Date:  13 April 2008

Subject:  Anna Stark

Title:  A Response to your Threatened Lawsuit



For the reader’s benefit, former, then current and now former again First Magnus’s right wing republican supporting employee, Anna Stark contacted me today by e-mail, on this   solemn day for me and threatened me with a libel and defamation of character lawsuit unless I pulled everything off this site concerning her and her hallowed name.  

Up to that point of my day, I had been contemplating the memory of a World War II veteran’s existence on this earth.  April 11th was the anniversary of my deceased father’s 92nd birthday.  Mrs. Stark shattered my thoughts of my father and forced me into a game of legal contemplation for the remainder of the day.  I traveled then to the ACLU and talked to FBI officials about my impending case and e-mail threats that had been coming my way for two weeks.

I must say, that I find it amazing how a Pima County Republican Women’s Club member (PCRWC) can depress the quality of life for a person even on a day of introspection and loving thought for man that raised me to be the kind of man that I am today.  But evidently Mrs. Stark seems to have absolutely no respect for World War II veterans.  In fact Mrs. Stark has called the family of one Tucson World War II veteran nothing more than “grifters” that are playing “con- games.”  What an incredible display of respect and compassion for a member of the greatest generation.  I think it will be more than appropriate of me to send Tom Brokaw a memo about this story.

These two websites, and, were created to warn the public about defective building practices and real estate fraud in Tucson, Arizona, while chastising public officials, builders, real estate agents, contractors and the people who support these types of actions.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Stark chose to be on the side supporting fraudulent and corrupted real estate and mortgage brokers, instead of the common man and ex-military families, who just like me, have been losing our homes in Arizona for at least the past five years.

And John McCain a seven homeowner, $100 million dollar net worth wonder is running for president while the military members in his state are being pilfered and financially raped by the construction and real estate industries of the “Great Corrupted state of Arizona.”   Why does he allow it to continue?  I will ask the major media outlets to ask John McCain that question since he never answered it for me.  Yes, why don’t we have John McCain answer that question, especially for internet and cyber-stalking whack job nuts, Harry Javelina and the Cardinal?  Trust me on the Harry name, it will be explained to you later.   

I find it odd that a person like Mrs. Stark can be so willing to exhibit vitriolic and arrogant behavior, with incredible amounts of blog posts in newspaper comment sections and real estate blogs from Tucson, Arizona and then say that her character has been defamed by responding to her public comments and attitude. In my opinion, there has been little hint of compassion or real character to begin with.  Numerous posts by other Tucson citizens have been nothing but unfavorable towards Mrs. Stark’s demeanor and character.  Many, many unkind words have been spoken on Mrs. Stark’s behalf.  Have I ever called her a bitch like some readers have?  I think not.

I became involved with Mrs. Stark after her incredibly vicious and libelous diatribes in a comment section of The Arizona Daily Star article about Mr. Ellis Herman’s plight with fraud and predatory lending.  

You see, Mr. Herman is just an 81 year old former gunner that was stationed on a World War II supply ship in the Pacific Theatre.   Evidently Mrs. Stark, a “former” or “ex”-military wife was content to verbally defecate all over Mr. Herman and his family for her personal comfort.  Mrs. Stark chooses to think of herself as a current military wife even though her colonel bird husband retired in 2007.  Some military wives can just never give up wearing their husband’s rank on their sleeves like they did on active duty to indicate status and rank.  I am sorry Mrs. Stark but the military charade party is over for you.  Mrs. Stark is an “ex”- military wife now, just like my wife has been an ex-military wife since I got out of the Service.   FACT

I challenged Mrs. Stark’s terrible and despicable comments towards Mr. Herman and his daughter Ella, with her saying that they appeared to be nothing more than well polished and I quote; “grifters” who were only out to defraud LONG Realty for money.

I personally understand LONG Realty’s corruption and the Department of Real Estate in Arizona’s refusal to investigate secret kick back schemes.  Why are they afraid to investigate?  Why is Democratic Attorney General Terry Goddard unwilling to investigate?  Democratic governor Janet Napolitano’s re-election campaign in 2006 used the phrase “protecting Arizona families.”  Who or what politician protected my family or Mr. Herman’s family in Arizona?   

