Date: 09 October, 2009

Subject:  The Fall SAHBA  Home Show

Title:  Is SAHBA going all gay for the almighty buck or what!

Hey Dick; Gay is still Gay Is the republican conservative Home and Garden show going liberally gay for the smell of almighty buck? Yes; we do suck as human beings


Dear Consumer public:

This weekend is the 2009 SAHBA Fall Home Show where the Tucson construction and remodeling industry douche bag suck ups, beg you to come to their little happy talk dream party and throw a few crumbs of money their way before many of them succumb to bankruptcy.  Like the banks on Wall Street, many of these despicable dick head players, like L.J. and Denise McCreary should be allowed to ride off into the financial sunset in the western sky and slit their wrist for the sake of humanity’s. 

But whatever you do this weekend, even if you do happen to go to this shindig out of shear boredom, do not forget to stop by the SAHBA Custom Home Builder at booth #1705 and see if L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes are present (I doubt it).   Please ask these two despicable people why it was okay to attempt build a Tucson family a defective home, defraud them with accounting irregularities, sue them and then force them into foreclosure and bankruptcy, just because we couldn’t last the more than two year legal battle.  Please ask them if it was okay to have my wife contemplate suicide over our incredible loss of land, home and dreams and the accompanying loss of our former lives and marriage we once had before this nightmare provided by SAHBA and McCreary Homes.  Please ask them why they continue to lie to the public about the real history of their past sins on their websites, blogs and brochures.

But even if L.J and Denise McCreary are not present at this self prestigious in their mind Home Show event, please ask other SAHBA Custom Home Builders if they believe that all it takes for evil to exist in the world or just in Tucson alone, is for good men and women to say nothing and look the other way when evil is among them and their association.  Please ask them if it is because they are good men who are scared or maybe instead they are just not good men and women to begin with.  I submit that any avowed “good men” who say nothing in the face of evil, are never good men when they embrace evil with silence out of sheer cowardly leanings. Again, don’t forget the SAHBA Custom Home Builder boys are located at booth#1705

Ask the McCreary’s or their SAHBA enabling representatives, or maybe just a SAHBA executives like Vice-President Roger Yohem, how long they have  favored supporting their members and legal staff who have forced families and their children out of their homes.  Whatever you do, do not try to track down former President Ed Taczanowsky at the show since “Fast Eddie” with the truth and eating disabilities has proven to be a baby face quitter when the times got tough.


Michael Whyde
Pepper Viner Homes
Vice Chairman
Ed Castelhano
Becklin Construction
Martha Wright
Southwest Gas Corporation
John Shorbe Sr.
Canoa Development
Immediate Past Chairman (2008)
Randy Agron
A.F. Sterling Home Builders

The Community Builder, a slogan that SAHBA tries to swindle the community’s trust with nothing more than make believe sincerity; I think not.  How about “SAHBA, the Community Swindlers.”   Or maybe a longer slogan that tells the whole story, “SAHBA, providing defective products and inferior service to the entire community”
The McCreary’s, who probably haven’t attended a Home Show since their embarrassing and disastrous public appearance which culminated in a performance by Denise McCreary getting out of her car and screaming at me in full public view during the Spring 2004 Home Show, please ask why any of the present builders or SAHBA officials support McCreary Homes and other builders and sub-contractors who take down good American families for the smell of the almighty buck.
But I must first start my comments about the coming Home Show with an expression that says, “You lying son of a bitches.”  Is it any wonder that even SAHBA officials cannot help themselves from outright lying to the public?  Can we safely say that everyone connected with SAHBA either lies, cheats, steals or does all of the above to Tucson consumers?

Now tell me how this little gem of advertising lies for a Lizzette Felix approved quote from just the very first paragraph of literary advertising for the 2009 Fall SAHBA Home Show website?
And because this is your local, home town home show, you have the confidence of knowing that the business will be here to deliver the services and products.”?

No you don’t, you lying ass, mother fuckers.  Not so fast with the lies in lieu of the truth SAHBA. There is no confidence whatsoever, to have a SAHBA business deliver quality products and services but instead, deliver like SAHBA/McCreary Homes did to my family with the heartache and pain of a simple business transaction that went so wrong with defective building, use of illegal alien labor and rampant accounting fraud.  On top of this McCreary/SAHBA officials filed a lawsuit against my family for their incompetence with the use of SAHBA lifetime director, attorney and then current counsel, Marc Simon.

