Date:  07 October, 2008

Subject:  The SAHBA Home Show

Title:  “The Home Show to Nowhere”

Sub-Title:  Remember SAHBA; Just Pretend that everything is Okay

If you share in the greed; you will share in your SAHBA business demise. Oh yes, the home building party is most definitely over. It is either the twilight zone or the depression zone for SAHBA builders.



Dear republican SAHBA members,

Concerning all of the recent financial Twilight Zone, stock market carnage and with so many home owners losing their homes to foreclosure, along with their sinking credit rating scores, are you really considering going through this weekend with your little duct tape themed; the “SAHBA Home Show to Nowhere”?   Oh, you still are; really?  Oh my; but why?  Is it because of the “Duck” Tape Boys and you can’t cancel at this late date?   Such a pity!

I predict SAHBA that this home show will be the lowest number of attendees in SAHBA’s 50 year plus history.  Want to bet?  The country is heading for a fucking depression and you stupid people are having a party to celebrate the public not having any money; fucking brilliant!  Shit, people may not even have the gas money to get to your “Bridge to nowhere” home theme scheme show and then back home.  Why don’t you try and sell another home to your 25 wealthy fucks that reside in the Tucson gated community areas?  Let’s see if the wealthy fucks can carry the economy?  Sorry, but not a fucking chance. 

And just look how you people have treated the middle and lower class.  You have treated us like shit and now we have decided that we are not going to buy your defective and over priced shit.  We now have incredible power over you.  I say we all just let you greedy SAHBA fucks go out of business.  How are those apples SAHBA.  Sure, go ahead and fuck over the Arizona consumer during your good times and then beg us to buy your over priced shit during the coming depression.  Unfuckingbelievable!  Go fuck yourselves. 

Please tell me SAHBA executives, who do you think is actually going to show up for your little home show, shin dig party?  Are you aware SAHBA pukes that over 91% of the American people believe we are headed in the wrong fucking direction and 75% believe we will be in a depression?  Are you people awake at SAHBA? Maybe someone should get Ed Taczanowsky’s fat ass off the SAHBA couch and read about the fucking news today, oh boy.  Did you read Taczanowsky that the stock market dropped 700 point today asshole.  This country is fucked?  You guys at SAHBA are not going to sell another home or appliance for at least five years or maybe a decade at worst.   How does it feel?

Shit we have been heading in the wrong fucking direction for the past seven years you stupid fucks.  Do you really think that heading in the wrong direction means that one should buy an overpriced home?  What are you people thinking? 

If one sense a bit of passion it is because I can’t fathom the ignorance of the American voter.  You conservative assholes are killing this country.  Yes, pray to your fucking God because we are all going to die if this country settles into a little bout of civil war anarchy, Baghdad style.  This country has invented itself some real problems.  Thanks again republican deregulators.

Did anyone happen to watch Kevin Costner’s, the Postman?  Substitute the American economy for “nucklar” war and you have tribalism anarchy.  Oh shit, this is really going to be a lot of fun.  And to think, in 2000 and 2004 you could have voted anything other than neocon supporting, incredibly stupid fuck, George W. Bush to lead this country. 

Sorry America, but you are nothing more than a bunch of stupid fucking sheep.  Shaun Hannity and more FOX Nuuz anyone?  Please, wake the fuck up America because your country is about to go down the shitter with the McCain/Palin “Maverick” bull shit ticket.  Hell, it may go down the shitter if Abraham Lincoln was running the country.  Are you really that stupid to vote for these two neocon/religious assholes?  Wasn’t George W. Bush enough of a nightmare for you and this country?  Should we elect a dumb fuck person that graduated 5th from the bottom of his class of 858?  Should we elect a pilot that crashed four different aircraft during his military service time?  Sorry but John McCain is a fucking ignorant 72 year old douche bag!  Wake the fuck up America!  The polls should not be this close but then again; Barak Hussein Obama is a black muslin terrorist.  Do I have to call you stupid again?
Should we just forget about God blessing America and just ask your God to help America recover from its incredible fucking stupidity.  I cannot believe how this country has evolved; seriously!  Is there something being put in our water?  Jesus Christ, please help me; but let’s move on anyways.

But could it be that the “Duck Tape Boys, the featured entertainment for SAHBA’s “Home Show to No Where” entertainment, are such a huge draw for the enhancement of Tucson fifth grade graduation rate of cultural sophistication, regardless of the current economic factors that are going to hell in a hand basket?  What’s next in the future for Tucson cultural endeavors, the Duck Tap Boys in concert tying up the ballet dancers from the make believe Tucson ballet theatre in support of acts of fornication for  the Tucson version of Grand Pas de Deux, all complete in Mexican drag. 

