Date:  20 January, 2007

Subject:  The State of the Union

Title:  Our Long National Nightmare is Almost Over.  Oh really?

Sure I will sit down, but can you get me a gin martini?  On second thought, bring two of them and a brick for a chaser! Yes folks, you can pretend all you want, but at the end of the day, it all sucks! so badly.



Dear SAHBA members:

Today I awoke to the sounds of church bells in the foggy morning air of San Francisco. But even though it was a quiet Sunday morning, I realized that I had never heard this type of religious morning revelry of today’s calling sounds.  The church bell vibrations seemed to beckon the uniformed and self righteous to come and participate by folding their hands and trying to look holy for their next 60 minutes of acted worship.  But is folding of one’s hands all done in order to hide the guilty among us?  Even George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove go to church on Sundays and they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousand of people.  I am sure that Jesus would so approve of such loving and humanitarian actions on their part and all to glorify him. 


But later in the day, I still wondered why I could hear the church bells today and not at any other time?  Was it the direction of the wind that allowed me to hear such clamoring?  Maybe God was trying to send me a message to join my fellow human hypocrites at a local service of my choice?   Was someone trying to call me on this Sunday morning to renew my vows to be a good standing member of the Catholic Church again?  As a recovering catholic, am I not still in the initial stages of mending from the effects of organized religion?  

No, it had to be something that was even more glorious than religion.  It was political in nature.

On Sunday, January 20, 2008 the bells were tolling to signal the very last year of George W. Bush’s horrendous and failure prone, phucked up administration that has raped, pillaged and tremendously profited over middle class Americans for the past seven years.  But the really good news today is that George W. Bush has exactly only one year left to continue to phuck up the country and Constitution that he took an oath to protect and defend; so much for promises and oaths?

Yes ladies and gentleman, our long national nightmare is almost over, but the consequences from this phucking buffoon and his fellow morons from Texas will haunt us for generations to come.  George W. Bush has been the biggest phuck up in American political history.  Why just look at what the Bush economic plan has done for the American Dream and the economy of today.  Does anyone out there really feel confident and hopeful for America today, let alone tomorrow and for the next six months? 

And how many of you 58 million of Americans that voted for this lame dick head idiot in 2004, had already made the same grave mistake to vote for this douche bag dunce head in 2000?  Do people like yourselves ever consider that you have been designated as two time losers?   But unfortunately, everyone has lost, especially our children (is they learning?) with Bush at the helm.  Well maybe not all will suffer.  There has to be exceptions for the very wealthy phucks like Jim Click, Lute Olson and his lovely soon to be neocon supporting ex-wife Christine, who have profited nicely from the Bush regime and the resulting deaths of so many others around the world.
And how many of you SAHBA members and the real estate agents from LONG Realty are willing to admit that you are a part of this infamous category of ill informed neocon republican supporting voters?  Weren’t you the same constituents that voted for the ever war mongering and pro Israel welfare state candidate Jon Kyl, to represent you on national issues in the Senate again?  Did some of you people have brain injuries or were abused as children?  I don’t know how else to explain such greed and ignorance for this country’s welfare.   

But why are the vast majority of real estate agents, developers and builders, supporters of the republican Party that elects corporate supporting crooks like Kyl back in to office; again and again?  Isn’t Fran Epsen of LONG Realty a republican party supporting hack?   What does this say about your integrity and character; that is, if you still have any.  Is it a lack of conscience and emptiness of the soul or could it simply be explained by an issue that involves greed?  

Ignorance in Arizona seems to be an incurable disease.

This coming Monday, January 28th, George W. Bush will attempt to give his rescheduled and very last State of the Union Speech to Congress and the nation.  Hip, hip, hoo phucking ray!  Yes, there is a God.  Thank God.  God I can’t wait for this phucking killer idiot to just go away because our democratic Congress are pussies to impeach these two crooks .  I better start drinking Bombay Sapphire gin right this minute in order to be pacified enough to watch this phuck up speak for the last time through his teleprompter proof malapropisms and not throw a brick at the television screen in disgust at what America chose for its leader in 2000.  Who will I scorn then?  Oh. I forgot; there will always be L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes to express my feelings about.

And by the way; how is that State of the Union thing going now in 2008 SAHBA members?

