Date:  12 October, 2007

Subject:  The Fall 2007 Home Show

Title:  The SAHBA “Custom Home Builder Program,” doesn’t know jack shit!

SAHBA can custom build you anything. Let's build a dancing pole! SAHBA can even build you a blow up doll.


Dear republican SAHBA members:

Do you prefer parodies, or do you prefer pole dancers?   Tell the truth please.

Oh, you are in for such a treat!  How about both?  Come on SAHBA male majority male members. You know you want the blind folded, naked pole dancer, dressed to the nines in those provocative six inch heels, yelling out your name and saying; “come here baby and phuck me!”

McCreary Homes said the same thing to us, with their enticement to build my family a custom and competently built home.  McCreary Homes said; “Come and phuck me by signing on our bottom line and satisfying our insatiable need to deceive you from your money.”  But instead, SAHBA/McCreary Homes managed to put copious amounts of Maui beach sand into the love tube, KY jelly Aladdin’s lamp of three wish delight, all filled with nocturnal and daytime nightmares for dissemination.  And then SAHBA/ McCreary Homes decided to really phuck me and my family by building us a defective home and suing us for the pleasure! 

Yes, I know how it feels to get phucked by the Tucson building industry!  I was phucked by SAHBA/ McCreary Homes and I didn’t even get a SAHBA pole dancer.  Instead of such erotic fun, my family and I just got the SAHBA royal corrupted shaft treatment.

Attention boys and girls!  Could it really be that time again in Tucson for SAHBA’s home construction pomp and circumstance extravaganza to rear its ugly head?  Is it really that time for SAHBA’s semi-annual, home building, snow job show, slated for testosterone and Viagra enhanced male public consumption to entice the public to spend their money on unneeded goods and services?  Come on folks; you know the show that is put on for your benefit so that you can be deceived and fooled again by their wild ass claims of competence?  The empty talk, the colorful fake brochures and web site testimonials of some of the SAHBA builder’s claims, are pure works of fictional imagination. But maybe SAHBA’s builder claims are just plain works of deception.  

It has been rumored this week that SAHBA’s, “Certified Custom Home Builder Program,” has recently been awarded the prestigious NABBA association award for their development of the best program in the nation, in the category of pure fiction.

Yes folks, once again the SAHBA Home Show is here upon use!  Hip, hip, hoo, phucking hooray!  Women and children, run for cover and then bend over and kiss you asses good-bye!  SAHBA is the community phucker! 

This year, SAHBA’s goal is to sell you homes and services that are based on sexual promotion.  SAHBA is a republican Super PAC that is obviously must be Christian based like all good little republicans are these days.  Jesus was, and still is a neocon supporting republican.

Did SAHBA members realize that Jesus was an early recipient of early SAHBA building offerings?  SAHBA’s first “Certified Custom Home Builder” project was that broken down stable in Bethlehem.  SAHBA even back then substituted inferior goods and work and still overcharged on the full contracted price. 

And did SAHBA members also realize that Jesus was recently honored (by NABBA also) as the world’s first capitalist for selling his dying diseased donkey for a 200% profit.  Jesus made out like a republican bandit by lying about the donkey’s origins and health!  Jesus just said that the donkey was being fed steroids and the buyers were tickled pink at the thought of increased work loads with that poor donkey.  Nice deal Jesus! 

Is there any doubt today, that Jesus Christ would have been recruited by a Wall Street firm, like Goldman Sachs’s, jewish attorney, Jamie Spraygen, to hire on as a present day power broker.  Would Jesus Christ choose to further his education by obtaining a law degree to hurt and pilfer people?  Would Jesus Christ today, on behalf of Goldman Sachs, invest in Dafur for profit?  Please, don’t kid yourself if you choose to be honest.

But republican evangelicals believe that God indeed wants you to become a billionaire and rule the world; praise be the phucking Lord!  Praise be the phucking money!  SAHBA members; your religions are so phucked up and if you question; you will agree.

Yes folks, SAHBA’s “Certified Custom Home Builder Program” along with their regular corrupted builders and sub- contractors, have had a storied and maniacal past that they just can’t shake or deny.

