Date:   Apr 3, 2009


Title:  Let’s Cluster Fuck our Way to the Poor House


Dear SAHBA members and the Tucson public:

Seriously; who is going to buy one of your God damn defectively built homes when the economy and the banking industry is in the shitter?  How can a Tucson resident buy anything when you morons at SAHBA vote for candidates that send jobs overseas and love starting foreign wars.  Brilliant SAHBA folk; vote for candidate that end middle class jobs so that people have no money and then they will come to your irrelevant home shows and look at what they cannot buy.  You guys and hardened gals at SAHBA and the republican Party that you subscribe to are fucking geniuses.

How is it all working out?  How about 8 more million homes into foreclosure during the next four years?  What do you think this will do for the SAHBA/Tucson home building industry?{93DE5904-2ED2-4A76-8ACB-8E91439F841B}

SAHBA members and executives should be ashamed at allowing good Arizona families to lose their homes to foreclosure because of SAHBA member defective building practices and support of SAHBA’s legal counsel, to protect corrupt and fraudulent builders and sub-contractors.
What do you think it feels like SAHBA to be a family in foreclosure?  Do you have any idea the pain and cost to the community that foreclosures bring?  It is an outright shame that people in SAHBA approve of such business antics.

Let the games of lying and deceptions begin; but who is really going to come?   A “Live Green” theme from a republican union of building industry members, that vote for republican candidates and who think that global warming is a comical farce of insincerity; how special can this be?  This SAHBA shtick to promote “living green” is just another scam by this SAHBA union of greedy builders, developers and sub-contractors to cash in on a “green theme” and increase business and profits

In its current effort to help advertise the gigantic home building, depression bubble cluster fuck, SAHBA has scheduled for public display, the phony green theme, and will do, or say, or lie to you about anything you want to hear during its Barnum and Bailey style, SAHBA Spring Home Show on April 3, 4 and 5. 

But just because SAHBA has a home show or builds a home does not mean that the public will come.   Unfortunately for SAHBA, this is exactly like SAHBA bi-decade, twenty year Parade of Homes circus of homes that were built back in 2007 and are mostly still vacant. 

You have proven SAHBA that if you build it; they will not come.

This year happens to be the five year anniversary since our first protest march at the TCC to bring public attention to the human family tragedies that SAHBA supports and defends its members against public and legal prosecution.  In 2004 our protest brought attention to SAHBA members and the public, SAHBA member fraud, defective building techniques and the incredible harm that is brought to Arizona families by SAHBA backed expensive legal proceeding that result in home foreclosures for these families. 

Did you not believe SAHBA that foreclosure would ever be a negative event for the “Community Builder?”  How has foreclosure affected your business model beginning in 2007 through today?  SAHBA should be careful what they choose to wish for, or what they choose to be indifferent about. 

That April 2004 protest march ended with new SAHBA President Ed Taczanowsky trying to have me arrested for a fictitious pedestrian/auto accident that never happened.  Mr. Taczanowsky proved to me at that very moment that SAHBA and he will go as far and as low as they possibly can to further their agenda of fraud and deception of the public’s trust in the “Community Builders.”  Dirty tricks, to include false police reports are just another   Mr. Taczanowsky has learned to play the game with a repertoire of dirty tricks that republican douche bags like him are so well known for.

So every six months you are forced to have this very tired show of product philandering to the public’s empty bank accounts.

Here we go again.

Oh God; I know the Tucson public can’t wait for this star studded event show by the ever tiring, Sarlot and Eyed’s (not again) for the promotion of day dreaming deception imagination when the economy and home building industry slips closer to depression standards.  It is so fitting that SAHBA again chooses this duo that just happens to specialize, just like some SAHBA Certified Custom Builders, in the art of deception.

Hey, but why couldn’t SAHBA afford those classy Duct Tape Boys or the Tool Ho again?  Is it possible that the fact that the past SAHBA Home Show last October had 30% less people that attended this fantasy land show of excess with so many unneeded frivolities have anything to do with this tired choice again?  I still sense that the Duct Tape Boys exemplify the competency and quality that SAHBA Custom Home Builders like L.J. McCreary has exhibited.

But there is only one small problem again SAHBA executive pukes with the idea of your Home Show; who can afford to even come to this home fantasy island event, let alone buy anything?  I can even assume $8 dollars per person will be a non-starter to begin with.  Sixteen dollars could buy a family a meal at McDonalds whereas the SAHBA Home Show will only provide you with a loss of sixteen dollars and leave you angry that you will not be able to afford any of these home products or SAHBA defectively built custom homes that SAHBA ‘s Certified Custom Builder Program may want you to buy.