Do you think any of these pictures, of SAHBA “products” and “services” provided by SAHBA custom home builders, L.J and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes and his co-criminal consulting sub-contractors like Mike O’Brien of Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths provided my family with the confidence that their businesses would deliver anything but defectively built kitchen islands and service that were provided by illegal alien laborers?  Where was the “confidence” in a local SAHBA business, Arizona Designs, the same business constructed a kitchen island, one that was constructed so poorly, with such a bad initial design (Thanks Tamara Newell), missing panels, misguided screws, exposed electrical conduit and an island that was on the verge of collapse with its swaying back and forth with the slightest of nudges? 

When Mike O’Brien and L.J. McCreary were asked to fix their very unprofessional, defective work to new home standards, they both refused any further services until we had to make an official complaint two months later, with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC).  ROC inspector agreed with the veracity of our complaints.  The problems with the kitchen island were finally addressed four months later and just before the Christmas Holiday period.  Just one month later L.J McCreary/SAHBA would file their lawsuit to forever publicize their incompetence and penchant to commit fraud to the world with their filing of their bogus and meritless lawsuit. 

Well we all know now that lawyers and judges like Christopher Browning could easily be on the take to make issues go a certain way for people that have money. 

Can we please not be stupid about his weak human issue of greed that even adults of age cannot suppress?  Wasn’t their an article that said that the questionably honorable, Christopher Browning, had a penchant to embrace meritless lawsuits?  Why embrace meritless lawsuits unless there is a motive?  I wonder how much Browning could possibly embrace such lawsuits if lawyers were contributing to his election campaigns.  I am just asking.  Would anyone be surprised “if” there was another conservative republican corrupt bastard that sold his soul to the devil for money?  Stage right; enter allegedly, Dennis Rosen please.  Was Dennis Rosen a golfing buddy of Judge Browning?  Please tell me Rosen; what the fuck was that was all about.

We know now that we got totally fucked in Arizona, on all possible fronts, by the slimy concept of incredible real estate corruption that exist in this state and city.
Yes folks, my experience with SAHBA members L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, Mike O’Brien of Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths along with SAHBA lifetime director/ lawyer Marc Simon was an experience that was anything but one that was based on “confidence” in SAHBA and any of its members performing ethically, honestly or competently.

Sorry folks, but there is no “confidence” pertaining to SAHBA members who have proven that they will lie cheat and steal to satisfy their incredible lust for the pursuit of greed.  There is no concept of an honest business as long as SAHBA and its members refuse to acknowledge the past truth about their protecting the many frauds among them.

What incredible fucking bullshit that SAHBA provides to an unsuspecting public!  The only thing that SAHBA and its members provided my family was a defectively built home and a SAHBA sponsored lawsuit to protect McCreary Homes and his contractor’s fraudulent endeavors.  I of all people should know because you and your members lied and cheated my family all the way to foreclosure and a bankruptcy filing for your defectively provided local “products” and further local fraudulent “services.”  

As one can see ladies and gentlemen, bragging boast and bogus promises like these are what SAHBA and their members are truly about.  Trust us just enough to lower your guard so that we continue with the con game to strip you of your bank account with defective products and inferior services. 
A word to the wise; never ever trust a SAHBA advertisement or SAHBA member testimonial because they are based on a solid foundation of half truths and lies. Instead, SAHBA members will say anything, promise anything, and testify with testimonials to anything in order to get a contract signed when the real swindling will begin.                                   

Yes folks, once again it is that time of the year again for your SAHBA semi-annual, goods and services party that no one needs, no one wants, let alone one that no one can afford.  And it is apparent that good old Fast Eddie Taczanowsky’s accomplice in crime, Lyzette Felix, has done such a fine job providing such nonsense for so many no shows by proving all along that she and this never needed Home Show still have a knack at creating and sucking up to a given standard, just like the standard she sets for sucking up the majority of burger and tacos that have been made in Tucson during the past six years.  I wonder if that lying line about encouraging people to trust SAHBA members along with their products and service was a Felix   

And remember folks, all of this waste and deceivingly deceptive nonsense of useless advertising and questionable entertainment is created for you all to entice your the consumer public, for a tidy profit, to buy more cheap shit and persuade you to give up your hard earned money for more SAHBA incompetent services. 