But in spite of SAHBA’s previous transgression, The SAHBA Home Show will still be taking place on this magical Autumnal weekend of October, 12, 13 and 14.  This year, the SAHBA theme will be: “The promotion of the republican “Certified Custom Home Building Program” which chooses to teach individuals from building companies that desire to build successful enterprises, how to operate a business, solely based on the principles of sex, corruption, fraud deceit, lies and cheating.

Unfortunately, SAHBA’s Home Show traffic will be extremely low this year, with the sub-prime mortgage meltdown in progress, home prices falling, the strength of the dollar tanking, credit card debt at historic highs, and a deep recession looming on the near horizon.  Those heady days of 2005 are long gone for the Tucson Building industry and the public, since home equity loans from perceived home price appreciation is a thing of the past.  People will not buy unnecessary products and incompetent over priced services, because their money and further debt accrual are just not there to agree to.  Americans now understand that the home building mortgage system is now, nothing more than a noose, to be put around your neck, and worry about.

But never let it be said that SAHBA members, including builders and sub-contractors are just bunch of republican perverts at heart, just like their hypocritical elected politicians Senators Larry Craig and David Vitter and Pastor Ted Haggard that they support.  No, even some republican voters are still reported to enjoy the pursuit and company of a women; like Home Discovery Channel’s  Norma Vally, also know by the ever self proclaimed hook corny hook line of; “The Tool Belt Diva.”

Ms. Vally brings her full court press, upper jiggy show to the Tucson Convention Center tomorrow, when she makes her way to try and work her female building magic (sex appeal) for the SAHBA girlie men, of the “Certified Custom Home Builder Program.” 

Ms. Vally’s primary goal this weekend will be to see if she can teach SAHBA’s crooked and corrupted members how to correctly build a home without numerous structural defects, while preventing bankrupting their customer’s families in the process from their incompetence.  Expectations are extremely low for this endeavor. 

It will be a tall order for Ms. Vally to even attempt, yet let alone fulfill this pipe dream of a mission that can only be described as impossible.  How do you even get these “Certified Custom Builder” to build anything that approaches competence when the workers that they have hired in to their building companies are illegal aliens that cannot event read or speak English?

It is so heart warming to watch republican family values, so hard at work.  Last spring’s home show theme was presented with a little cute girl looking as if she just returned from an Easter Sunday brunch, and still dressed in her Sunday finest, best dressed. 

This fall the theme seems to be just a little bit more advanced on the level of Chorus Line’s; tits and ass.  And just like a Broadway Chorus Line revival revue, and being theme influenced by a Tim Tool Time assistant female, even the most celibate minds of republicans are starting to feel just a bit horny at steady temperatures.  Yes folks, republicans do believe that sex sells out everything, including U.S Senators, but unfortunately, it is not going to sell SAHBA houses during a mortgage melt down and home recession bust.

So what will SAHBA have next year; hard core XXX service maids performing for the SAHBA member’s critical viewing pleasure?  I can’t wait to see!

And I am sure that this fall’s home show special guest host, Norma Vally, the “Valley “Girl” Diva,” was probably paid a pretty good sum of money, just like other professional, that include political prostitutes and whores, who are accustomed these days to tantalize clients needs, for the almighty buck.

It is quite a sad commentary, how SAHBA’s lumbering, behemoth; Lizzette Felix can plod along, as she gives promotional corpulence, to a SAHBA’s website that unabashedly promotes this event. Ms. Felix could not even write an original biography on little Ms. Tool Belt, but decided instead to lift her skimpy bio from the pages of multiple websites.   I shouldn’t complain.  I lifted to!  

If SAHBA can’t build a home correctly, it is a given that they will not be able to come up with an original idea for a page on their website either.   In all fairness, it was nice of SAHBA to publish the senseless “Diva Facts” on their website in order to provide you the customer, with more useless informational frivolities.  Tell me; who even gives a phuck what you did twenty years ago as a teen age bimbo.