How does one buy anything when there is no extra cash except for shelter, food and clothing or non-existent credit available for anyone?  Did you morons at SAHBA get the message when to date only two of your seven homes have sold from your pretentious SAHBA Parade (Charade) of Homes in February of 2008?  I told you greedy bastards that this SAHBA Bajada Parade of Homes would not sell but you went ahead anyways because after all, SAHBA members like L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary homes and Mike Davis of Arizona Designs; Kitchens and Baths, are solely in it for the greed factor.

One must assume that it will be at least another 20 years before SAHBA if it is still around, tries to swindle the public again with such bogus fantasy fairs.  Read the following article how these SAHBA built homes are begging to be sold and builders are begging to have their construction loans re-financed. Maybe the homes that haven’t sold were defectively constructed; a SAHBA legacy trait. 

It would have been nice if our mortgage could have been restructured because of short term legal cost.  SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky could have helped in getting us a loan modification after SAHBA supported McCreary Homes by even offering their legal counsel, Marc Simon to represent this little, fraudulent, crook, L.J. (Little Johnson/Character) McCreary of McCreary Homes.

Isn’t it great when a SAHBA builder takes out a loan to build these homes and then the economy crashes and the homes drops in value for an immediate loss for the builder and?   Why do builders get to modify their loans through the banks, but home owners are not granted the same privilege?  This is what my family experienced with a drop in home value because of defective building nightmare that was provided to us by SAHBA’s McCreary Homes.    

SAHBA homes are not selling and money from home equity loans, the only way that the majority of Tucsonans can afford home remodeling, is no longer an option with depressed home prices.  Didn’t home prices in Tucson just drop another 10-17% in 2008? 

One would think that SAHBA officials like fast Eddie Taczanowsky would have got the message last October during the Fall Home Show when hardly anyone came, but that hasn’t seemed to deter his delusions of grandeur.

Wow SAHBA pukes; you as the self professed “Community Builders” have finally killed the golden goose that has fed you for so many years; consumer demand.  Who needs or wants to buy anything when your family could be foreclosed and put on the soup kitchen line during the next six months.  They were all such heady times SAHBA from 2000 to 2007, when you were busy swindling, cheating and defrauding clients with your penchant for corruption with your bought and paid for politicians like former SAHBA lobbyist and now current state Sen. Jonathan Patton, who worked for you against consumer best interest.

Everyone knows how the game is played at the state capitol and in Washington DC; politicians are bought by corporate interest to include association like the corrupt building industry that SAHBA represents.

SAHBA new shtick for this spring time show is to concentrate on promoting the “Live Green” agenda as a desperate gamble to instill some kind or just any type of demand, no matter how small in the pursuit of profit and prevention of sub-contractor and home builder bankruptcies.  Now I wonder, if the over 700 SAHBA members can tell me as a majority association of republicans how they can embrace a “Live Green” campaign when there politics would never allow themselves to acknowledge “green principles” or support former Vice-President and presidential candidate AL Gore and his “Live Green” principles back in 2000? 

Do you back the principle SAHBA members or do you just back the idea of increasing your bank account for the latest fad? 

How come SAHBA members have now found Jesus?  Isn’t this like a serial killer asking for forgiveness and the Last Rights on their death bed?  Why were you not on the green agenda, eight years ago or even one year ago SAHBA?  Was there not a growing crisis concerning energy and green house gasses back then? 

Did I recall many of your members, especially the real estate agent ones who bought H-2 Hummers in 2003 with those Bush tax incentives for vehicles weighing over 6000 lbs?  Wasn’t it special to see women driving huge Hummers around town from 2003 to 2007?  How green can one get?  Why would so many women like the idea of riding on a Hummer?   They don’t seem to be driving or purchasing any of these tanks any longer in 2009.  What has happened?  Now these real estate ladies have parked their Hummers and instead of GM making fuel efficient cars, GM stands on the edge of bankruptcy as soon as this June. 

Nice job GM and President Bush for helping to ruin the auto industry.  The auto industry asked for a rope and you passed legislation that put it around its neck in a move of future failure.  It all kind of sounds like the former senator, Phil Gramm (R- TX) and current UBS banking lobbyist and his 1999, Financial Services Modernization Act, now doesn’t it?  Did anyone forget that George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff, Andrew Card was a former GM executive?  No; there are no chickens and there are certainly no connections here for this 2003 GM tax break incentive that was legislated to sell more Hummers. 

Does anyone really wonder why America like the past Roman Empire is in a state of decline?  Because of these obvious political panderin for profits, SAHBA and your home building industry will never return to the building levels of 2005.  Too many people have lost too much money in their 401K’s and the stock market.  America has strangled itself in debt and will not climb out of this mess for at least a generation to come.  I am not a betting man but I will see you on this one folks.

