April 7 , 2006

Arizona's Dirty Little Secret

Arizona’s dirty little secret is that Arizona is a Republican corrupted “red state” which promotes screwing the average citizen through fraudulent real estate dealings and construction.  Arizona’s legislature has been bought and paid for by the developers, builders, contractors and real estate agents. In return, they ask nothing more than to be shielded from the public they defraud.  Even “so called” Democrats like Republican Lite Gov. Janet Napolitano and Attorney Gen. Terry Goddard, and up-and-trying-to-come-butt-boy, former Registrar of Contractors Director Israel Torres (now running for Secretary of State), are just as bad as the greedy, corrupt Republicans.  Top Democratic state officials are too afraid to take on the building industry and choose to look the other way and hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and pretend that everything is okay.  Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl (Soon to be ex-senator) must be so proud of the state they represent since they are also willing to look the other way for their “special interest constituents”, the wealthy white builders.  Our WASP senators are nothing more than prostitutuing chimps for hire.  If my memory serves me right, one of them can be bought (Keating 5) for very cheap.

I thought our Government’s main purpose under the Constitution, is to protect “THE PEOPLE” from harm? You do remember the “people”, the ones who pay their salaries?  God, I must have been dreaming along with our founding fathers when that particular inalienable right was envisioned.  Was it all just a dream?  My government harmed me.  What a novel idea, protection from your government and tyranny.  November 2006 is the time to vote all of these political bastards out of office for failing to protect the “real” constituents.  Arizona desperately needs a viable third party.  Anything would be better than the corrupt bastards and “bastardettes” that occupy their present positions in the Arizona legislature.

SAHBA, (the Southern Arizona Building Association) even promoted their own prostitute, lobbyist Jonathon Patton, all the way to the Arizona House of Representatives (representative of the builders, not the people).  How nice.  Please just ask SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky about how he  promoted his butt boy.  Democracy is once again subverted by the evil human emotion of mutual and assured greed.  Thanks Mr. Patton. Thanks for serving the Arizona people by being nothing more than another frickin SAHBA butt boy!  An officer and a gentleman, I don’t think so!  Patton is nothing more than a political prostitute.

If you are considering moving to the corrupt state of Arizona and hope to buy a new house, you must be frickin crazy.  Do your research and “Google” up “housing defects + Anthem Arizona”.  Google the “HADD” website (Homeowners Against Defective Dwellings) for home defects.   Google up ”LJ McCreary” or “McCreary Homes”, “KB Homes + defects”, or “Del Webb + home defects + anthem”.  There is so much information on builder fraud on the internet, but only if you are willing to look for it.

I believe in the future more people will put their construction nightmares on the internet to help warn the public.  Your government will not help you, in fact they will help protect the builders and hinder your efforts for truth and justice.  After you have accomplished this task, run mother f…., run! These are words of wisdom.  I wish someone had told be the truth about corrupt Arizona!  I am not joking, run as fast as you can from this state because it reeks of fraud and corruption and it will devour you.

Former straight talker turned double talker, Arizona’s own John McCain (a Jerry Falwell, flip flopper, ass kisser) wants to run for President and represent the whole country; unfrickinbelievable! God help us all if this aircraft shot down, Asian tortured, 72 year old war monger, cancer aged, has been prick, gets elected (can you say Diebold).  I think McCain’s first act as a Diebold elected president would be to nuke the former North Viet Nam along with China and North Korea also.  Did McCain stop accepting money from gambling and alcohol lobbies?  Why is Cindy McCain hardly ever seen with Senator McFlipFlopper?  Is Cindy upset with John Boy for letting Bush piss all over him and their daughter in 2000? Perhaps McCain had not felt so humiliated since time spent in Hanoi.

Please America; think twice before you consider drafting McCain. Do not do it.  The man is way too old for the job.  Even Reagan was younger than McCain, and Reagan was already experiencing Alzheimer disease. In 2008, we will have been through eight frickin torturous years of the Bush crime family, if we don’t impeach the SOB before year eight. This country cannot take anymore incompetence or corruption!  Do you think a lame duck tastes like chicken?

Please Google Cracked House’s and read about the heartache and turmoil that Del Webb of Phoenix, Arizona has caused Shari Wilson and her young family.  All of Arizona’s politicians should be ashamed of themselves.  Senators McCain and Kyl, how can you let this happen in your own backyard?  Look what you have allowed to happen.  Why do you think I refer to politicians as whores?  We understand this family’s predicament since we almost went through the very same experience.  We had been married for 22 years when Arizona politicians allowed us to go through our Arizona legislature sponsored nightmare.  We made it, but barely.  It has to be incredibly difficult for a young family to experience this hellish sense of builder depravity and the accompanying Arizona legislature’s apathy.  Arizona politicians need to take the building industries’, gravy train contributions out of their ever widening butts.  Then and only then, can the thought of real democracy take hold in this state and country.  When, will the politicians start?  Governor Napolitano and Senator McCain, will you make a commitment to solve this problem for Arizona’s families?

We tried to contact Sen. McCain about our nightmare in his state of Arizona, but evidently McCain was too busy sucking up to Jerry Falwell, giving away American jobs to China and granting amnesty to illegal aliens that have crossed into this country and  have broken U.S. law.  It must have been a very busy week indeed for Mr. McCain. 

Sen. McCain made no attempt to contact this ex-military family.  Obviously Sen. McCain could care less if Arizonan ex-military families lose their homes due to fraudulent builders and developers.  So I see you are really big on the family values talking points memo? It is admirable that McCain looked into the American Indians that were being hustled by Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, but where was Sen. McCain for the last 5 years?  Johnny-come-lately is not an attribute I would like a future presidential contender to possess.  Remember how late you came to the table considering campaign contributions and the infamous Keating 5 scandal?  If I recall, you found Jesus (campaign reform) shortly after your reprimand.  Fast forward to the present, you mean to tell me that you had no idea that Jack Abramoff was shaking down everyone and his grandmother?  You saw nothing?  Were you blind or was it that you just did not want see the truth?    

It is quite odd that Sen. McCain has time to worry about illegal aliens that sneak into this country and drive down American wages, but does not have the time of day for the generations of people born and bred in the United States.  We vow to make sure that Sen. McCain does not forget that we were in this country first and we will not accept the way were treated in his adopted state of Arizona.  We will not be ignored Sen. McCain, you can count on it at least through November 2008 and beyond!  

Once again, if you are thinking of moving to this F…….. upped state of Arizona, think again.  Do your research and ask people who have been through this nightmare if they would move to Arizona again.  I would have rather moved to Siberia if I would have been provided a defective free home. Russian culture and good vodka would be a fair exchange for corrupted Arizona politicians and builder induced legal insanity.  Please don’t make me tell you I told you so, after you have fallen into the trap!  Run, Run... Run Away....NOW!

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