Date:  22 November, 2008

Subject:  Thanksgiving
Title:  Thanks for absolutely nothing

We have nothing to be thankful for since we used a SAHBA business and    they have ruined everything and left us with nothing because of their use of illegal alien labor and penchant for defective, cheap building.  God help us to recover from the evils of such  SAHBA members. Let the SAHBA rats remain thankful that they have not gone out of business yet.  No worries; there will still be time for your SAHBA construction industry bankruptcies in 2009.






Dear conservative republican SAHBA member,

Ho, Ho, Ho.......Happy Thanksgiving!  Oh sorry; wrong holiday.

I don’t know about you republican majority morons at SAHBA but I am sure thankful for everyone and everything that you have supported with your choice of corrupted politicians that have been made and now perform in your image and the incompetent and fraudulent builders and subcontractors that you enable protection. 

You at SAHBA should all be so proud of the degree that your collective greed has ruined the economy in Tucson and other parts around country with your predatory lending promoting mortgage companies like defunct First Magnus and now the new company on the block, Stonewater mortgage, different name but same philosophy, is here to try and money of the unsuspecting.  I will pray for Stonewater’s 2nd coming of the Tucson mortgage implosion.

But, SAHBA members, you have all done your jobs and it is now evident that your performance was beyond comparison.  Never have so few, swindled so many, for so long, for so much money.  Unfortunately you were so good at swindling Tucson families that you have now ruined your home building and real estate business model.  Bravo!  You people are just plain fucking idiots to bite the hand that feeds you for short term profits.   Please enjoy the sight of you dwindling bank accounts as the bankruptcy wolf knocks on your front door.  Many of you deserve to burn in hell for wanton greed towards pilfering the consumer.

I am sure that it is possible that Anna Stark and Joe Nealy’s First Magnus Corporation, long before the company folded in August of 2007, had the imprints of the company’s greedy hands in numerous forced foreclosures around the country.  And now we have the son of First Magnus, Stonewater Mortgage coming on line to swindle even more Americans around the country.  The word is that no one will do business with Stonewater; especially from the largest market in the country, California.  I wouldn’t trust them any further than I could throw them.  Why do business with a company that has proven in the past from their owner’s actions that they are more than willing to harm you and your family’s financial, emotional and physical security for the benefit of their profit sheet?

Dubious people such as these can insist on their collective innocence but the deeds of their actions only tells the truth of how morally and ethically corrupt these soulless human beings really are.  Also, I am sure the many LONG Realty agents including Jerome King, Fran Epsen, Suzie DeConcini, Christine Hawley, Bob and Pam Treece, along with former boy toy employee and teenager corruption enthusiast of greed, Robert Hayes, are all possibly well schooled in the art of deception and the finer points of manipulation through fraudulent real estate acts.  I do know for sure that LONG Realty agent Fran Epsen is well schooled in the art of monetary kick back schemes with L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes. 

And please do not let me forget to mention SAHBA’s very special members, L.J and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes and how their deviant behavior and fraudulent actions helped ruin the lives of another good family right here in Tucson.  And you people wonder why Tucson crime rate is up and the city is going down the shitter.  SAHBA endorses good families moving away from this city in exchange for profit. 

I am sure that the majority of SAHBA members this Thanksgiving will be thankful for the chance they had the past eight years to swindle their fellow man and their families by being a direct factor in good people losing their homes to foreclosure because of lawsuits.  No wonder SAHBA campaigned so viciously against Prop 201 and its increased oversight of the building industry.  You can deny and decline responsibility all you want SAHBA people but many, many of you have been involved in this terrible behavior of real estate fraud and defective building, complete with illegal alien labor.

Let us all give thanks!

As we quickly approach the Thanksgiving holiday weekend it is time for all of us to reflect and give many thanks to an America that has been ravaged by not only eight years of the Bush Administration, but has also been lied to and harmed during the past forty years of combined presidential and congressional republican rule. 

And as you all know, we have so much to be thankful in American life these days.  Why just look at your investments and 401K statements; Kleenex for all of us.  But what did you really expect from psychopathic prone type republican leadership; integrity and competence? Oh; Really?  Whatever happened to that Bush slogan that stated; we will bring honor and integrity to the White House?  These were lies; nothing but God damn lies for your consumption.  Is there honor and integrity when we kill innocent civilians around the world, torture, spy on Americans and then devastate our economy by deregulation and non-oversight?  The foxes are inside the hen house and no one seems to give a shit as they rape and pillage the human contents.

