October 29, 2006

An Open Letter to Secretary of State Candidate Israel Torres

Smart Solutions. Trusted Reformer. Protecting Arizonans.


Mr. Israel Torres,

Smart Solutions?
Trusted Reformer?
Protecting Arizonans?

Where? When? Who?  What are you talking about?  Who are you trying to fool; a blind and deaf person that is on life support?  Could Terri Schiavo also have been a candidate for Secretary of State with such brain damage type fantasy hype?  Oh, Please Mr. Torres, in the future just parse your political lips and keep quiet!  There is no further reason to lie to the public! 

Mr. Torres, as much as I loathe republicans in the state building industry and republican politicians who help builders ruin people’s lives, I will be happy as a strong Democrat to vote for Jan Brewer for Secretary of State, on November 7th. 

Mr. Torres, your incompetent record of being appointed to run the ROC (Registrar of Contractors), speaks for itself.  You Mr. Torres have been a complete failure as a protector of Arizonan’s family homes.  You Mr. Torres were a patsy and pawn for the home building industry.  You Mr. Torres have shown your true colors as a “fraternity brother buddy” of SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky.  You Mr. Torres were a willing pawn for Taczanowsky and SAHBA to use you; why?

At least Jan Brewer might possess some measure of integrity.  You Mr. Torres possess no discernable scrap of integrity whatsoever.  You Mr. Torres have sold out Arizona home owners and their families for personal political gain. 

What “Smart Solution” did you provide my family as a government official in my family’s time of need?  What solution did you help provide us from losing our home to a fraudulent and defective builder; McCreary Homes?  What smart solutions did you do to reform all of the defective home building that is taking place in Arizona?  What smart solution did you provide to prevent insurance company lawyers from financially raping ex-military Arizona families like mine?  What smart solution did you provide my family to prevent us from losing our home and land to buzzard circling, vulture pecking lawyers? 

You Mr. Torres and the state did absolutely nothing about offering smart solutions for Arizona homeowners.  You offered solution for SAHBA and builders, but no solutions for homeowners.  You Mr. Torres remained silent in the face of such builder fraud and corruption that McCreary Homes and SAHBA propagate to the public. 

You Mr. Torres have only encouraged the defects to continue with your insane state pro business logic, that if builders are licensed, everything will be built correctly. You were so wrong Mr. Torres!  You could have made contractors pay for a thousand licenses and it would have done absolutely nothing except beg for the same exact results.  Without adequate state enforcement of building codes and enforcement of quality control measures that monitor all licensed contractors, defects, corruption and fraud will continue unabated unless there are severe penalties involved.

Mr. Torres, did you ever look at how immigration in this state is enforced?  The building industry in Arizona is exactly like immigration.  If there is no enforcement or penalties for corporation that hire illegals, then it is just like a northbound buffalo stampede across the Arizona border.  Mr. Torres only three U.S. corporations were fined last year for hiring illegal aliens.  Why is illegal alien hiring by builder and contractors a non-issue for you?  Do you approve of illegals working on Arizonan homes?

If Arizona politicians want to stop builder and contractor fraud, it is so simple what the state government has to do.  Arizona has to enforce and severely penalize companies that attempt to ruin Arizona family lives.  Why did you not propose such a simple solution?  Would such smart solution have been bad for business?  Well, Mr. Torres your inaction was catastrophic for my family; we went out of the homeowner business because of it.

Mr. Torres, even in order to hit a baseball, a person at least has to step up to the plate an attempt to swing.  Mr. Torres, why did you decide to remain in the dug out and forfeit the game in SAHBA and the home building industries favor?  We never had a chance did we? 

Unfortunately, Mr. Torres, enforcement and penalties would be the last thing you would ever propose to your buddies at SAHBA.  Future political climbing for you does indeed insist on certain privileges for the well healed PAC’s; all at the public’s expense?  

Yes, Mr. Torres, you allowed yourself the privilege to look the other way while corruption and consumer rights abuse swirled all around you; just like fallen wrinkled leaves on a cold and blustery October day in the mid-west. 

And the people suffered!

Mr. Torres, the home builder defect problems only got worse under your watch.  But you didn’t care Mr. Torres since you were just on a short layover at the ROC and binding your time, collecting awards and planning for the chance to run for higher office.  Your head and heart were never in the ROC office; it was on the future campaign trail. 

Governor Napolitano did a disservice to you and the entire state of Arizona by putting you in an agency that you were not qualified and didn’t care to stay in.  Mr. Torres, you lasted less than three years in your ceremonial head position.  You never planned on doing the job correctly or staying.  Your main objective was to not piss anyone off like SAHBA officials or the builders and contractors of Arizona.

Mr. Torres, you made a personal decision for better or worse, and all for you.  How selfish!  You made a personal decision not to care about families like mine.  You Mr. Torres cared more about the builders and developers agenda and profits than you did about our children and their homes.  

So you see Mr. Torres, your licensing scheme scenario was always a contest of illusion between the smoke and the mirrors.  Licensing does absolutely nothing to promote competency and defect free homes for Arizonans to live in without state enforcement and penalties

And that is the beauty of republican corporate Arizona; there is no enforcement or penalties. There is no oversight, there is no nothing.  There are no penalties and in turn there is nothing but corruption and despair.  And new families that move to this state are left to fend for themselves against these soulless corrupt vultures of fraud and greed.
And I have not even to begin about comments on the legal system.  Oh, please, hold me back!  Can we sometime talk about lawyers and their “wonderful” attributes?  I have so much to say about these fine examples of human morality.  How long have you been a lawyer, Mr. Torres?

Mr. Torres, did you ever even once contact  Governor Napolitano or Attorney General Goddard to discuss ideas about protecting Arizona home owners from fraudulent licensed builders and developers like L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes and Richard Schust of First United Realty; even just once, Mr. Torres?

No, Mr. Torres, I didn’t think so. 

Mr. Torres didn’t Ed Taczanowsky of SAHBA propose cracking down on unlicensed contractors in order for the state to receive additional revenue through licensing fees?  Wouldn’t SAHBA in turn, be able to pressure contractors through mandatory licensing initiatives to join SAHBA? Wouldn’t SAHBA in turn receive additional money through dues collection?  More dues money meant more money for SAHBA’s PAC to make contributions to influence Arizona legislatures with the building industry’s agenda.  Isn’t it all such a vicious cycle of influence and corruption between government and the building industry? 

What a nice little faux pa issue to try and cultivate for future political purposes! 

When driving in Tucson I am incredulous to see contractor’s pick-up trucks with bumper stickers that read: “Licensed contractors; build with confidence.”  Every time I see this fictional drivel, I almost drive off the road and I think about dialing 911 and see if they can get me supplemental oxygen due to hysterical laughing that comes over me, resulting in severe hypoxia.  That slogan is such a complete factory of lies!

I am sorry, but I know better; it is all lies, it is all nothing but bull shit lies! 

Being a licensed contractor means absolutely nothing when it comes to competence and preventing defective homes from being built.  Mr. Torres, why have you allowed such fantasy to exist?  Why have you allowed such fraudulent advertising to be promoted to the public?  Do you really want the public to believe these lies; and why?

Mr. Torres, did you help finance your run for Secretary of State with the additional money that licensing brought to the Arizona government and the inclusion of SAHBA PAC money? As you must have suspected, inquiring minds would just love to know.   It all makes sense to me now why you were so chummy with Taczanowsky and SAHBA and why SAHBA was honoring you multiple times with their artificial “Appointed Official” of the year award plaques. 

Mr. Torres, did you feel any phoniness at all for accepting such articles and pseudo honors of consumer protection deceit?

Mr. Torres, did you see the incredible conflict of interest involving your undaunted support for SAHBA and the additional money being collected through licensing?  Please Mr. Torres, name just one disciplinary action that you initiated against SAHBA; just even one Mr. Torres.

Do you see the conflict of interest when a primarily republican lobbying Super PAC chooses you to be honored because you are conforming to their agenda?  Did you receive the SAHBA “honor” plaques because you did your job brilliantly or did you receive their “honors” award for looking the other way and refusing enforcement action against SAHBA licensed contractors?  

Who did you actually work for Mr. Torres; was it special interest lobbying entities like SAHBA or were you supposed to be working for the Arizona people? 

And trust me Mr. Torres, being licensed has absolutely nothing to do with the competence of contractors.  Ninety nine percent of the contractors that worked on my defective house were licensed and a majority of these contractors were incompetent in their jobs, including some that I later found out were illegal aliens.   And you know what I found out Mr. Torres that some illegal aliens that your licensed builders and contractors have hired, like to drink alcohol and smoke dope while on the job.  No, licensing insures nothing without enforcement and penalties.

Mr. Torres was there any wonder why my house was so incredibly damaged?  What did you do to prevent licensed contractors from being on alcohol and drugs while on the job?  Do you think that workers including illegal aliens that are as high as a kite are going to build a defect free house?  Why don’t you just ask L.J. McCreary or Mike Clark of Terra Cotta Framing why they hire drug prone illegals to work on Arizonan families custom homes?