Tucson, Arizona; unlike Virginia slims, you haven’t even come close to coming a long way yet baby.  Tucson is a Wild West, cowboy mentality, hick town that chooses to approve of swindling and financially raping its good families that live there.  My next question is: why would anyone want to live in Tucson now?  Tucson has changed for the worse and has gone to the dogs as far back as early 2001.  It is funny how this drop in city status and social justice along with the increase in defective building and corrupt and fraudulent practices coincided with the election of the republican Bush Presidency.   

This all reminds me so much of the same type of era that followed the deregulation, corruption and labor bashing that followed Ronald Reagan accession to the U.S. Presidency.  Just remember that the republican Party hates and disrespects the common man, the people that are not lily white and wealthy.  The republican Party is the party of the wealthy and corporate fucks of America; period. You know the bastards that take millions out of their workers company’s coffers to enrich themselves while their workers toil down to minimum price wages.  

No one else need apply to the republican Party except for votes that they will except in exchange for their tireless effort to bring forward gay sex wedgie issues for your infantile emotional appetite.  You stupid white middle class fucks who vote republican; nothing but ignorant fucking idiots of choice.  God, how can supposedly educated American’s be so fucking stupid?  It’s the religious indoctrination bull shit.  Religion makes people stupid.  It is the only thing to explain the American experience of ignorance.

And how has that republican Party been doing with deregulation and your 401K’s people?  All republicans, especially the ones from the power elite lie, cheat and steal.  These soul less souls of deprivation would lie, cheat and steal from their grandmothers or Mother Theresa.  Just look at the devastation to the economy that republicans have accomplished with their Phil Gramm sponsored deception and lies.

We have come a long way as a nation America, from one that not long ago was recommending that we use duct tape because of the Bush administration scare tactics of fear after 9/11.  Now we have come to the point that Tucson watches today in fascination at the use of duct tape to entertain Tucson inhabitant’s ever feeble minds.  Wow, what cultural achievements have you attained Tucson! 

Tucson and SAHBA have some major problems when it comes to cultural preferences about topics of sanity and cultural substance abuse issues of the mind.  SAHBA, using duct tape displays as entertainment; really?  Many people believe by the end of the year, we may be greeting one another in soup kitchen lines across the entire country.  Maybe duct tape will come in handy to hold all of those soup pots together. 

I have known that Arizona and America have been on the wrong path for almost seven years now.  I saw this so clearly coming after 9/11, while our ongoing lawsuit with McCreary Homes was in the end stages of tearing my family’s security apart.  I knew something had changed when this country would allow a family like mine to be financially raped by corporate SAHBA building company owners.   If you could do me, the rest of the public didn’t have a chance.  Come, see, and look what you have wished for; an economic collapse of economic proportions.  When companies pilfer the public, this is what they get in return.

Can anyone be really surprised at the greedy, economic financial rape that this country is being subjected to, after what my family has already experienced?  How God damn patriotic can you be when 4,180 American military members have died to supposedly protect a country that is filled with so many greedy crooks.  

If I was presently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan right now, I would be sick and pissed off to think that this country would be willing to take away my family’s or my parent’s home because they deregulated the banking and mortgage industries and the greedy fucks have been pilfering the country while we are dying for the honor.  WTF are we dying for?  Fuck you America!  Send your CEO’s and politician over her do die in our place. 

America and Arizona; I never knew that you were so God damn corrupted.  It’s one for all and all for one; sounds so much like just plain bull shit now.  There is no honor anymore.  There is no honesty or integrity anymore.  America/Arizona is a country of cheats and liars.  It’s everyone for them selves now.  America/Arizona is just a fucking race filed with rats now.  Welcome to 21 century America, where America has been now caught eating its own.  I am so ashamed for this country. 

Say it isn’t so Joe but I am afraid you might lie to me?

As a 12 year former military officer veteran, it will now be the day that I let my children think about protecting this greedy ass, fraudulent based country with their blood.  Anyone that joins the military is either desperate for a job or is just ignorant.  There is no such thing as patriotism anymore because your Fascist government is in bed with corporate America and their pursuit of profit.  

America and Arizona have taken everything away from me, my home, my land, my wages, my pension and my dreams.  Arizona and America have taken away all of the things that I worked my ass off for a lifetime.  Fuck you America!  Fuck you corporate American and fuck you, the American government thieves!  Just about every cocksucker in Washington D.C. that has taken money from a lobbyist should be removed from office, jailed, the shot for treason against the American people.  No more of this corrupt shit in Arizona or Washington D.C.  Enough is fucking enough!  

Something is terribly wrong with America.  Something is terribly wrong with Arizona.

