January 22, 2007

Subject: The State of the Union

Title:  Bush is still president; oh God help us, we are all so screwed!

  No, trust me, I really am very smart!


Dear republican SAHBA members,

Tomorrow night on Tuesday, January 23, our lame dick for a brain president, George W. Bush will deliver his next to last, State of the Union address to the American people.  Thank phucking God; our national nightmare will finally be over in two more years!  Unfortunately, who among you do not believe that Bush’s creation, the Iraqi Civil War, will continue on with American troops stationed in Iraq, for decades to come?  Didn’t we just loose 27 American military troops this past weekend; the third worst, single day, casualty total, in this almost 4 year old war of choice?  

Bush, has now descended to a 35% approval rating, and has now won the dubious distinction and honor of obtaining the lowest State of the Union approval ratings since Richard Nixon 1974 speech and the Watergate obstruction of justice saga.  Bush is continuing to dig a whole so deep that he cannot ever hope to see the light of day again because of his present and disastrous course.  God forbid if the situation becomes worse and it begins to rain.  I would be happy to bet a king’s ransom that beside critical thinking and judgment, Bush also cannot swim.

Let us pray that Bush’s stay in the White House will be even shorter if Congress decides to grow some constitutionally balls and impeach his ignorant ass.   There are no high crimes and misdemeanors here, except for us chickens.  And just think; the republicans impeached Clinton for lying about getting a blowjob; go figure!  How many hundreds of thousands of lives has Bush personally ended, with his policy of continuous war mongering?  How many lives did Clinton’s blow job cause?

From an advanced copy of the speech that I have just received today, numb nuts will begin his address to the American people by giving an honest and updated assessment by reporting that; “The State of the Union is all phucked up because you voted for me and I did it!”  Bush will hardly speak about the Iraqi fiasco but concentrate on fiscal budget responsibility and all because of his six years of desired deficits which he has approved and which he has caused by lust for wars and tax cuts for the privileged and very wealthy.

Bush will even float a dead on arrival trial balloon concerning health care benefits of American workers with the desired inclusion of their health benefits used as taxable income.  Brilliant, why let Bush phuck this benefit up, like he has phucked up everything else that he has touched.  Can Social Security be far behind in the Bush/Cheney crosshairs to also phuck up and give to Wall Street? 

Bush will be labeled by historians as the president with the King Midas touch for failure.  And to think, there was such unity and promise during the two months after September 11th, with the whole world on our side. But instead Bush bulled his ignorant way into Iraq and is personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands human lives.  Don’t you just love that sanctity of life deception argument?    

Okay, so President Bush would never admit such a correct description of what he and Dick “head” Cheney have done to this country, but it does aptly describe our perilous and present state of affairs.   Keep in mind that Bush did not write this speech and can only deliver such an address from the help of a much needed ghost writer and large size teleprompters.  Thank God for technology and people who can coherently write speeches for ignorant politicians.  Even though I am not a betting man, I would wager everything to bet that Bush did not write one word of this speech or for that matter, any other speech in his whole corrupt and incompetent political career.

Can you imagine if Bush was to recite personally, a written speech from memory, or better yet, an adlib this speech from the heart; could one imagine the incredible assault and butchery that would be accomplished in horror upon the English language.

The elephant in the room concerning the main topic of Bush’s speech will be none other than the wonderfully created fiasco and quagmire of Bush’s creation; the Iraqi War.  I wonder if Bush will even mention the words Iraq and escalation in the speech.

Bush will deliver his speech tomorrow, at the height of his continual descent towards his lowest approval rating, train wreck presidency.  Look for many words but little substance to explain his visions of delusional grandeur that will be sprinkled in for good measure. 

Three years ago, during Bush’s state of the Union speech, he unloaded on the American public, a straight pull “it out of your ass” announcement that America would be conquering the solar system after it dispensed with the Taliban.  Oh gee, are we still on the path to going to Mars?  Oh please, give me a phucking break.  No problems here on earth that need to be addressed.  It does indeed, all sound so much like the Vietnam era. We have too many wars that we have chosen to be financially charged, just like a 21% interest rate on a Master Card at Christmas.

Bush will talk and give great lip service to health insurance since republicans need some kind of issue to manufacture before the 2008 election season arrives. I can’t wait to see the details of the republican bullshit that they will try and feed the American electorate with generalized lies and deception. There will be words, but very little actions.  Didn’t Bush say we were addicted to oil last year?  What have we done about it; nothing?

And just as the state of the union is in shambles, I can’t help but see the similarities between the Union of America and Arizona. While America has its chosen Iraq quagmire in progress, Arizona stills choose to support its building industry hit squad and the rape of the Arizona home building consumer to continue unabated. 

So tomorrow night as I watch the president’s lips move, as he once again chooses to lie and deceive the American people for his personal agenda, I will concurrently ponder the question about Arizona politicians and their support for the building industry and the nightmares that they cause good honest people to endure.

Maybe Gov. Janet Napolitano has learned to give comparable State of the State speeches from her emulation of George W. Bush and his ability to deceive the electorate concerning mounting problems.  Why does Gov. Napolitano remain silent in the face of such corruption and building fraud in her adopted state?  Who is Gov. Napolitano beholding to and why?

Once again, enjoy the Bush speech façade and the lies, illusions and the hollow, empty words of deceptive vision that are based upon manipulative deceit.  Only one more State of the Union address from this Bozo like president and less than two years until our chance at the emancipation of Democracy has arrived; but maybe sooner if Congress has any respect for the Constitution and the Presidency.


The Arizona Refugee

  Can you guess which one of the lame ducks without feathers is an asshole?
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