Let us all give thanks! 

But who cannot give thanks for huge SUV’s, flat screen televisions, faster computers, game boys and cell phones that the government can track your whereabouts with GPS precision as they monitor your incoming and outgoing phone calls.  Yes America besides our never ending thirst for greed, we have so much to be so thankful for good old American greed that defines the true psyche of the American experience.

Let us all give thanks!  

Now I have even chosen to question even the significance of this fabled American holiday of pseudo thanks for the past years blessings.  I have had nothing to be thankful for since the destruction of my family’s financial, emotional and physical well being over five years ago.  And if nothing else I have discovered that like SAHBA, McCreary Homes and their enablers that extend such evil, continue to provide the greed and rottenness that afflicts the American soul and destruction of its economy.  You at SAHBA are all such lying ass, bastards of greed.

Let us all give thanks!

Just look what has been going on in the banking and mortgage industry for the past eight years.   First Magnus, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Wachovia and now Citigroup are all institutions that have basically failed in their fiduciary responsibility to their stock holders and employees.  How can gambling with other people’s money ever be considered as acting responsibly?   

Citigroup in 1999 was once a smaller bank called Citibank before former douche bag Senator, Phil Gramm (R-TX), was able to insert and have passed his Financial Services Act which helped de-regulate the banking industry before leaving office in 2002 to be employed by the Swiss bank, UBS.  This disastrous deregulation of protection provisions of the Depression era Glass –Steagal Act allowed acquisitions and mergers with banks and insurance company.  Insurance company, The Travelers Group, was now allowed to merge with Citibank to form the financial services giant Citigroup, which will now enter bankruptcy this week if it is not also bailed out because of its gambling addictions on purchasing unsustainable and potentially profitable but risky mortgage derivative loans. 

Wouldn’t it have been so nice if the U.S. Government or the state of Arizona had prosecuted against fraudulent and defective SAHBA builders like McCreary Homes who with premeditation, plans on destroying Arizona families?  Wouldn’t it have been nice if the Arizona state government chose instead to “bail” out my family with just a small measure of oversight, prosecution and protection against such fraudulent business enterprises?  Oh I forgot, this is Arizona the republican state that chooses to not care about its families or everyday regular constituents.

Let us all give thanks! 

But to whom should I really give thanks to during these special times?  Should my thanks be directed towards the republican Party who has caused so much heartache and financial destruction towards the middle class Americans or should I just rely on thanking Divine Providence?  Who has really been blessed by the hand of Manifest Destiny; the insolent and ungrateful wealthy and their bloated bank accounts?  Certainly the middle class has not been blessed and it has nothing to give thanks for?  Wages have been reduced, pensions terminated and jobs shipped to China for the benefit of the only American people that seem to count; the wealthy, Wall Street wizards and corporate executives.  How patriotic can Americans like this choose to be?

Let us all give thanks! 

Should we give thanks that additional American manufactures will export additional jobs to China and India or God knows what Third World country?  Guess what you stupid republican dumb fucks; if Americans have no excess money to spend, then they will not purchase your over priced products and services.  As we have seen, credit cards can only go so far before the choking death of debt chokes the economy to death.  Who could afford a home you dumb ass SAHBA members when you all played your little part in accelerating appreciation to unsustainable heights and created the housing bubble that has now burst into vapors?   We are now at the precipice of financial collapse.

Let us all give thanks! 

When will the ignorant people among you learn that the republican Party is not on your side at all and only represent the hidden agenda of additional corporate profits and the transfer of wealth to the already wealthy?  At least you had the good sense in Tucson to tell the U.S. House of Representative republican candidate Tim Bee to take hike and suck on eggs with his balding image and turtle look persona.  Let me offer my sincere compliments to the Tucson electorate for exhibiting some measure of sanity in Arizona politics.  Republicans suck!

Let us all give thanks. 

But why do you think your jobs have all been shipped to far away distant lands by your republican back stabbing politicians and owners?  Did your jobs leave just for the cheap labor and increased profits that India and China could bring them?  How incredibly fucking patriotic can a company or owner be? 

