January 10th, 2007

The “Bush/McCain Doctrine” and “The New Way Forward”
From the Decider; “Surge and Accelerate” equals Escalate.

Dear SAHBA members and republican neocon morons in general,

This week on Wednesday, January 9th, your lame dick President, George W. Bush will finally deliver his long awaited, revised Iraqi policy pertaining to his latest initiative for Iraq, the “New Way Forward.” It will be gratifying to see the self proclaimed “Decider” in Chief, finally make another incoherent and incompetent decision to decide and express to the American people, his latest judgment challenged and hail to the Caesar decree of ignorance.

By the way, did everyone catch this past week’s release that back on December 20th; your Emperor issued another signing statement to the latest Congressional Bill, (The Postal Accountability Act) that now decrees that he or his representative (Dick Cheney or Bozo the Clown) can now open your first class mail without a court warrant?  And even as I speak, George and Dick are probably right now reading your mail about your recent order for male enhancement penis cream, and just remember, it’s all being done in the interest of national security.

Do you feel any safer now?

The “New Way Forward is actually the old way over again, but just in reverse slow motion.  The three word jingle is supposed to confuse every American, including everyone in the White House, about our lost direction in Iraq.  In Bush world, up is clearly down and left is now relabeled right.  Is that perfectly clear now? 

The “New Way Forward” will now be transformed into the Bush/McCain Doctrine of “Surge and Accelerate,” which will later this month be called “The just like Vietnam Escalation Syndrome.”  And now Senator John McCain says I was for the “Surge” before I was against the “Surge.”  Senator McCain, like President Bush and Sen. Kyl, is now a certified national idiot.  Hell if anything, we need a god damn surge suppressor to protect us from Bush, his incoherent enablers like Sen. McCain and Sen. Jon Kyl and the ignorant policies of mass destruction that they manufacture without thought. 

George W. Bush and his enablers are raping and killing the Constitution, America and its once hallowed ideals of liberty and justice for all.   Please stop these Fascist cloned clowns of opportunity, before they do irreparable damage to this once great country!

Maybe Bush and Cheney should have participated in Vietnam rather profess their loyalties and chicken shit acts of “I had other priorities” in order to understand the horrors of war in 2007.  So once again, we will be inundated with another three worded slogan that begs to define an incompetent Presidency and the public marketing 101 and sales gimmick approach to the American people.  But have no fear of failure; you will all once again buy this political drivel from your fearless and ignorant leader, solely because of your own indifference and apathy to human suffering.

Once again we see a child like Bush Administration that cannot help themselves from using simplistic phrase and ideas to explain to you, the American people, a Bush created, complicated and provoked quagmire that tries to solve the Sunni and Shia death spiral that has had these groups of ethnic tribes against each other for over 1,500 years.  Sure, do you think your Bozo Bush and his vast foreign policy experience and ignorance will be able to cure this problem in the last two years of his Presidency?  I don’t think so. 

At the present rate of stalemate and promised escalation, we will be in Iraq for decades to come.

Why in the hell did this country’s electorate and politicians ever allow this idiot to become President and lead this country into a totally unnecessary war?  Was the real reason for this illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, the Israeli/jewish lobby (AIPAC) and the oil industry’s interest in the Middle East?  Just because your President denies and lies to you about these obvious connections does not mean that it isn’t so.

If nothing else, enjoy the theatre and drama of the next week in Washington politics as hundreds of Iraqis will die in the war torn Baghdad streets during all of the political and marketing fanfare that will take place on your behalf.  Please don’t be alarmed in 2007, as Bush ask to borrow another 100 billion dollars to add to our national debt in honor of the Iraqi fiasco and quagmire.  Who will ever be accountable for the cost and lives that have been wasted for nothing?  

Please enjoy the business like marketing 101 style program that the Bush administration will embark on after the speech is over.  Bush can be counted on quickly to force captivated audience at military bases around the country for his mandatory photo op speech campaign theatrics.

The next time that I pass through New York, I will strain my vision and look to see if the Statue of Liberty is still shedding salt tinged tears for our incredible indifference and apathy towards the concept of true Liberty and Democracy. 

Shame on all of you, for allowing this travesty to happen on your watch!  Why are you still allowing Bush to get away with murder?


The Arizona Refugee

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