Yes folks, the state of the American union is in the shit hole.  The state of the union is in the toilet and the toilet is plugged with the diarrhea presence of George W. Bush and his corrupted enabling members of Congress.  Oh and by the way, just in case you hadn’t already figured it out, the state of state of Arizona is also sucking to!  The state of the home building business in Tucson really sucks!   The state of the economy sucks!   The state of our future sucks!  Is hope on the way?  First we will have to exorcise the demons from among us from the republican party before hope ever has a chance again in this country to take hold.  

Everything sucks now; but what did you really expect; brilliance and leadership from a medically untreated drunk?  George W. Bush is a terribly flawed individual and you allowed him and terrible Dick (in the shadows) Cheney to become the leaders of the free world and drive this ship into the ground.  Maybe the enablers among you who allowed this to happen are even more terribly flawed than the president that you elected?   

The greed of this country towards its people has killed the golden goose of Capitalism; consumerism optimism.   The housing industry is no longer affordable because everyone got on the housing bubble and became to damn greedy by driving up home price by flipping them.  When you have people flipping house while families are losing their homes because of fraud and corruption; something is terribly wrong in America. 

Do you think that President Bush and Alan Greenspan helped our country after the dot com bubble implosion by make the country’s economy hum along at an unusual level, solely based on low interest rates and rising home prices?   Sure it was okay for the short run between 2003 and 2005, but it was never a long term solution.  Now everyone is paying the price.  My family paid for our share of this mess in 2003 with an L.J. McCreary, McCreary Home. 

But how will we save our economy from going into the shitter?  We will reduce interest rates and try to create another pyramid scheme game bubble for the home building and real estate industry with cheap mortgage money.   What kind of economy from 2002 to 2005 was that supposed to be; one based on illusions?  No one complained as home owners equity increased, mortgage companies and real estate agents made money, but few people now can afford to buy into this over priced housing market.  Now we all shall suffer.  What goes up real fast; comes down twice as fast.

I tried to tell you SAHBA weenies years ago, that we were on a terrible and wrong path; but no one listened.  Now you will pay today with an economy and housing industry that will remain in the Arizona CAP toilet water bowl for years to come.  You have no one to blame except your self. 

Your new SAHBA president, Randy Agron of A.F. Sterling Homes has said that it is the state government of Arizona is going to kill the golden goose; the home building industry.  I beg to differ with Mr. Agron.  Mr. Agron is delusional; the golden goose in this equation is not the building industry but instead the public consumer.  Isn’t this just like the arrogant SAHBA leadership to profess that they are the most important reason for existing?  How came first; the home builder or the consumer?  You can build all of the homes that you want but if no one buys them, will you keep building?

As far a politics go, are you mostly Bozo’s in Southern Arizona for still thinking of voting in November for your SAHBA supporting republican crooks like state Sen. Tim Bee (R) and former lobbyist for SAHBA, state Rep. Jonathan Patton (R) again?   You people are such sheeples!  This is exactly what is so wrong with Southern Arizona. 

The majority of people in Arizona only think ahead for the next four to six years of their lives because they are retired and they primarily care about taxes and do not care about education and the future for our children.  Could it be that the majority of people who move to Arizona act this way since they are on fixed incomes and do not plan on being around much longer?  Maybe the whole idea of the Arizona economy based on the home industry and the retirees is flawed from the start. 

But then, what does one say about the wealthy Arizonans like Christine Olson who does not support education but does support republican politicians around the country?  Why did Christine Olson choose to send her children to private schools?  Places like Tucson, Arizona will always lag in good jobs and real economic growth because its citizens are like sheep and choose to be put out to pasture, rather engage in the improvement of their communities.  Education in Arizona is a liability, not an asset.  Arizona is a recipe for social and economic disaster.

Well let’s try and recount and summarize a few things that have happened during Bush’s last seven years in office; one that you and the Supreme Court elected him to.   This is going to fun to mention how sad this whole fiasco has turned out.  Maybe some of you have forgotten how terrible that everything has been for the past seven years.  I used to have a home, land, pension and a future, but they are all gone now.  Yes, we have all participated in the second coming of the gilded age of great transfers of wealth from the middle class to the economic top 3% elite. 