America, a country whose creed deceptively states that it stands for life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and the “rule of law” but then lets good families get financially raped by corporations and in turn, lose their homes.  Some type of fucking happiness America?  God bless fucking America, land that I used to love.  Fuck you America!  No need to stand beside her anymore since she no longer cares about you or your families.  She only seems to care about wealthy individuals and corporations these days.

I knew this country had forever changed when it allowed its politicians to let George W. Bush, go on an incredibly ignorant path on a march towards war and the inevitable illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003.  God forbid if this country would have stayed in Afghanistan and found the real culprit of 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, who has been living along the Afghan/Pakistani border for the past seven years.  Yes, let’s smoke’m out dead or alive; yeah right, my fucking ass. 

Whatever happened to Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld professions of being greeted as liberators and having flowers that were supposed to be thrown at our feet?  Oh it was a typo error I see. Maybe Rumsfeld really said that we would be greeted as occupiers and they would throw car bombs at us to blow off our feet.  Rumsfeld a necocon dickhead, in the same image and likeness as Robert McNamara should  also be shot for treason.  He lied to the American people as have Bush and Cheney.  Many American soldiers have died because of this arrogant pricks war mongering neocon views that have been proven to be so very wrong.  Remember, I am a guy that is against capitol punishment but I will make an exception for corrupted government officials. 

It is gratifying now to see the majority of Americans finally coming around to address the truth.  SAHBA members and republicans in general have contributed to the coming collapse of America.  Thanks you so much SAHBA members for your contempt for Arizonan families holding onto their homes and their small family versions of the American Dream.  I tried to have a SAHBA built home for my family’s security and instead its SAHBA advertised and legally supported builder, L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes forced us into foreclosure and bankruptcy because of a defectively built home.

You people at SAHBA are so incredibly greedy and just plain fucking stupid!  Go ahead and tear down families that put money into your bank accounts and then you force them into lawsuits and eventually out of their homes and the market, and all because of your greed.  How long did you think that was going to last pal?   Let’s see hoe long it takes for your industry to come back because of the incredible fraud and corruption that you were allowed to do by state governments.

Excuse me SAHBA executives, but Americans are on the precipice of a depression and now losing their homes at ever accelerating rates.  Now I understand that all you want to provide are pleas to come to an ill timed home show and beg the public to buy more over priced homes and useless appliances.  Who in their right mind will be spending a single cent in you home construction industry considering that not one of you bastards in the home building and mortgage industry can not be trusted to not defraud and pilfer the Arizona consumer?  Not one of you SAHBA bastards have spoken out against the injustice that was perpetrated upon my family.  This is not guilt through association but instead it is guilt that is fueled by silence and approval.

Did republicans actually believe that they could export good American jobs to China, start multiple wars, defraud the American consumer out of their homes and then think that everything would be copasetic?  Sure, go ahead and “JUST PRETEND THAT EVERYTHING IS OKAY.  America is now so fucked up, fucked up to the point of economic meltdown, from the almost 8 years of Bush/Cheney nightmare enhanced administration of republican sponsored, deregulation looting of the America economy. 

Deregulation, be it for the airline industry, healthcare industry, insurance industry, banking industry, etc. has been a total disaster.  Deregulation only means that executives at the top of a company are exempt from the public inspection from watching them pilfer and stealing proceeds from a corporation. Everyone and everything, including wages, pensions and 401K’s are going toward the abyss of the new American Dream; the American bankruptcy toilet.   

Are you really happy SAHBA that some of your corrupted members and peers have helped the American economy along on its present collapse?  Look at Tucson companies like First Magnus, LONG Realty, McCreary Homes, Architectural Traditions (formerly Southwest Door), Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths, McNary Company (Mike McNary; owner) ,Terra Cotta Framing and how they participated in taking down the economy because of their actions.  There is no longer any trust left for America or its corrupted institutions.  When greed rules; trust is forever gone.  America is now a country of frauds, cheats, liars and greedy pilferers. Always remember SAHBA members, that uncontrollable and rampant greed eventually kills everything.  It is now time to pay the piper.

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to say nothing.  I t appears that the entire SAHBA membership have had dirty socks jammed down their throats to facilitate their incredible expertise at silence.   See no evil; hear no evil and speak no evil; but just refuse to say yes to any kind of justice.
Have you forgotten what I told you at last year’s home show?  I told you that no one has any money left for frivolous home buying sprees or non essential appliance purchases?  You never would listen or answer us in the past so I am not surprised.  We have no money left because you have stolen it all from us. When you swindle the consumer by fraudulent building activity, predatory lending and interest only mortgage offers, without income or credit history verification, the consumer eventually is forced to stop spending money. 