The whole God damn government, including state and federal halls of Congress, is so God damn corrupt!  Does anyone go to Phoenix or Washington anymore without the intent of getting rich from corporate sponsor money and bribes?  Where is former Arizona Rep. Rick Renzi (R) when you need him to answer a question; indicted perhaps?  America will fail because of greed and the accompanying corruption that it brings.  I trust no politician or businessman in this day in age. 

Is there anyone that is not corrupt for the almighty buck and does not lie like a dog today?  I think not.  But if so; I would lie to meet them.  The American standard of character has stepped off a cliff into the hole of deceit, deception and lies.  There is no return to integrity for this baby boom generation that has prided itself on greed and living in a vacuum that so easily sucks away their morals and ethics into space. 

But aren’t the vast majority of real estate agents, like Fran Epsen, the Tucson, secret kick back artist from LONG Realty, members of SAHBA and the republican Party?  There seems to be an obvious connection here between greed and the embracement of the republican Party.  Could I be wrong?  No way!   

Could this scam be just like the health craze that was in full swing a few years ago when everything was being labeled “natural” and “organic”as a consumer scam to sell more products through deception of being healthier with the simple inclusion of these words?  Your Mrs. Green for the bucks, “Live Green” campaign is just another consumer scam to trick people into buying overpriced SAHBA services from desperate people that can’t sell anything in this economy that they have voted for with the presidency of George W. Bush and lobbyist/ republicans like Jonathan Patton.   Elections do have consequences.

And on a political note for the SAHBA douche bags, do they ever wonder what the country and their industry would be like if Al Gore had been elected president in 2000?  Can one just imagine if we never started the lying ass Iraq War or if the corruption on Wall Street and the banking industry had been investigated and regulated?  Remember, there were people who knew Bernie Madoff and had been complaining to the SEC for ten years that Madoff was running a Ponzi Scheme, and no one investigated.  I am sure SEC Chairman Chris Cox, a former republican representative from California did his very best to investigate such fraud and corruption.  Yeah right.  Just imagine what the economy would be like today if someone, anyone had the courage or balls to investigate the criminals on Wall Street? 

No terrorist in a cave could have ever dreamed of doing the damage to the United States economy and in turn our nation’s national security and vital interest; its people as these Wall Street greedy fucks have.  We have fucking tent cities being pitched up and soup kitchens being fired up as I speak.  Sometimes I cannot believe how incredibly fucked up the enabling republicans of the George Bush and Reagan legacy have totally decimated this country by design.  Sure, let’s go ahead and ship some more of those jobs to China and India with some more Sen. Jon Kyl (R- AZ) estate tax cuts for the wealthy and just pretend that everything will be fucking A- okay if you close your eyes and just look the other way.

But now, SAHBA executive pukes are once again forced by their member’s greed to stage and promote this program of self serving gratification and prostitution for the almighty buck in the face of a drowning economic depression.  The stock market may be making temporary gains this past week but it will not last unlike the debt from wars and Wall Street crooks that have doomed this country and its economy for years to come.  Also, your home values in Tucson will only continue to decrease since American worker jobs, with your consent by voting for republicans, have been sent to China and India and the American workers of today make less now than he or she at the beginning of the Bush regime in 2001.

Something is terribly wrong!

But in spite of this SAHBA show of fantasy island ideas, I have some better ideas for the SAHBA show and subjects for the SAHBA workshops that you sure do not want to miss.  Are you ready ladies and gentleman for 28 hours of almost non stop entertainment and imaginary benefits for home ideas, all for just the price of a McDonald’ happy meal for four?

The possible suggestions for inclusion in SAHBA workshops are as follows:


Friday April 3, 2009

11:00 AM - The illusionist duo of Trollop and Seedy performing their magical program of deception and half truths for the benefit of SAHBA builders and their eventual use of such techniques on unsuspecting clients.

12:30 PM - Workshop performed by Happy go Lucky Hannah on emotional techniques to prevent your almost certain suicide if any of the public SAHBA participants ever decide to have a SAHBA Certified Custom Builder attempt to build them a defectively built home.

01:00 PM - Workshop on how to prevent from getting scammed by SAHBA builders and sub-contractors, simply by refraining from coming to these shamefully self serving SAHBA product advertorial clinics.

02:00 PM – Workshop on how to protect your home from Tucson ever increasing home invasion crime problem by just building a higher extension to the gates of Tucson’s wealthy and closed mind enclosed, gated communities.

03:30 PM - Workshop by SAHBA lifetime director and former legal counsel, Marc Simon of “Snail and Wilmer” on how to delay legal proceedings and force good Arizona families out of their defectively built SAHBA homes; all from the benefits of extended legal delays and resulting cost.  Justice has never been more expensive.