But alas, do not ever choose to fear because the best (worse) for Bush could yet come. There is still another whole year for Bush to still phuck up everything even worse.  How about an Iranian War legacy to add to the Afghanistan and Iraqi Pandora boxes for our children to try and close?  How about a recession to have the next president to have to deal with?  This is so like Bush to leave others to clean up his mess.  This man has always phucked up and had someone like his daddy and Jim Baker to bail his ass out when it was time for him to leave the mess that he created.  If George W. Bush had come from a normal American family, he would probably be a bum and in jail for drunken driving and cocaine charges as a sixty year old.  But instead since he had the Bush name and money to bail him out of his digressions; Bush had the opportunity to become president.

If you will recall, I knew as a country, we were in deep trouble when the first thing that the new Bush Administration wanted to do in February 2001, was to increase the allowable arsenic levels in drinking water.  Brilliant!  Let’s kill some more Americans to start things off on the right foot.  Now, if that little piece of insight didn’t give away the farm to you on what was coming, then nothing was going to educate you on the corruption and misery that would be directed towards the middle class and there hard earned lifestyle.

Let met just mention a few other “problems” and corruption prone activities that occurred during the 7 years so far of this transformational Bush Administrations reign.  Why don’t you good people that voted for Bush, gnaw on these little inconvenient facts for a while and see how many of them that you can remember and specifically which ones that you indirectly voted for by electing our dunce head president, George W. Bush?

Let see where we can begin:

      -     George W. Bush proposes increasing arsenic levels in drinking water
      -     Dick Cheney’s secret energy task force, Feb. 2001 to divide up Iraqi oil fields