The Global economy is a not an inevitable undertaking but instead a designed and deregulated political/business plan to increase profits.  As I have always said; with a global economy one can expect global problems.  And when a part of the global economy suffers, we all get to participate in the world suffering.   If the United States decides to become gamblers and greedy crooks like they have just done for the past eight years, the whole world will suffer from the many greed based behaviors that exist in this country.  The global economy is a race to the bottom of the barrel and the America economy and its people are suffering terribly from this business decision malaise.

Let us all give thanks! 

Why were illegal aliens hired by corporations as an in sourced labor group while American politicians and government turned their heads away in order to not see?  Was it all about the money, again and again?   Why at one point during the Tucson home construction industry glory days between 2000 and 2006, up to 40% of the labor force of home construction sub-contractors were populated with illegal aliens?  My family’s home was ruined by SAHBA’s L.J and Denise McCreary of McCreary Home’s who hired illegal aliens that performed sub-standard work on my family’s home.  No one, especially L.J. McCreary even cared about the quality of work that was performed on my family’s home.

Let us all give thanks! 

Sure folks, I have so much to be thankful for the financial pilfering of good American families that happens solely for the act of greed.  There is never enough money for these avarice prone, type of republican people who try and put their slimy hands upon and try rip-off everyday from the American consumer.  One can only be thankful in America if a person truly feels that they have not been screwed and financially raped by their fellow American.  Unfortunately, this is not the case in present day America.  There is a sickness in Arizona and a sickness that has spread across this land that now threatens to destroy Capitalism under the premise of bankruptcy demolitions.  Who will be asked to pay, who will go to jail for the misery that these cupidity prone people have inflicted upon the masses.

Let us all give thanks! 

But today, five days before Thanksgiving, I can’t keep myself from acknowledging the significance of this particular day, November 22nd and the fate that was cast upon the direction of the American experience.  The ramifications of that day have directly led to our present time, sorry ass state of affairs of our country and the significance of that event which is more relevant today than ever. 

Forty five years ago today, John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the Warren Report lone gun man, Arlen Specter created, magical bullet theory moment to mystify the explanation of physics and reality.   This one act forever changed America from a country of hope and potential greatness to a country that now teeters on the abyss of financial ruin.  JFK challenged us to go to the moon in less than ten years and we did but 45 years later we are still slaves to foreign oil and the gasoline reciprocating engine.  Who really did kill the electric car; GM or the oil companies?

Let us all give thanks!

Because of the ill fated attempt by another Texas president, Lyndon Johnson to instill another so called freedom reason war in far away places, the republican conman crook named Richard Nixon was able to creep his sorry ass persona into the White House and create a forty year legacy of corporate backed republican politics that would finally gestate and rear its ugly head upon the American economy in 2008.  Some of the very same players in the Bush Administration like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld received their mother’s milk teething start during the Tricky Dick presidency tenure that eventually culminated in the Watergate resignation.  But then Nixon never did say he was a crook; but I did.   Who could disagree that the vast majority of republican are greedy crooks.   Have you ever cheated on your taxes?  If you have participated in this act, you probably are a republican.

Let us all give thanks!

But shouldn’t we all especially enjoy this possible, last Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends since next year we may be in soup kitchen lines across the land from the devastation that the 1994, “Contract with America” prone republican Party has perpetrated upon us?   How did that contract work out for America?   Didn’t it kind of worked out just like my contract did with L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes?   And just like the America, because of the lies written into a contract by white men, we were forced into foreclosure and bankruptcy, just as America is today.   

The republican Party, the Party of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, corporate America and the ignorant enablers that have forced deregulation and non-oversight upon the American people with its accompanying financial and emotional devastating consequences.   Who can afford food these days let alone a home when wages and jobs have diminished or disappeared and everything of any value, including homes, pensions and 401K’s, have plummeted into the republican toilet that flushes the transfer of even more wealth from the middle class to the wealthy by the very minute?

Let us all give thanks! 

But look how quickly the American people forget about the sorry ass state of affairs that Nixon’s played as the part of the almighty king who could do anything he wanted, to include illegal acts of break ins, because “if the president does it, its not against the law’ shit.  Is there any wonder Dick Cheney is such a dead beat, dick headed, constitutional dumb ass?”

Let us all give thanks!  