My family participated in none of these fantasy financing offers and in fact had a thirty year fixed loan.  I could have handled our mortgage if my SAHBA home had been built correctly and without defects.  My family was forced into a lawsuit my SAHBA backed McCreary Homes, in which we could not handle an effective 50% increase in our mortgage payments for over a two year period and still survive.  Let see how many of you could have taken on a SAHBA corporation and State Farm Insurance lawyers on for this long. 

SAHBA, McCreary Homes and SAHBA lawyers from Snell and Wilmer, Marc Simon and William N. Poorten III, financially and emotionally killed a good family for the simple fact of greed.  Did I mention that ever bitchy persona, representing State Farm Insurance lawyer for L.J. McCreary, Elizabeth Claiborne, also participated in this financial raping of my family?  Could it be possible that Ms. Claiborne has not been sexually laid in over a decade because she possesses such a prickly nature, all in exchange for her terrible example of masquerading as a female shark of the human species?  Compassion, truth and justice are all words that Ms. Claiborne has possibly never uttered or spelled in her life.    

Is it any wonder that Arizona and our country are going down the shit hole?   I knew if SAHBA and McCreary Homes could take my family down, while the state of Arizona stood silently by and just watched, the rest of America was in great peril.  I was so correct.  America today has now reached a moral and ethical collapse that has fallen into cesspool abyss of depravity that now has become the foundation for possible anarchy that may come to this country.  People around the country are very angry at the pilfering and corruption that has been taking place in this country.  It is so nice to have the masses finally join me in indignation towards Arizona and our country looting of the American middle class. 

SAHBA and their majority supporting republicans should be careful for what they wish for.  SAHBA and the government of Arizona have no shame, but the chickens are now coming home to roost with many future examples of people who have lost everything going postal, committing murders and suicides in this country now.   Just look at your rising murder crime rate in Tucson, SAHBA and try to tell me that it isn’t so.

Look around the country and it is beginning to happen.  On Monday, a family of six was killed in a murder/suicide incidence, just north of L.A.  The father, a business finance professional had been out of work for several months.

Last week a 90 year old woman from Akron, Ohio, shot her self in a suicide attempt as a response to her coming eviction and foreclosure from her home of 36 years.  God Bless America; but why?  What a cold heartless country we have become under the 28 year neo-conservative era that Ronald Reagan ushered in, back in 1981.  Thank god the fucker is dead or you stupid bastard like John McCain would be begging for his advice in the super advanced stages of Alzheimer disease.

Yes, just another couple of examples of republican compassionate conservatism from the compassionless mortgage industry.  Did I just hear Sarah Palin in a speech in Pennsylvania today, say that America is beacon of hope and that she mentioned Ronald Reagan’s shining city on hill bull shit fantasy theme again?  Fuck you Sarah (lip stick) Palin. 

Sure Caribou Palin, how do you think George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would feel about their God damn country now on some bull shit hill, crumbling and imploding into pieces because of good old American republican greed? God Bless America; but why? 

And did I also just hear elderly John McCain fuck, say in a speech in Pennsylvania, while he has been baby sitting Sarah Palin again from inquiring media questions of competency say; “No American should lose their home under the weight of a bad mortgage.”   
What a nice thought if it wasn’t such a lie. 

John McCain, with his 10 or 15 homes and 13 automobiles couldn’t give a fuck about a Sarah Palin Joe Six Pack mortgage if his cancer ridden face depended on it for forgiveness in order to appease the people that he has had killed with his voting power.  I predict if this country is so unfortunate, the presidency of John McCain or the presidency of Sarah Palin will tear this country apart like no one has seen since the civil war. 

Well John McCain, how about losing your home because of a defective builder McCain, like McCreary Homes?  Yes John McCain, thank you so very much to the very senior, vitamin popping, dementia prone senator from Arizona, the same state that my family lost our home and land in 2003 because of builder fraud, defective building and corruption. 

Fuck you John McCain; you lying ass piece of worthless Arizona political shit.  I wrote to you McCain about losing our home in Arizona and you didn’t even have the courtesy to answer my fucking e-mail.  Fuck you McCain about wanting to help middle class Americans to save their homes. 

John McCain will lie about anything, to anyone, at anytime in order to get elected; period.  McCain made a pact with the devil himself in order to increase his chances at the American presidency.  McCain just another human dick head, fuck prone disaster like George W. Bush that could never measure up to his admiral father.  I assume like George W. Bush, fetal alcohol syndrome was a factor in John McCain life also.  Nothing else seems to make any sense to explain these two men’s psychopathic dysfunctional drive to have people killed in the name of their twisted concepts of freedom; American world domination through corporate rule.

