Date: March 26, 2009

Subject: UA Basketball

Title:  UA Basketball Still Sucks!

Hey Russ!  Hey Pennell; you one year contract only, slide boy coach; don’t ignore me.  I’m back like herpes.  I am ready to return now out of my Michael Jordan style retirement and take it from here.  I may be able to no longer win during the first round because I was am too old, but I can take the adulation and lime light from here.  Thanks for doing the heavy lifting sucker.  Now go back to Phoenix where you belong; even if you did save my ass from such embarrassment.


Dear republican SAHBA member,

For the first time in many years, Arizona has made it past the first round in the NCAA basketball tournament.  God, will miracle never cease to exist.   Arizona actually displayed consistency for two games in a row; a fucking modern day record.  Jesus H. Christ; we were all getting so used to the many Lute Olson coached, bell flopping performances that showed a team not acting as a team but instead as a group of selfish individuals looking for their instant, tax payer financed, basketball meal ticket to the NBA. 

A week ago today on last Thursday, the UA Wildcat basketball team finally won a first round NCAA tournament victory against the Mormon homophobe loving Proposition 8 hypocrites from Utah.  It was a total surprise.  One never knows what team will actually show up for a UA basketball game.  The UA basketball team has been a greedy little team for many years, but what would you expect from Tucson, Arizona and a Lute Olson recruited team; teamwork?  Inconsistency has been the consistent theme of this Lute Olson past recruited team.  Unfortunately for Utah and Cleveland State, the UA basketball team, actually played like a team that showed up to actually play for the benefit of the team and not just themselves for NBA scouting accolades. 

Maybe the UA basketball team is becoming more Democratic in nature with “interim” head coach, Russ Pennell, who before being tapped as the new UA head coach was a sports color commentator in Phoenix.   Possibly by becoming more democratic with Coach Pannell at the helm, the UA basketball program would instead refrain from their failure prone ways of a group of greedy college republicans that masquerade as a team pulling on the same end of the fro a common goal.  But wouldn’t you agree that congratulations are in order for the consistently inconsistent UA basketball program that begs for a shot at immortal mediocrity at such a noble cause for humanity as the Final Four NCAA tournament?  It is all about who is number one and everyone else’s season will soon be forgotten and damned to historical foot notes? 

But surely, Chase Budinger is now feeling the pressure after getting an eleventh hour reprieve from the great white hope replacement search committee that is being conducted on the behest of NBA owners and their hopeful scouts?  Isn’t it time for Budinger to deliver the goods or could it be curtains once again for this self proclaimed, Larry Bird emulating clone and the person that attends the UA institution to further his cause and secure a high draft round selection?   Could this really be the reason why Budinger is attending the University of Arizona; to get a multi- million dollar NBA job on the tax payer’s dime?  Look how much good Budinger will one day do with his monetary contributions that could do so much for society just as the benefits to society have now been realized by the traits of his high flying moral competition that includes Wall Street investment bankers who excel in the crookedness and corruption of America from Wall Street to K Street.

Of course this has always been the story of the many Chase Budinger’s that have attended the UA throughout the years, along with the majority of other hopefuls that came to this past NBA basketball farm team institution for the glory of dollars and dames.  They come for the potential stardom, they come for the money, but they do not come for the primary goal of getting an education or degree.  Lute Olson’s graduation record at the UA has been abysmal but no on seems to want to talk about that little known fact that is such a disgrace to the Olson’s legacy, the players, and the University of Arizona.  Does Arizona stand for NBA basketball recruitment or education?  Does Arizona advertise the student/athlete or instead the athlete/ student?  You can say all you want about Lute Olson wins and his one NCAA championship but Lute Olson was a failure when it came to emphasizing the value and importance of an education. 

Yes the UA is kind of like Wall Street.  Everything including integrity, education and dignity goes by the way side in pursuit of another successful season in winning a NCAA Championship.  Just think about the money that comes from such winnings along with the many endorsements.   Why Lute Olson could have gotten those local air conditioning sales pitch jobs on television and brought it to a national level.   How is that Wall Street/ AIG bailout populism anger settling under your skin SAHBA members?  

Speaking of Wall Street, UA and associations like SAHBA, the one thing that you all have as a common denominator is your propensity to be integrity challenged with characterless members that never understand that greed kills everything.  Why just look at the Tucson housing industry and acknowledge how your greed has killed the golden goose; the consumer.  UA basketball is just like SAHBA and its members.  Everyone is out for only themselves and no one else and they both will destroy the people that could help them, the consumer, team mates and their selves in the foolish and greedy pursuit of fame and fortune; even if it means losing the industry or the team to oblivion. 

