Date:  April 8, 2009

Subject:  L.J. McCreary and Trust

Title:  It’s a Matter of Trust

Yes folks, doing business with an honest person or a honest business is always a matter of trust, one that has been earned. It is suicide for a business or person to ever abuse that trust because trust is never fully regained in life or in business. This should be the only answer to McCreary Homes/ Tierra Antigua Realty beggings from L.J. and Denise McCreary.  Why trust these two dispicable people after their many lies and choice of abusing consumer trust for excess profits.  Why trust getting yourself one of their custom nightmares like we did, if you have the good fortune to have another choice?"



An open letter to L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes,

It has always been a matter of trust!  Everything is based on trust.

One can trust another human being and wonderful things may happen from the encounter.  One can trust another human being and nothing but pain and suffering will follow from the meeting.  Trust the wrong person and the life that you had been building can be over in an instant.  You L.J. and Denise are the human beings of the latter group that ruin other people’s lives with your acquaintance.

Would you agree L.J. and Denise McCreary that trust is the most important human attribute in society?  You seem to beg for trust on both of your websites, now don’t you?  Trust us; we build great homes.  Trust me by choosing me for your real estate agent from Tierra Antigua Realty because I say that I am so good.  Trust me because I will not lie to you even though I have lied many time before.  Trust me because I am a Christian.  Trust me because I have been real estate all of life.  Trust me because I say you should.  Trust me again and again; even if I have violated the trust of people in the past.

Now is this the kind of trust that one can believe in?  Yes, the kind of trust that comes directly from Hell.  The kind of trust that comes with all of the pain and suffering associated with such location in the universe.  Trust is earned and once it is established it is business suicide for a person to abuse that trust.  Trust once lost is never regained.  If a person will lie or deceive you just once; they will lie and deceive you a thousand times.  How can trust ever be given or built upon a foundation that is constructed with nothing more than lies and deceptions?

It seems that just about everything we do in conjunction with successfully greasing the gears of a Capitalist society to run smoothly, is incredibly dependant on people trusting other people to be honest and do what they promise.  Why look what happens when people trust Wall Street bankers and insurance companies with their investments and these people break the trust by casino style gambling with their money.  The economy crumbles under the weight of lies, deception and the lack of trust.

If trust is not held sacred then trust is compromised and economic transactions come to a halt between consumers and businesses because the risk from trusting that results in losses that are too great bear.  Who really likes to gamble when you know the deck is stacked against you and the odds are you are going to loose?  I do not like to gamble but it appears that I did just that with choosing Denise and L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes to build our custom home.  

Why just look at what happens when people are lied to, pilfered to and swindled from as has happened in today’s economy.  They lose faith/trust in a person or company and Capitalism begins to suffer it all comes to a grinding halt.  People that are allowed to swindle families are the death of American society because the issue of any future trust will be non-existent.

Just look McCreary what you did to my family and the advancement of Capitalistic transactions.  We explicitly “trusted you” to promise delivering a quality home that you promised by word, advertising and contract.   After all, are you not on SAHBA’s “prestigious” bull shit list of builders inducted into their Certified Custom Builder Program?   And what doe this program mean for the consumer; absolutely nothing.  It is meant to deceive and lower the public’s guard and allow them to trust a builder more easily.

Unknown to us, you should have never been allowed our trust because right from the beginning, even before we had ever been introduced, you were in a secret pact with Fran Epsen of LONG Realty to bring you potential customers through a glowing referral and introduction program that you use against us.  You intended by this past action to continue your plan to deceive us for the remainder of our association with you.  Agreeing with Fran Epsen to have her introduce us to you, L.J. McCreary was the worst mistake of my life. 

Later, you would renege on your promise to deliver a quality built home and then complaints were made and a lawsuit was filed by you, with SAHBA legal backing to receive funds that you did not deserve until work was completed or defectively built items had been fixed.  How after looking at our pictures in any moment of good conscience can you say McCreary that you did not lie to us about your true intentions to provide us with a quality built home?  You never cared and by doing so you violated our trust.  Your intentions, pure and simple were to swindle us for excess profits.  What kind of man cheats and steals from a family to the point that they lose their home?  Maybe the answer is that you are not a man after all.  It takes more than a penis L.J. McCreary in order to call yourself a man.
You McCreary as you read this are lying to yourself again in your feigned moment of multiple excuses.  There is no excuse for what you and your republican, ridden hard looking wife have done to my family for greed.