Mr. Torres, with such problems and defective building going on, why didn’t you promote an alcohol and drug testing plan for construction workers? 

Mr. Torres who protects Arizona families from companies that hire alcohol and drug consuming illegal aliens to working on their homes?  Who protects Arizona families from companies that hire alcohol and drug consuming illegal aliens to rape their hopes and dreams?  Who protects Arizona families from having their new homes turned into defect nightmares because of alcohol and drug abuse, let alone mention incompetence? 

Mr. Torres, as a lawyer and civil servant, isn’t it the state government’s main job to protect their citizens from harm?  The state of Arizona has police officers to protect Arizona families from criminals, but who protects Arizona families from fraudulent builders?  Mr. Torres, who protected my family from drug using, illegal alien construction workers?  Mr. Torres who protected my family from incompetent state licensed contractors?  Mr. Torres, isn’t it bad enough that Arizona does so little to enforce Arizona companies like SAHBA members from hiring illegal aliens to work for their companies let alone enforcement of their companies that do defective home builds?

Mr. Torres, do you need an example of how your licensing initiative was a complete fantasy and failure?   How incompetent does a licensed company like Southwest Doors/Butler Door and builder McCreary Homes have to be, in order to make and deliver a front door that I could see right through the panels to the outside elements?  Was I asking too much to have my family protected from the wind, the dust, the rain, the snow, the insects and the cold?  Oh, silly me for being so picky! 

As a new custom home owner, was I asking too much to have the outside elements to be held at my front door steps rather than in my living room?  Again, Mr. Torres, this was a brand new house.  These despicable licensed contractors had every chance to build my house the right way the first time.  Unfortunately for my family, they chose not to. 

Was I really asking for too much in the state of Arizona to have this door replaced or fixed?  I resent a company like Southwest Door unloading their defective junk on my build.  Come on Mr. Torres, this was my front door.  Did it matter if both companies were licensed; absolutely not?  Was it unconscionable that L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes fraudulently charged my family an almost extra $1,000 dollar mark up for such a defective piece of basic home security that did not even perform as advertised?

There is something terribly wrong in the state of Arizona?

Is it fair Mr. Torres, for a licensed builder and a licensed door company to charge a home owner $3,500 for a door that a Registrar of Contractor inspector had said, “was a piece of junk”; a door Mr. Torres that did not even protect its occupants from the weather?

My mother actually gave us $2,500 dollars for this defective door as a gift to our family since she wanted to provide us with a special remembrance for our new home.  It was supposed to have been a beautiful door that you would see when approaching the front of our house.  Every time I would enter that door, it was just a little reminder of my mother’s kindness and generosity to my family.

My mother never had the chance to see the gift that she had provided us.  My mother died of breast cancer during the middle of this frivolous and fraudulent law suit that McCreary Homes and its SAHBA board member lawyer, Marc Simon, forced us into this building date rape nightmare.

And who says that lawyers like Marc Simon do not deserve a squalid reputation that resembles and pontificates a valid consideration as Gods chosen scum of the earth?

I feel it was a good thing that my mother never saw the defective gift that she tried to help us with.  My mother lived through the Depression and she would have been horrified with the waste of her money on such garbage.   Remember Mr. Torres, even one of your own inspectors from the Registrars office called the door, “a piece of junk.”  Doesn’t that type of description bother you?  So what kind of weight do Registrar inspectors hold when they call an item junk? What the hell did anyone at your office do for the consumer; anything? McCreary Homes and Southwest Door/ Butler Door refused to take responsibility for their defective craftsmanship.  The door was never fixed or offered to be replaced.

To this day, the door that my mother gave us, the one that I hoped to walk through for many years to come, is now owned by a soul less, ex- California contractor/investor named Bruce DuPont, who picked up our dream and 37 acres of land for less than $250,000 dollars.  So much for my front door being a remembrance of my mother’s kindness to my family!  Do you think Mr. DuPont cares about the door that my mother bought us?  All of the people that worked on my house and even the one that bought it were such bastards!  

Bruce R. B. DuPont of Bennett Construction was just another licensed contractor who even wrote a glowing testimonial for McCreary Homes website, touting McCreary’s wonderful attention to quality and detail.  This is the exact reason why prospective home buyers that come to Arizona should not believe a single word that corporation produce.  They all lie.

And who can disagree that licensed carpet bagger contractors like Bruce DuPont, direct from the prestigious and exclusive California prison building system, are anything but blind, brain damaged, incompetent liars?  How does one compare prison building quality to custom home building quality?  I wonder how much McCreary paid DuPont to write such lies for his website.

During the time that DuPont wrote his glowing testimonial for McCreary Homes, raw sewage was splashing onto the ground from exposed leach field pipes.  Yes, McCreary Homes and Ruebin Estrella of MRE Development were such fine specimens for quality and competency. 
Mr. Torres please view the pictures in the News/ Update section on My McCreary Home Sucks. Com from the post on February 26, 2005 titled, “The Art of Deception,” in which McCreary decides to use a fraudulent testimonial from Mr. DuPont about our home in order for McCreary to advertise and hide the truth about his workmanship, quality and attention to detail on our build.  The letter is a complete lie! 

Mr.Torres isn’t it against the law to write fraudulent testimonials and knowingly publish this same testimonial in a company’s website in order to fool and de-fraud potential customers.  Does anyone in Arizona government do anything to protect consumers from such fraud?  Would you please tell Attorney General Terry Goddard about this fraudulent advertising that McCreary Homes and SAHBA supports.

Please note that the leach system failed its one year inspection on December 24, 2001 by ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality).  Also please note that McCreary Homes and Ruebin Estrella from MRE Development who built the leach field were at the time both a licensed builder and contractor.  

Bruce DuPont will have to spend at least $150,000 dollars to fix the house up and then try and sell it for a huge profit.  Mr. Torres, will Mr. DuPont tell the new owners about the water infiltration that the house sustained?  Will Mr. DuPont tell the new owners about the termite infestation and mold in the garage and kitchen walls that grew from the water infiltration?  Will he tell them about the horrendous well water quality? No, I believe DuPont will remain silent and pocket his profit just to nourish his empty soul.

Mr. DuPont has acted fraudulently with false glowing praises of McCreary Homes quality of work and because of this; he is no better than a scavenging buzzard that  has only been looking for fresh road kill, to provide for his next meal.

Mr. DuPont in his glowing testimonial on McCreary’s website professed how he was going to live there for the next twenty years.  I heard about three months ago that he has the house up for sale.  Maybe DuPont discovered the house was built on ancient burial grounds and the house is now possessed; who knows for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  Mr. DuPont is such a lying piece of shit, but what else should you expect from the majority of Arizona licensed builders and contractors.  Believe no one in Arizona real-estate advertising; they all lie like dogs for the smell of the almighty buck.

Why is Arizona such a magnet for such soulless, greedy white people from other states to gravitate to?  Maybe white people have a genetic need to bake their skin in the sun and then lie, cheat and steal to soothe themselves and cause others pain!

We bought the land and built the house there because we loved the land.  We were not concerned with selling out and making a killing.  So Mr. DuPont will profit from my misfortune of hiring an incompetent SAHBA licensed builder and the equally incompetent subcontractors that he hired on my family’s behalf.  And I in turn become the victim because of my equally incompetent lawyers who could not protect me from McCreary or themselves. 

Arizona is such a wonderful state of incredible incompetence and copious corruption! 

As I said before, greedy, incompetent, licensed building contractors are an incredible problem in this state; some are even delusional.  

Also Mr. Torres, some of your inspectors are even too afraid to make a judgment on an actual complaint and defect.  One inspector even left the decision up to the contractor to determine if there was a problem.  Sure, let us have the builder, developer or subcontractor determine if there is a problem!  Incredible!   What do you think the odds are that they will determine that there is no problem?

We made a complaint against Mike McNary and his concrete company, the McNary Company for their negligence in pouring our garage floor and driveway with an incorrect, slope that emptied rain water into the garage instead of away.  Water would come about three feet under the garage door and water that channeled between the concrete joints would travel fifteen feet into the garage. 

One ROC inspector in his report wrote that the subcontractor (McNary Co.) says that some water infiltration is acceptable.  What?  So three feet of water onto garage surface and fifteen up the concrete joints is considered acceptable?  The fix had already been put in.

Mr. Torres do you think that water that would travel three feet into your garage floor surface and fifteen feet up the channels would be acceptable to you?  Was the ROC inspector taking drugs on the job along with the contractor and workers or was there something else going on between the ROC and the building industry at the state level? 

Mr. Torres, the only way to describe this event was; phucking incredible!  How can inspectors and contractors be that incompetent in the state of Arizona?  And to think that this inspector probably retired from the state with a generous pension for all the trouble it took to maintain his incompetence and hurt Arizona homeowners. 

