Date:  March 15, 2009

Subject:  U of A Basketball

Title:  Another Merry Mellow NCAA Mercy Fuck Selection

Here is a picture of old Lutey Olson during the last minute of the come behind game of the century in 2005 involving Illinois erasing a Lute Olson 15 point lead with just 4 minutes remaining.  Where is my God Damn Prozac; I want it now!”  Now, now Lute, did getting all upset and worked up do anything except inspire Illinois to beat you?  I wonder at this moment what old Lutey Olson’s blood pressure reading was registering?


Dear republican SAHBA members,

Today your main entertainment for the aspects concerning Tucson’s cultural existence, your partner in real estate crime, Lute Olson and his legacy challenged University of Arizona Wildcat Basketball team being mercy fucked selected to it 25th consecutive NCAA bid.  Halleluiah the current record is intact and the Arizona Daily Star doesn’t have to file for bankruptcy yet since the Wildcats are about he only reason any of you real estate and construction fraud morons read a paper or website in the first place!  Without U. of A basketball what would Jim Hansen and the Arizona Daily Star write about for entertainment; Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears?  Even though U of A basketball is nothing more than C- entertainment for Tucson, you should count your lucky stars for the lack of Hilton and Spears stories for at least five more days.

Yes, I think back when old, old, Lute Olson had a chance in 2004 to help a Tucson family obtain some measure of justice with his corporate ties with SAHBA, the community fuck over specialist but good old Lute Olson punted on first down into a character based on integrity oblivion with his choice of silence on the issue. I guess old Lutey was still to busy recovering from his 2003 second wedding (a failure) and those Viagra enhanced days with his baby boomer neocon republican wife Christine.  It seems like those days are long gone because I have cursed many people that could have helped but didn’t.  Curses do work just as Sheriff Jim Duncan’s did on a high plain while drifting. So instead of casting my support for Arizona and Lute Olson’s team, I offer my never ending wrath and curses towards this school and team.  It is just a matter of time Arizona, but you know you are going down very soon in the March Madness dance of sudden death failure. 

One can only assume and possibly imagine that the Wildcat were nudged along into the tournament with Bush Ranger supporter like Jim Click or his republican, John McCain supporting, jewish real estate buddy, Don Diamond, who might have contributed great sums of money towards this WASPy NCAA selection committee for them to possibly choose this 11th hour reprieve to such a non deserving, Lute Olson recruited and trained team.

Arizona is presently on a awesome record streak of losing five out of the past six games, while even losing a game on March 5th with a loss to California/Berkley while honoring the silver haired, republican one, Lute Olson on his very own night of undeserved endearment. 

Mr. Olson was rumored later to be in full lobbying mode for a reprieve mercy selection based on the defense of being a legacy program.  Oh God forbid a better team gets into the tournament because the U of A begs to be included in the Ivy League version of affirmative action for the wealthy white programs of the country club estates crowd.  

I am sure Arizona’s inclusion can be legacy annotated with that wonderful past history of Lute Olson’s graduation rate, the legacy of a current investigation of NCAA violations for recruiting, and the legacy of an institution that hires athlete-students instead of teaching student-athletes.  Is there any doubt what happens to recruitment when wealth white people are included into a booster program that makes them feel a real part of the team.  Get a life people and contribute to education or some poor hungry child in Dafur instead of wasting it on Olson types and his NBA farm team, want to be players.

Maybe the NCAA was concerned with being responsible for increasing the suicide rate in Southern Arizona and especially Tucson since it is the only form of entertainment and it would be just to embarrassing to accept a NIT tournament slot; oh the stress, oh the boredom and oh the shame.

Why does any coach in the land like former U of A coach Lute Olson given the chance to make a million dollars or more to coach a child’s game that was based on the rules of a Canadian game called “ducks on a rock?”  Why does any player make this much to while educational teachers barely are paid enough o make ends meet?  I guess the entertainment value fro the wealthy donors of Tucson are more important than the God awful educational levels of it children.  What a screwed up set of values that this country chooses to live by.

Enjoy Friday’s game Arizona because my money continues with a curse for a quick Arizona disappointment followed by a first round knock-out even though Arizona will play a weak Utah team that was miscast as a number five seed by design.  Is it possible that the NCAA is throwing Arizona another stimulus package boner award to Arizona in order for them to at least win one game in the first round?  Hasn’t the U of A made it a habit the past few years with a well deserved early first round exit?
Any team that has the legacy of chocking on a 15 point lead with four minutes remaining in an Elite Eight play-off game should never deserve to be included in a tournament based on its sordid history as a legacy team fro inclusion.  Arizona sucks!

I will never forget that game and I am sure sport lovers around the world will never forget that game either.  I thought Lute Olson was going to have a coronary on the side line.  But of course that is what makes one hell of a legacy for Lute Olson’s old team to uphold. Please; don’t ever confuse 2009 with 1997 since it would be nothing more than a moment of fantasy laden thought.  Just remember that Arizona might get the chance to lose to ASU for the fourth time in one year.

Go Utah and go, go, go, ASU!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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