Actually it has been reported through the grapevine that Ms Vally, AKA the Tool Belt Teacher, will actually be teaching classes to SAHBA’s moronic “Certified Custom Home Builder Program” members, since there have been numerous complaints against this fraudulent group of Prima Donna custom builders, some who couldn’t build a dog house correctly from meticulous drawn plans without phucking it up for little Fido.

Ms. Vally will also be teaching a class for home builders to teach them how to not financially rip off their customers through fraud and overcharging corruption schemes that eventually results in lawsuit and there customers losing their homes. 

The special sponsor for Ms. Vally additional workshops will be none other than L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, who specialize in defective building, fraud and overall building corruption.   L.J. McCreary is a coveted member of SAHBA super special, “Certified Custom Home Builder Program” that seeks to deceive home owners, by professing their hidden ineptitude through useless advertising claims of competence and make believe testimonials.

Beside Ms. Vally’s classes on home builder defects and stopping business practices that hurt Arizona families, there will be a number of other classes that Ms. Vally will attempt to indoctrinate, to some of Tucson’s finest construction criminals and frauds. 

Ms. Vally will provide these additional SAHBA program workshop classes, starting at 10:00 AM, for the many struggling SAHBA members, especially the “Certified Custom Home Builders,” who have enormous ethics issues and ever increasing defective building practice liabilities being added onto their names and the two year Registrar of Contractors spotlight. 

Ms, Vally’s schedule is as follows:

  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to choose to stop lying, cheating and stealing from your customers about promises that have been mad contractually, but have not delivered, even if you are a pathological liar to begin with.  (10:00AM) Sat/ Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to stop hiring illegal aliens to work on your construction projects by forcing them to pay you to work for your company and offering to threaten their families in Mexico with violence.  (10:15) Sat/ Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to stop companies (McCreary Homes) from not paying attention to their companies core business, because they are too busy trying to join illegal pyramid scams (L.J. McCreary), like the Amway/ Quickstar program, in order to get rich and retire early. (10:30) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to teach your illegal aliens which you hire, to not skimp on building materials, even though they have been told by you that you will fire them if they don’t; just to maximize profits. (10:45) Sat/ Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to stop paying your illegal alien workers under the table in order to prevent yourself from paying any federal taxes on your illegal employees.  (11:00) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to teach owners of Tucson building companies to speak Spanish in order to communicate with their illegally hired workers. (11:15) Sat/Sun

(Out to Lunch- 11:30 to April 2008).............................................

  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to stop from ordering and putting in an entire wrong color home window package that cost over eighteen thousand dollars in custom homes that you are building.  (12:30)  Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to build a home where water does not infiltrate from a second story porch, through the walls to the lower garage and porch.  (12: 45)  Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to build wooden grooved ceilings that do not, for at least two months after construction, begin to collapse because of the use of inferior cheaper wood that you have substituted out in order to save money.  Ms. Vally will then teach you how you can pocket the difference in your bank account and still over charge the customer by marking up your crime.  (13:00) Sat/Sun  
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to pour a garage floor and driveway with the proper slope away from the house so that water does not infiltrate into the garage.  McNary Concrete will be assisting in this workshop, since Mike McNary is the expert in this field that uses illegal alien workers that do not even speak or understand English. (13:15) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to stop hiring sub-contractors like Arizona Designs Kitchen and Baths, ( Mike O’Brien/ Tam Newell) Terra Cotta Framing (Mike Clark), McNary Concrete (Mike McNary), Andros Refrigeration (Blaine Seymour) and Architectural Traditions, (Mark Butler, formerly Southwest Door) who all construct and build junk products, as if it was their first construction job in an impoverished third world country.  (13:30) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to refrain from hiring construction supervisors like (like McCreary Home’s, Ray Quintero) for your company, that have less than six months experience in the construction trades and who have been recently laid off from working in strip mining companies as a strip mine, diesel engine mechanic. (13:45) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to stop having printed slick brochures and web sites, that having glowing testimonials about projects that either never have, or neither will happen, or are just a pathological stretch of the imagination as L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes uses with his testimonial of Bruce G. DuPont and our foreclosed, damaged home (14:00) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to stop offering builder financial kick backs to supposed real estate professionals, like Fran Epsen of Long Realty, in order to recommend your company as competent and deserving of a customer’s business. (14:15) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to stop padding on additional fictional cost to customers when you are caught cheating on their customers numerous building requirements. (14:30) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to stop ruining you customer’s lives by forcing them into lawsuits and financially bankrupting their families to the point that they lose their homes.  (14:30) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show you how to find a good for nothing, scruple less jewish lawyer ( Marc Simon) in Tucson, (an easy endeavor), who will sue innocent Arizona families for the thrill of it and at the same time defend your corrupt and defective building practices when they are finally exposed to the public.  (15:00) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will you show the women in the audience, along with the SAHBA “Certified Custom Home Builders,” clinic on how to pump up their slumping republican silicone breast with less expensive Chinese lead laden and Vitamin B enhanced putty.  (15:15) Sat/Sun
  1. Ms. Vally will show the ladies in the audience how they can build an inexpensive pole dancing shaft in their living rooms that will not break when their republican fat asses will begin to expand like the Big Bang Universe.  (15:45) Sat/Sun
  1.  And for the Grand Finally, Ms. Vally will participate and lead in a 30 minute, mostly all male SAHBA nude review, with a red white and blue fire works display, to celebrate the graduates of her all encompassing, builder workshops. (16:00) Sat/Sun; Film at eleven!

