April 8, 2008

Subject:  “Support our Troops”

Title:   Talk is cheap and SAHBA members choose to lie like dogs


"It is the duty of every patriot to protect his
country from its government" - Thomas Paine


Comment:  No you don’t.  Don’t even go there with your fake profession of pseudo patriotism and concern.  If you really supported the “troops” then you would have never supported republican candidates that lied about the reasons why they so badly wanted to go to war in Iraq; oil, war corruption profits and Israel.  SAHBA does anything but support our troops; in fact some SAHBA members choose to harm our troops from the past and present for their very own personal gain. 
Please have people like foreclosure specialist and now converted “bankruptcy expert,” First Magnus’s Anna Stark, read about “What’s going on” rather than sending our troops insignificant care packages sponsored by her Pima County republican Women’s Club (PCRWC).  You can send all the packages you want Ms. Stark, but it will not erase the void in your soul because of the harm that you have done to your fellow man.  How many of your co-workers Ms. Stark, were never paid by your company, First Magnus now being reinvented as the Phoenix rising called, Stonewater Mortgage?  Why did the executives get “their” (employees) money but the little guy didn’t?  Was it all greed?

Our troops do not need care packages but instead they need defective free, body amour to protect themselves from the threats.   Our troops need something that you are not willing to give them Ms. Stark, candidates that will vote to tell this sociopath president to bring them home.  And to think, you believe that your very senior senator, John McCain (R-AZ) will be the type caste geriatric Moses to lead your people, the republican conservatives to the Promise Land of the White House again, with old, outdated solutions of grandeur; such delusion.  A third term of the Bush/McCain presidency will ruin America for good.   America now knows it to.  No more pilfering of America and its ideals Ms. Stark.

To put it simply, our troops need to come home to escape the insanity of death and destruction.  Our troops need to come home to save their marriages and families which republicans and there family values and sanctity of marriage professions that stand for only idle and empty words of importance.

Maybe if Ms. Starks had to open her First Magnus supplied bank account and pay up front for this credit card war it would all be so very different; such republican fiscal responsibility.  How many of your co-workers Ms. Stark were never paid by your company First Magnus; how many?  But as Ms. Starks so compassionately says; get in the bankruptcy line. 
But aren’t credit card wars of convenience so much fun Ms. Stark?  Isn’t it all just like shopping at Maceys, except you use your card to charge for death? Unfortunately, Ms. Stark’s care packages from the PCRWC come as such a hollow attempt to beg forgiveness for her sins of republican based hate, death and racial disharmony toward everyday normal Americans.   Are white women only allowed in the Pima County republican Women’s Club?  It sure looks like it to me.

Dear hypocritical SAHBA members, LONG Realty and First Magnus’s Anna Stark:

The profession of SAHBA’s support for our troops and the accompanying professions of patriotism by display on your website of an American flag waving in a pseudo wind is an incredible example of your calculated hypocrisy and deceptively fraudulent advertising that is so prevalent in Arizona.  It is obvious that L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes have learned from the masters on how to deceive while begging for sincerity, credibility and competence. 

If there is anything that I despise it is a false promise or false sense of security that has been based on dishonesty in order to lower one’s guard and trust a person with their biggest investment in their life; there home.  And this whole patriotism charade is being orchestrated by SAHBA in order to increase their SAHBA member’s bank accounts and buy additional politicians like their former lobbyist, Rep. Jonathan Paton (R) to do their bidding for them.

Isn’t it obvious by SAHBA’s deceptive and totally deceptive advertising that SAHBA does not support our troops and instead it has done its very best to harm members from our military services?   What makes SAHBA think that they have not harmed current and past servicemen by offering defective building, predatory lending and fraudulent disclosure statements to home buyers? 

I wonder how a current military member serving in Iraq or Afghanistan feels when he gets a letter telling him that he and his family will lose their home state side, due to foreclosure because of the terribly despicable and criminally fraudulent circumstances on the part of builders, real estate agents and mortgage lenders.

Didn’t SAHBA and their “Certified Custom  Builder Program” members, L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, defraud my ex military family who gave twelve years of their lives in support and service to this country?  Why did I ever consider providing this service to my state and country when the state of Arizona allows SAHBA and its members to defraud its former military clients and have them loose their homes through foreclosure, because for fraud, defective building and legal shakedown?  You SAHBA members do not support our troops, but you instead support financially raping them and by do nothing about these fraudulent circumstances and providing legal counsel to protect members in their corrupted and fraudulent endeavors in the name of increased profits.

Didn’t SAHBA and its real estate company member, LONG Realty just defraud a World War II veteran Mr. Ellis Herman through untruthful disclosure statements by Tucson’s Susie DeConcini, her son Timothy Hagyard and the predatory and deceptive lending techniques practiced by LONG Realty Pam Treece and First Magnus/Stonewater Mortgage employee Joe Neal?  I know, they all say that they were nothing but angels in this transaction, but I don’t buy it for a minute. 