Your rebuttal Denise at was just another precious attempt at explaining you and your husband’s sociopathic tendencies and behavior.  A person that does not care or have empathy for harming another person or a family by its actions is a sociopath.  Never once in your anemic rebuttal do you mention the fact of having given us over 222 defects, water leaking through our walls, a dangerous unstable kitchen island, a sagging great room ceiling, poor insulated roof, a defectively built front door that one could see through. 

Yes McCreary’s, the last eight percent of construction cost were withheld until all major defects were fixed.  And Denise McCreary seems to forget that if her company had delivered what their company had promised in building a quality custom home, the over sixty thousand dollars in legal cost would have been available to easily pay our mortgage.  We would have never had any mortgage issues or money problems if we hadn’t had to waste it on scum sucking lawyers. 

We lost our home because your company Denise, McCreary Homes built us a defectively built home.  We suffered incredible physical, emotional and financial harm because of your company’s incompetence.  And yes, you bet your fat republican asses that I am angry for what you have done!  Trust is just a five letter word to republicans like you who lie, cheat and steal as if just taking another breath of fresh air.

Concerning my comments about Lute Olson and Jim Click were right on the mark.  These two individuals are wealthy neocon supporting republicans who had close ties with SAHBA and could have done something real good for the community rather than supporting the corrupt members of the association that call itself;  “The Community Builders;” at SAHBA.   Was I not correct in my assessment concerning Lute Olson’s second wife, Christine and the ramifications of her over the top republican political campaign contributions and what it would do to their marriage.  If you recall Denise, I called Lute Olson’s divorce months before the Tucson media decided to get off their scared asses and comment about his highness Lute Olson a local Tucson public face celebrity.  It was very simple.  How could any man put up with a 23 year old junior wife that engaged in so much national, hateful republican candidate, money campaigning?  This woman like you Denise, is a certified neocon bitch.

Didn’t you attempt to hang out with Mrs. Olson at the Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) re-election campaign (Women for Kyl) back in 2006?  It was hilarious Denise it was hilarious to see yours and republican neocon supporter, Anna Stark names listed while you tried to cuddle up to the big dogs of Christine Olson and Vicki Click for networking business opportunities.

Jim Click is no different as a past Bush/ Karl Rove political contributing Bush Ranger.  Why any Democrat or Independent buys a car from this neocon republican ass-hole who spends his money on political candidates around the country to harm your family is beyond me.  This man Jim Click, hosted a private political fund raiser for Sen. Jon Kyl 2006 re-election campaign by having Karl Rove come to his private residence and beg for political campaign contribution money.  

I have been more than glad to see Lute Olson fall flat on his greedy republican face and I wait for Jim Click and you to Denise to accomplish more of the same Lute Olson style implosion with your business ventures.  How has your Denise McCreary Productions saxophone blowing business been going lately?  Denise, are you doing any more of those Rancho Valle Milagro horse hootenannies?  Is this why you decided Denise to go in to being a real estate agent; all to save your fat ass from bankruptcy?  Isn’t sucking and blowing on a saxophone, while acting as the president of McCreary Homes and then attempting to sell luxury real estate through Tierra Antigua Realty just a bit much?  Denise McCreary is a jack of all trades and a master of none.  This especially goes for her incompetent, fraudulent and defective prone built custom home building company McCreary Homes.  How desperate can you be Denise?  Is your world starting to come apart dear?

As far as my assessments on republican jewish lawyers and real estate agents, my comments still stand; they suck!  Until you have walked a mile in my shoes Denise McCreary I think it is best that you open and drink a can of “shut the fuck up.”  Opening your mouth and writing your own words only reveals your true ignorance and fraudulent behavior to the public.  I stand behind my words; do you and your little runt husband stand behind your custom home building work; no fucking way?

And what about those republican jew fucks on Wall Street that have brought down the US economy with sub- prime mortgages and derivatives?  That old jewish firm, Goldman Sachs and their employees like CEO Blankenfein, former CEO Hank Paulson, Jamie Spraygen, to City Groups former CEO Sandy Weil, to Lehman Brothers Richard Fuld are all nothing more than republican jewish crooks.  Who can ever discount the truth about the Palestinian story after seeing how these jewish crooks steal with wild abandon. 