  1. Plans were in place to invade Iraq; Pre 9/11  reason: oil and Israeli security
  2. Plans were in place to invade Afghanistan; Pre 9/11,  reason:  Uncooperative Taliban since 1998 and their objection to the UNOCAL Trans-Afghanistan pipeline through their country
  3. Tax cuts for the very wealthy in 2001, especially the tax cuts that will only become greater in time from 2008 to 2010
  4. Our U.S. infrastructure has been neglected - Roads, Bridges (Minneapolis), Air Traffic Control System, New Orleans levees.........etc.
  5. Illegal Immigration; millions of illegal aliens have entered the country since 2000
  6. Estate Tax; repeated attempts to repeal tax for the top 1% of wealthiest Americans
  7. Corporate off shore tax shelters multiply with Bush’s Administrations blessings
  8. Outsourcing U.S. jobs to India and China explodes under George W. Bush
  9. Global markets now mean global problems
  10. We now have incredible trade deficits with China
  11. Wal Mart is America’s biggest corporation with products mostly from China
  12. Corporate CEO’s pay sky rockets with stock options taxed at 15%   
  13. Massive budget deficits are incurred with earmark overspending, like Sen. Ted Stevens (R- AK)  $225 million dollar bridge to nowhere
  14. Faith based initiative to favor republican base Evangelicals
  15. Intelligent Design chosen over science and Evolution
  16. Telecoms AT&T, Verizon; secretly wiretapping Americans; Pre 9/11 March 2001
  17. Pre 9/11 security brief (PDB);  “Bin Laden determined to attack in the US”
  18. Bush/Cheney/Rice stay silent on terrorist threats while George Tenet said “red warning lights and bells were going off during the summer of 2001”
  19. George W. Bush did nothing; why?
  20. Bush was on vacation in Crawford, Texas cutting brush during August 2001 while terrorist finalized plans for attack on New York and Washington
  21. Why were airlines/security screeners not told about the impending threat that George Tenet talked about during the summer of 2001?
  22. Why was NORAD told to stand down by Dick Cheney on 9/11?
  23. America was attacked while on Bush’s watch; period!  No more excuses
  24. On 9/11 Bush show exceptional leadership by continuing to read “My Pet Goat”
  25. No one was ever held accountable for the government inability to stop 9/11
  26. Why was Bin Laden’s family members secretly allowed to leave the U.S. by airplanes as the country’s air traffic control system was virtually shut down?
  27. Whatever happened to that Anthrax scare? No one was ever indicted; why?
  28. Anthrax scare was so effective prior to voting on the Patriot Act that it is a surprise that it never happen again in the U.S.; why?
  29. Bush/Cheney “market” plan for war with Iraq with the making of the White House Iraq Group  (WHIG) to market and sell the plan to the American people   (do you remember anthrax, dirty bombers, colored threat levels, dire predictions, false accusations and plastic wrap)               
  30. Patriot Act (oxymoron)  is passed to spy on Americans communication habits
  31. Massive corporate fraud – Enron, Global Crossings, Tyco, Adelphia, etc.
  32. Bush falls down and passes out on 12-15-02 from choking on a “pretzel”?  Bush at the time is by himself.  Sure folks, believe what you want.  No, according to a British diplomat, Bush passed out because he had been drinking again and he stumbled and fell down (seems plausible to me rather than the story about choking and his blood pressure dropping so low that he passed out; sounds like 9/11 fantasies of facts all over again
  33. Why did Bldg. 7 come straight down, hours later, like planned implosions do?
  34. Airline industry bankrupted from rising fuel prices due to 9/11 and planned Iraq War invasion three months later
  35. Invaded Afghanistan and then let Bin Laden get away at Tora Bora
  36. Over 6 years late, Osama Bin Laden has not been found; very interesting.  Could it perhaps have something to do with the Saudi Arabian monarchy request
  37. Invaded Iraq to control its oil;  Shock and Awe used to accomplish its goal
  38. Iraq War is paid for with borrowed money from Asian rim countries; China now owns us
  39. No WMD’s found in Iraq; cooked/cherry picked intelligence by Dick Cheney
  40. Bush illegally attacked a sovereign nation, Iraq, that caused no threat to us
  41. Valerie Plame is outed by the Bush Administration as a covert CIA agent
  42. Guantanomo;  GITMO
  43. Halliburton no bid contracts;  Dick Cheney’s former employer
  44. Axis of Evil; Iraq, Iran and North Korea
  45. Irving (Scooter ) Libby perjury charges
  46. Bush commutes Libby’s sentence; Pardon coming on December 24th, 2008
  47. Tom Delay controls Congress and K Street
  48. Invasion of lobbyist into Congresses revolving door; John Ashcroft and Trent Lott
  49. Jack Abramoff and bribery charges
  50. Bush says; I might have met him once; sure.
  51. The Texas Mafia; Karl Rove, Harriet Myers and Alberto Gonzalez
  52. Washington Neocons; Dick Cheney (Last throes of the insurgency) and Rumsfeld’s (There are no known unknowns)
  53. Numerous Bush Administration officials cited for corruption
  54. Abu Ghraib and the use of torture
  55. Iraqi insurgency is allowed to grow
  56. Paul Bremmer, and George Tenet (Slam Dunk); Medal of Freedom
  57. A failed plan to secure the country after the Iraq invasion
  58. Simple Slogans; Adapt to Win, Stay the Course, New Way Forward, Cut and Run, etc..... are used
  59. Republicans supported deregulating the banking industry
  60. 47 million American without health insurance
  61. SCHIP children without coverage because of Bush and republican that won’t override his veto
  62. Helped spark new home building growth by excessively low interest rates
  63. No money down and interest only loans become available
  64. American Dream becomes an illusion, a mirage
  65. Foreclosure rise as adjustable interest rates rise
  66. Pro- corporate Supreme Court; Roberts and Allito steer court further right
  67. Cindy Sheehan’s anti- war movement takes hold at Crawford, Texas
  68. FEMA has been gutted fro private corporate profits
  69. Hurricane Katrina; “Brownie, your doing a heck of a job”
  70. Katrina incompetence and money corruption to this day
  71. Denial of Global Warming
  72. Almost 4,000 American have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq
  73. Military Commissions Act
  74. Suspension of Habeas Corpus
  75. Waterboarding; It’s not really torture even if we prosecuted a WWII Japanese military member for waterboarding and called it a war crime in 1947
  76. Bush has negotiated for secret prisons in Europe and the Middle East
  77. America is hated around the world now
  78. Our military budget is greater than all countries combined; why?
  79. Walter Reed Army hospital scandal
  80. US Attorney firing scandal; justice is not blind, it is now political
  81. Private armies; Blackwater and their immunity fueled abuses
  82. Credit markets have dried up because of foreclosure instability
  83. Home prices are too expensive and families can no longer afford homes
  84. Inflation  is up to 4.1% in 2007 while wages remain stagnant
  85. $3.50 gasoline prices; oil from $90 to $100 dollars a barrel
  86. Oil company profits at record highs for the last four years; all by design
  87. Credit card debt is $900 billion dollars; mortgage debt $14 trillion dollars
  88. Since Bush became president in 2000, our national debt has grown by 45%.
  89. Dept. of Defense or much more accurate name, The Dept. of Offense for corporate America, actual total budget for 2008 will exceed 1.1 trillion dollars; 50 % more than in 1995, largest since WWII, $141.7 billion for Iraq/ Afghanistan
  90. We have American troops in 145 countries around the world; why?
  91. Our military budget is larger than all of the countries of the world and their military budgets combined.
  92. The dollar has never been weaker because of our debt
  93. Bush has now left the U.S. economy in a state of shambles, headed for default and will leave it for someone else to fix his God awful mess that he and his crony crooks have created.