Didn’t any of you SAHBA pukes see the raging stock market collapse for the past two days?   Why don’t you have another one of you SAHBA Bejada Parade of Homes spectacle for rich, wealthy fucks instead of a “Home Show to Nowhere?” 

But how did that little Parade of Homes fiasco turn out for you last year SAHBA?  Maybe it will take more than another twenty years, maybe forty years for you stupid fucks at SAHBA to get your courage up and have another Parade of Homes for the wealthy fucks because there will be so few of them left living in America unless their living behind guarded, armed, closed to the community, electrified gates.  America has now changed for the worse and it all happened because of republican deregulation and building, mortgage and banking industry greed.  Remember, republicans can’t help themselves from lying, cheating and stealing; it’s in their DNA.

In case you haven’t heard, the economy and the home construction party is over and gone.  But I know, as they say in show business and legal affairs; the show must go on, but may I ask why?  Oh that’s right; there is potential “make believe money” involved here for you sniveling bastards.  It’s not going to happen this way for you fraud peddling boys and real estate swindling girls.  The Golden Goose, the American consumer is dead.
And you have no one else to thank but yourselves for killing him.

Please remember to all give yourselves an extra pat on the back for the great greed that you have exhibited with your own swindling and the support of enabling your republican candidates.  All praise your corrupt republican politicians like Bush, Cheney, McCain, Kyl, Rennzi, and new potential national coming republican politicians future corrupt fucks like Tim Bee and Jonathan Patton.  These corrupted pricks have allowed and will keep allowing these banking deregulators and non-oversight institutions to happen again and again. 

Did this country and especially the state of Arizona learn absolutely nothing from the deregulation of the Savings and Loan Industry in the 1980’s?  Did this country learn nothing from the 1998 to 1991 S&L collapse/bail out and the Keating (5) scandal? 
Wasn’t there another republican president from 1980 to 1988, Ronald Reagan and even another Bush in office, George H. Bush from 1988 to 1992 when this Savings and Loan heist went down?  Once again the current investment banking demise is eerily similar with newly enacted deregulation, no oversight and no FDIC insurance.  Yes, this country chose to ignore the lessons of the past and repeat this sordid tale of fraud and greed because Americans like many SAHBA members, are in the business to swindle their fellow countrymen for profit.

The best ways to rob a bank in America is to own one.  You cannot leave people in charge of corporation, investment banks or a mortgage company, without regulation or official over sight, since these companies are usually operated by greedy republican who always run a company into the ground by looting its money.  It’s simple human nature for these greedy republican fucks to want to steal.   How incredibly patriotic!

I will use a great example of deregulation and greed with the idea of a football game.  If you had a football game between two teams and a million dollar prize provided to the first player that scores the first point, what would be the consequences if the game was played without referees or rules?  I would bet that people would die and total anarchy would take place on that gridiron in pursuit of a million dollar payout.  Greed kills!  And from personal experience I know that greed from a builder can possibly kill members of a family that has been swindled.

My wife in 2003 felt hopeless about losing our home in 2003 and consequently put a gun to her head and contemplated pulling the trigger.  Shouldn’t every America family, especially wealthy republican ones, be forced to lose their home just to see what it is like?
And by the way; please make sure that you all give Bush Ranger and neocon supporting fuck head and auto czar of Tucson, Jim Click and his 72 year old buddy, Lute Olson, an extra republican poke in the butt for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that they have both contributed to the Bush/Cheney election and re-election of 2000 and 2004.  Isn’t Lute Olson a person who is in the divorce mode with the love of his life, second wife, Christine?  Let’s give these two neocon fuck supporting republicans a hand for their greed, racist and ignorance.   

Just remember, you republican SAHBA fucks are the ones that voted to put these corrupt bastards in office and now everything is totally fucked up.  I have never been happier.  Let the country go to shit and see what it is like Mr. and Mrs. republican start losing their  homes, their land, their credit rating and their dreams through no fault of their own.  Please come join the shit-hole existence that I have been living since your association and McCreary Homes fucked over my family’s life.  Please enjoy the nightmare that I have been forced to endure.
Honestly SAHBA republican pukes, do you really think anyone will show up except for a few rich fucks like republicans Jim Click, Lute Olson and Don Diamond?  Maybe Lute Olson can afford to buy another home for the “Seasons” of his love life bitch, Christine?  No?  Oh that right; they have a little divorce issue going on about fidelity or could old Lutey not get it up any longer?  Come on, they are both republicans and republican suck.  Isn’t true that republicans eventually end up fucking over everyone, including themselves?  It’s the greed issue again that rears its ugly head.  Do you mean for Lute Olson, there are no more seasons in the sun or book titles that decree; “Seasons of My Life” bull shit for the public to bear?  Thank God!