Six year later, Nixon was unfortunately followed by the father of de-regulation and anti-unionism, the ever budget deficit spending so called conservative republican, Ronald Reagan.  Those ignorant “Reagan Democrats” couldn’t stand the thought of Johnson’s Great Society and a black man possible getting a job over them on occasions, but they sure haven’t had a problem since allowing the republican Party to ship all of those American jobs over to India and China.  But there seem to be no problem when an Indian or Chinese worker gets there jobs just as long as it is not a black man who does.  I guess the American middle class is just too wealthy to care about good paying jobs anymore.  I hear that McDonalds and Wal-Mart are hiring part time; who-wee!  Keep electing republican politicians America and we all be out of work one day due to greed.

Let us all give thanks!    

Ronald Reagan, a retread, retired “B” movie actor who played his part oh so well for the wealthy and corporate America fucks, complete with puppet string pulling brilliance of Oscar winning proportions, was the president that began the real damage to the present day American economy.  And didn’t Ronald Reagan the actor make you feel all so warm and fuzzy inside with those Hal Riney ad man promotions about the “Morning in America” bull shit speeches?  Ronald Reagan didn’t write or believe in shit except he could read a speech well.  Oh you dumb ass Americans never seem to learn.  No folks; it was never morning in America, but instead it was the beginning of the twilight stage for the American empire. 

Reagan’s war against unionism and government was not the real problem with America but instead the problem revealed today is a one of uncontrolled greed through deregulation and non-oversight that killed the trust and optimism of the American spirit.  I trust no one today; especially politicians and businessmen.  Both of these white men and their majority of republican main goal position has been to rip you off at will. 

Because of such” republican values,” my self and my children will never have a home built or work done a home by a SAHBA member, nor would we ever recommend a SAHBA member.   The importance of trust and reputation of your organization has been forever ruined by your support for what McCreary Homes and their lawyers did to my family.  Trust is earned; it is not earned through false advertisement and lies like McCreary Homes and SAHBA continue to manufacture for public consumption.  And you really have the audacity to call yourselves the “Community Builders?”  Oh, Really?  No SAHBA and its members are the community finacial rape artist. 

But isn’t it just such republican bullshit how Reagan and George W. Bush hated government but they both sure used it to increase deficit spending and look how today the republicans like Bush and Henry Paulson are jumping on the government tax payer money ship to bail out banks and insurance companies with wild abandon for the incredibly stupid and greedy casino type gambling behavior that these companies participated in.  They are giving away currency to banks like it was free money with no oversight to where this money is really going.  Could it be going into T bills or offshore accounts?  The banks are getting money and they are just holding on to it instead of lending.  How patriotic can an institution be?  Who could be greedier than a Beverly Hillbillies, Milburn Drysdale type bank president; how republican?

The greedy ass pilfering of America continues on with wild abandon!

Let us all give thanks!    

Even after eight continuous years of republican presidential rule, you then gave George H. Bush, the former CIA director, the president that lied to you with his very own personal biggest lie of all time, that he was “out of the loop” in the Iran Contra affair.   How could the ex- CIA director be “out of the loop?”  Either he was lying through his teeth or he was an incompetent, uninvolved moron.  I will take the lying ass WASP scenario.  Hey, but what the hell it did it matter because you still chose this douche bag lying moron as president and gave him and the republican Party another four year assignment to help ruin the country.   And just think if George H. Bush had not been elected to the presidency, I firmly believe firmly that his psychotic prone, and functionally illiterate son, George W., would have never become president, thereby saving the lives of hundreds of thousand of people around the world and preserving the country’s economy from financial abyss that it finds itself in for the sake of this arrogant and ego maniac.

Let us all give thanks!

If nothing else, the Bush family to include George H’s son “Dubya,” have come by their natural lying ability with such sincere dishonesty.   During this transition of power between republican men but not political parties, America was playing for the first time that little financial shakedown game with FDIC insurance related scam activities known as “The Savings and loan Scandal.”  Eight years later; stupidity prone America would put the same type of people in charge of the country that were present from 1980 to 1992 with the son of Bush, George W. and the country would be once again on the road to being swindled and pilfered for profit by the wealthy. 