Surprise people; God help us, because America is now so broken!  Our government and majority of politicians are corrupt and their characters and integrity are also corrupted and are anything from being honest and ethical representatives!

A president and country cannot keep spending/borrowing money for foreign wars in Afghanistan and Iraq without taxing the very wealthy.  How can a country keep making war and not pay for it?  George W. Bush actually gave the wealthy incredible tax cuts in 2001 that only get larger as we approach the 2008 to 2010, and he did this while planning to go into an illegal invasion and war in Iraq in 2003.  Wars benefit the wealthiest 1% of Americans but they are not even asked to pay their fair share for such death and destruction. 

Never forget that the money and profits from war are enjoyed by the CEO’s of the military industrial complex and the wealthy investors of the top 1% of American families that derive their vast wealth from the stock market are all taxed at the 15 % capital gains rate.  If this country attacks Iran this year before the end of the Bush Administration, it is certain that this country will be forced as the Russia were into bankruptcy.  Maybe that has been the agenda of George W. Bush all along. 

Ladies and gentleman, are you better off today than you were seven years ago?  Are you better off than you were four years ago in 2004?  My family was better off twenty years ago than as compared to today.   At least back then, I still had hope and a future in America’s creed.  I now longer believe in the America that exists now today.  Our corrupted politicians have given our rights and financial security away to corporate and wealthy individual interest  Today I now longer own my home, no longer own land, have lost my company pension, healthcare premiums have risen, gas prices have tripled, and my wages have been slashed for the sake of corporate greed. 

A country cannot give away its job to oversea countries, hammer its middle class, have CEO’s make millions, start illegal wars that are paid with a credit card and expect its country to get by on rising real estate prices for its people to sustain.  God this country is so dysfunctional and so delusional.

But please folks, just pretend that everything has been okay for the last seven years and that everything will continue to be okay in the future.  You are dreaming!  It is time to pay the piper for your sins and neglects.  I have never seen this country this phucked up, nor have I ever felt this pessimistic of America’s future.  Maybe this will finally be the end to our Democracy.  What a fine legacy for George W. Bush; I killed America.  You can’t give the keys to power, to a couple of dumb shit former drunk phuck ups (Bush/Cheney), and not expect them to crash America into the ground.  Bush bet his presidency on the Iraq invasion and he came up snake eyes and so did America.

Please remember, you voted for this Bozo and his enabling republicans to run this ship into the ground.   We have been spending /borrowing on an average of $10 billion dollars a month for the past five years.  Yes folks, as Grover Norquist once said that he wanted to drown the government in a bath tub; hell George W.  Bush is going to do it by insuring that this country goes bankrupt.  But again, what did you expect from such a dumb ass loser like George W. Bush; brilliance?  Just look in the mirror to see who is responsible for allowing this mess to fester into a certified financial disaster.   

So what are the chances that any thing will be better in 2008; the last year of George W. Bush’s incredible failed presidency as a compassionate conservative.  Compassionate my ass!  It is going to get worse.  Many of us out there were trying to warn you people in 2000 and especially 2004, but you would not listen.  This man is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousand of people.  He has ruined every business interest or failed at leadership positions that he has ever attempted.  What did you expect people?  Didn’t any of you read about his history; no?  Did you only get your information from the major television media outlets?  Yes, such a very compassionate politician that you have voted for not once but twice.  It says more about the character and integrity of the majority of the American people, than it does about George W. Bush.  At least George W. Bush knows that he is a complete phuck up.

I predict and surely won’t take a rocket scientist to say that Bush will be the worst ever person to occupy the executive office.  Can anyone imagine the eulogies that will one day be given for this much damaged man?  There will be no kindness by the public or the media during his family’s time of mourning. George W. Bush will deserve every single ounce of vile and truthful text that will be written by this flawed individual and how he harmed so many people for the benefit of his wealthy base.  Surely, because of Bush, class warfare cannot be so far off in America’s near future.  Why else do we have companies like Blackwater to protect the wealthy?