Even government employees, to include both republican and Democrats who have contributed to fucking up the American economy because of their disastrous economic policies of Alan Greenspan, Richard Rubin, Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson, Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers and Richard Rubin are all jewish money changers who have defrauded the US economy for personal and institutional gains.  Is there any doubt that Hank Paulson’s $350 billion in TARP money that he begged Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for to prevent economic collapse went secretly and indirectly to Goldman Sachs via AIG insurance company.  Goldman Sachs was and still is AIG’s biggest client.,2933,197554,00.html
And let us not forget Bernard Madoff the New York jewish investment whizz “kid” and his $50 billion dollar plus Ponzi Scheme to defraud investors.  So why is Wall Street and the US Treasury driven by such jewish influence and why is the country so fucked up and broke?  Why do Wall Street jewish firms like Goldman Sachs have so much influence on our treasury and AIPAC having so much influence on American foreign policy.  Whose country is this anyways; Israel’s or America’s?     

But why aren’t L.J. and Denise McCreary in jail serving a sentence for consumer fraud along with these Washington/New York ass-holes?    

I despise republican jewish lawyers and real estate fucks like Fran Epson of LONG Realty.  Going back 25 years I can recall with such clarity the many times that republican jewish lawyers have come into my life to harm my family’s well being and life style.  Jobs, wages, pensions, home, land and credit ratings have all been eliminated or reduced by the work of Jewish republican lawyers.  Do you remember Denise how a jewish republican real estate agent, named Fran Epsen, sold my family out to you for a fistful of dollars ($3,446.00) with your secret monetary referral kick back scheme for business.  I bet you can’t recall this simple fact McCreary’s. 

Republican jewish lawyers suck the big one and the Palestinians have been the ones robbed of their home land by Israel and American jewish support.  How many people Denise in Palestine have to die in order for Israel to keep claiming that it was promised this land by God, all from words that come from a book that was written over two thousand years ago by word of mouth inputs.  This claim is all based on religious bull shit.  What about the claim by the American Indians to the land we call America?  Americans used the same tired excuse of religion and their Manifest Destiny illogical, make believe logic.   The United States steals land, Israel steal land and the real esyate/ judicial industry steals land to.  All of this real estate robbery would never hold up in an honest court of law.

As for Jesus Christ I have no problem with him.  I think that Jesus Christ, a Jew, was an incredibly honorable man; unlike jewish republican lawyers, jewish real estate agents and white republican business owners like you Denise.  Obviously Jesus Christ was not a republican since he would never identify with you, but you insist through St. Michaels Episcopalian Church that you identify with him. 

I find it hilarious and so hypocritical that good christians like L.J. and Denise McCreary publicly profess their virtues of christianity, but in the end actually do not even practice what Christ ever preached.  Do you ever think Jesus Christ Denise would drive a Hummer or another type of SUV if alive today and would he support and cheer for going to war, let alone doing it with manufactured lies?  Who would Jesus choose to bomb first Denise? No Denise I have a great problem with white men that develop and then use religion for money, politics, war and mind control for the masses.  I have a real problem Denise with people like you that lie, cheat and steal.  I have a real problem Denise, with people like you who are just plain greedy and evil in their pursuit for the almighty buck. 

No Denise, you of all people, a prostituting whore against morality, should ever choose to question my character or integrity.  I will put my character, my integrity and my empathy for my fellow man against you and your little dick husband combined any day, and even then, it will be totaled to an amount that cannot even be humanly measured.  It is a fact that it is impossible to measure something that does not even exist!  People like you and your husband who tell how Christian like and religious you are and how wonderful your competence is with their chanting of advertising that states McCreary Homes is “Southern Arizona’s Premiere Builder” bull shit are never religious and are never competent if they have to promote themselves so much in the first place.  No amount of self promoting advertising can erase the stain of you sins, the same sins that you refuse to acknowledge.

Those of you like Denise that have sinned repeatedly, should never choose to cast the first stone.

No Denise, as president of McCreary Homes, you choose once again to deceive the reader from learning the truth about you and your little dick husband L.J. (Little Johnson / Little Character).  You both have proven time and time again that you, your building company and your real estate agent services cannot ever be trusted. A leopard does not change its spots nor does the apple fall far from the tree; even after eight years.

So as you see McCreary, we trusted you and your husband but you broke that trust by delivering sub-standard work on our home, work that was performed primarily by illegal alien labor and in turn our home and lives were ruined because I granted you our trust and you did not even care to respect it.  If I had suspected or even had heard any negative reviews of your work that were not totally explained to my favor, I would have never granted you the opportunity to work for my family.  I would have never gambled with a couple of scoundrels with my family’s future.  Instead, I was introduced by your monetary kick back scheme artist friend, Fran Epsen of LONG Realty, another real estate thief and “christian searching” con -woman that also wore her “new religion” (christianity) on her sleeve for profit like your husband L.J. did.