But I wonder who the real “grifter” was at LONG Realty during the time when one of their agents, Fran Epsen, was taking part in a secret kick back money scheme with builder L.J. McCreary.  No folks, there was no corruption to be found here; right.  Do you think that a person like me or Mr. Herman loses their homes because of the involvement of honest or dishonest people?  Our case was bad enough but is there any doubt that Mr. Herman’s case is criminal?

Also, comments like; I have come to the conclusion that “they are running a clever con-game gone sour” and “what they really are small time swindling crooks” were preciously compassionate conservative comments by an ex-military wife who has proven that she has one of the biggest, nastiness and most compassionless mouths in Tucson.

Mr. Herman, in my humble opinion, is an honorable World War II veteran and shame on you for treating him and his family like dogs.  Would you have treated my father and his brother who participated in the Italian Theatre against Mussolini as “grifters” too?  I will take Mr. Herman and my Dad’s service to this country any day Mrs. Stark over your paper, pushing, prima donna, pampered husband.  What is the matter with you Mrs. Stark?  In your opinion Mrs. Stark, do enlisted servicemen not deserve respect to?  Why would you choose to be so insolent to Mr. Herman?  Do World War II members deserve no respect?  You owe Mr. Herman and his family an incredibly big apology and real fast!  Personally, I don’t think you and your co-conspirators who have cyberstalked these people and me could apologize enough.

Shame, shame, shame on you Anna Stark.

Maybe its time for you to give up making care packages and do something to make these people’s lives better.  As I was trying to help Mr. Herman’s cause, you were hell bent on trying to tear them and me down.    

Unlike your ex-flyboy husband, Mr. Herman fought in the last honorable war that American has chosen to participate in, since the military industrial complex was created right after 1945.  Did your husband recently take a job with a defense contractor?  I will take Mr. Herman’s service over your acronym loving fly boy husband, who spent according to you, 28 years in the military.  Mr. Herman went to defend the country in a time of real war. 

Maybe your husband Mrs. Stark only lasted that long in the Service for the job security and pension benefits.  Many of us out here no longer have pensions because of your republican, douche bag CEO’s and politicians have allowed them to be taken away just as they are trying to eradicate Social Security. Yeah Mrs. Stark, it is easy to forget about the outside world and reality when you are confined on a military base and programmed to behave like a robot.  Have you and your husband recovered yet from those years of military captivity and brain washing?   

It certainly seems like Mrs. Stark has no problem producing nasty and slanderous statements about Mr. Herman’s family but has an incredible problem when it comes to anyone saying anything negative about her.  You Mrs. Stark are an arrogant, mean spirited bully!  I think you enjoy being mean and nasty!  Is some one paying you to perform like this?  Seriously, I want to know because nothing else makes any sense for your terrible tenacity in this endeavor.   Evidently, this is one of the reasons for your threatened lawsuit.  It certainly seems like Mrs. Stark can dish it out by defaming an elderly World War II veteran character, but she sure can’t take it when someone like me questions her character.

I have seen the Truth and Lending disclosure statement that was never signed by Mr. Herman and the Purchase Contract Agreement which has pages that are not in Mr. Herman’s original papers and appear to be (in my opinion) a forged attempt at Mr. Herman’s initials.  Couple the apparently falsified documents with the  fact that LONG Realty’s Pam Treece steered Mr. Herman into using a previous  home inspection that was not an accurate portrayal of the home’s condition.  Why wasn’t Mr. Herman steered to a VA loan Mrs. Stark?  He was pre-approved for the loan.  The VA would have never have passed  the house and especially at the inflated price and with the defects that were not disclosed . The VA would have fairly appraised the home and the inspection would surely have turned up the problems. . And just for your information Mrs. Stark you misunderstood what Ella was talking about in the Arizona Daily Star comment section.  The “uniform residential appraisal report “which Joe Neal and Long Realty used for the  Herman loan shows the owner of the property as Mass not Hagyard. This is what Ella was talking about.  You just assumed that you could go look up past owners and prove her a liar.  Well guess what?  I have a copy of the appraisal and it is exactly as Ella portrayed it.  You know what happens when you assume something?  It makes an ass out of you.  You owe her an apology – and you should make it in a public forum - Just as you accused her in one.  This is only one of many inaccuracies in the documentation.  The biggest of which is the page that was changed from the original that Mr. Herman signed in which Ms. Deconcini discloses her relationship to the seller. This disclosure was not included in Mr. Herman’s packet of originals.  It was added after he signed the page and he says he did not ever see or initial that page. But you think you know better. So it is ok for you to make scurrilous accusations but God forbid anyone should name you for what you are!  Of course your friend Joe Neal from First Magnus or Pam Treece from LONG Realty didn’t care since they would get their money and that is all that mattered.                        