Obviously peace, prosperity and a Monica Lewinsky blow job during the Clinton years was enough to alter the course of American history.  America since 2001 has become an eight hundred pound gorilla that even Osama Bin Laden must be marveling at the rate that Americans are harming one another and financially killing themselves.  Why should Bin Laden attempt to change the American destruction game now when America is hell bent on killing itself?  And we as a country are committing financial and business suicide because a large percentage of the people in this country live for the pursuit of pure greed but never look at the economic harm to the community that such greed brings upon the lives of everyday Americans.

Let us all give thanks! 

Even back in 1986, freshman senator John McCain who recently played the subservient running mate part in deference to Sarah Palin’s make believe leadership skills, got his initial experience by swindling the American people with his all-star appearance in the “Savings and Loan” and “Keating Five Scandal.”  But obviously the corruption and scandal on the part of John McCain did not matter to many of you, along with the ignorant millions who voted for this flawed man anyways.  America really is such a stupid fuck country.  Maybe deep down the vast majority of Americans basically want to be lying ass crooks, just like their corrupt politicians who they choose to vote for personified by state representative, Jonathan Patton (R) of Tucson.

Let us all give thanks! 

If I do recall that little “Savings and Loan Scandal” bailout reached over the $160 billion dollar water mark in tax payer money, but who really cared when it was jus more free money that was being passed out to the banking and political lobbying crooks.  And now we look down the road twenty years later in today’s news and we have the “Savings and Loan Scandal” type losses again only now at a three hundred times worse scenario with the bank failures/ bailouts because of foreclosures due to unsustainable mortgages and complex criminal created derivatives that now exceed $500 trillion dollars and will cost at least three trillion dollars to fix.   And just like “Ring around the Rosy” we are all going to fall way, way down on our assess.  My, my, my, we never seem to learn when we are being swindled by the republican political crooks that are being backed by the wealthy elite investors and Wall Street highway robbery bandits.

Let us all give thanks!

And that brings us today to the ever hopeful ending of the George W. Bush presidency.   I will thank God that this fucking moron will finally be leaving office, but not a moment too soon.  I am sure that there is still great harm that George W. Bush can do to the American people and the economy in his less than two months remaining in office.  George W. Bush will be vilified by historians for years to come and there are fifty nine million dumb ass Americans that allowed this moron his second chance to ruin this country and he indeed has finally succeed at something.

And I would like to give thanks to all of the American republican morons like SAHBA backing scum like Jim Click and Lute Olson that enabled George W. Bush to have such a destructive effect upon the American people.   I am sure that all of you remember that Jim Click was a Karl Rove created Bush Pioneer Ranger in 2000 and a Bush Ranger in 2004 that gave hundreds of thousands of your hard earned dollars that you spent on Jim Click automobiles to have George W. Bush elected as your incompetent ruler.   But I wonder today how many Jim Click autos are being sold in this credit restrictive, deepening recession times?  Isn’t just a shame that Jim Click’s inventory will go unsold?  God again works in mysterious ways. 

Let us all give many thanks! 

Even make believe U. of A. conman basketball artist, the “I’ll be back” promising recruiter, Lute Olson is cracking apart.  Hey Lute, what a classy way to end your career as a gallivanting republican moron.  Olson, along with his professed 2nd love of his life, baby boomer super neocon republican wife Christine couldn’t help themselves from giving hundreds of thousand of dollars to insure that this very flawed man, George W. Bush and his Tim Bee Style enabling republicans would be given great sums of money to fulfill their master’s wishes. 

But I was so sadden to hear that Lute Olson’s four year, “power couple” marriage to Christine folded under the strain of having so much money to make problems up with.  Evidently those wealthy republican marriages don’t seem to do so well today and Lute and Christine had to take a stab at playing the adult legal severance game called American style divorce.  Isn’t it is all such a pity when such incredible wealth can only buy such incredible sadness for two terribly flawed republican reared individuals.

Let us all give thanks!  

But I am really very thankful that Lute Olson is now miserable.  Happy to have you join the club, old Lutey.  Yes, SAHBA folks, God does work in mysterious ways.   For all of Olson’s money and past make believe, misappropriated hero fame of 1997, I am sure Lute Olson is now one miserable son of bitch.  I am thankful as hell when any SAHBA supporting member becomes miserable. 