I understand how LONG Realty operates since my family was defrauded in 2000 by LONG Realty agent Fran Epsen and L.J. McCreary with a secret referral program to bring McCreary Homes business with a referral kick back scheme that was biased because of the money involved.   And to think that Fran Epsen introduced us to this wonderful builder that she raved about and then proceeded to have our lives dismantled because of his defective building techniques, fraud and corruption.  And even SAHBA provided there very own legal counsel, Marc Simon and William N. Poorten III to insure that McCreary Homes and State Farm insurance would financially bury us.

Fraud and corruption are so rampant in Tucson, Arizona and it has only gotten worse since 2000 when something could have been done to stop this.   But no!  As can be seen, no one in the industry or in state government departments wanted this gravy train express of fraud and corruption to stop while there was money for the taking.

Well of course these people defrauded Mr. Herman, but they still choose to wave that American flag of military patriotism and say they “support our troops” in the fake Arizona desert wind and then beg the reader to believe that they really support and want to help U.S. servicemen.  Such a crock of bull shit and lies!  All that SAHBA and its members want to do is help themselves to these servicemen’s bank accounts and credit lines.  The fact that they might ruin there existing life and credit history has no bearing upon their actions because deception and greed are at the forefront of their agenda.

Did anyone at SAHBA or LONG Realty care when Mr. Herman’s house was foreclosed in February and he was eventually forced to give up his home and leave on March 25th?  Come on SAHBA members, why did not one single person among you care?

Did anyone care for me as a former military member when my family lost our home to foreclosure because of defective building, fraud and corruption by McCreary Homes?  Hell no one cared, not even my over priced jewish lawyer Dennis Rosen, who did not give a damn.  No, I don’t think that there was a single person in Tucson or in Arizona state government that cared about another military veteran losing their home because of real estate fraud and deceit.  As I said before, the whole real estate industry is built upon a foundation of fraud and corruption. 

Tucson, Arizona is an incredibly corrupt and terrible place to try and raise a family among such despicable and greedy people.  Do not choose to live there unless you have some kind of death wish, because it will kill you to experience the pain that fraud and corruption will do to your lives.  Only choose to come to Tucson if you are comfortable with having the life that you are living, no being subjected to financial rape and being destroyed because of the incredible fraud and corruption that exist in that city.  Is there anyone in Tucson in the real estate industry, local or state government who is not on the take when it comes to real estate issues?  Is there anyone at all?  I would bet against that assumption.  But don’t worry folks, you can wave that American flag high above your heads and rejoice while your home is being foreclosed by greedy scoundrels.

So please SAHBA, along with your members who choose to defraud U.S. servicemen, please stop advertising that you support our troops when you choose to financially rape them right here in the good old United States of America and right in their homes.

If you really support our troops then, you will not support elderly candidates like John McCain (R-AZ) , Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and state Rep. Jonathan Paton (R) whose only goals are to support the corporate agenda of profits for their main constituents who consist of the wealthy and their financially controlled corporations.  And do not choose to support our troops with shallow acts of concerned care package boxes as First Magnus’s Anna Stark and her Pima County republican Women’s Club of portly white women now try to do.  

Does one ever wonder if Ms.  Stark’s sends here republican produced care packages to Black and Hispanic Americans, or if her fanatical group of Caucasian women are solely dedicated to the welfare of only white soldiers?  Isn’t the republican Party the Party of primarily white people?  Why is this so?

Show your “real” concern SAHBA and Ms. Starks by doing something tangible about the 2,100 servicemen that attempted suicide in 2007.  Why don’t you send the troops some Prozac or other depression approved drug if you want to alleviate there real mental pain and suffering Ms. Stark?  How about sending non-defective body amour Ms. Stark?  Bring these troops home and there will be no need for the insignificant and silly care packages that are only being sent to satisfy your complicity and guilt.  How much more of your (First Magnus employees) money Ms. Stark would you provide to continue this war on your behalf?  I cannot believe the continued ignorance of the younger generation of latch lock key children like you that find yourself, incredibly morally confused as an adult in 2008.

If you really want to support our troops, get them out of the hell hole that you have forced them into with your corrupted candidates who only offer us so many political lies.  If you really want to support our troops SAHBA, quit put wavering American flags on your websites, wearing lapel pins on your suits and putting yellow flags on your gas guzzling Jim Click Automotive republican SUV’s because they are only a hollow attempt at concern.  Surely SAHBA republicans can conjure up a more concerned effort to actually show real apprehension for the death and destruction that you have allowed to occur on your watch, and all in your name.

Well it is now time to make my way and protest the Olympic Torch run in San Francisco tomorrow because of China’s Human Rights abuses.  I understand that many of you will be too busy reading the stock market quotes to even notice that a protest is even occurring and for what reasons.  Americans have become nothing more than a collection of blinded sheep, choosing to hear or see nothing because of their mind dead rendering frontal lobotomies by corporate media control.  You are now told what and when to think by the corporate media and their so obvious political pundits who whole heartily lead you down the path and direction that corporate America wants you to be and buy from.  Do not ever think for yourself unless Rush Limbaugh has told you what is permissible to have present in your little conservative minds of cultivated greed and bigotry!