04:30 PM - Workshop by L.J. McCreary on how he has in the past (and possibly today) hired unlicensed contractors and illegal aliens to perform work on his client’s homes.  As an added bonus, L.J. McCreary will show you how to promise clients anything like personally supervising their build and then show up to the project leas than four times.  Also, L.J. McCreary will help give you his secrets on improving your lying skills that will be needed to sell defectively built, SAHBA made homes to the public.

06:00 PM - Workshop conducted by Michael O’Brien and Tam Newell of Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths on how to construct a kitchen island that is so dangerous and unstable that it could collapse with just a slight nudge into the structure.  Also, Michael O’Brien will tell you the process of being violated by the Registrar of Contractors for two years since he has had first hand experience with Arizona Designs violating normal construction standards.


Saturday - April 4, 2009

11:00 AM - Trollop and Seedy perform their same show of deception but give it while speaking Spanish only.

12:30 PM -  Denise McCreary performs for the SAHBA crowd by blowing into the large end of her saxophone and attempting to show SAHBA participants on how she screws client by sticking her saxophone up her ass.

02:00 PM - Workshop given by SAHBA president Ed Taczanowsky on how to write-up fraudulent work orders from his coaching of TCC employees on how to write up fake police reports to families that protest his unnecessary home show that is now given in the interest of the wealthier people of Tucson.

03:30 PM - Workshop by SAHBA Chairman Steve Washburn, a Certified Custom Builder member from Washburn Homes on how to keep a straight face to your customers when you know deep down in your heart that your lying through the teeth to your them, just as L.J.  McCreary lied to us.  Washburn Homes may or may not build a defective free custom home.  What does the truth deflective title of “Certified Custom Builder Program” mean; absolutely God damn nothing.  The jingle is for the benefit of the builder to lower your guard and then swindle.

06:00 PM - Workshop given by Architectural Traditions/Southwest Door/Butler Door on how to make wooden doors that you can actually see through and which dust, dirt, rain, snow, insects, heat and cold can come right into your living room. 


Sunday – Apr 5, 2009

11:00 AM  - Trollop and Seedy will perform their same ever tiring delusional act in Spanish while stripping naked to wake up the Sunday morning church crowd that is still asleep.

12:30 AM - President Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, will conduct a workshop on how to look and act desperate as a blue print for her fellow building presidents and real estate agents like her, who also are desperate to sell anything; even if it is a defectively constructed McCreary Homes dog house that leaks water down the walls.

02:00 PM -  Workshop on suicide prevention for families that have used SAHBA builders and had their dream destroyed by having these same SAHBA builders and sub-contractors build them a defective home and ruin their one chance at purchasing a custom home.

03:00 PM -  Workshop given by Fran Epsen of LONG Realty on how to set up and deceive potential clients by brokering illegal monetary kick back schemes for fraudulent referrals like L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes.

04:00 PM -  Workshop conducted by L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes on the benefits to society, when the “Community Builders” build defective homes and then have their lawyers sue and eventually force good Arizona families from their homes if they have the audacity to even object to such fraud against their families.

05:00 PM - Time out for the public to take a sanity break from all of this SAHBA madness that is manufactured to instill a fervor demand that will never be consummated because everyone is now broke from the Reagan/ Bush/Bush policies and economies of the past 28 years.  This past economy of 2005 days is not coming back soon.

06:00 PM - Thank God that this self promoting SAHBA Home Show is finally over for the suckers that believe they become home owners and home improvement customers with a pay check to pay check economy, lost home equity from banks that will not lend you money from the hundreds of billions of your tax dollar funded, Hank Paulson, Wall Street bailout money.  And the country goes up in arms about AIG’s 165 million bonuses which do suck, but say nothing in anger about the billions that Paulson/ Bush gave to banks and insurance companies or how about the three trillion dollar cost of the Iraq war, a war that you have not paid for yet.  Making war is easy when one man wants it and it is then paid for with a credit card from the US tax payer. 

Oh the SAHBA Home Show should be great fun, especially if they allow such human interest workshops to be exhibited.  Maybe then and only then, the public could benefit from the truth about SAHBA members who defraud good Arizona families into financial oblivion and the remainder of sheep amongst its membership who hear no evil or see no evil and choose to remain silent while such anti-family values are promoted.  How could anyone choose to live in a city/state that allows its citizens to be so financially raped by the corporate builders at SAHBA?

All it takes for evil toe exist even at a SAHBA Home Show if for good men and women to remain silent.  Maybe it is not a question of good men and woman remaining silent.  Maybe from the beginning, they were never any good people in the first place in Tucson.

Sincerely and with incredible shame for your members and association,

“The Arizona Refugee”

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