And as a special treat on Sunday, after the regular show has concluded, Ms. Vally along with SAHBA chairman Art Flagg of “KB (Sucks) Homes,” will offer the remaining two homeless people in the crowd a special treat.  Ms. Vally and Mr. Flagg will show the SAHBA “Certified Custom Home Builder Program” builders a special course on how to mount dual cell phone microphones, technically called “ear dicks,” on each side of their mouths so that they can communicate with two individuals at the same time talking out of both sides of their mouths. Dual “ear dicks” assure that primal feeling that there are at least two phallic symbols within inches of their mouths.

So is this what it has come down to SAHBA members?  You have a women to show a little cleavage to get your moronic members and possible new customers that won’t be there for years, to show up and practice getting a hard on; just for the fun of it.  How pathetic and desperate is that?  Or could it be that Ms. Diva really did come here to show the boys like L.J. McCreary and McCreary Homes how to build a house without phucking it up, or the lives of its customers with numerous major defects. 

Wouldn’t it be great if Ms. Vally Diva really did run a course on basic Home Building #101, for all SAHBA members, especially the “Certified Custom Home Builders” and their sub contracting illegal alien workers, who do not know what they are even doing in the construction business?  Come on boys, you wouldn’t be embarrassed by having a woman show you how to correctly build a home without swindling the customer; now would you?

Why don’t you just admit it SAHBA members, no matter how much you try and dress up this mortgage meltdown pig that you helped create, it is not going to change anytime soon.  New home sales now for 2008, are estimated to be 23% lower next year.  And besides, Tucson has become a phucked up city because of the traffic and crime issues.  Also, there is nothing to do in Tucson, besides watching the cacti grow and watching the pavement melt in June.   

And how about SAHBA members not thinking of a home building recovery until early 2010, after a Democratic president has had at least a year to fix up this republican phuck up of a mess that has been created by Bush and an enabling electorate.  Do you really think anyone is going to buy or renovate their rented homes with out any money for the next two years?

Just look SAHBA what you have done to my family with your republican legislative agenda and defective building practices.  By reducing my wages, taking away my pension, and suing my family, do you think for a moment that anyone would have the discretionary income to buy your products or services?  You vote for politicians that financially kill your customers.   

You are at war with the consumer and no one will win; especially you.  Instead you support ruining families, taking away their homes through litigation and driving them out of the state.  You lost the potential for at least three other new homes in the future, because you have even chosen to entice my children to leave this phucked republican red state.  And I will remain an ambassador for the rest of my life to educate people around the country and the world, about and children this incredibly phucked up republican red state of Arizona, and its indifference towards Arizona families.  And what would you expect or call a female governor who is single, and without a boyfriend or child; a lesbian? 