I think that SAHBA members are getting just a bit punch drunk and delusional now?   The home construction industry will now be entering the stages of a full blown depression and you all deserve to drown in the cesspool of greed that you have participated in.  Just look SAHBA at how many Arizona families that have been harmed with your actions and silence.  How many of you SAHBA pukes out their, like L.J. McCreary, provided your customers with defective products, defective homes, fraudulent accounting practices or predatory loans?  Those among who have not sinned cast the first stone!

Isn’t kind of funny how prayers are sometimes answered?  During the fall of 2003, just after the SAHBA backed financial legal raping and forced foreclosure of our home, we attempted to contact SAHBA officials and ask why L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes was still listed as a member of the Certified Custom Home Builder Program (CCHB).  And just like the Beatle song from 42 years earlier, surprise, surprise, there was no reply. 

Wow that was an incredibly big surprise; SAHBA remaining silent about their approval of fraud, defective building and deceit by one of its members.  Is there even one republican business owner who stands behind their product or services instead of just taking the money and run, as is commonly done in 21century America today?  Seriously folks; is there just one republican among you that is honest and who does not lie, cheat or steal from his or hers customers?   I really don’t think that such an animal exist.

We eventually did hear from past SAHBA chairperson Carol Pawlak but it was not a response to our question.  Ms. Pawlak demanded that we never attempt to contact her again by e-mail.  I must say, Ms. Pawlak sounded just like L.J. McCreary’s former State Farm Insurance scam lawyer Attorney Elizabeth Claiborne; another fucking morally deprived SAHBA affiliated female who in my opinion and Attorney Dennis Rosen is nothing more than a certified bitch.

But after that e-mail incidence contact and with such a rude and juvenile non communicative response by SAHBA member Carol Pawlak, I came up with the idea for the McCreary Homes Sucks and SAHBA Sucks websites  The two sites were then launched in early 2004.  I vowed that I would not be ignored and that our story would be made available to the public to offer them the truth about the very corrupt state of John McCain’s Arizona.   All that anyone has to do is Google SAHBA, McCreary Homes, McCreary Dream Homes, L.J. McCreary, Denise McCreary or even (home defect + Tucson) or (defective homes + Tucson) and our website will pop up on the first page and even the first listing for many request.   As a business owner SAHBA members should now know that fraud and defective building now have public consequences in public forums.  The truth shall make you free and save you a shit load of money if you refrain from using these corrupt SAHBA bastards.  

If only the internet was as prevalent in late 2000 as it is today.  I would have nailed this bastard McCreary with so much negative publicity that he would have fixed our home in the first two months after we moved in. It would have been a marketing master piece.  I would have preferred to use this approach rather than using the services of a worth less, soul less, greedy, jewish republican lawyer, Dennis Rosen, who didn’t give a shit if our case was won or lost.  Republican, jewish, lawyers are just greedy pieces of worthless shit.  I have learned much since 2003, sometime more than I ever wanted to know.    

The information to protect the Arizona consumer is available on these sites since the Arizona government agency like the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) only keeps records for two years and then a complaint is erased even if it has never been addressed.   This results in a situation just like it never occurred.  Boy, what great protection for builders but none for consumers in Arizona.  The ROC policy is just like a presidential pardon for financial and political crooks; it never really happened.  Maybe you were just dreaming all of this injustice up, Mr. Home owner?  

I remember praying at that time to my rented God and asked him/her for justice to be dispensed in the form of pain and misery to these perpetrators.  Yes please provide much pain and misery to the likes of L.J. and Denise McCreary, SAHBA members and any other human being or organization that contributed or stood silently by, while my family was raped into losing our, home, our land, our dreams and our futures.  And just for good measure and hoping to improve the odds, I even purchased that very same year a voodoo doll to cover all bases toward success; just in case.  Which one SAHBA members do you think is really working for you in this very scary market?

Skip forward to August 2007 and I finally see the very beginning of my prayers being answered. The implosion of Mrs. Anna Stark’s and Tucson’s very own First Magnus Financial Corporation had to be the first sign from God that justice was on its way. 
Wow, I didn’t think my prayers/curses would take down the American economy but I am think it was really you, the people, who really took down the America economy on your own without any help from prayers or curses.  Oh well, prayers and curses can’t hurt; right?  We will see. 

