November 8th, 2006

The Mid-Term Tsunami and Jon Kyl

Dear republican SAHBA member and Arizona voters,

Yes, there is a God and he came in the form of a Democratic Tsunami yesterday.  The devastation that the middle class wave caused to the neocon republican agenda will be pronounced and last for at least a generation.  The results of the mid-term elections were an indirect vote on Bush’s leadership and his Administrations propensity for incompetence and corruption.  The middle class has indeed spoken and the ramifications will not soon be forgotten.  And we are not done; 2008 is coming!        

The American people have finally been awakened from their Constitutional slumber.

Thank you America; thank you so much to the intelligent, patriotic individuals around the country that voted for change and oversight for this Democracy.  Thank you to the people who voted for our Fore Fathers brilliant Constitutional concepts of checks and balances.  And thank you to the people that finally voted to participate in a real Democracy.

Brave states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio had the courage to remove their Iraqi war, neocon supporting Senators, Rick Santorum and Mike DeWine and demand a new course of action. 

The state of Arizona was another entirely different story.  Some Arizona voters punted on first down without realizing that were not playing football or even the more important game involving peoples lives.

Unfortunately, Arizona voters chose to continue to stick their heads in the ground and once again vote for the top neocon enabler of George W. Bush incompetent and dysfunctional administration, Jon Kyl, back into the U.S. Senate.  I am so ashamed of the hundreds of thousands of republican enabling constituents in this state that have allowed this buffoon to once again represent the people of Arizona.  WTF were you thinking?

Arizona voters can be so stupid.  It must have something to due with the intense summer heat that must fry and shrivel a republican’s brain voting functions into a non entity. 

Why do Arizona republican voters not mind being raped repeatedly by their elected officials?

The importance of having Democratic control of the Senate cannot be overstated.  Imagine if Montana or Virginia would have gone republican?  Can you see how important the Arizona vote would have been if this had happened?  There can be nothing but shame on republican voters who once again have allowed Jon Kyl to rape Americans and Arizonans at will.  Kyl will once again perform in his starring role for the honor and pleasure of corporate America.  Thank you very much; assholes!

Hopefully the Arizona voters will be happy for the next six years with their Jon Kyl vote for:

Approval of George W. Bush as a competent leader; wrong!
Lying about WMDs?
Lying about “Freedom is on the march;” bullshit
“Let’s stay the course”
The Iraq War quagmire that will continue for years
Over 2,839 Americans killed to date
Over 600,000 Iraqis killed
Price tag of over $2.5 trillion dollars
46 million American without health care
Higher prescription drug prices
Phone calls and emails wire tapped
Loss of civil rights
Approval of torture
Loss of Habeas Corpus
No Federal Minimum wage increase
The (Paris Hilton) Estate tax
ANWAR intrusion
Outsourcing of American jobs overseas
No embryonic stem cell research
Giving oil, insurance and pharmaceuticals companies, millions in tax breaks


You people who voted for Jon Kyl are phucking crazy!  Why would you allow such a paid for corporate moronic robot like Kyl to phuck you over by representing corporate interest for another six years?  Why would you want to support a moron who supports another certified moron; George W. Bush?

Would you please now consider acknowledging your collective stupidity!

I will digress, but only for a short while.  Please tell me after everything that has occurred in the last five years; why are you not mad?  Why are you not screaming at the top of your lungs, that this entire Bush agenda is just in fact a bunch of neocon horse shit?  I am enraged and why aren’t you; that is, if you give care?  And then; why don’t you care?   Are you too busy watching Survivor, Deal or no Deal or Dancing with the Stars to notice your civil rights being stripped away from your Bill of Rights? 

Please, decide to wake up and pay attention to your Democracy for a change.  Everyone is important in taking part and making educated decisions about the issues.   Come on people; let’s get with the program!

Well enough voter critiquing, this should be a day of celebration, but I am just a bit miffed about the Arizona voter’s apathy towards their Democracy.  Cultivated and professed stupidity always seems to annoy me.

When will you ever learn?


- The Arizona Refuge

Prediction for 08 November, 2006

  1. Gasoline prices will begin a steady rise to over $3 dollars a gallon again.
  2. Republicans will finally release a “tied up” former Congressman Mark Foley, complete with rope burns, from his Tucson converted jail.
  3. Disgraced Evangelical Pastor Ted Haggard takes Foley’s place in the Tucson closet for methamphetamine drug addiction and lying.
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