My, my…… just look how everything has changed from those heady days of 2005 when real estate agents, defective builders, fraud writing mortgage brokers, devil may give a shit bankers, and the yes we can at any price appraisers were busy coaxing and pushing consumers into the fraudulent market bubble house market that they neither needed nor could afford.  And how many of you real estate agents in Tucson, ones like Fran Epsen, from the incredible dishonorable Long Realty Company, were involved with secret kick back schemes with builders like L.J McCreary?  Did I here that L.J. McCreary was getting glowing comments from another Long Realty agent Sue Hill?  Did I read in the McCreary Homes blog from July28, 2009 (Architecturally Significant Home Gets Renovation this following comment?

“LJ McCreary was recommended to us by a real estate broker who specializes in selling high end lots, not homes. We figured she knew what she was talking about and decided to work with him.”

Now here is the testimonial from the land lady herself, Sue Hill on her website with praise from a home family building destroyer and secret referral kickback specialist for recommendations, L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes:

“"I've always felt Sue has been honest and forthright in her dealings with me and her lot buying customers. There have never been any "behind the scenes" comments that would jeopardize either side of the transaction. I've also referred many of my custom clients who are in the lot search phase to Sue. She has a strong pulse on what's for sale and what's coming up for sale. She sometimes knows of building sites that others don't. Sue only sells lots. She knows what's out there."
L.J. McCreary, President, McCreary Homes Inc.”

Now as far as LONG Realty’s Sue Hill goes, I have no beef with her, as long as she is not swindling clients with L.J. McCreary for secret monetary kickbacks for recommendations.  If Sue Hill has taken a single buck from L.J. McCreary for secret kickback referrals, then I have a big problem with such real estate corruption because I had it happen to my family with such disastrous results. 

Fran Epsen of LONG Realty the first secret real estate kickback artist; may you rot in hell with L.J and Denise McCreary as your seat mates. 

Doesn’t Sue Hill only specialize in land?  Does Sue Hill still advertise with such pride that she has never shown a home?  I met Sue Hill back in 1998, when she was one of the few names selling only land.  Sue Hill may know something about selling land but what does she know if anything about builders?  It is obvious that either Sue Hill knows nothing about the home construction abortion that L.J McCreary and McCreary Homes built for my family or she just doesn’t care for other possible monetary kickback reasons.  Does Sue Hill really know what she is talking about with respect to recommending builders or does she receive compensation for such recommendations that sign with L.J. McCreary and McCreary Homes?  Why would a person recommend a builder who has a record of harming Arizona families unless possibly that she is getting something in return for such services. 

One would have to ask themselves if Sue Hill is the new Fran Epsen when it comes to secret monetary kickback schemes for glowing referrals.  Long Realty agent Sue Hill recommends L.J. McCreary and in turn L.J. McCreary recommends Sue Hill.  The $64,000 question if any money is exchanged between these two individuals for referrals without the client being privy to such knowledge.

How many builders like L.J and Denise McCreary were busy defrauding customers with defective work while breaking federal law with the use illegal alien labor to increase profit margins?  How many real estate agents like Pam Treece were too busy defrauding World War II veterans out of their savings for defective homes which only results in foreclosure and destroyed credit ratings?  How many mortgage brokers, such as Tucson departed, Joe Nealy were busy swindling their 81 year old clients for up front fees and then passing the accountability buck to someone else?  And how many REO foreclosure specialist like republican conservative and PCRWC moral retard Anna (the bitch) Stark from defunct First Magnus Corporation, were way too busy foreclosing on homes, reselling them, and using her future Tucson tea bag, newspaper lunacy to disparage an 81 year old WWII veteran as he lost his home to foreclosure.  While Mrs. Stark was calling Mr. Herman a grafter, there were other homes where young children were being removed from the security of their homes?  Fuck you Anna Stark!  

Does anyone have to ask who the real moral grifters among you really are?

You out there that have participated in this swindling of the American family are simply bastards to the n’th degree.  You will get no sympathy from me when your lives succumbed to the chance of accident, ill health from cancer or economic bankruptcy.  You people at SAHBA and your crooked members deserve every evil that will someday come your way.  