Mrs. Stark escalated this issue with her post on the Active Rain / Nora blogs comment section towards us,( a blog on which we never posted nor participated in) which occurred after I made reference that I would be writing future articles about Mrs. Stark, LONG Realty and First Magnus employees who support, and use fraudulent schemes to swindle elderly buyers.

Last month, an Arizona Daily Star comment section about Mr. Ellis Herman’s story was removed from public view.  Recently, comments by Ms. Stark were removed from a real estate blog called Active Rain/ Nora’s blog.  One must ask why these comments are being removed and by the request of whom.  So Mrs. Stark did you request removal of your spew?

What are you afraid of Mrs. Stark, your record of berating and desecrating a World War II veteran’s family or is it for something else?  Of course you must want words erased because it shows your evilness as a human being.

What kind of moral bankruptcy has this country been allowed to descend into and why?

There is something terribly wrong in Arizona and I am being forced to address it once and for all.  I will address it.

Shame of all shames upon you! 

And if you stop and think about it for a moment; you know that I am right!






A Response to Mrs. Stark:  -  The Lawsuit


Mrs. Stark,

I find it very interesting that the same environment that allowed two dishonest republican people from 1998, LONG Realty’s Fran Epsen and L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes (who used corruptive kick back schemes, lied to us and then defrauded us with defective building) has been allowed to grow unchecked in Arizona and  now results in the evil and criminal behavior being experienced by myself and Mr. Ellis Herman’s family. I will hold many people and agencies accountable for this behavior and the fraudulent actions that could have been prevented if Arizona officials had taken actions earlier.

Do you know anything at all about these threats Mrs. Stark?

 I would have contacted you by e-mail but I did not want to be accused of “cyber-stalking” Mrs. Stark.  I have never sent a threatening e- mail to anyone in my life.  I do not operate that way Mrs. Stark.  My parents raised me to be much better than a person who engages in that type of criminal behavior.  What I do on my website is to warn people of the unscrupulous people like you and others in Arizona who do not care about Arizona families and I try and prevent them from experiencing the incredible fraud that is taking place in this state. I do not shove my website down anyone’s throat.  It is my place to voice my opinions and comment on the political climate. 

Why do you think I engaged with you to question your motives during that Arizona Daily Star article?  Why would you be so arrogant and condescending in order to support this industry that does take advantage of people, especially the elderly for financial gain?  Do you really believe that it is not possible that First Magnus took advantage of people?  I have seen lots of blogging that would suggest otherwise.

You have said in a newspaper comment blog that I am dangerous.  No Mrs. Stark in my opinion, you are the one that is dangerous and despicable to mankind with your total support for an industry that preys upon people; especially the elderly and uniformed.  Just because someone can be taken advantage of, does that make it okay to do so?  Is it all right to sell a property you know is defective and not disclose the problems?  Is it okay to cheat an elderly trusting man – just because it is easy?   Maybe you are this way Mrs. Stark because as an REO specialist, you deal with the burning ashes of people’s dream as if it all was just another chance to make a profit because of a family’s misery?  And you call me dangerous?  In my opinion Mrs. Stark, the lack of compassion and the thoughts that you publicly express are dangerous to the security of families across the country.  As I said before Mrs. Stark, if I seem dangerous to you, it is because I seek truth and honesty.

My motives and integrity for this subject have always been pure.  My colorful language is only meant to express my contempt and emphasize the grave situation that exists in Arizona.  But you take it as danger and as being culturally despicable.  Well when you Mrs. Stark, lose your home and dreams to fraud and corruption and let us see if you remain totally in compliance of your personal definition of accepted civility on the issue.  Yes, Mrs. Stark, I am very passionate about this issue and no one is paying me a dime for my passion. 