There is nothing worse than a man or woman who promises under the camouflage of religion and shared values and then never delivers because he or she has no intention of ever delivering a product or service as promised in the first place.  Religion was only used to lower your guard and make you feel that you were dealing with honest Christian value practicing businessman and women.

How can any company ever stay in business once they have chosen to abuse consumer trust and not made amends and chosen to change such behavior?  The answer is: they can’t.  Any company that undertakes this agenda be they small or larger is destined for failure from word of mouth advertising.  It may sometimes take a while for this to happen, but in the end the truth wins out and companies will die on the vine for its past sins of misdeeds if the public is made aware of the broken trust between business and consumer.

And a man or woman that have for eight years refused to acknowledge, let alone apologies for their devious and fraudulent behavior, are the worst of the worst; the cream of the scum of the real estate/ building industry that pervades in Tucson society.  Unfortunately the McCreary’s are not alone in this display of ethically challenged, professional and personal behavior.  Tucson has to be in my opinion, the world capitol of consumer fraud and fraudulent advertising

I will give you an example McCreary.  In 1996 I bought a Grand Caravan with all of the bells and whistles on it for $30,000 dollars to transport my growing family.  The van from the beginning had electrical problems associated with an electrical short in the steering column and eight auto batteries were replaced under warranty after the van would go electrically dead in the driveway.  At 75,000 miles the problem was still occurring but Chrysler stated that the auto was no longer under warranty and they would no longer cover fixing the van.  I wrote to Chrysler officials that this was unacceptable since the problem was a design flaw that not had been fixed in over three years.  Chrysler basically told me to go and piss up a rope and I wrote one last letter to Chrysler stating my position.

I told Chrysler officials that since they would not stand behind their product and fix the obvious defect that I would never by another Chrysler product in my lifetime.  It is now 2009 and I have not bought a Chrysler product since.  I even wrote Chrysler and told them that they could offer me a car someday for free and I wouldn’t take it since they broke my trust and besides; Chrysler makes junk that they won’t stand behind; just like McCreary Homes. 

You would have thought Chrysler would have cared about a potential repeat customer but I was so wrong; they did not.  Today Chrysler is on the brink of bankruptcy for a lack of customers that trust their products and if you ask me, Chrysler a privately funded corporation owned by Cerebus who include former Vice-President Dan Quayle and former Secretary Treasury John Snow, can eat shit and piss up a rope all day for that matter.  Let this corporation and the Cerebus Fund fail in bankruptcy like everyday Americans that are forced by corporations and lawyers to endure.

In 2003 when you Denise and your puppy loved husband L.J., forced us into foreclosure because of your two year plus lawsuit that was funded for you by State Farm Insurance and possibly others, we contacted Residential Funding Corporation which is a subsidiary of GMAC/ General Motors concerning our mortgagee.  Now mind you McCreary we would have never descended into foreclosure if your God damn money sucking lawsuit had never occurred if you could only have built a defect free home or even fixed one. No, you couldn’t do that so my family suffered instead because of you incompetence and irresponsibility. 

Our request from Residential Funding Corporation was to restructure our loan to allow the missed payment to be made up at a later date because of our on going lawsuit with you the chief asshole at McCreary Homes.  We could have continued monthly mortgage payment at that point but they would not allow this unless our missed payments were made up in full.   Well why throw away good money if a mortgage company will not modify a loan short term and is instead threatening to foreclose.   Well, residential funding Corporation basically told us to go and piss up a rope like other American corporation so dictate and they said in fact that they would foreclose because they had insurance against such an event.  One must assume it was insurance company AIG, the largest insurance company in the world, the one too big to fail, the one that Goldman Sachs was the biggest customer of, and the one that has taken over $185 billion dollars in tax payer bailout since the fall of 2008.   Someone is still getting rich.

My, my........ General Motors was in such heady times back in 2003.  I used to be a strict General Motors man but after GMAC/Residential Funding Corporation told me to go and piss up the proverbial rope and enjoy losing my home, I decided to never buy a GM product ever again.  And does one have to even wonder why America is crumbling under such tributes to Patriotism and Capitalism?   I will never relinquish my vow to never again purchase a General Motors product in my lifetime and not even take one if given to me for free. 

Junk made lemon cars and defective building practices only bring about pain.