You at SAHBA are such greedy bastards, with people like L.J. and Denise McCreary, LONG Realty’s Fran Epsen, Susie DeConncini (Keating (5) fame) Pam Treece, Anna Stark and SAHBA lawyers Marc Simon and William N. Poorten III and super bitch, State Farm Insurance lawyer, Elizabeth Claiborne, who have all contributed heavily to ruin many people’s lives.
It is never kind to see good people lose their jobs or homes but I take a personal interest when dishonest scumbags who have pilfered and defrauded the public with predatory lending and defective building projects begin to suffer and go out of business.  I look forward to the day that McCreary Homes and other SAHBA members like Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths, Architectural Traditions and McNary Concrete Company    who helped McCreary rape my family, have their final day of going out of business sale real soon.  Remember SAHBA folks; what goes around, does indeed come around.  It is the Karma thing again baby.     

But speaking now, as seriously as a hearth attack about SAHBA executive pukes, are you really staying committed to continuing with your depression era themed home show?  A show that has spared no expense for the entertainment value with a couple of squirrelly looking, dead beat dressed guys that look like they might have escaped from a mental institution.  The Duck Tape Boys through the pure use of American genius use ignorance, and duct tape as their main prop; how very cosmopolitan?  What; no whips, chains or leather suits?  Man SAHBA pukes, you guys have spared no expense for this fifth grade, remedial mental state, tutorial that you surely must be seeking with the public consumer. 

But it is always nice for the now majority based pool of poor people, the ones who once a part of the American middle class, to just want to get a glimpse of how the rich republican fucks like Jim Click, Lute Olson and Don Diamond live and play with duct tape in their homes.  I guess the rest of us our relegated to choking on or eating shit.

Last year, didn’t SAHBA use the Tits and Ass theme of that little self proclaimed jewish diva, Norma, the Vally girl to spark the interest for the old guys in the audience; the ones that still have money and can get it up to buy a few pills of Viagra?   How did that little enchilada turn out on a scale from 1 to 10 on enthusiasm scale for home remodeling and life events?  Okay not so good. I do not believe the past year has been very good for you in spite of Vally girl’s appearance.  What happened, were there too many wet dreams the next day and ensuing divorces over drool dripping from republican sex starved men over a construction style bar maid that can still shake her tits and ass while holding  a hammer in her hand?  It is always the republican men that are the sexual pervert in society.  H ow did the clean up crew do, by the way? 

I know, SAHBA uses cheap shit entertainment because it’s all about getting people in the door to make money.  This year SAHBA entices people to come to the Home Sow to Nowhere by hiring a couple of cross dressing rejects that can wind duct tape around an unsuspecting fan as if they were mummy.  You republican morons are so predictable with your greed and horniness to fuck some one; any one. This is why you stupid fuck republican males are in the bag for Sarah Palin; ignorance and not getting laid regularly.  Ignorance in America has never risen to such incredible heights, not since the 2004 election of George W. Bush. 

And is it true SAHBA executive pukes that next years entertainment charade will be provided by Alaskan republican Governor, Sarah Palin.  Will Sarah Caribou Barbie, the Barbie doll brain from Russian foreign policy fame put on a show in the TCC parking lot by leaning out of an airplane and shooting coyotes that are blindfolded in locked cages.  What great fun!  Caribou Barbie, who is the chocolate moose shooting female version of George W. Bush, will be available next year for you, and mind you, not coming anywhere near, from a Washington D.C. address associate with Pennsylvania Ave.

SAHBA pukes, you must admit, it is pretty bad when you guys have to hire a pair of tits or a couple of mavericks to provide your diversionary entertainment.  I think it is incumbent upon the reader to equate the word maverick with the word gambler.  Yes folks, Sarah the jiggly ass brain will be a wonderful addition to spruce up your ever dwindling attendances home shows next year for fear of continuing public non- participation. 

I thought for sure this year, concerning the coming Great Depression II, that no one wants to admit we are sliding into, along with the very scary stock market decline; you would at least be using male and female hookers to entice the crowd.  So instead of hiring a couple of good looking male and female hookers, a Tucson favorite over the years, you guys at SAHBA go ahead and hire two guys with duct tape that look like they just escaped from the state penitentiary to entertain the crowd; go figure.  Is there something that has been seeping into that wonderful CAP water blend that you are all forced to drink; like more rocket fuel SAHBA?  Man besides being crooks, you guys are just plain fucking crazy.  Has Ed Taczanowsky been sniffing glue?
But I do agree, there are so many uses for duct tape, especially the ones that are derived from the mentality of people who are enamored with an idea of graduating from grade school with a fifth grade education.  Yes, I have heard about some real creative uses of duct tape and if  the home building and rip off real estate industry in Tucson collapses any further, which it will, your three attendees, one of them being Lizettte Felix will be rolling those pieces of duct tape into imitation pork sausages and eating them for nutrition. 