What is wrong with you people in the ROC and Arizona building industry?  Is everyone involved with building in this state, that incompetent and corrupt?  And I do mean everyone from developers, builders, contractors, inspectors, lawyers and politicians. 

How could all of you be that incompetent and corrupt unless it is the Arizona version of “normal”?  Is incompetence and corruption just a normal fact of Arizona culture and life?  Why do you allow Arizona to remain such a pathetic state!

So Mr. Torres, who do you feel is the real Arizona “victim” in this criminal event?  Why are the victims refused justice?
Mr. Torres, when you get a chance, please ask Senator John McCain how he can be so proud of his adopted state.  If McCain is so proud of his state and especially of the actions taken towards my family’s welfare, then maybe he has forgotten at his advanced age of 70 years old what honesty and integrity are!  I on the other hand, have not forgotten!

Why do I get the feeling that just about all politicians in Arizona are nothing more than scum and douche bags!  There is very little difference between political parties.  Both parties go out of their way to support corporation at the expense of regular people.  Is it the sun that causes such behavioral and moral problems?  Please prove that I am wrong!
Concerning advertising about real-estate and builders in Arizona, the consumer should believe absolutely nothing that a company advertises, promises or professes about quality.  If you want a friend that doesn’t lie to you in Arizona, get a rattlesnake for a friend.  Snakes are so much nicer to deal with than lying contractors!  It is just too permissible in Arizona to get away with lying to the public.  There is no penalty in this state for being deceptive.  As a matter of fact, I believe that Arizona politicians and contractors believe in promoting lying to their populace as a form of a public service message to their community, constituents and clients.

Just look at a company like First United Realty of Phoenix that advertise this beautiful land in Southern Arizona at Salero Ranch and then sells a large section of the development to Asarco mines which was later bought from a Mexican mining conglomerate, called Mexican Groupo.  The land was sold by President Richard Schust to Asarco, complete with strip mining rights. Think Asarco would have lost any sleep about making the decision to strip mine the hills outside my front door?  Do you think Mexican Groupo would have had any qualms about ripping the land apart? 

Now, I hope the new owner, a Canadian mining company decides to tear Salero Ranch apart into a strip mining girlie show.  It would be very fitting to all of the republican Salero Ranch owners that went against a minority of us that tried to warn the ranch owners of looming problems.  Instead owners like Larry Lesley sided with First United Realty President, Richard Schust and now it is time to pay the piper for their trust in this lying developer. 

Richard Schust had roads illegally wildcatted into Salero Ranch, road maintenance was minimal, toxic mine tailings were allowed to leach into Bond Creek and the Santa Cruz River and land inside the development allowed to be sold to a mining company.  I am sure First United Realty and Schust sold the land to Asarco so that they would not be responsible for the mine and its toxic tailings on Salero Ranch. 

Imagine that Mr. Torres, land near homes was sold to a mining company without the homeowner’s knowledge or consultation.  I am sure there was no misrepresentation from Richard Schust and Salero Ranch LLC in their brochures and sales people like Marty Ryan.

Mr. Torres, I predict there will be incredible problems in store for Salero Ranch.  Just try and measure the evaporating, semi-toxic water table.  I wonder if those toxic mine tailings were ever cleaned up at the ranch.  I doubt it since the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality agency was aware of the problem.   They probably just forgot about the problem or they were bought off, because Arizona governmental agencies are paid to look the other way; such a corrupt state!

The Arizona Department of Real-Estate was another useless government agency that was non-existent in their power or willingness to stop developer’s agendas and lies, or to do something to stop this issue about strip mining or road maintenance.  We might as well have called a suicide hot-line that automatically puts people on hold for 2 hours at a time, than be frustrated by useless state employees whose only function is to stall for the developers.  I could have called a first grade elementary class school in Beijing, China and got a more coherent reply than I received from Anita Pennick and Bill Lucas from the Arizona Department of Real-Estate.  Talk about people especially Pennick that were embolden to the developers.  I have never seen such useless government employees that collect salaries and pension from we the people who pay their salaries. 

When a complaint was made to the Department of Real-Estate concerning the wildcatting and non-maintenance of the dirt road that leads to Salero Ranch, Anita Pennick was the person chosen as the investigator.  Santa Cruz County officials would not let any maintenance be done to the road since it was still their responsibility and liability even though First United Realty, Richard Schust and Rueben Estrella, had bladed in the road illegally.  You see, laws don’t matter in Arizona, and it really does still exist in the state, the Wild, Wild West of fraud, corruption and injustice.  

Southern Arizona fraudulent land deals from Tucson to Tubac in the year 2000 made the moral comparative to 1881 Tombstone look like a Bible or nursery school of respect.  Arizona today, reeks of corruption and it is just so bad!

After months of waiting we finally received a single page letter that said that Ms. Pennick called the developer, Richard Schust of First United Realty and he said there was no problem at the Ranch.  Ms. Pennick never went out to the ranch to see the problems with the road, she called on the telephone.  I even wonder if Ms. Pennick had stayed the previous night at a Holiday Inn.  Ms. Pennick also wrote that if there were any more problems that we should contact Richard Schust personally.  I was speechless!  Okay, not really.

I had never been so exasperated until that point in my life.  Incredibly Ms. Pennick in her moment of brilliant incompetence, in effect told us to contact the “wolf” that was guarding the “hen house” and ask for guidance on how not to be eaten!  Trust in Arizona is always an issue, especially if you desire not to be eaten by the wild life or scrupulous developers.

So once again an Arizona inspector allows a developer or builder to make the decision on their behalf as they collect their paycheck.  Mr. Torres, how do you think a developer is going to decide if there is even a problem when cost becomes an issue?  Do you think a developer ever acknowledges that there is a problem when money is involved? 

The fix was already in at Solera Ranch, Tubac Arizona.  Arizona may not have swamp land like Florida, but it does peddle government approved land and building fraud at an incredible rate.

Believe no one in Arizona!  Do not believe your government!  Do not even believe your neighbor.   Could it be something in the water?  Tucsonans do drink that toxic water called CAP water that Senator Jon Kyl fought for the builders and developers so hard for.  How else do you think the developers and builders were going to sustain uncontrolled growth in the publics name and dime?  Why do you think Senator Kyl receives so much corporate money PAC money?  And trust me, it is not for his age or looks. 

Remember, just about everyone in Arizona subscribes to lying, cheating and stealing.  It’s basically a Caucasian honor among thieves kind of thing.

Mr. Torres, as you see, your smart solution of contractor licensing was only a façade that does not address the problem of defective workmanship.  Companies like McCreary Homes and Southwest Door lower their quality standards to increase their profit margins.  Money is the only thing they care about and no matter how many licenses you bestow upon them for government or special interest profit, they continue to make and install defective products without state supplied, government enforcement.  We tried to fight for our basic right to have a correctly built home, but we could not compete with the lawyers from SAHBA and State Farm Insurance Company.

So where were you Mr. Torres with your “Smart Solution” program of raising money?  How did you help me prevent having major defects in my house negated and then losing the house to well healed, SAHBA lawyers?  Your hollow slogan of “Solutions” is nothing more than promotional lies that propagate from an academic only, counselor’s mouth.  Do us all a favor Mr. Torres and if you run for office the next election cycle, just keep your mouth closed with respect to silly slogans because when you open your mouth, it all sounds like lies.

Why do candidates in Arizona feel that they have to suck up to big business and PAC groups like SAHBA?  Why do candidates once elected forget about the people that helped elect them.   It all sure sounds like government greased quid pro quo corruption to me.  What do you think Mr. Torres?  Do Taczanowsky and SAHBA want you up in higher government to influence legislation with Governor Napolitano and Attorney General Goddard?  To me, special interest influence is nothing more than government sanctioned corruption. 

SAHBA already has Rep. Jonathan Patton and Sen. Tim Bee in their pockets with more glorifying awards for this Tucson dynamic duo to help escalate their political careers which would in turn help the SAHBA agenda.  More are scheduled to be on the way.
SAHBA even publishes a list of candidate that they back and I wonder why they have to consult their members on how to vote?  Are SAHBA members that illiterate that they can not read on their own and make up their own minds?  Or is money and profit the only reason to vote for a candidate; how sad for Democracy.  Can ignorance be considered a terrible thing to waste?   If SAHBA is going to back and contribute to candidates, do you think they want something in return?  And please Mr. and Mrs. Candidates do not insult my intelligence by professing that special interest and lobbyist will not influence your decisions or votes.  How inhuman do you think I am? 

What do you think about my analysis Mr. Torres, so far?   Is it right on the mark?  I think you know it is a direct bulls-eye.

And please remember Mr. Torres that this is real Democrat challenging a so called Democrat on an ethics issue.  You and Taczanowsky together, make a team that can be labeled as corrupt!  You know you are, and I know you are and now it is time for the rest of Arizona to know your corruption scheme against Arizona home owners. 