SAHBA members have a lot of catching up to do when it come to matching the miserable factor that SAHBA and it SAHBA backed builder, McCreary Homes and their SAHBA backed lawyers, Marc Simon, William N. Poorten III and Elizabeth Claiborne bestowed upon my family.  I am especially thankful when SAHBA affiliated people that I have asked to help challenge the non-oversight, fraudulent advertising of SAHBA’s Custom Home Builder Program and the destruction that SAHBA does to the community have chosen to ignore me.  Evidently these wealthy people are too important to be bothered by a community issue; families losing their homes because of fraud and defective building.  But hey Lute, do I have your attention know?   What goes around does indeed come around.

Let us all give thanks! 

I now hear that Lute Olson is onto to his third new/old love of his life with involvement with a 47 year old woman.  What is the matter Lutey; are there no woman your age or are you just trying to go the route of trophy wife as a republican?  Come on Lute, the gal is twenty five years younger than you are; give it a break.  Viagra must be getting cheaper these days.  I don’t think Lute that your 47 year old fluze flame listens to your favorite kind music; dueling tubas between Mitch Miller and Lawrence Welk.  Oh well, maybe she just enjoys long conservations about your misguided republican politics. 

At the current rate of Lute Olson accumulations of acts of obtaining younger and younger women in marriage, Olson will one day be married to a woman that will be of his grandchildren’s ages.   Will that be your fifth or sixth marriage Lute?  I never knew that Lute Olson was such an unstable man.  How can someone with so much wealth and once supposed standing in the community be so disturbed and miserable?  Maybe Lute Olson was never the man that the media and press portrayed him to be.   What if Lute Olson was only in it for the money?  I know that it sounds sacrilegious but that is something you would never read from the neutered and sedated Tucson media about; the truth.

Let us all give thanks!   

I have hoped and prayed, wished and cursed at these men for their SAHBA involvement and political stupidity but even I am impressed at the downfall of these two republican elderly morons so quickly.  I am sure that many of you at SAHBA are suffering greatly during this time of unprecedented home building collapse.  I curse anyone that has used your services or supports SAHBA and McCreary Homes.  God again does work in mysterious ways.  Curses do work against the morally depraved people who support such evil people at SAHBA.   Yes, I have wished and cursed for many of you SAHBA affiliates to feel the pain that your organization caused to my family.  Please enjoy your pain.

One can only approve of the continued harm to Tucson families with these men and their silence for so long before the forces of evil choose to visit your families to.  Evil upon one family of society eventually affects all families of a community.  Evil only spreads more evil and propagates itself amongst the community.  Isn’t Tucson crime at record levels?  I wonder why?  

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say nothing in the face of such evil. 

Walk in another man’s shoes Jim Click and Lute Olson and then your eyes will be wide open and your tongues will no longer be silenced by your quest for more power and money.  I am eternally thankful to whatever source has brought these people to their knees.   Also, I soon look forward to being so very thankful to watch the business demise of SAHBA supported L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes.

I am sure on this Thursday as you gorge yourself with food and drink you will take but a moment and reflect what you and your families are thankful for at SAHBA.  Surely you will all be thankful that you have ruined many families in the Tucson area from defective building, fraud, predatory lending and elder abuse.  Surely you will be thankful that you profited at many times during the great housing bubble run-up.  Surely you are thankful for your increased bank accounts from excess profits that you secured from ripping off good Arizona families and having them lose their homes.  Surely you will be thankful that you and your family members can look in the mirror and not vomit at the sight of such human depravity that has been based on greed.

Let us give thanks for your hollow attempt at giving thanks!

You shall reap what you have sown and what goes around does indeed come around for SAHBA members and its most infamous members, L.J. and Denise McCreary.   A vision of justice and your date with Karma and the curses that it will bring your families are on tract for many financial bankruptcies in 2009.
Let us all be thankful and pray for many curse like encounters  that will accelerate the demise of the SAHBA brand name and the coming financial downfall of the ever fraudulent and infamous company that L.J. and Denise McCreary have named after themselves; McCreary Homes.

I hope you all choke on your Thanksgiving dinners and no one among you republicans knows how to do perform Heimlich maneuver except to your groin area.  Just remember with SAHBA, there is nothing to be thankful for, except for the coming bankruptcies in your near futures.

Carry on if you can, but I doubt you morons can.


“The Arizona Refugee”

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