And you chose to do all of this while making a few bucks while losing millions in the long run.  I would love to tabulate how many people that I have already saved from using McCreary Homes and SAHBA “Certified Custom Home Builder Program” builders from your black widow builds.  

Yes, the Tucson building industry is in big trouble and it is only going to get worse.   For those of you that were so greedy these past few years, by ripping off and lying to your customers, it is now time to pay the piper.  And no amount of nubile, female tight, cable television celebrities who wear tank topped breasted shirts, are going to help you out with building homes in 2007 or 2008.  Do you think a few moments of sexual fantasies will close a home deal?  Maybe it will help the SAHBA custom home builder male species, complete with their Viva Viagra erections, but no one else.  But all of this pageantry that is brought to you in the form of smoke and mirrors entertainment, will not ever help you build a better house or prevent you from stealing from your customers or suing them. 

Admit it SAHBA, you people are phucked for at least another two years!
You can believe all of the positive BS that your SAHBA leaders, like Art Flagg and Ed Taczanowsky will try and feed you, but you and I know it ‘s just a big crock of shit.  Things are going to get worse in the building business.  The recovery has been postponed until late 2009; if even then.  You all got so greedy that you killed the goose that laid the golden egg; the consumer.  The number of foreclosure hasn’t even begun to peak yet.  Remember those heady days of 2003 to 2005, well they are long gone!

And if Mr. heartless banker has not come after the public home owner to foreclose their homes, there is always a chance to have a SAHBA “certified custom home builder” or just even a SAHBA contractor, to try and build  a home and ruin it, for an unsuspecting consumer at the home show, just like L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes did to my home and family.  And the SAHBA leadership boys and the SAHBA provided lawyers supported McCreary Homes to the very end with his pathological irresponsibility, corruption and fraud.

If you happen to attend the sexually uplifting festivities this weekend, stop by the SAHBA custom home building booth and ask why a SAHBA builder like L.J. McCreary is still allowed to financially ruin good American ex-military family members, their homes and their lives.  Please ask SAHBA President, Ed (buffalo) Taczanowsky or SAHBA Chairman, Art Flagg if they still approve of financially raping Arizona families in 2007?  On second thought, don’t bother asking Art Flagg from KB Homes, since KB Homes has an absolutely rotten reputation for home building construction defects.  I wouldn’t take a KB Home if it was given to me for free! There could be mold in KB Homes. 

So as some male SAHBA members choose to produce a Pfizer Pharmaceutical Corporation, Viva Las Vegas Viagra hard on, after they see their little two timing, tool belt, money driven hostess, Norma Vally and her manufactured breast slowly disappear by Sunday.  Norma I believe is in desperate need of a thirty second NASCAR pit stop, that promotes silicone enhanced injections and facial filling smoothie over.  But always remember, that some of the people that have contracted with SAHBA and their members, have been treated like dog shit and day old manure, and their lives have been dealt a terrible blow because of SAHBA member’s greed. 

Just take a look at the picture of the construction abortion in which McCreary Homes and their incompetent and inept sub-contractors and what they did to my home.  But the home is no longer ours, since SAHBA and their lawyers saw fit to run us financially into the ground, instead of taking responsibility and fixing their mistakes, as any reputable company or association should have done.   
SAHBA is now so hard up to sign retreating construction company members that they just might be thinking of admitting doctors and lawyers, who might be willing to construct a women breast with sheet rock instead of using the new and improved Chinese leaden, enhanced silicone implants for joy.   But maybe that will be the SAHBA Home Show theme for spring 2008.  But even if this theme show never materializes, there will always be a SAHBA women and her man that are willing to have a few lop sided breast filled on the side by SAHBA illegal aliens for the love of a good discount.   

The arch of justice is long, but ever rhythmic in its accelerating return past its static position of neutral morality.


SAHBA; the serving of justice, will one day appear, on your doorstep!


“The Arizona Refugee”

SAHBA, the community phuck over specialist. SAHBA the "Certified Custom Home Builder Program.  Can we certify your custom nightmare for you today?


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