SAHBA and McCreary Homes should have never decided to defraud me and my family! I will never give up my quest for some measure of justice; no matter how corrupt the state of Arizona may be or continue to become.

And Mr. Torres, since you are Hispanic, please do not tell me how hard Hispanics work.  It is bullshit.   I have worked hard all of my life, including twelve years in the military as an attack pilot, but I have nothing to show for my endeavors because of your corrupt alliances with builder and developers.  But illegal aliens in this republican controlled state and country have mortgages while I can’t get one since my family’s home was forced into foreclosure.  Mr. Torres, do you think there is something terribly wrong with that situation?

Mr. Torres, if republican businesses did not hire illegal aliens this country would be so different.  But American small businesses and entrepreneurs are greedy.  Before America had outsourcing, we pioneered in sourcing of cheap labor from Mexico with our government’s concurrence.  Our government makes laws and then willingly violates the law by looking the other way as companies hire illegal aliens, left and right, as if the Mexican’s that they hire were brought over here originally on the Mayflower.

And to think Mr. Torres, none of this would have ever happened to my family if our house would only have been simply built without all of the defects.  Why are the victims in Arizona the ones that are forced to suffer?

So please tell me how am I supposed to feel and how lovingly patriotic I should be towards this state when it approves of devastating my family as if we were American Indians on the plains of the late 1860’s America?  And Mr. Torres, please remember that this nation collectively tortured the hell out of the American Indians in order to steal the land from an indigenous people.  We as a country have a hell of a track record of forcing people off their land and taking their homes.  I feel the Indians pain to. 

Why Mr. Torres, were my family’s civil rights allowed to be violated in the state of Arizona for such fictitious purposes? 

Doesn’t my family have the right to have their very own roof over their heads without having builders and lawyers that force us into a rape of our dreams, let alone the loss of the roof over our heads?  Talk about a state that approves of financial entrapment of its home owners? 

I can’t begin to tell you Mr. Torres how wonderful it is to be forced into being a gypsy rental person after all of the hard work that I have done for a lifetime.  Even my republican jewish landlord recently advised me that he is going to raise my rent for the following month and raise it again shortly if I still want to stay longer.  Isn’t life as a greedy republican real-estate professional a terrible thing to waste?   

Mr. Torres, something is incredibly wrong when a man is born in this country from parents that were also born here, the man’s  father fought in Italy during World War II and his son became a military attack pilot for this country for twelve years, and after all this, his family credit rating is ruined and he can’t get a mortgage because of builders and lawyers incompetence, greed and fraud.   What a “wonderful” state to raise a family?

Something is terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!

Mr. Torres, would you concur that the great state of Arizona is such a “wonderful” place to raise a family without a home?  Mr. Torres, would you concur that America is such a great country for chicken hawks of morality to exist in? 

While all of this has been happening to my family, millions of illegal aliens have come across our boarders through Arizona and thousands have been offered mortgages to buy homes in this country. 

But a U.S. citizen that has been raped by the building and legal system in Arizona, is forced to give up their home, their land and their dreams while illegal aliens that even work for licensed fraudulent builders and contractors are allowed to live the American dream at a United States family’s expense.

Something is terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!

Mr. Torres, did any of your relatives arrive illegally in this country from Mexico?  Please answer the question truthfully counselor.  If so, no wonder you didn’t care if SAHBA and home builders use illegal alien help to ruin Arizona family homes in this red corrupted state.  Why did you not attempt to crack down on this issue? 

Mr. Torres, something is incredibly wrong in a state and country that approves and allows this type of rape to stand.  The perpetrators of my family’s financial demise were all chicken shit republican chicken hawks who never served their country.  L. J. McCreary of McCreary Homes is such a little republican wimp that he probably could not even begin to pick-up, or fire a rifle if his God damn little pathetic life depended on it. 

If you think all Democrats are a bunch of sissies, you have not met me yet.  I am just an honest man living in Tucson, Arizona that has been so incredibly screwed by such a corrupt system of government and builder special interest greed.  To say that I am angry with what this city and state and what is has allowed to happen to my family and future, would be an incredible understatement. 

And to think Mr. Torres, I live in the very same state of John (straight talker) McCain.  McCain might at one time have been a straight talker, maybe right after the Keating 5 scandal, when he found Jesus, but he no longer is now.  Now McCain is sucking up to Jerry Falwell, changing positions and lying like every other politician always do.   My choice will be Barak Obama in 2008.  He might just be one of the few honest politicians left that actually cares about this country.

John McCain, just like SAHBA, also ignored my letters about the plight of Arizona home owners in his state.  McCain is no straight talker and he is just as crooked as the next guy.  My fight with McCain begins on November 8th, 2006.   And no ladies and gentleman, there is no Arizona “straight talk” whatsoever in this state.  Just about everyone in this state including John McCain is addicted to lying, cheating and stealing from their fellow man.  

Mr. Torres, as the chief official for overseeing Arizona’s contractors, how do you feel about illegal aliens working juiced and drugged up on home building project for licensed contractors, all the while with little or no supervision?  Would there drug and alcohol abuse be okay if they were provided with increased supervision?  Just because they were working for a company that has a license means nothing for the quality of work that is performed.   A license means nothing without enforcement.  You choose to look the opposite direction of enforcement.  You enforced nothing!

Again, Mr. Torres, your “Smart Solutions” profession is pure fictional drivel!

Why do you call yourself a “Trusted Reformer?”  What have you reformed and why do you deserve our trust?  Trust is something that is earned.  Trust is not given out just like parking tickets. What have you done to earn our trust?  Reform means change.  What did you change to help home owners like myself from being swindled by a fraudulent builder?  You changed nothing!  You have protected the builders and its lobbyist to continue to pilfer Arizona families.  You are a disgrace to the concept of ethical government.

And your latest reform initiative involves lobbying.  Oh Please Mr. Torres, give us all a break from such fantasy.  I know it sounds good for a campaign theme but we both know you are not going to do anything that upsets the power structure of business at the state capitol. 

Mr. Torres, just go back and look at your record of being influenced by special interest while you were at the Registrar of Contractors office.  Mr. Torres, what would you call SAHBA?  SAHBA is not a church group or Boy Scout outfit; they are a lobbying, political, Super PAC.  You were eating out of SAHBA/ Taczanowsky’s hand like a little squirrel that had a dietary in heat appetite.  You cozy relationship with Taczanowsky was to pass SAHBA and the building industry’s agenda.  Any appointed politician that is voted political appointee “honor” awards by a Super PAC from the building industry has been paid and bought for in my humble opinion. 

The SAHBA “feather awards” in your cap do have their political cost.

You have been in bed with lobbyist from SAHBA including President Ed Taczanowsky from SAHBA for the past three years.  You personally would never answer our letters concerning McCreary Homes and SAHBA’s Taczanowsky on their “certified custom home builder program.” 

Mr. Torres, the one time your office answered a letter it was a Pontius Pilate, wash your hands of any responsibility for oversight, return letter.  I was not impressed with your agencies objectivity to pursue truth or protect the public.  

Now you are going to tell us that you are going to reform the special interest access by simple disclosure?  Oh let’s see, if we disclose how much lobbyist like Taczanowsky or someone like former lobbyist, Rep. Jonathan Patton has been spending, then everything will be okay if we know how much?  Mr. Torres, once again your campaign offer and position is delusional.  Please tell me Mr. Torres how you are going to reform an act that you have been petitioned by and so easily influenced by lobbyist that even includes the president of SAHBA?  Does SAHBA’s Taczanowsky have your home or cell phone number?  I will rest my case.

When we wrote your office about our building nightmare, your office gave us nothing but a snow job, lip service that basically said, there is nothing we can do about SAHBA’s “certified custom home builder program.” There is nothing that your office said it could do about McCreary Homes.  Obviously the fix was in.

So the ROC turned a blind eye to the incompetence and defective building that was being promoted by SAHBA, and your agency chose to do nothing?  I find that fact incredible.  When a government agency whose job is to protect the public from abuse decides that it is no longer interested in doing its job, and protecting its citizens, then the agency has collapsed into anarchy.

Mr. Torres, how many more families suffered because the ROC was no longer interested in doing its job?  What were you Mr. Torres actually doing at the ROC that you did not notice this condition?  Something was terribly wrong at the ROC or was it all just standard operating procedure for a government agency that chose to be silent?  How come not even one person in your agency showed interest in preventing housing defects from occurring again and again?  What incentive did McCreary Homes have to build correctly if you guys were always going to punt on the issue of enforcement?  As a state of Arizona licensed builder, why was there absolutely no enforcement of McCreary
Homes defective building adventures?  Who is accountable at the ROC for such abuse? 