Do any of you real estate professional and professional builders ever look into a mirror and ask yourselves how many people that you are responsible for harming during this period.  No, I bet you don’t because you would have to possess a soul and a conscience to ask yourself that question to be sincere.  One must admit as a professed group of sociopaths for the almighty dollar, you just don’t give a damn about your neighbor, your community or your fellow man when it comes to profiting.  Greed in your mind is indeed a good thing.

But none of this depravity will stop you this weekend as you once again roll the economic dice to entice buyers that are not there to open up their wallets.  SAHBA official live in a land of make believe.  If you put on a show, no matter how useless to the consumer wishes; you are hoping that they will come.  Hasn’t the attendance for you Home Show been in the dump the last two years?   How was the attendance and even more important, how were the sales for your ill timed Parade of Homes disaster?    How many of your rich fuck, overpriced homes, were never sold and in fear of being foreclosed by the banks?  Please don’t make me say that I told you so.  

But none of that matters because it is a new day and another Home Show weekend to roll the dice and gamble for a customer to help prevent many of your SAHBA incompetent contractors and builders from filing for bankruptcy protection.  

And so what does SAHBA and Lizzette Felix offer us with this coming weekend?  The first thing that I notice on the SAHBA Home Show website is that you seem to be going all gay with your rainbow paint can imagery.  Are we trying to embrace that broke back builder syndrome you guys had a few years back?  Is that rainbow that I see on your paint can website imagery have hidden meaning?  I am so surprised for such a conservative state as Arizona to go for the bucks instead of railing against gays.  What will Rush Limbaugh say about your antics?   

Now mind you, I have no problems with gay rights but I do have a problem with you conservative fuck hypocrites that lobby, buy up politicians and then vote for candidates like John(“That One”) McCain, Jon( Just say no to everything) Kyl, Sarah Palin (Todd!!!!....... I can see Russia), Arizona State Senator Jonathan (Ex-SAHBA lobbyist whore) Patton and Gov. Jan (in over her fucking head) Brewer that are all against gay Americans having the rights of other Americans.  Can we say unconstitutional?  Wasn’t slavery and mixed marriages once against the white man rule of law?  You betcha your Sarah Palin ass it was.    

Never have so few, done so much harm, for so many.

It never cease to amaze me how the SAHBA faithful can ridicule against gays, or gays in the military or gay marriage but when it comes to the almighty buck collection during hard times, everything is forgotten in pursuit of the almighty dollar.  God do I hate hypocrites and greed filled people.  The only thing that SAHBA and its members truly believe in is the accumulation of money.  No, you are not the “Community Builder” because you do not believe in the community or its people.  All of your façade laden community activities is the cost of doing business so that you can get your way with the legislature and the brain dead media.   SAHBA believes in power and money.  SAHBA slogan should state what they really stand for……”The Community Fuck Job Specialist for Profit”

So let us see what type of educational and entertainment value that SAHBA will provide the public this weekend.  Please remember folks that in years past SAHBA has provide the old and ever tiring two man show of Eddie and Sarlot.  Why SAHBA in the recent past has provide Tits and Ass with the “take the money and run” Tool Belt Diva and increased the overall intelligent quotient of Tucson by having the Duct Tape Boys performing for the mentally unstable, right wing nut job, tea bagging , gun caring, whack jobs that come right from your local churches. 

So what will SAHBA provide for us this year in the subject of entertainment?  Wait a minute.  I am now reading but I do not see anything that I offered except an 11 year old singer, a girl band, a charity chili cook off, a food bank drive, Tucson Botanical Gardens Seminars (yawn), the shopper seminar (shoot me), a canvas bag decorating(games for the elderly), a home economics store demo (the art of con game in selling), SAHBA remodeler expose and the very corrupt SAHBA Certified Custom Home Builders at Booth #1705 ( is where the SAHBA crooks will be congregating.) 

