline with a court to appearance?  Isn’t 90% of the battle having the professionalism and courage to just show up?  Why did you allow this to happen?

Mr. Rosen, why did we have to miss an inspection at our home because your partner, Alice Milton gave the inspectors and us the wrong date to appear?

Mr. Rosen, with all of your previous bankruptcy experience, please tell me why you advised us to let the house go to foreclosure rather file for bankruptcy?  Make no mistake about it; I would have done anything to save our home and land.  Mr. Rosen, were you advising us in “our” best interest or were you advising us in “your” best interest?  If we had filed bankruptcy, would you have lost more money on our case?

Mr. Rosen, with your experience in the mortgage brokerage business, why did you not try and help us with refinancing our mortgage when our financial problems were mounting?  Why did you not offer to help in our problem?  Why did you not offer to negotiate with our mortgage company in order to save our house?  Why did you not offer and see if you could help us at all with your mortgage broker connections?  You left us all alone to navigate this terrible path.  Thank you so much for your help and compassion.

Mr. Rosen why did you not advise on what to expect from this case and how we could prepare ourselves?  We trusted you that you were taking care of everything but in retrospect, you did not.  We had one chance to get this case right, and your law firm blew it!  You let Poorten and Claiborne beat you and finally us because you didn’t even care enough to care.  McCreary got away with construction defect murder because you and Milton were so phucking incompetent and really didn’t care if justice was dispensed in this case.

Mr. Rosen, did you even care if L.J. McCreary was stopped in exploiting and defrauding good Arizona families?  I believe you would prefer that defective builders keeping building bad homes for families since it might bring you more future repeat business from builders who exploit the system.  Is that the reason that you remained so silent and reticent on the sidelines while we were getting raped?  Was it something so simple that you could not insist on justice being metered out because you would end up biting the hand that feeds you?  If the building industry was cleaned up by winning construction defect lawsuits against bad builders like McCreary Homes, there would be no lawsuits and no money for greedy little republican jewish lawyers like you.  You could have been a saint by helping us; instead you let us financially bleed to death for you own personal gain.

Do you know how phucking sick the above premise is in the eyes of justice?  I thought you took an oath to protect the rule of law and your client’s best interest.   What happened Dennis?  Did you need a different color BMW, did your children need a spring vacation in Cancun or did your wife need another tummy tuck, butt and face lift?  What the phuck happened with your morals and conscience?  You will only be able to answer that question; if you ever had one or any?

Lady Justice is not blind, she’s got a phucking telescope hooked up to her eye and she’s presently counting up the money in the backroom with opposing counsel and the judge!

As I have said before, greed is the worst of all human emotions.  So many other acts and emotions propagate from this one terrible emotion.

Mr. Rosen, all it takes for evil to exist in the world is for good men to do nothing.  And there comes a time when silence is betrayal.  You were as silent as a deaf mute without a tongue.  Mr. Rosen, why have you remained so silent?  Is it you guilt that silences you?  You could have helped, but you didn’t.  Mr. Rosen you remained silent while others raped us as you watched from your professional balcony.  Rather than offer us help and a way out, you chose to let us fend for ourselves in our greatest moment of need.

You will always be considered the lowest form of a human being for not helping your fellow man and client in their greatest moment of need.  You performed legal malfeasance and malpractice on our case.  You could have stepped up to the plate, but you choose to soil in your diaper for fear of conjuring up an ethical, moral and response to your clients and fellow mans needs.

And one day Dennis Rosen on your tombstone your epitaph should read if it is ever to be accurate:  Here lies Dennis Rosen, a reported man who will always be known as an greedy individual who supported republican causes and George W. Bush and the thousand of lives that were lost because of lies and whose character was never in question because his diminished height was always in direct proportion to have matched his shallow, avarice, and self serving character at the expense of so many others; especially one Tucson family.

So Mr. Rosen, Happy Hanukah, Passover, Easter or whatever in the phuck you pretend to celebrate and try to appear holy as.  It surely is all one big lie.  And thank you so much for the past four years of misery that you could have so easily prevented if you and Alice Milton had only just cared enough to muster up the courage to fight for my family and our rights against the concept of your bank accounts and your characterless characters.

Long live Palestine!

Without any regards; GFY’s

“The Arizona Refugee”

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