My websites will come down when these people are held accountable and Tucson decides to address their problems with fraud, corruption and defective building.  Why would you want to support real estate professionals and builders who are defrauding consumers Mrs. Stark and not support regular people in the community like me or Mr. Herman?  Is it a republican philosophy thing about money?  You showed exactly zero commitment to fair-mindedness and compassion to Mr. Herman and others in this situation and I would like to know why?  My home was foreclosed Mrs. Stark and do you and your husband consider me a “grifter” too?  Mrs. Stark, am I also to be a dead beat in your mind of exalted righteousness?

You have challenged me Mrs. Stark and I will accept your challenge.  You have challenged my integrity, character, competence and judgment.  You have said Mrs. Stark that I am dangerous but the only thing dangerous is that you find my tenacity to pursue the truth upsetting.  I thought fine upstanding republican women from the PCRWC like you would welcome a person who pursues honesty and the truth.

Mrs. Stark I have found in the past that when republican people like Pastor Ted Haggard of Phoenix and Sen. Vitter (R-LA) who protested vociferously about deviant behavior in the community, it often turns out to be those very people that are performing the exact behavior  themselves.  Isn’t American political hypocrisy wonderful? 

Would you happen to know Mrs. Stark anything at all about who has been sending me and Mr. Herman’s daughter, Ella Silveira, these threatening e-mails with the email addresses of and  How about the identity of the person that wrote the numerous titles and I quote; “PHUCK THIS”, e-mails with comments about threatening my job and contacting government officials about my website?

Do you really think that the media would find a problem with me fighting for the rights and well being of a World War II veteran?  Well if there is a problem then there are a lot more problems with this country then we ever thought.  I plan Mrs. Stark to contact every newspaper and every radio station and every major media outlet with Mr. Herman’s story of the harassment of an ex-military member and forcing him to loose his home because of fraud and corruption in the state of Arizona and let’s just see where the chips may fall.

I plan to travel to Omaha and obtain a meeting with Warren Buffet and ask him why his subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway that owns LONG Realty is so adept at defrauding people out of their homes.  I want to know if Warren Buffet is aware of the situation in Tucson.  I wonder if my upcoming letter to Mr. Buffet about the shabby way that LONG Realty treats military clients, especially World War II veterans is acceptable to him or any of the presidential runners.  It is obvious to me that politicians like John McCain, Jon Kyl and state Senator and Representative Tim Bee and Jonathan Patton do not care.  Let’s see what some real media attention to this whole story can do to stop the corruption in Arizona.

Personally, when the e-mail threats to Mr. Herman’s family and mine started coming in I decided I had enough of these criminal harassers.  Now it is time to challenge you.  I am going to find out who is doing this to us.  

Sure go ahead and Swift Boat me and threaten me even more because it will only stoke my resolve to fight you.   I am just one man out there trying to fight against defective builders, fraud and real estate corruption.  God this all sounds like republican dirty tricks behavior to me.

Mrs. Starks, something is terribly wrong with Arizona and you seem to be now in the middle of it all.

How about the other numerous threat e-mails that have been sent by including the he’s“. . . in for a good butt phucking.  He’ll know what to do.” Mrs. Stark, would you consider that cyber- stalking or just plain old criminal sexual threats?  Isn’t rape a crime where you come from in Arizona Mrs. Stark?  How much have you people tried to damage me?  And you are threatening to sue me for damages; what incredible harm has been done to you Mrs. Stark?  What have you been put through in comparison?

The post by Harry Javelina boy had a definite male tone to it. It has a very authoritative tone with cockiness and arrogance at the same time.   Maybe it was written by a man or maybe it was a clever use of tone by someone else but I felt it.  Women don’t usually write about butt phucking now do they?   It almost sounded like an ex-military person of authority or someone who has knowledge or has had a working knowledge in the everyday use of acronyms.  It could be someone who might have read or now has a subscription to AWST.  But wouldn’t you agree that this is an arrogant excuse for a man and human being?   I want to know this persons name. We will certainly find out the answer to this question in time. 

“Hey.....Ex-military guy right?  Then you should be pretty good when it comes to figuring out the acronyms below:” Yes, as I have said before, I am ex-military.  But there were other things in this post that connected with some of your previous posts Mrs. Stark that perked my curiosity.  There are always patterns of speech, words and other items to compare with your other posts.  You certainly have given me enough material to compare things with Mrs. Stark. You have been such a prolific writer on blogs; but why?   And as I have said Mrs. Stark, I have copied everything that you have posted before any of it was taken away on the internet.