Also, please don’t forget to stop by booth #1727 and learn about keeping you pets away from rattlesnakes of Tucson because they are not the ones you think.  Actually people, it’s the two legged snakes like L.J and Denise McCreary along with SAHBA officials and ex SAHBA executives like Fast Eddie Taczanowsky that you have to be aware of.  And isn’t it interesting that society takes better care and cares more for its animals than it does for its fellow citizens?  How could a business, bank, insurance company choose to responsible for having a family foreclosed or telling them that their hospital procedure will not be covered and they are either forced into bankruptcy or forced to die.  Thank you America for providing us with the hollow words that state;  “The land of the free (telecom spying) and the home of the brave (republican conservative family pussies that are not volunteering their sons and daughters blood for Afghanistan and its pipeline).” 

Yes America with its brave fucking crooks and sociopaths that lust for the almighty buck at the expense of families and children.  America has now turned into the land of the fearful and the home of the greedy.  Fuck you America for your hard change and charge to the right wing lunacy detail!

I also see that SAHBA has brought a hypnotist to the SAHBA show this weekend.  That is perfect.  You at SAHBA need a hypnotist to hypnotize people into frontal lobotomy forgetting that everything is so totally fucked up.  Sure SAHBA; “Just pretend that everything is okay.”   Well why are you trying to sell shit to people who aren’t buying anything anyways because the economy is so fucked up, fucked up because you at SAHBA helped along with the bankers on Wall Street, local bankers, mortgage lenders, builders, real estate agents, appraisers and other fraud helpers like SAHBA who have totally fucked up the American economy over the corrupt housing industry.   Just look how many millions of families and their children are out of their homes across the country because of corrupt greedy bastards that reside in protection/lobbying rackets like SAHBA and Wall Street.

But that is okay people, no need to worry that millions of Americans are immensely suffering.  Please go to Church this Sunday, fold your hand and look holy while someone is starving down the street, someone is raped or someone does not have a roof over their heads simply because you do not care enough to care.  God bless America even while many of you so called patriotic hacks don’t give a New York minute fuck about your fellow neighbors and their families.  God what happened America; we were once so much better than this?  Is greed that powerful of a human emotion in many of you to destroy the whole game of living in America for everyone else? 

Can it be that the SAHBA Grand Finale for entertainment for the weekend, the deal of the century with respect to entertainment, is to track down the Home Show King and have your picture taken with another SAHBA dufus promotion?  Sorry folks, but this King is not Elvis, then what did you expect, Eddie and Sarlot again, large pairs of New York style silicone tits or just a half roll of duct tape to place over your eyes?

Wow SAHBA boys, I knew times were tough but this line-up really takes the cake.  What was your budget for this Home Show Lizzette Felix; a hundred dollars?  Why bother trying to entertain the people without any hints of duct tape or silicone boobs present in the convention center

May I suggest to SAHBA a few ideas for entertainment that will not cost anything, but will prove to be sure crowd pleasers for people with enquiring minds that would like to know who exclusively watch FOX News for their education?  Actually these following questions could help the IQ of many people who do not care or the ones that decide to do business with SAHBA members.

How about having a ten best reasons why past President Ed Taczanowsky, resigned suddenly last April in a state of utter secrecy and suspense?  I understood that Art Flagg said that SAHBA would not comment because for Taczanowsky it was a personal matter.  So what exactly is considered a personal matter for Taczanowsky that cannot be talked about?  WTF? 

I suppose Fast Eddie just wanted to spend more time with his family eating Spam.  You see when an organization shit cans its President, a president who in the past had employees of the Home Show lie and make up fake police reports to stifle lawful protest about incompetence and fraud during the April 2004 Home Show, in gesture of contempt for SAHBA Custom Home Builder L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes and his wife Denise, and their fraudulent and immoral activities, it begs to ask the question of why? 

Why did Ed Taczanowsky leave SAHBA?

If SAHBA or Fast Eddie Taczanowsky does not want to divulge the reason behind the resignation, then it becomes incumbent on the public to wonder out aloud the possible reasons why SAHBA’s Fast Eddie Taczanowsky pulled the resignation ejection seat and rocketed into silenced infamy.  Just think SAHBA officials how these ideas can be used in a wonderful game to supply the answer to the question why SAHBA officials like Taczanowsky are so fraudulent and corrupt.

