January 10th, 2007

Iraq War
The simple slogans of war and other unimportant things

Dear republican SAHBA members,

Isn’t it just phucking wonderful that over 3000 American lives and the lives of hundred of thousands of Iraqi’s has been rationalized and now quantified into another simplistic slogan to influence the American marshmallow minded electorate into supporting this quagmire.  Is it any wonder that the President that you elected, not once but twice, the very same President that exuded incompetence and ignorance in the 2000 primaries, the President that calls himself the decider, who in fact is now the great un-decider, can anyone really now believe that he can find his own ass, let alone show you “The Way Forward?” about showing you all the way forward into the Vietnam syndrome abyss?

Do any of you people resent your elected politician treating you like sixth grade children with their simplistic slogans to influence public sentiment?  Why are you not enraged when politicians treat you like brain dead imbeciles?  Why does President Bush want to simplify very complex issues with childish jingles?  Do they have to keep it simple for the adults who are mentally challenged with reality and truth? 

Why do you accept the lies that the politicians that you have elected, like Bush, scheme to offer you?  Maybe the easy acceptance of lies says more about you than it does about your elected officials.  Maybe your elected officials are a reflecting mirror image of yourselves?

Here are some of the simple phrases that have been dreamed up for your limited thirty second viewing and listening pleasure attention span.  Sorry, some of you will have to be excluded because of significantly lesser hold over attention span times of less than thirty seconds.  We must insist on minimum standards for times of useful consciousness.  If they say the American voter is so smart, then why do they treat you like such dumb mother phuckers?   So many questions to be answered and all after the bewitching hour has passed you by.


  1. The Way Forward
  2. Surge and Accelerate   
  3. Plan for Victory
  4. Adapt and Win
  5. Strategy for Victory
  6. Stay the Course
  7. Mission Accomplished
  8. War on Terror
  9. Axis of Evil
  10. Freedom is on the march
  11. Protect the Mother Land
  12. Torture and Rape Rooms
  13. Global war on Terrorism
  14. Global war on violent Extremism
  15. Islamo Fascism
  16. The Patriot Act
  17. We’ll stand down when they stand up
  18. We’re going to Smoke ‘em out
  19. Wanted Dead or Alive

To where; the great abyss?
WTF?  Is Bush ejaculating again?
There are no plans; never were any.
Yeah, let’ flip flop to victory.
There never has been a strategy.
Why; we are losing?
Yes, in your dreams.
You can’t declare war on a tactic.
Axis of make believe fantasy.
No, oil privatization is on the march.
That sounds so Communist.
Just like we had in Abu Ghraib.
Declare a global war on a tactic.
That slogan lasted about one week.
That slogan lasted three days.
What an oxymoron; NSA spying?
Sounds like ring around the rosy.
I wonder what Bush is smoking?
The Wild West still lives on.

And some simple jingles about non-military issues.                                                                                                                                               

  1. No Child Left Behind
  2. Strengthen Social Security
  3. They Hate us for our Freedom
  4. The Death Tax
  5. We are Working Hard
  6. I am a Uniter not a Divider
  7. A Reformer with Results
  8. I am a Compassionate Conservative
  9. I am not into Nation Building

So the only way that Bush can sell or hide his real agenda, is to sugar coat the policies that he puts forth for your silent prone approval, with mostly three worded jingles.  Why are you so easily fooled by such deception and lies?  Were you not enraged by the lies about WMD’s, slogans like “I am a uniter not a divider” and “I am a compassionate conservative?”  How about the “no child left behind” bull shit and the profession that Donald Rumsfeld was going to stay on for two more years?  Bush is anything but honest; he is a phucking calculated liar that could care less how many people die during his stay in the White House. 

Do you ever get tired of the lies or do you just enjoy people lying to you?

We will move “the way forward” with a “surge and acceleration” of U.S. troops in the coming months, but it will all be another tragic mistake from this incompetent Bush administration animal house, frat boy President.  A couple of C students should never be allowed to run this country. 

We will all suffer greatly in the future for the sins of silence and apathy, and all to glorify our great elected buffoon!


The Arizona Refugee

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