And to think, I do recall that it was Lizette Felix who shouted in my face during the April 2004 Home Show that my self and my son were pathetic human beings for having the audacity to protest her little home show.  With the recent picture of Mrs. Felix in the Home Show newsletter it is obvious that Ms. Lizette has not let even one of those pork sausages get out of her grasp, real or the duct tape version.  Lizette is unfortunately, well on her way to being a real SAHBA example of porking.  

No Lizette, you are the pathetic excuse because you work for a pathetic association SAHBA, which promotes defrauding good Arizona families from their homes because of sleaze and greed.   The idea that this SAHBA bimbo knows about my family’s story and still support this corrupted association says volumes about her lack of morality, ethics and character.  Is it time for another pork sausage Lizette?

Oh come on, that is not sexism and it is just the God damn truth, especially when you John McCain supporting morons can cheer for Sarah Palin as your V.P.  George W. Bush is hands down the worst president ever and Sarah Palin is the most unqualified candidate for V.P. ever.

But maybe after all, the Duck Tape Boys are the fitting “Survivor” type reality show for the season at hand; The Great Depression II of 2009.  Just think SAHBA pukes about all of the wonderful uses of duct tape that a family in Tucson can conjure up as they wait their turn in a soup kitchen line.  I am sure the Duck Tape Boys have not conjured up the following uses of duct tape since it would probably scare the hell out of any six year old in the audience who mentally are their biggest fans.  No one has ever accused Tucson, Arizona of being the world capitol of intelligence or refinement.

It would be in perfect timing to show people from your area how to put together their new Costco cardboard box homes with copious amounts of duct tape.  Or maybe the “Home Show to Nowhere” morons can just use the duct tape to put over the mouths of the entire three home show participants to prevent them from screaming about the economic collapse of the fraudulent and dismal housing market in Tucson?  Maybe you can use the duct tape to mummify the area natives that contemplate suicide over the loss of their homes.  Just look SAHBA how many rolls of duct tape that Home Depot will profit over?  How about another run at having a terror sale with duct tape and rolls of plastic sheeting for protecting your homes from poisonous gas or anthrax?  Maybe the duct tape can be used to tie the hands of people behind their backs, you now, the same ones that will one day may be lighting torches during the night and providing America with its well deserved second revolution against the wealthy elite who have screwed the middle class anything but mercifully.

I think anything is possible in America today.  We are once again in uncharted waters.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the coming class warfare that America is on course to address.   CEO’s that have stolen millions of dollars from their employees and the tax payers will be the first people that America insist on answers and repayment from.

But I think the best use of the Duck Tape Boys time and duct tape would be to tie up people like L.J. McCreary, Denise McCreary, LONG Realty’s Jerome King, Fran Epsen, Cindy De Conncini, Pam Treece, Bob Treece, SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky and former First Magnus employee, Joe Neal, Anna Stark, (another republican sausage girl) and just march them off to the PIMA County jail for theft and fraud.

So SAHBA pukes, I will be doing my best to watch your “Home Show to Nowhere” disaster with great interest.  Your association deserves all of the bad luck, bankruptcies and going out of business sales that will certainly becoming your way in the next two plus years.  Yes, I did say the next two plus years.  How many of you can hold out until 2011?  Even after you finally pair down housing inventories, the market is going to continue stay bleak because the credit crunch will continue and credit will only be given the highest credit scores, while the continuing and exploding American republican conservative laden debt from Wall and the national debt will eventually eat our dollar alive.

Enjoy your little duct tape themed “Home Show to Nowhere” because you and I know, that the home building industry party is so over. This winter will be the first of many winters of discontent in Tucson.  There will be a two year minimum of continued depressed home building starts and anemic homes sales.  How long can unscrupulous businesses like McCreary home last such a toxic environment that demands competence?  A reputation during a depression, or at best, a severe recession, which involves integrity, honesty and competence is nothing but priceless.  SAHBA deserve every minute of misery and pain that is slated to come your way to your members. 

Considering the Duck, Duck Goose Boys Sahba, if you get the chance, please consider offering your Duck Tape Boys a bath, new clothes and appointment for career counseling when they decide to grow up and get real jobs; if ever.  Maybe last year’s tits and ass girl, Norma Vally, after all, was much more educated and entertaining than the Duck Tape Boys; at least as far as props, dress and breast go.

Please enjoy SAHBA, the continuing two year plus coming home building reduction calamity; the one that you so deserve to partake in for the benefit to renounce your greed and harm that you have perpetrated against good Arizona families.

Tell me now SAHBA, how does it feel, how does it feel, to be on your own, with no direction home and no homes to sell or build because you have no buyers like me, waiting in their homes to buy.  Turn about is fair play.  SAHBA once forced me into this very same position.

How does it really feel to be so scared? 


“The Arizona Refugee"

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