What incredible audacity for a person to threaten other people who are protesting fraud and corruption!  So who is the real fraud, the real criminal in this case?  Enough!

I believe that a forensic linguist would be able to do a more thorough job of comparing and analyzing word patterns than I can.  I will be happy to pay the bill for one of these professionals to examine this issue.  I will check into that next week.  And besides, a lawsuit will allow me to subpoena Google for IP addresses which will lead to these criminal harassers.  As we all know now, our government records and monitors everything that we say and write on the internet.  Trust me; there will be a way.

Make no mistake Mrs. Stark; I am dedicated now to finding out by whom and why these e-mails are being sent to me.  Who is trying to threaten me into backing off from helping Mr. Herman?  I want to know if any people including you or LONG Realty officials are being paid to fund this activity. 

Mrs. Stark, of all the people, I especially understand the ramifications of fraud and corruption. Just like Mr. Herman, I lost my land, home and dreams because of fraud and corruption.  It is too bad that my republican lawyer only cared about him and the money rather than really fight our case.  Mrs. Stark, if my republican attorney in 2002 had performed his job competently and tenaciously, you and I would not find ourselves in this predicament today in 2008.  It is something to think about when evil and greed only propagates itself into the future.

But instead of cleaning up things, we have the evil doers like LONG Realty’s Fran Epsen and L.J. McCreary continuing to mutate.  Who among you out there is afraid that we are starting to get close to having some type of investigation about corruption and fraud charges for the Tucson real estate and building industry?  Hey where is Susie Deconcini and where is Timothy Hagyard on this issue?  Haven’t they been missing in action just like John McCain’s suspected love interest; Vicki Iseman.  Man does the McCain campaign have this woman out of sight from the media until after the election is over?  What do you think Mrs. Stark? Where are Susie Deconcini, Pam Treece and Timothy Hagyard?

Somehow Mrs. Stark, from the investigating that I have been doing I believe it is a possibility that you know or are perhaps involved with these actions.  It seems like the only way to find out for sure is a lawsuit.   I will call your bluff on this issue!  I find it interesting that the e-mail threats have been sent to both Ella Silveira and me and then you send your threat of a lawsuit to both of us as well.   Strange coincidence?  I think not.

I am also very interested to find why you and these e-mail threat flamers are so interested in trying to try scare me and Mr. Herman’s family from protesting about the fraud and corruption that is rampant in southern Arizona; especially in Tucson.  I want to know the truth Mrs. Stark; do you?  If you feel that I “threaten” people by promising to comment about their behavior and disclosing the truths; then who is at fault here Mrs. Stark?   What kind of morality do you subscribe to?

Mrs. Stark you have supplied me with demands in your letter of April 11th and then provided me with little time to comply.  You are fortunate that I even looked at my e-mail on Friday since I sometimes do not look at it for weeks. 

As promised, I did contact the ACLU and FBI on Friday afternoon and have additional contacts set up for this Wednesday.  As luck would have it, my power source adapter failed after I returned from talking to FBI officials and I am behind in my comments for the spring SAHBA Home Show and addressing your new promise of threats by lawsuit.

After returning home and not be able to use my computer I began to go through every single post that I could find that I had copied on internet comments that you have made and compared them to the threats that myself and Mr. Herman’s family have received from and  I found some very interesting common similarities in these posts.

This letter is also an attempt to address the implied threat that you made on the Active  Rain/Nora comment blog on March 21, 2008.  You stated on that blog quote; “We can only hope that their “wings” are clipped in the very near future.”   Why the reference to wings Mrs. Stark?   Who are you talking about when you say “we “and “us” in those comments Mrs. Stark?  Trust me Mrs. Stark; I am going to find out.  Who is working with you as co-conspirators in this effort to have our “wings” clipped Mrs. Stark?  What did you foresee that was coming Mrs. Stark and with whom?

I will be posting the entire collection that I have of your e-mails Mrs. Stark for the public to examine.  No more threats Mrs. Stark or threats to the clipping of wings ever again.  Someone out there is really setting themselves up for some jail time.

Why did the implicit e-mail threats soon follow about job actions, harassment, and terribly rude and criminal sexual threats about me having to experience forced anal sex  begin to arrive at both my email and Ella Silveira’s shortly after your comments on Nora’s blog?  Is this what you meant by “we” and “us” and “clipping our wings” Mrs. Stark?  Were you planning something for the near future with your comments?  The threats increased until your e-mail threat of lawsuit was sent and now they have stopped completely. .