And Mr. Torres, with your record of neglect at the ROC, why would you think you would ever be qualified for Secretary of State, if you have failed so thoroughly in your previous position why are you even here?  Why should incompetence and inattention ever be an attribute for higher office?  You should have been fired from the ROC for neglect!   Where was Governor Janet Napolitano during this fiasco and why didn’t she do something with her appointee?  I have thousands of more questions, Mr. Torres. 

So please tell me how you have decided to find “Jesus” now, and are ready to crack down on people that you went to the lobbyist dance with.  I never could believe how Arizona government at the state level could be so duplicitous and deceiving.  Arizona is one of the most incredibly corrupt states in the union.  Is Arizona just behind Texas and Mississippi in corruption?  I never knew Arizona government was such a free for all for the inmates?

Again, Mr. Torres, your “Trusted Reformer” profession is pure fictional drivel!

Most important of all, the slogan “Protecting Arizonans” is such a hollow jingle for you to profess.  Who have you protected?  Mr. Torres did you protect my family?  Did you do anything to protect another family from building defects?  Please Mr. Torres, provide me with the names of home owners that you have helped from getting taken by fraudulent builders and defective building contractors?  Please tell me!  Please, just one!

Mr. Torres, can you even imagine the stress that a family experiences when they are dragged into a lawsuit over their home.  Can you even imagine the stress that a family experiences when they lose their home and land because of a fraudulent builder?  Can you even imagine the stress that a family experiences when a family has to file for bankruptcy to protect the little chance of a future since they have lost their home which was theier future and investment?  Can you even imagine the stress a family experience when they are forced to move four times in four years from rental homes? 

Mr. Torres, why have politicians like you, Governor Napolitano and Attorney General Goddard looked the other way as this rape has continue to occur in your state?  My family is not the only one being forced to go through this hell. 

Why are you all so silent?

Mr. Torres, I saw the pictures of your family at home, which you have published on you web site.   Would you agree Mr. Torres, that a man’s castle is his home?  Who at the ROC or the Attorney General’s office protected my family’s home?  Who protected the sanctity of this man’s castle?  Who protected the sanctity of my family?  Who protected the sanctity of my 26 year old marriage?  Will the Arizona politicians and their form of corporate enhanced government pay for my marriage counseling bills?  Does anyone in Arizona government even care about a single Arizona family?

Something is terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!

Did you protect my family from a fraudulent and unethical builder?  Did you protect other families; no?  Did you protect my family from Elizabeth Claiborne and State Farm Insurance that spent more money in their lawsuit representing McCreary Homes than it would have cost to fix my home; no? Did you protect me from ravenous lawyers who hunger for the fight and do not care who wins or loses as long as they are able to pilfer your bank account; no? Did you protect my family from losing our home; no?  Mr. Torres you, Governor Napolitano and Attorney General Goddard remained silent as my house was forced into foreclosure by building supported, money grubbing lawyers. 

Shame on you Mr. Torres, you protected nobody!

But maybe Mr. Torres you did indeed protect some Arizonan’s.  You in fact ran a protection like racket operation for SAHBA and the building industry.  You could have protected Arizona home owners, but you chose not to.  You choose to protect SAHBA and its builders and contractors.

Again Mr. Torres, during the spring of 2003 we wrote your office asking you to challenge SAHBA’s “certified custom home building” promotional advertising and the continuing inclusion of McCreary Homes into their custom home builder program.  We had earlier written SAHBA officials asking them explain how McCreary Homes could still be listed as a “certified custom home builder” in their web site and brochures.  We asked SAHBA to exclude McCreary Homes from their ‘certified custom home builder program” because of L. J. McCreary dismal performance on our incredibly defective build. 

Mr. Torres, do want to know what SAHBA’s response to our question were?  It was complete silence.   Run silent run deep I thought was a WW II movie about submarines but now the premise was intended for the Arizona desert.  SAHBA figured that if they just ignored us that we would go away.  It did not happen!  That first correspondence with SAHBA was almost three years ago and that is the reason for the open letter to you. 

I want answers!

Mr. Torres without your response and action, there will be many more open letters asking questions about how Arizona runs their government for the people?  We will not go away!

During SAHBA’s spring 2004 Home Builder Show my family picketed the show complete with picket signs and a circling auto that read, SAHBA  If SAHBA was not going to answer my letter, then I would solicit a response by protesting their little home show get together.  Needless to say Ed Taczanowsky was a wee bit upset that we had crashed his Kumbaya my Lord, home show party.

Did Taczanowsky tell you about our little protest march?  I am sure you will say he didn’t.  Taczanowsky even tried to have me arrested by having a TCC security employee file a false police report.  Taczanowsky tried to have my civil rights violated. 

Mr. Torres you should consider the company that you keep when it involves people like Ed Taczanowsky; it might give you a bad name.

So Mr. Torres do you really think that you protected Arizonans when we wrote your office about SAHBA’s custom builder program and McCreary Homes and you did absolutely nothing about it? 

Why does the ROC have a policy that after a complaint against a builder or contractor reaches the two year point, it is erased forever from the builder or contractors record?  Our lawsuit with McCreary that he filed against us was still in progress when our five ROC formal complaints against McCreary and his sub-contractors were erased from his and their records forever.  So if a builders is a quack, his record is deemed clean after two years and the public is left to deal with these crooks with no information provided my the state.  Whose side were you on Mr. Torres, the builders or the home owning public?

Now please tell me Mr. Torres after looking at the defect picture on our website, why would the ROC ever promote erasing the record of a builder that did such defective work?  My house was never fixed, but McCreary record was wiped clean!   What did you do to reverse that policy of expunging records after two years with no fix or remedy by a builder?  Do you think that this policy is a good idea for Arizona homeowners?  So who was really protected the builder or the homeowner?  The fix has been in, the builders win!

Something is terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!

Mr. Torres if you want to know one of the main reasons that we started these websites, and, is because your ROC office erased the records after two years.  How would the Arizona public accurately determine if a builder has done good and honorable work in his past, if information is magically erased after two years?  To me it seems as if the ROC does not want the public to find out the truth about builders and contractors and how they have ruined home builds. 

It is one thing for a builder or contractor to make a mistake, but it completely another issue if a builder will not take responsibility for his defects and mistakes.  How can you ever say with a track record like yours that you are concerned about protecting Arizona families?  You had your chance Mr. Torres, you looked the opposite way of truth and justice and you punted in the direction of the home builders and SAHBA.

Once again Mr. Torres, your “Protecting Arizonans” profession is pure fictional drivel!

And now you want to run for higher office?  How pompous of you to think you even deserve the chance to serve the people of Arizona in this context.  You failed miserably in serving and protecting the citizens of Arizona from builder fraud.  How dare you try to use your time spent at the Registrars as a feather in your cap.  Your feather stinks of special interest and corruption feces.  You were a complete failure as a government official that not even once considered protecting Arizona families and home owners against licensed builders.  You protected the builder’s interest and money.   

“Your lies won’t ever leave me alone”

Why is your website and campaign based on such a laughable and blatant advertising gimmickry and lies?  As a Democrat, and not a republican lite politician like yourself, I resent your profession and promotion of lies to further your political career.  You have used Arizona families like mine to further your agenda.  I could never vote for a person, especially a pseudo Democrat, who is willing to sell out the people that he is supposed to represent and protect.  Why do you act like a right wing republican that sucks up to the building lobby?  Is your quest for political power that enticing?

On your website you show such a lovely picture of your family.  I bet you also own your own home.  How nice!  I wish I had the same opportunity as an Arizonan to purchase a home and keep it as you did.  Do you think if you had a custom home built as the Registrar that it would have been done defective like ours?  I would bet large amounts of cash that a new custom house for you would be perfect.  So why does my family not receive the same rights as you would? 

Unfortunately, I do not own a home and at presently a renter because you, your Governor and Attorney General choose to protect builders and developers rather than home owners and families.   Thank you so much for such constituent concern!

Mr. Torres, because of Arizona fraud and corruption in the building industry, my family has been forced to be renters for the last three and one-half years.

Mr. Torres, would you have a problem if you had a custom home built by a licensed builder, like McCreary Homes, and then when you move into your new home, you find it defect ridden, termites infested, water leaking and mold growing in the walls?  How would you feel Mr. Torres with your one chance at a dream so terribly screwed up?  And it was not bad enough that your home is built defective, but then your family is then raped by losing their home because of greedy lawyers that jump into the fray for the smell of the almighty buck.  Why can’t a person have a home built correctly in this state without having it damaged from the start?

Something is terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!

It would have been easier for us if McCreary Homes and his lawyers just came out to our house and shot my whole family in the back with assault rifles.  I truly believe that my family would recover from gun shots quicker than being forced down the road of foreclosure and bankruptcy.  Arizona is such a wonderful state to raise children in!  Did I just read where Arizona is the dumbest state in the nation?  Yes, and it all has the dumbest politicians and candidates in the country and the majority of them are white.  Sure go ahead Arizona politicians and bite the middle class voter’s hand that feeds you.  It will not continue for much longer! 
Something is terribly wrong in the state of Arizona! 