  1. Is it possible that Ed Taczanowsky was caught in the act giving a good old SAHBA Home Show blow job to a SAHBA lifetime director Marc Simon?  Hey, I’m just asking?
  1. Is it possible that Ed Taczanowsky, arch conservative that he is, was caught performing lewd acts in a Tucson gay bar with a coyote?
  1. Is it possible that Ed Taczanowsky is a conservative pervert (Mark Foley type), with the idea coming from the fact that his face is painted with that shit eating, smirking grin that always seems to exhibit the possibility that Mr. Taczanowsky has just supplied himself with such blissful pleasure by a self inflicted broom shoving act of indulgence up his fat ass?  Once again, I am just asking about the possibility.
  1. Is it possible that Ed Taczanowsky was “porking” someone at SAHBA, possibly a pig named Denise McCreary and just the thought of that sight was so revolting that the powers that be at SAHBA had to ask for his resignation to protect the children from imagining such a nightmarish act?  Once again folks, in a court of law, I am just asking if this is a possible scenario. 
  1. Is it possible that Fast Eddie resigned because he was scheduled for a sex change operation and is known today as Fast Edie Gorme Taczanowsky performing transsexual construction acts in the basement of a dingy bar on Bourbon Street?
  1. Or could it just be possible that Fast Eddie got his hand caught in the cookie jar embezzling money from the SAHBA coffers?

As you can see SAHBA folks, the possible reason for Fast Eddie Taczanowsky’s departure are endless.   The Home Show public crowd would have a ball guessing why your past prostituting for the dollar President/lobbyist, secretly resigned, or was most likely, threatened with being fired.  One thing is for sure; Fast Eddie left SAHBA land really fast, just as if his big fat ass was on fire.  What would anyone else expect from a fat headed person who forced subordinate employees of the Home Show security detail in 2004 to lie and make false police reports?  Jeez Fast Eddie; we hardly knew that you were along, such a scummy douche bag person.

Now with respect to the SAHBA Home Show website, let see what there is to do at this fall’s Home Show.

State Farm Insurance:

As a corporation, State Farm Insurance Company Sucks!  Come on folks, its an insurance company.  With all of the talk these days about insurance companies swindling their clients, is there any question that most banks and insurance companies suck the big one for money?

But for entertainment purposes for the SAHBA Home Show, we first have up State Farm Insurance, telling us how good they are with their offering a touching performance of care and compassion for a girl that needs blood transfusions for a blood disorder. 

My empathy for Lizzie Bell is without question, but my disdain for State Farm (family fuck over artist) Insurance specialist knows no bounds.  It was State Farm Insurance Corporation that supplied L.J. and Denise McCreary with funds for legal counsel to defend his defectively built home and fraud based ways of accounting that drove my family financially into the ground resulting in the loss of our home, our land, our once perfect credit rating, and our dreams.  Fuck you SAHAB style Capitalism, the one that is on steroids that is killing us with greed.  This will not continue long for this country without the possibility of incredible bloodshed by all groups of people that have had enough bullshit.  

How can State Farm Insurance act like they give a shit about a person or family’s life in this instance and when it came to my family this despicable corporation spent more money in legal cost fighting my family than it would have cost to fix our defectively built SAHBA/McCreary built home.

How can a company be so Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde and oh so disingenuous in two separate circumstances?  Why would State Farm be responsible for us losing our home and my wife contemplating suicide and then fold their hands and try to look so God Damn holy with this blood drive thong?  Why was State Farm sued over their irresponsibility concerning Hurricane Katrina  and then sponsor this Tucson feel good moment.  Where was State Farm to stop the pain and suffering in New Orleans when it was easier for them to fight claims, stall and just demoralize people?  This is indeed how a morally bankrupt company like State Farm Insurance operates.  State Farm is not a good neighbor by any stretch of the imagination. 

Where was the compassion and empathy for my family from State Farm Insurance?  Why did State Farm Insurance pay Elizabeth Claiborne of McNamara, Goldsmith, Jackson, and McDonald, PC –who now currently works for her husband building firm, Triumph Builders?  State Farm used their vast supply of money to stall and financially drive us into the ground rather than fix our home to new home building standards.  It would have cost State Farm Insurance less money to have our home fixed than it did to fight this morally bankrupt SAHBA/McCreary lawsuit and its settlement payouts. 

But I am sure State Farm Insurance will use tax write-offs and seeks to gain community additional community goodwill by their sponsorship on this issue while knowing at the same time they have acted like a devil when it came to another family.  