To me it seems like a coordinated effort.  I will find out the truth and I am sure that you will have no problem with discovering the truth together; am I correct?  Is someone or some corporation financing your implied threats to me and Mr. Herman’s family with your comment like; “we can hope, wings clipped in the near future.”  Please explain your wishes Mrs. Stark.  What and when did you know what was coming?

I sincerely hope Mrs. Stark that you or anyone else that you personally or professional know had nothing to do with these e-mail threats.  But we will find out now; well won’t we?

As far as your many demands Mrs. Starks are concerned, I will offer you just one thing.  I have always strived to present a true and accurate picture of the facts about what I am writing about.  What I write on my website is what I believe to be true.  Am I perfect? No.  But I do try.  I do not put up false facts by design to enhance my story. I do not need to.   I believe the facts are more powerful than fiction can be.  I will defend my integrity and character against yours any day of the week.  I have seen and read what type of person that you are.  I am not worried at all.

I will look over the post that I have written and make any corrections that are necessary.  I must say that the letter that you have provided with me with the “FACTS, is not entirely true.  You have stated things on blogs that do not agree with your letter. Which version of your truth is really the truth?   You must please understand that during our stay in Tucson I can’t begin to count the many people who lied to us; especially real estate people.  My saying has been that if you are dealing with a republican person in Tucson, who is in real estate, they are probably lying to you quite a bit when it comes to real estate and the accumulation of money.  It is a fact that majority of real estate agents and mortgage brokers are republicans.  Money, truth and republicans do not mix very well.

I will look over the post at my convenience since I am not able to agree to normal 9 to 5 and 24/7 schedules.  I will make any changes that need clarification.  Again Mrs. Stark, I want the truth for my website.  This is the best that I can offer you.

Your major demands (in order to avoid a lawsuit) are :

  1. 72 hour time frame
  1. Removal of all material concerning you
  1. Removal of reference to the Pima County Republican Women Club (PCRWC)

Unfortunately, Mrs. Stark, I cannot help you on any of those three demands since they are all non-starters for me and since:

  1. No one sets my schedule at home; especially you.
  2. Removing material about you would be against my principles for this website unless it deals with publishing the facts.   
  3. Removal of the Pima County Republican Women Club (PCRWC) smacks of censorship.  All of the PCRWC references are in a public forum already.

Mrs. Stark, you have chosen of your own free will to participate in public discussions on the internet and place yourself in the middle of real estate conflicts that you have no business in. (Unless there might be an ulterior motive.)  It is clear that you feel free to make accusations at will and then balk when someone calls you on it.  Just like most bullies, you run for cover when you are exposed.  You take down what you say and then ask others to do the same. “I think not.”   I will pay to see what transpires.

And who do you think you are that you threaten me with a lawsuit to remove a link to a public website?  If you are ashamed of your behavior, you should have thought about keeping you mouth shut instead of inserting your foot in it.  I will take no more crap from you Mrs. Stark so file that lawsuit on Monday.

I am sure that you will understand that removal of anything unless I find it inaccurate would be tantamount to censorship and we know that your bird Colonel husband would be upset that he spent 28 years in the military, protecting our Constitutional Rights so that you could have websites and free speech censored.  It is kind of like a Church Lady thing with my rights.

Feel free to file your lawsuit as soon as possible.  I welcome the power of a subpoena, discovery and professional introspection that will help to only address your concerns, but also mine about cyber-stalking, harassing e-mails and the corruption and fraud that permeate Tucson, Arizona. It is very freeing when you have already lost everything and have nothing left to lose. When you have been forced into foreclosure and bankruptcy because of fraud – you have nothing left to fear.  We have already been through hell and survived.  As Bob Dylan wrote, “When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose!

I am afraid that you have now opened Pandora’s Box Mrs. Stark.

Let’s put the whole Tucson and Southern Arizona building and real estate industry on trial for fraud and corruption!  Isn’t this why this whole incident has transpired?  It is obvious that Democrat Attorney General, Terry Goddard and his office will do nothing about this, so why not have this case as an indictment on the system for ruining Arizona family’s lives? 