Isn’t it so nice to see American corporations that are in such support of off shoring American jobs to China for corporate profits, continue to look the other way when China’s policy towards Tibet and the ongoing genocide that they support in Sudan/ Dafur continues?  Why did we have 58,000 servicemen in Vietnam die to stop a lie about Communism when we do business as a debtor nation with the largest Communist country in the world?  Is it just me or is there something sinister that is going on for America’s future welfare and its people?  Maybe Armageddon is really coming soon because the greed and dishonesty of the American people from acts like yours, is only signifying the world indeed is coming to an end very soon?  But then again, there are always enough right wing religious nut wing head jobs out there to believe anything is coming at any time.

Remember America, we couldn’t care less what type of government exist in a country as long as they will do favorable business with republican conservatives to make more money.  And when it comes to your quality of life; republicans say to hell with your quality of life issues, but keep on buying those cheap ass Chinese goods at Wal-Mart until we tell you to stop.  You will stop like you are now beginning to do when your homes are in foreclosure, credit is non-available and the economy’s future is headed for the toilet.  You better wait for your religious idea of “Heaven” if you want contentment because conservatives are going to make sure the vast majority of us never find contentment in America ever again.  Conservative elite only want the wealthy and poor to exist with no middle class in sight to rain on their exulted parade of greed.   The slice of the pie for the wealthy conservative has only increased in size while the remainder of us will be asked to fight over the crumbs left on the table.

And they say that Richard Nixon’s worst moment was Watergate; think again.  It was the relations with China and the exporting of American jobs by conservatives who only drool for more money.  Aren’t these all such wonderful, hard at work examples of American patriotism in action? 

Surely, it must be all about those sanctity of life lies that you republicans preach; now isn’t it?  American has never produced more hypocrites that it has now at any other time in its history.  Enjoy your pseudo patriotism and concern for life America.  You sold us and America out for profit; so many soul less true Capitalist!

Sleep well republican SAHBA members along with the Caucasian members of the Pima Country republican’s Women Club (PCRWC).  Many of you have been no better than thieves towards our military, especially the individuals from LONG Realty, First Magnus and McCreary Homes.   But there are so many more of you that support this insanity in Iraq and have willfully chosen to have incredible amounts of blood dripping from your shaking hands.

Go and watch your American Idol “reality programs” America and forget about reality in America; America.  You so deserve your mindless rest period for being vigilant about advancing the cause of honesty, integrity and Democracy in our country.  The price of sheep has never been lower.   We are now in such an ugly circumstance of being for your state and country’s morals to exist in.  Something is terribly wrong with America and the stench from its rot is nauseating.  The decline of the American Empire is at hand and exponentially accelerating down a roller coaster ride off a cliff.   Don’t think that it can’t happen here because it is taking place before your eyes.  And remember folks, with your waving flags, support our troop ribbons and American pin lapels, it all happened on your watch; right underneath your noses while you were to busy watching your pensions taken away and 401K’s collapsing.

How could anyone vote ever again for republicans when they have so thoroughly phucked up this country?  I believe it had been all by design in order to financially strangle the middle class and declare bankruptcy on our behalf’s.  We will see if the fortunate and wealthy continue with their plan or if another American revolution of some sorts might be at hand.  Please step forward President Obama; you are so needed.    

Our fore fathers would be shocked by our level of American apathy and complacency.  Hey folks, but keep waving those flags and voting to persecute gays; its working so well.  We have never been as free and content as a nation unless you have to talk about our government wire tapping program for your phone calls and e-mails.  Let us also not mention Habeas Corpus or the Military Commissions Act either. 

But wasn’t Germany’s Adolph Hitler Democratically elected?  Yes.   Isn’t George W. Bush of German ancestry?  Yes, and his grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush did make his fortune financing the Nazi war machine.  I wonder how many American servicemen died in World War II from bullets and shrapnel provided from financing from George W. Bush’s grandfather’s money.  And you America elected his son and grandson to the highest office in the land, the presidency and look what you got yourself; perpetual wars.  Is there any doubt why George W. Bush has no shame or compassion for his fellow America; such a shameful family.

You figure it out America, but we are being pilfered to death by people who could care less if your country or your family lives, dies or sleeps in the gutter on American streets at night.  Now war and patriotism in America has become a racket for money to be made.  No, take your wars and pseudo fake patriotism of flags, pins and ribbons as even Hitler once did, and stick them up your conservative, war mongering asses.  They do not mean anything except in the act to be used as a prop to lower your guard and buy something that you don’t need, like home building products, remodeling services and then be possibly swindled by devious and deceptive people among your SAHBA association.

Something is terribly wrong with America.  Something is terribly wrong with Tucson, Arizona.  And something is incredibly wrong with SAHBA, your association.

Thoroughly disgusted with America’s and SAHBA’s decline, cultivations of hypocrisy and imaginary professions of true patriotism,  

“The Arizona Refugee”

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