My father worked for General Motors for 45 years and even died just before leaving for work when he was 65 years old.  Wasn’t it special that a GM supporter and offspring of a former loyal GM employee was told to take a hike and have his home foreclosed when he needed an understanding person to treat him as a human being and as a family man that was in a bind through no fault of his own and needed a small modification to the original terms because of a builders meritless lawsuit?

As GM goes; so goes the nation.  By that analogy, America is headed for the toilet along with GM.

Now let’s jump to late 2008 and General Motors is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy because they decided to make shit products since the early seventies, built huge SUV”S along with buying the Hummer line and even were invested heavily in sub-prime mortgage spree that set them up for the future foreclosure market and eventual bankruptcy.  Today GM is almost dead and as a taxpayer that once asked them for a little help to save my family’s home.  My simple response is for this executive bloated company the American auto industry can go to hell.

As you can see McCreary; what goes around does indeed come around.  These companies were once on top but did not think they had to maintain their trust with the public customers.  A company cannot make a bigger mistake than to trash their reputation and throw away the concept of trust.  

You are but two lone thieves that hide out in Tucson, the state of Arizona, and in America Denise and L.J. McCreary, but combined with the many thieves that roam in Ar real estate and banking from 1998 to 2007, you are now seeing the damage that thieves like you can cause to the American economy.  As you see, I no longer buy homes, appliances, home services or American automobiles because I now longer trust such provider of such products and services because they have abused my trust.

Would you also agree that greed, lies are the most detestable and important of human qualities?  Would you agree that trust is the most important of human qualities?  You L.J. and Denise McCreary do possess two out of these three qualities, the detestable ones, but trust does not happen to be one of them.  Trust is not given to people like you that harm families instead of helping them.  Look how your contaminated reputations now precede both of you in the public’s eye?  Just go ahead and Google your names for the internet inspection of character.  You may try to lie your way through your past evil history but you will never live down what you did to my family.  I will make sure that public revelation of this story never goes away.     

Trust is something that is earned and then continued by continuing acts that reinforce the concept of trust to people that come in contact with your life.  But I do pity the fool that has the unfortunate circumstance to have any contact with the pathetic aspects of your obviously lonely, humping for the almighty buck, greed enhanced life.    

Trust is what allows a baby to project the looks when it focuses on its mother and the infant knows almost with instinct that she/he will be fed.  Trust is what allows a person to deposit money in a bank and walk away with just a receit.  Trust is what allows a patient to let a surgeon operate on their body in spite of the life and death issues that it entails.  Trust is what allows a passenger to board and airliner and believe that the journey will be anything but a safe and unremarkable one.  And isn’t trust what allows a family to hand over their dreams to a builder to construct the most important asset, the most important security blanket that a family will ever possess?  Yes, we once trusted Denise and L.J. McCreary but they both abuse and destroyed our trust ever again for these building industry bastards.

But what happens to the concept of trust when a mother doesn’t feed her hungry child and she instead radiates an attitude of indifference?  What happens to the concept of trust when a person goes to their bank and the bank will not give them back their money?  What happens to the concept of truth when a surgeon bungles an operation by amputating the wrong leg?  What happens to the concept of trust when an airline passenger is killed during what should have been a routine flight?  What happens when a builder like L.J. and Denise McCreary construct a defectively built home and then refuse to repair and then sue the customer? 

Well I will tell you LJ. And Denise McCreary what happens when trust is abused.  Trust like this can be erased in just a single moment of time.  And no matter how long one has trusted a person and the trust has been earned over along period of time; an action of deceit and deception can result in a mood of distrust that can ruin a lifetime of goodwill and any future trust.  Trust is destroyed forever.

You McCreary abused the sacred trust that my family granted you with our new home construction.  I now believe from the start your plan was to defraud us with using cheap illegal alien labor, inferior products, the use of insurance fraud and contracting for cheap incompetent sub-contractors in order to increase your profit margin and bank account.  Because of your greed, you placed my entire family’s health, welfare and security in a state of jeopardy, all because you wanted to retire as early as possible in your little form as a little human piece of shit.

If you had to choose a person to trust McCreary, would you choose a person like U.S Air Capt, Chesley Sullenberger to do his job correctly or would you choose a builder like yourself, who has deceived, cheated, lied, stole and sued resulting in a very good family to lose their home and future?  Capt. Sullenberger was dealt an incredible shit hand and he still performed correctly and flawlessly in minutes to make the very best of a terrible situation.   You instead were given a good hand to construct our home with and do it correctly but instead like any other republican busimesman, you totally fucked it up.