Why does your family get to have a home and my family has been forced into four different rental houses in the last four years?  After ten years in this God forbidden corrupted state I now have nothing.  Thank you Arizona!  How can a state government look the other way unless there is incredible corruption going on at the state level between the politicians, builders and lobbyist?  It is very easy to do when you have had the current Attorney General, Terry Goddard and the previous one, Janet Napolitano look the other way in unconscionable silence.  And now we have you Mr. Torres to continue this corrupt legacy between corrupt politicians and the fraudulent builders and building lobby.

Mr. Torres, you must have absolutely no idea of what Democratic principles even consist of.  As a matter of fact, SAHBA even endorses you over the republican candidate Jan Brewer for Secretary of State.  How deeply in bed are you with SAHBA if they won’t even support a republican incumbent candidate?  What have you promised to do for SAHBA in return for such favors of endorsement?  How bad is the situation, when a majority republican backed Super PAC, SAHBA, salivates for the Democratic candidate to be in office?

How much Mr. Torres, did you sell your integrity for?

Mr. Torres, you are a disgrace.  Does SAHBA own you?  Now every thing makes sense of why your department did not help my family and other Arizona families from builder fraud.  You are in the hip pocket of SAHBA, the builders and developers.  You Mr. Torres are not a Democrat.  Mr. Torres you are a republican lite at best and masquerading as a make believe Democrat. 

You Mr. Torres are a fraud for Arizona consumer protection. 

Was your job at the Registrar of Contractors to help Arizona people and families from fraudulent and defective construction, or was your short time in grade destined only to help SAHBA builders and developers prosper at will?  Which agenda did you subscribe to Mr. Torres?

Come, come Mr. Torres, but not too profusely, but please tell me why you choose to authorize and advertise such silly lies about your perceived integrity?  What won’t you do or profess to have your chance to continue your political climb?  You have done nothing to promote such fantasies!

Was it the see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil policy that promotes the home building economic machine of this state, that made you silent?  People in this state have suffered incredibly because of your silence.  Have you no shame with your decision to climb the political ladder of power at the expense of the people you are supposed to help and protect?

Mr. Torres, did you graduate from The University of Arizona’s law school?  No; I know you didn’t, but it is such a prestigious law school for republican neo-con, want to be’ to attend.  Just go and ask Jon Kyl.  It just seems like the University of Arizona’s Law School must be teaching an anti- ethics class on how to lie, cheat and steal your way to middle class riches of homes, pensions and dreams.  If William Rehnquist and Jon Kyl were pleased with U of A’s curriculum, they must be teaching some interesting courses about ripping off clients as if they were blind.

Mr. Torres, did you get a chance to partake in that class about ethics at the University of New Mexico?  What in fact were your LSAT scores?  Did you not get accepted at ASU?  What was your class ranking at the University of New Mexico?  It is nice to know if our politicians even possess half a brain let alone we even talk about ethics and morality to accomplish the people business.  Surely, don’t most law schools offer a program on how to defraud their clients?  I am sure Dennis Rosen took that class more than once at the U of A.

How about a class for future politicians on how to defraud their constituents? Oh that’s right, politicians like you don’t need any stinking classes on fraud; you guys have that knowledge in your bones from birth. 

It is always about the money isn’t Mr. Torres!

So Mr. Torres, what did they teach you at the University of New Mexico?  Did you major in the oxymoronic curriculum of law and ethics?  Did you skip any classes on ethics? Why are you even running for an office, let alone a higher office?  Is it prestige, is it power, or is it the sweet smell of money?  Which vice is it Mr. Torres?  Could it really be the love for civil service; I don’t think so? 

Profess what you may, but your actions have already been spoken for.  Did you not accomplish enough misery for Arizona home owners by your ceremonial position at the Registrar of Contractors?  Who did you really help during your short stay in that position?  Did you only help SAHBA and yourself?

All bow down and hail to the chief; or is it the thief of such profound civic trust?

As a very strong Democrat, it pains me to address your selected highness of fraudulent building circles, in this totally irreverent manner. But after everything is said and done, you deserve your political fate that you alone have engineered.  I just call them as I see them.  I am just a simple honest man in Tucson, Arizona; and what an incredible oxymoron that it conjures up to even the semi-intellectual minds of wonder; Tucson and honesty?

Is it now time Mr. Torres to explain my soul?  If I do, will you ever be able to understand?  Let’s give it that old college try for the University of New Mexico. 

Mr. Torres, the best and brightest minds of the world like George Bush, George Allen and you always float to the top of academia and politics.

I realize that there are Democrats that will dishonor the Democratic Party with their propensity for greed.  I realize that there is always the ten percent rule that Darwin tried to warn us about.  Mr. Torres are you a non-purveyor and firmly entrenched in the lower ten percent of Democratic truths?  If you are a true Democrat, you will not allow yourself to sell out your fellow Democrat and your fellow man out for profit or power!

Forget about the money; it is a road entrenched in a waving mirage.  You will never morally reach your goal; if that is what you crave!

Why do the lowest common denominator of human beings in Arizona, draw like opposing magnets to elected office. Why is the axiom of truth so exact that there are so few intelligent people that aspire to higher office in true service for their fellow man? 

Sadness does indeed prevail in America!  Is George Bush the cream of the crop?  Was there even a crop harvested for his era, let alone the cream?  Mr. Torres, would you after a million years of denial consider yourself the cream of the crop?  The truth is so liberating; but only if one chooses to be honest with the reflection in the morning mirror.

Maybe the answer is to become as despicable as the rest of you are.  You know like if I can’t beat them; join them. Careful for what you wish.  Just ask L.J. McCreary if he regrets his fraud.  It will be a long, long road for him and his wife to haul.  I will make sure of that.

Even as Linda Ronstandt recently must have been lamenting to herself, “What the hell am I doing here in Tucson?” Yeah.....Linda, I feel it to!  Ms. Ronstandt who grew up in Tucson left for San Francisco where there is still some measure of community and civility. 

I still ask myself a thousand times a day, what in the hell was I thinking when I decided to move my family to Tucson, only to be raped by the building industry and its corrupted politicians. I ask for my family’s forgiveness.  I did not have to live in Arizona but I chose to since I believed it would be a good thing for my family.   God was I so wrong with this state and what it truly believes in; corruption and fraud!

I never realized a state and its people could be so ugly and oh so cruel.

The politicians, builders, auto czars shakers of Jim Click character and the dozens of Don Diamond moral look alike developers of this greedy Southern Arizona area have ruined the essence of what Tucson used to be.  Everyone wants to rapidly grow Tucson for pure profit.  Will the last person left, turn the lights off please? Tucson has been forever ruined by Caucasian and jewish greed of its powerful.  Maybe we can vacuum up the pieces of Tucson’s past and dump them in a RTA financed museum over I-10 in lieu of a bridge to nowhere?  On second thought, just dump the remnants of Tucson in a garbage can of history and label it as despair.  Who will ever know the difference?  

And you Mr. Torres, you are a disgrace to the ideals of the true Democratic Party.  You Mr. Torres are a traitor to Democratic ideals and principles.  My parents went through the Depression, my father participated in the 1936 Fischer Body sit down strike in Flint, Michigan and what have you ever done to help your fellow Arizona constituent to better their lives?  Do you think that you helped my family or other Arizona families to avoid this fraudulent builder’s spider web trap?

What have you done to help Arizonans other than taking pictures and accepting awards from building fraternity brother, SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky!  Such sacrifice Mr. Torres!  There will be no film at eleven.

Pictures and associations with lobbyist of any kind do not ever count, except for the elite act of deception of the electorate.  A politician’s standard response in 2006 is one that begs of fantasy.  “The money never affected my decision;” yeah right.  Why does it seem that the most dishonest of people gravitate to politics?  How can you be so silent to the screams of corruption? 

Mr. Torres, are you too young and uninterested to the lessons of history to recall the murder of Don Bolles and the scandals of Rio Rico and the Keating Five real-estate debacle?  Corruption effuses out of the Arizona desert ground like nocturnal pack rats do on a moonless night.  Both traits of species survive on the basis of cover and the given secrecy of the night.  Why did each of these scandals have at their basis the real-estate or building industry as their genesis? 

Arizona is a thoroughly republican state, and it has a storied history with real-estate fraud.  Republicans like to steal money from real-estate deals because it is easy money.  Mr. Torres as a Democrat that was appointed to your position at the Registrars office, I expected so much more from you on the position of ethics and clean government! What is going on in the building industry in this state is such a scandal.  It is criminal.  Why did you allow it to flourish?  Why did you choose to remain silent when such evil exist before you? 

The sounds of unspoken corruption in Arizona are once again creeping along, so silently upon us; just like the sounds in the first moment after death that are recognized as somewhat muffled, random in nature, but distinguishable.  