Thinking back to those bells on Sunday morning from some St. Mary’s type cathedral, I wonder if there is a darker message that is destined for America.  Could it possibly be, that the lesson from those clamoring church bells is one that ask; “for whom does the bell toll?  Seek not to know who the bells tolls tolls for thee!”  Maybe the bell is tolling for America and its crumbling virtual empire of military occupation around the world.  

There is a deep anger that is just smoldering below the surface, because of how corporate American and our government, and their current fusion towards Fascism have chosen to decimate the middle class.  I cannot believe that the people have not already chosen to revolt.  When the American middle class is decimated any further, we will then begin to see the beginnings of the second coming of the American Revolution.  I offer my humble apologies to the Evangelical Christians of America for cutting in front of the line and replacing their religious Armageddon, final act play scenario, with more believable and relevant issues to experience.

Starting tomorrow, there are only 364 more days left kiddies, until the wicked witch of American Democracy is considered dead and gone.  Let see if America recovers from the damage that you have allowed this buffoon and his conservative/greed agenda to cause upon my family and the families of millions of other Americans.

One of the saddest legacies of the eight year Bush presidency, besides the disastrous Iraqi War blunder, was that politicians from both political parties were too afraid, too weak, and just too pathetic to not protect the Constitution and preventing possible future corrupt presidencies from abusing power. 

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, two ex-oil Bozo boys, should have been impeached years ago for repeatedly lying to the American people about their true agenda for control of oil prices and profits in the Middle East.  Does anyone except myself find it incredible that President Bill Clinton could be impeached for lying about a blowjob and Bush/Cheney have not impeached for lying to the 9/11 Commission, lying about the true reason (oil price control) we invaded Iraq, lying about authorizing the outing of a CIA covert spy, stacking the political deck for U.S. attorneys, spying on American’s e-mail/phone calls and torturing human beings.  No folks; a blowjob seems quite tame as compared to those repeated republican scandals that Bush has propagated.

It would be very fitting if no member of Congress even acknowledges Bush presence, let lone applaud for this incompetent and scandal ridden man and his failed presidency.  As some of you watch the president’s last state of the union message on Monday, just try and imagine how much better condition that this country would be in if Al Gore or John Kerry had been put in charge of leading this country.  No please, forget about political parties and just imagine.  How could anyone phuck things up worse than the lying pieces of shit of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.  Impeachment would have been to kind to these two examples of incredibly damaged men.  Treason against the American people should be dealt with by firing squad.

America must love to lie since they elect politicians in their image that lie like dogs to their constituents.
Now the republican party will elevate Sen. John McCain (R), an Arizona war mongering dinosaur to become the candidate of its party after realizing all the other candidates are incompetent.  Let them have him.  McCain is too old to be president; period.  Doesn’t it make one laugh when John McCain professes that the candidate for “change” from the Bush agenda that he has so willingly supported.  Oh please, give me a phucking break!  I guess liars like George W. Bush, Sen. John McCain, L.J and Denise McCreary when given the choice, will always choose to lie even more to cover their tracks!

John McCain is the Charles Keating, corporate money gathering whore of white ruled America’s corporations and wealthy elite.  If Jim Click is a supporter for Sen. John McCain you can count on me being against both of them.  What did John McCain ever do for my family except allow corporate whores and shark like attorneys to financial rape us and take away our home?

Thanks again to the “patriotic/ignorant” 58 million Americans in 2004 that sold out America to the Devil himself.

Fuck you George W. Bush and your dickhead Vice President, Richard Cheney! You have ruined America because of your propensity to embrace greed.   Thanks to you and republican enablers, you have totally fucked up America, for me, for my family, for my children, for my grandchildren and for future generations to come!  Well done!

The last one out; please turn off the lights, that is if they are not already out because we can’t pay the electrical bill, just like the government hasn’t paid the Telecoms like AT&T and Verizon this past month for continuing to spy on innocent Americans.  AT&T and Verizon are then held up by politicians to profess that they are patriotic.

God help us.  But never the less, Bush will soon be on the boob tube come this Monday night. Where are my bricks for the television?


“The Arizona Refugee”

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