You on the other hand McCreary had everything at your disposal for over a year and performed as terribly as was possible with water leaking through walls, water running into the garage, ceilings collapsing, a kitchen island that was dangerously constructed, a failed septic field, a door that you could literally see through among other things, termites in a new home.  If you remember McCreary, there were over 222 defects reported in seven separate state of Arizona, Registrar of Contractors complaints and many of the largest complaints were never fixed by you.  How is that for competence and trust?   

Come on McCreary it is not such a difficult question to answer about choosing between the two persons that I have discussed.   You can choose between a verified competent hero or instead the reincarnation of the Devil himself as an incompetent, deceiving, lying ass, incompetent builder. 

Can it be any wonder McCreary’s that Capt. Sullenberger had with him on his flight into the Hudson River, a library book that was about personal ethics.  What kind of books do you and your wife read?  I bet you read books with titles that state; “How to swindle and steal from families to pad your bank accounts,” or maybe, “You to can retire early by stealing from clients,” or how about; “Insurance fraud for Dummies,” or just the all encompassing; “How to be a Con Man/Con Women in the home building industry specializing on the sick, elderly, blind and trusting clients!”   

I bet L.J. and Denise McCreary between the two of you, you cannot even spell the words personal ethics let alone contemplate the meaning of such a concept that you will never attain again.  A liar and thief, especially one that have never admitted, apologized or made amends for their sins can ever be trusted again. 

How can it possibly feel for the two of you to be considered and known by your peers as glued to the lowest step of human depravity?  I wonder what it feels like for sociopath prone people like you that do not feel or have compassion for even children.   How can you ever look in the mirror and not just throw up at the site of your self?  Oh, I forgot; you are a sociopath with just a touch of psychopath behavior in your personality for good measure.  And can it be argued that a person like you of little height, little hair, little ethics and a little penis, only results in a person of little integrity and little character that should never, ever be trusted again by anyone.

You L.J. McCreary were afforded the trust of my family to build us a quality constructed home and you abused that trust by scamming and deceiving my family into believing you were the man, the man of Christian touting ethics that would build the home of our dreams.  Instead you lied to my family, you swindled my family, you sued my family, you caused my family to lose our home and you for your final act, resulted in bankrupting my family because of second mortgage taken out to fight your law suit against us. How incredibly low can one human being lower themselves to McCreary?  You caused my wife to consider the act of suicide and you never once apologized or promised to make amends for the sins of greed, lies and injustice that you committed against my family and our futures. 

Please tell me McCreary why anyone on God’s green earth would ever give you the chance to ever trust you again after what you did to my family?  Sociopath prone personalities like yours McCreary and your wife, Denise, are a threat to communities and societies around the world.  Isn’t Tucson so lucky to have their very own twenty plus years of having a home grown sociopath originally from Indiana, lurking in the gutter among the living dead of their city?

Who would you trust L.J. McCreary with your life or your home.  Because of your total lack of integrity, honesty and ethical behavior, the trust that you beg potential home building victims to give you is nothing but deceptive, deceitful and deplorable.   The trust that you intrinsically ask for is nothing but pathetic whimpering for increased business.
You can build a thousand homes McCreary, but if you suck just one cock, you are forever known as a cock sucker.  That is your dilemma McCreary.  You will always be know as a family home ruining cock sucker!  You traded any integrity that you might once have had, and traded any trust that you might have earned by choosing to suck on the holy grail cock of stealing, defrauding and suing my family/ children and the resulting loss of our home.  What a guy!  What a patriot!  What an American!

Just remember L.J. and Denise McCreary, any business that you may beg for in the future will be tainted by the history of your past actions and earned mistrust.  You deserve no trust or business from anyone for such abhorrent behavior that you have exhibited.  Why would anyone ever reward a builder with work and trust that goes along with such an important decision, when such a deviant and defiant man/boy like you is so willing to hurt families and children without thought?  Did I already say the word sociopath?

For you McCreary, your future will always be a matter of lacking in trust; a trust that can never, ever be earned back again for the sins against families and even children that you committed with malice.  Trust is more than a five letter word McCreary; a word you probably cannot even spell, let alone understand the meaning of.  Trust along with character and integrity are traits that you can never possess again until one has made amends for their sins.  Any type of self promotional advertising saying otherwise is nothing more than God damn lies.

Without any hint of sincerity or trust from the never ending author and publication manager of your pathetic, sordid building history story,

“The Arizona Refugee”

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