Arizona seems to be fixated with a continuous cycle of corruption that rears its ugly head every twenty years or so.  And every time it comes along, many of us die along the way in our hope for an honorable and just place to live.  Once again, we are in the middle of another corruption cycle of real-estate greed.

To sum up your time as the head of the Registrars of Contractors; “Torrie, you did a heck of a job!”  By the way Mr. Torres, what did you do if anything, during you time in office?  What real and valid accomplishment did you complete in your short stay? I know you took a lot of smiling pictures with SAHBA officials.   To me it seemed like your presence at the Registrar was a ceremonial enhanced, P.R. snow job, to make sure that wealthy builders of SAHBA and developer’s wishes went unimpeded by any resistance from the public dissatisfaction with the building trade.

There are so many building defect problems with the building trades in Arizona.  It is a state wide shame!  I know it, the builders know it, you know it, but you insist on your silence to demonstrate your taciturn and adoring approval of such acts. 

In Arizona, time is money and money manufactures fraud.

As Martin Luther King once said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”   You have betrayed me and my family and countless others Mr. Torres for your own personal political gain!  You will forever be held in my mind’s eye of moral contempt.  And my contempt knows no bounds; except for the fact of the normal legalized and civilized social norms of society.

But so long as free speech is considered a civil right in this country, and it has not been outsourced to China yet, I will sear with a clear moral vengeance and blister with just and ethical verbal flame thrower attacks of emotion.  And all of this is for the satisfaction and pleasure of the so numerous and accountable parties that worked on my home’s demise at Salero Ranch, Tubac, Arizona!

And there were so many people that conspired to sign on to rape my family.  I now have a defined purpose again in my life.  My purpose before this fiasco was to build a home for my children and grandchildren to live and visit in.  I wanted to sit on my chaise lounge and enjoy the Arizona sunsets. That will no longer be a possibility.  My Arizona sunsets will be filled with burning essays of red and orange emotions for all of the public to experience.  Hopefully many people moving to this corrupt hell hole will be warned by facts and prose.

Our dreams have been raped away from our choice. Isn’t America and Arizona just a wonderful place to raise your family; that is if you like uncontested family rape?   Homeless children are just so cute, in make believe rental homes.

Is there even one politician or lawyer in Arizona that is an honest man or woman?  I am dead serious.  If such animal exist; I have not met her yet.  Please offer yourselves up to the inspection of decency so that we may all meet such a saint of nature.  I do know for certain that there does not exist in this state, a politician/lawyer who can be considered an honest person.  Lawyers, politicians and honesty collide terribly with principles and integrity, the instance they enter the room together, named morality.

Mr. Torres, on a scale from 1 to 10, where do you think you rank on the list of honor and integrity for Arizona politicians?  Where do you rank as a person?

One day Mr. Torres, will you decide to climb out of your hole of deception and ascend the ladder of social integrity?  If you truly decide to work honestly for the people of this state, you might have a second chance at redemption.  Just remember what my family has gone through and if you have an ounce of empathy, you will someday make it; but not this time.  You Mr. Torres have not done your penance before your almighty God yet.

So, could there possibly be any problems with building defects in Arizona?  Oh my God; you can bet a fat white Caucasian, builder’s ass there are.  Just look at my website Mr. Torres and you tell me if there isn’t something terribly wrong in the state of Arizona?  How could SAHBA advertise there “certified custom home builder” program with such incredibly defective work?  Would you have accepted a house like this from SAHBA and McCreary Homes?  Would you?

Arizona is just about the worst state in the union for building defects and construction fraud.  Arizona lags slightly behind the even more corrupt red state of George Bush’s Texas.  Texas is the one state, where their state motto should read,” that like the wind, the root of all evil begins right here in Texas”. 

How about an Amendment to the Constitution that specifies that no more politicians from either party can be elected as President or Vice-President of the United States from the state of Texas?  There have been millions of people that have died around the world because of two Presidents that came from this state. One is still working very hard trying to add to the total.  No more death and destruction, please.

Mr. Torres, arrogance and deceit are the main products that Texas exports to the world.  None of this should be news to some of you since you voted for arrogance and deceit in 2000 and 2004.  Americans must like such traits of southern American culture that produced the always feared, but never duplicated likes of the Klu Klux Klan and John Birch Society.

Mr. Torres, I am worried that you lean to an ideology that looks the other way at civil rights for home owners.  My civil rights and my family’s civil rights were trampled on by the Arizona politicians that run cover for the building industry.  My family’s civil rights were also trampled over by SAHBA and State Farm’s lawyers.  A man’s home is his castle; is it not?   

Arizona is not that far from the corruption and stink of the Texas state border.  Something has infiltrated Arizona’s character, and it is not good.

Mr. Torres if your out of state friends want to see republican greed that is fueled by republican and republican lite (Democrats) in action, just come to Arizona to see the carnage in action.  If anyone would want to come to this state and live, they could be annihilated by the building industry and their pocket book politicians?  It stupefies me why anyone would gamble at the chance of financial destruction that this state promotes for its citizens.  

My hope and wish is that anyone thinking of moving to Arizona will use the “internets” search engines to educate themselves with the incredible corruption, building defects and political apathy that takes place in this state.  Anyone will half a brain after such warnings should not come here unless they like the idea of their family and dreams getting raped by white men in construction clothes and three piece business suits. 

And what Mr. Torres, did you do to stand up and speak up against this injustice; you took pictures and received awards from SAHBA president, Ed Taczanowsky?  Mr. Torres, you punted on first down.  Mr. Torres you never put your hands out to catch the hot potato.  How special is that?  You did not rock the builders trade boat Mr. Torres, hell you helped stabilize it by putting it up on dry dock.  You sold out the Arizona public for you own benefit. Isn’t that what self serving lawyers like you always do?   Please answer the question, counselor!

It is a fact of life that reality hurts so much when a person is finally confronted and compelled to tell the truth about their character. 

Why are we such a nation of liars, cheaters and thieves without even mentioning builder’s, lawyers, and politicians?  When the list is full of debutantes of greed, I will drag them through the mud and into the discussion of their differential character equations of greed that produced such slime!

Did you know Mr. Torres that Arizona Democratic candidates in your image are masquerading as anything but true Democrat?  Like them, you are an impostor.  You are a charlatan against the peoples well being.  Candidates like you are too weak to even run as candidates to represent the corrupt republican party, so you run as a Democrat out of desperation for your interest and well being.  A professional politician runs for power and money.  You believe in nothing but promoting yourself.  In your heart, you know when you look in the mirror; you are just running for command and currency.  Your pomp and circumstance style and alliances with SAHBA officials, proved everything to me!

On your watch Mr. Torres, you did nothing to help Arizona families avoid building nightmares.  On your watch Mr. Torres, you did absolutely nothing to help my family and our nightmare.  On your watch Mr. Torres, you have done absolutely nothing to prevent other Arizona families to be trapped into this manufactured nightmare.  Shame on you!   We have all been watching you, in your extended moments of silence!  It is deafening!

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to remain silent and look the other way.  But Mr. Torres, you did not look the other way, hell you jumped right in with SAHBA officials for ceremonial picture taking duties and honor awards programs.   Do you possess a SAHBA frequent builder picture and plaque award card?   How many times did you have your smiling face in pictures with SAHBA officials?   I am glad to see that SAHBA could honor you so many times in your short stint at the Registrars.  Yes, you did so much to shield the guilty.   Why did you spend more time accepting awards from SAHBA than you spent on protecting Arizona families from builder fraud?

Is it possible that a conflict of interest existed between your old agency that was supposed to be involved in oversight while at the same time your agency promoted and advertised the very same people and institutions that you are supposed to be monitoring?  Who was watching who?  No, all of that SAHBA official back slapping, honors, pictures and toasting had no effect on your behavior towards the Arizona public or SAHBA officials.  What an honorable man that you have turned out to be!  There was such integrity on your part, that none of this affected your thinking or judgment.  Israel Torres, a proven award winning, saint of the year?

Can a lawyer ever be perceived as honorable?  Not very many lawyers are able to accomplish that feat and Mr. Torres; you are definitely not one of them.  Maybe you can regroup and try again; once you consult with your guilt ridden conscience.

Mr. Torres, I see incredibly clear parallels between you and FEMA’s Michael Brown.  Just like you Mr. Torres, Mr. Brown is also a lawyer who had no experience running an agency that he knew nothing about.  Why are lawyers ever put in positions of leadership and management?  How is a lawyer going to pilfer money from an agency when he is busy trying to manage it?  Sometimes priorities are considered such terrible roadblocks in life.

As you know Mr. Torres, Michael Brown was just another loyal republican lawyer that was chosen by President Bush to head FEMA.  As everyone knows, Bush did not choose Michael Brown for his qualifications.  Michael Brown did not posses any true qualifications for the job.  Michael Brown was chosen for his likeability and loyalty.  Yes, as Bush so now infamously stated, “Brownie, you are doing a heck of job”, summed up the Bush incompetence in government  

Mr. Torres, just like Michael Brown, you did one hell of a job protecting builders and developers and leaving the Arizona public to defend themselves against the building industry wolves.  Thanks for all that you did not do!  “Torrie you did a heck of a job.”