Five years after my family was financially destroyed, I want answers. 

How large is the corruption issue that permeates the real estate and building industry?  Mrs. Stark maybe you can have that “twit” (as you have called her) Christie Smythe from the Arizona Daily Star do an article on this lawsuit for you?  My problem with the Star is that they will not open up an investigative story on the corruption that permeates this industry.  I will contact Ms. Smythe to see if the paper will finally do something about this or if the Star is a part of the problem, due to advertising revenue.

Was I asking too much Mrs. Stark when I tried to have a home built in 2000 and I was defrauded because of the corruptive and defective building practices by McCreary Homes?  Where were you and your comments while we were being screwed?  Where was your passion for “God, Flag and Country”?

So if I have to have to defend myself, my actions and my website for your damaged ego and character, I will be forced to subpoena many LONG Realty agents including Fran Epsen, Susie Deconcini, Timothy Hagyard and Jerome King. You can bet that L.J. and Denise McCreary will be on the list to answer questions about their secret kickbacks to Fran Epsen.  I want to know the extent of corruption in Tucson that is harming good families.  Let’s let everyone raise their hand, take the oath and then try and tell the truth if they can.

You say that times are financially difficult for you with paying your mortgage, but paragraphs later you then say you have money available for a lawsuit.  Where is this money coming from for a lawsuit? I hope you do not lose your home like the foreclosure we were forced in to.  It is a terrible experience we wouldn’t wish on anyone.  Is this “lawsuit” money coming from another ‘disinterested” third party?   Is it possible that someone from the real estate industry will provide you this money?  I will subpoena every single one of your bank statements especially deposits to see who may possibly be funding your crusade against Mr. Herman’s protest and your lawsuit against my family.

Unlike you Mrs. Stark, I do not own a home anymore, due to Arizona corruption.  The law suit against us by McCreary Home and State Farm Insurance bled us to death while I had a mortgage and car payments.  I no longer have a mortgage, nor do I have a car payment and I can down size at will to fight this issue of corruption as long as I want.   I will never allow myself to be in that type of situation again with the remotest possibility that a lawsuit would happen because of home construction.  I will take an active role in this lawsuit instead of the passive role I took with trusting our incompetent and uncaring attorneys, Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton, who took a “for sure slam dunk case” and blew it for the bucks. 

I will also be subpoenaing SAHBA officials, especially Ed Taczanowsky and have him answer why McCreary Homes has been on his Certified Custom Builder Certification program for the past seven years after he ruined our home and why he tried to have me arrested by having an employee file a false police report.  

And certainly we must have Arizona government officials testifying because they allowed this corruption, real estate fraud and defective building to continue on for much too long.  I want someone to answer why I and Mr. Herman had to lose our homes because of Arizona real estate fraud, secret kickbacks and defective building construction.

And Mrs. Stark, ask your husband about the wisdom of flying into a boxed canyon and at the same time opening a facsimile of Pandora Box.  Mrs. Stark your big mouth and the threats that I believe you know about, are what is now going to change yours and my life forever.  A lawsuit is not a pretty thing and I know this from experience.  I assume that you and your husband will have great difficulty tonight sleeping.  I have been there and done that, but I am much stronger after my experience of being financially raped by the Arizona building and real estate industry.   And for the record, my passion on this issue and politics did not take place until my family was forced down this road of foreclosure which you know so much about, having dealt with those REO properties. 

If you do not choose to sue me now then it will say quite a bit to me.  Either you were bluffing or you are now scared of subpoenas and testifying.  I have had it with these threats.  If I have to do it myself, I will then file a lawsuit against you to get these questions answered.  I want to know who and why we are being harassed and why Mr. Herman’s family is trying to be run out of town.   I am sick of the corruption that you seem to approve of Mrs. Stark.  I want LONG Realty and SAHBA officials under oath and testifying.

In the mean time tell your acronym loving retired Air Force husband that I plan to break hard left and engage; I’m going to guns. As you know Mrs. Stark, this is military fighter pilot talk for saying that the fight is on.  I welcome it!  And I find it very poignant that this is whole mess that you have participated in has taken place during the same weekend of the Spring SAHBA Home Show; fours years exactly from our first protest march at SAHBA.  God works in mysterious ways; doesn’t he?

It’s your move Mrs. Stark!

Very sincerely,

“The Arizona refugee”

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