You can build a thousand goodwill bridges State Farm Insurance Company but if you Suck once cock by helping to destroy a family, you will forever be known as a cocksucker forever, no matter how many contrived good deeds that you might attempt in the future.

Is there any discussion refuting the fact that insurance companies like State Farm Insurance are at best greedy filled devils who deserve no sense of thanks or business for disingenuous acts of perceived kindness that are only being used to gain more business and money?

Other Possible SAHBA Home Show Entertainment Scenarios:

1. Maybe SAHBA could do a workshop for the conservative nut wings that bring guns to churches, bring guns to presidential events in their state and now bring guns into bars in Arizona.  Oh my fucking God.  Let’s see how long it takes for Tucson, Arizona to return to the OK Corral days of Tombstone lunacy and infamy where everyone was armed and no one demanded to use their brains.  Arizona….. fucking A……. you are such a shit place.

2.  Maybe SAHBA could give a workshop on how Tucson, Arizonans can re-educate white middle age and elderly racist douche bags to give up their Glenn Beck television watching habits and make amends to their Creator for the abhorrent and terrible moral behavior that they exhibited on earth.

3.  Maybe SAHBA can give a workshop on how to emulate the death count for the Angel Valley retreat.  SAHBA can obviously use their expertise with ruining family lives to train people to behave in such a way that SAHBA does not have to be responsible for taking away their lives.  A lawyer written disclaimer notice will be provide to all brain dead participants that wish to have their brains cooked like most Tucson people experience each summer.  What else can explain the morally deviant behavior of SAHBA and Tucsonans that don’t give a fuck about anything or anyone as long as they have their six pack and six shooter in hand.

As one can see, there are so many more interesting workshops that SAHBA can use to really educate the populace about subjects that should really matter in one’s life.  Life is so short to let your life be nothing more than a caricature of a greedy douche bag montage.

I do hope that Lizzie Bell gets the help and bone marrow transfer that she needs.  I hope that she has health insurance and she should be thankful that State Farm doesn’t do health insurance or other wise she would have been rescinded by now for costing them too much money.  Insurance companies only want to insure healthy people and have no problem with people dying to get off their books after years of paying premiums. 

State Farm Insurance as an insurance company is a God awful company that is only using this Lizzie Bell blood drive for PR reasons.  As soon as no one is looking I am sure that State Farm Insurance will try to screw the next family that is harmed in a traffic accident by one of their clients, or as in my family’s case, they will harm another family to the point of have them forced from their home because State Farm insured another builder like L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes and defended a client who was guilt of incompetence, corruption and larceny.  But as you see, it doesn’t matte to an insurance company because it only about the money for them and not the lives of people that they help destroy.

If you go to the SAHBA Home Show this weekend to just dream if nothing else or to combat Tucson boredom, just realize that you will be entering a convention center with some very ugly people that hide behind smiles and their lies.

Please ask SAHBA officials and SAHBA members why they approve of members that have harmed Arizona families and continue to harm the public with lies and testimonials that only beget even more lies to an unsuspecting public.

Maybe FDR was right and that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and in turn the real culprit with fear pertains to ourselves for our sustained silence to speak up in the face of such evil.  American are anything but brave but instead a bunch of pussies.  Americans can not stand up for justice or their neighbors. 

The neocon right wing hero of insane white people, who his are afraid of  black people, Glenn Beck can give up crocodile tears about his country all day, but I as true American that misses the country I grew up in, the one that no longer possesses a sense of honesty and decency.  I do not need, nor will I ever accept an offer for million dollarplus contracts to pacify my mouth with thoughts of porno shaped dildo to stifle my morals. Unllike Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, although I may not posses their wealth, I would never soul to the corporate devil that they suck up to, no matter how poor that I may become, because of changed American ideals of greed.  America is a sick country! 

Prostituting your integrity and morals for the almighty buck will always be a terrible thing to strive for. I’d rather die that succumb to the mentality that greed is something that I should strive for, even if I have to harm another human being or his family to achieve that very hollow goal of inhumanity.

Enjoy the moral and financial trappings of another shallow SAHBA Home Show, one that only seeks to separate you dreamy eyed illiterates from your bank accounts.

God help this country!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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