When you announced your candidacy for Secretary of State, this past January, I must admit, I was thoroughly astonished at your audacity to so quickly attempt to climb and even scale the Arizona political ladder of influence.  Does your candidacy mean that you are no longer going to give your building expertise to the Registrar of Contractors program?  It seems like only yesterday, in January of 2003, that you were recruited by Governor Napolitano to head the Registrar of Contractors program.  What were your qualifications to be the chief person in the Registrar’s office?  What kind of building experience do you possess to oversee an agency that is supposed to monitor builders and contractors?  Maybe you should have just changed your name to Israel Brown?

Wasn’t your previous unrelated building experience as a grade school teacher? Did you decide to attend law school because teaching did not pay enough money and the prestigious law program at the University of New Mexico was beckoning for you to attend?

Why did Napolitano really select you for the position?  What is the behind the story reason?  What actual building expertise did you bring along with to your new position?  Were you only recruited for this position because you had attained a law degree and possessed the schmooze skills of a politician who is Latino?  Did you get the position in part, because of your race?  Did they teach you to schmooze real good in law school?  Is being a lawyer a prerequisite for the Registrar’s office? 

It does seem suspect that you spent only three years at the Registrars, binding your time in a ceremonial role to appease the building industry.  What actual accomplishments did you attained that helped Arizona citizens and their need for good affordable, defect free housing? 

Mr. Torres did you know about all of the incredible building problems just up the road in Anthem?  Why don’t you Google up Sarah Fenske’s “Cracked Houses” and reacquaint yourself with the wide spread defective building that had been taking place on your watch in Arizona.

I have looked through the SAHBA website news letter many times and you seem to be mentioned quite a bit in favorable terms by SAHBA president, Ed Taczanowsky.  You actually were perceived to have a very cozy relationship with SAHBA officials. 

Mr. Torres, were Arizona tax payers footing the bill to pay your salary so that you could cuddle up with special interest players like SAHBA?  Why were you “honored” by SAHBA with their “appointed politician of the year award?” Did you realize that SAHBA is a Super Pac? Why did it seem like every time you took a picture with SAHBA official, it was all fun and games.  What did you ever do to protect an Arizona family from builder fraud that SAHBA tries to deflect?   Myself and my family are not smiling!

Mr. Torres, on your watch, Arizona building defects have climbed at an incredible rate.  How could you totally be unaware of the problems that were taking place in your own backyard of Anthem?  I guess your entire SAHBA schmoozing, picture taking and award receiving ceremonies that you attended didn’t allow you time to do your job of protecting Arizona families.

How many lawsuits have Arizona voters had to take place in, because their houses were damaged by fraudulent builders that you could have prevented?  Why did you not do anything to rectify this situation?  Do you not care what happens to Arizona family’s homes and lives?

Is it part of the plan to do nothing about building atrocities so that the trial lawyers are assured of a never ending supply of work?  I have always pondered my situation that my lawyer Dennis Rosen did a minimal job in protecting my home and my family.  My epiphany has made me realize that lawyers do not want the building industry cleaned up since they would run out of work id this state promoted ethical and competent builders.  Now Arizona lawyers have repeat customers with their incompetent builders who become repeat offenders.  How many more homes has McCreary ruined since 2000?  How many additional problems, ROC complaints and lawsuits has McCreary caused that have affected Arizona homeowners lives and property?  Why do I have to police McCreary Homes with my website service since your office chooses to do nothing?  Maybe you should be paying me rather than me paying for your salaries with my tax dollars!

Mr. Torres again, one of your big “accomplishment” that you bragged about was that you were cracking down on un-licensed contractors.  Bravo!  The vast majority of the sub-contractors that McCreary Homes hired were licensed by the state of Arizona.  Guess what Mr. Torres; many of those contractors were quacks that couldn’t build the broad side of a barn.  Only one contractor that McCreary hired was un-licensed. 

L.J. McCreary tried to pawn off responsibility for the unlicensed contractor when he said he couldn’t locate his license.  McCreary tried to entice us with paying the unlicensed contractors bill on the side by telling us we would save on the twenty- three percent mark up that McCreary was going to charge us.  What a coincidence.  We told McCreary that we would be paying for the work done through McCreary Homes and our construction loan.  By keeping the billing under McCreary Home, which we had done for everything else, our home warranty and legal rights would still be intact.  McCreary only tried to pawn off the unlicensed contractor that he hired, once he found out the guy did not possess a license.

There were a majority of the framers that McCreary Homes hired through Terra Cotta Framing that were illegal aliens that worked on my house.  There were also illegal aliens hired through the McNary concrete company.  My drive way and garage were poured with a slope that flowed into the garage.  The three cement workers for McNary did not speak English.  I would bet my life that these workers were not U.S. citizens.  I think you have to speak the English language to obtain citizenship.  I think you have to at least be able to recite your name.  The majority of the major defect problems that happened to my house were caused by companies that used illegal alien workers.

And please Mr. Torres, don’t begin to tell me the media mantra that illegal aliens are such hard workers.  I don’t care how hard a person works or how many times a pundit begs me to believe that hard work cure all ills.  And besides, they are still here illegally.  If an illegal is incompetent, I don’t care how hard they work, the job will still be done incorrectly.  Just look at your current President, George W. Bush.  Hard work can mask incompetence for only so long.  But why do SAHBA members and Arizona contractors hire illegal aliens in the first place.  Isn’t it against the law?

Just like our current, Bozo bred president; determination and resolve have absolutely nothing to do with competence.  I apologize to Bozo’s remembrance for including his name and memory in the same context and sentence as President Bush.  Bozo, please forgive me.

In January of 2003, Governor Janet Napolitano did the builders a favor but not its citizens by selecting you to head the Registrar’s office.  Obviously you both did Arizona home owners an incredible disservice because you took the job only as a political stepping stone to higher office.  Your heart and head were never in this job because you never actually worked for your employers, the Arizona people; you worked to satisfy the building industry.  Mr. Torres you took the Job at ROC without planning to stay for very long.  Thanks for your dedication.

So was the real reason that you were appointed to the Registrar of Contractors office was to pad your resume with numerous silly awards that you could brag about when it came time to run for Secretary of State?  Was the ROC job just a warm up and resume padder?  Well it seems like the plan to me.  You never even cared about what your lack of concern for the job was doing to Arizona families.

And your willingness to look the other way and remain silent with defective building issues makes perfect sense now.  You did not to rock the corruptive home building industry boat because it would thwart your quest for higher office.  As long as you did not cause the builders and SAHBA problems and let them continue their fraudulent ways, they would throw their support behind your campaign for Secretary of State.  

I find it incredulous that SAHBA, which is a majority backed republican Super PAC, supports you over the republican incumbent candidate, Jan Brewer.  Did you promise the building industry and builders that you would use Diebold voting machines if elected Secretary?  Regardless though, you were unqualified to be selected as Registrar of Contractors and you are still unqualified for any kind of higher office, including Secretary of state.  Assuming that you fail in your misguided quest for higher office for which you are not qualified for; will you become a lawyer/lobbyist for SAHBA at the state capital when you lose your race on next Tuesday?

Shouldn’t Arizona require some kind of character examination for the candidates that run for high office in this state?

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to remain silent in the face of evil.   Did the cat bite your tongue Mr. Torres?  I do not consider you a good man.

On November 7, although I am no longer religious, I will be praying profusely Mr. Torres, for your defeat as Secretary of State.  As you see from my above posting, it is very personal for me when people that contribute to my family’s financial demise, do not profit in any way shape or form for their lies about the Arizona building industry.  Obviously, you have no shame about running for higher office, because you did a “do nothing job” at the Registrar of Contractors.

Because of you, Govenor Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard, I believe it is time to become an independent voter.  Democratic politicians should never take their constituents for granted.

If I had my choice, I would throw every one of you politicians/lawyers out of office on your political ear.  Arizona republican lite politicians are just as corrupt and incompetent as repuplican candidates are.  I hate voting for the lesser of two evils.  Both parties in Arizona are so incompetent and so corrupt.  You do not deserve another chance to serve the people.  You will continue to suck up and serve your masters; the special interest and building industry and its lobbyist as long as the people of this state are so ignorant.

You all have been a disgrace to the ideals of Democracy. 

Shame on you Mr. Israel Torres!

Shame on you Govenor Janet Napolitano!

Shame on you Attorney General, Terry Goddard!

Shame on all of you Arizona corrupt politicians!

Shame on SAHBA!

Shame on McCreary Homes

Shame on contractors for their incompetence!

Shame on Arizona for allowing this to stand! 

- The Arizona Refugee.

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