In light of the UA  recent past mediocrity in the NCAA tournament, what could be the reason behind these victories last week?  Could it be possible that Utah players were out drinking and engaged in Mormon “Big Love” events on Wednesday night or was it just that the UA players were possibly successful in obtaining a jolting ass score of steroids for this most important of initial games?  What else could explain Arizona’s showing up to actually play like a team instead of bunch of greedy, selfish individuals; a definite past Lute Olson coaching of “success” driven traits. 

But I believe another type of force is guiding Arizona in its quest to emulate its 1997 championship season; maybe it is the force of hypocrisy that now guides this team’s destiny.

UA basketball is a Tucson fixture, solely for the reason of entertainment as a Tucson area “cultural” event.  The UA basketball team, the team that Lute Olson exploited for years with participation in your SAHBA golfing events for an Arthritis center that would benefit Saul Tobin’s wife arthritis still sucks.  It was a brilliant move over twenty years ago by Saul Tobin to recruit Lute Olson to help support with the UA Arthritis Center which would directly benefit his wife’s ailment and at the same time providing an incentive for older American to retire in Tucson, increasing the amounts of homes that would be built in the Tucson area and putting a little something extra for those later million dollar a year contracts coaching a little children’s game that was once called “Duck on a Rock.” Yes, I am quite sure Lute Olson’s association with SAHBA was mutually and financially beneficial to both parties and surely Mr. Olson and “his program” has received money in his past million dollar contracts from wealthy university boosters that are associated with SAHBA.

It is always about the money!

Unfortunately, this Friday the University of Arizona will have to play an “adult team” from Louisville that will show up to play.  I wonder what the out come of this game will be like tomorrow.  I think I know the answer and all of the king’s men, and all of the kings horses will never again be able to put the humpty dumpty UA basketball program together again. 

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if Arizona won against the team and head coach, Rick Pitano, that Arizona is trying behind the scenes to recruit and jump ship and coach in Tucson?  Sure, it is easy for Arizona to tell another individual to forget you loyalties and ideals and jump ship for the money.  Isn’t that what after all Lute Olson has been teaching his ball players for the past 25 years?  What would the University of Arizona do if they won the championship; just as Michigan did in 1989 with an assistant coach, Steve Fisher given the head coaching helm, just days before the tournament started?  1989 was also the same year that Lute Olson’s Arizona Wildcats were given a No. 1 seed in the West and did make it to the Sweet Sixteen game in which they were beaten by No. 4 seed UNLV.  

Michigan’s head coach prior to this incident was Bill Frieder, who announced just before the tournament that he was taking the new head coaching job at Arizona State. What is it about Arizona that corrupts people and makes them become characterless greed sucking morons?  In a show of school pride; Michigan’s athletic director Bo Schembechler in a gutsy move fired Frieder and put in his assistant, Steve Fisher to coach the team in the tournament and the rest is fucking marvelous history.  Michigan won the final game against Seton Hall in overtime 80 - 79.  As Bo Schembechler said before the tournament; “a Michigan man is going to coach a Michigan team.” What balls, what pride in the face of enormous possibilities of bowing out with a first round loss and subsequent loss of revenue from such a disgraceful performance?  Bo Schembechler did not sell out for money but Lute Olson, UA basketball and SAHBA members sold out for the money a long time ago.  Call it old school morality in relation to sports, but it is something that I can respect.  Michigan rose to the challenge, unlike Arizona or Indiana’s Purdue University ever could or ever will.

The University of Arizona if given the same circumstances would never have done such a thing.  Arizona is a state comprised of majority greedy white people like you SAHBA members who would lie to anyone, steal from anyone or harm any family to get to your goal of power and money.  It is such a sad way to live your life and such a sad creed for a state to have accepted fro its motto.  The state or school doesn’t have the character or integrity to uphold such strong beliefs especially when it comes to graduating there athlete/students.   

Make no mistake; interim coach, Russ Pennell has done a fantastic job with a team that was all but abandoned by the selfish and ever needy Lute Olson.  Maybe Lute Olson learned to act this way from all of his years associated with SAHBA.

I think it would be fantastic if the UA wins the NCAA championship and then has to confront the situation with there interim head Coach Russ Pennell.  How could Arizona deal with a situation with a coach winning a NCAA championship and them dumping him because they want some big name coach for the recruiting power and the entertainment value that Tucson’s elite wealthy who fund the basketball have demanded?  I would laugh and welcome the controversy that would be most certain to occur.  Arizona would like a complete greedy and douche bag hypocritical institution that it is for the entire nation to see.  Maybe Arizona can’t get over the fact that they had to beg Russ Pennell, a former ASU assistant coach and color commentary to save their ass this year from utter disgrace and basketball laughter.

I will root for Arizona to win in order for this situation to happen.   Unfortunately, no matter how hard I root for the evil home team from Tucson, Arizona, I am afraid the Louisville Cardinals are going to kick the UA’s ass on Friday night.  Maybe if I had only conjured up this incredibly embarrassing situation a bit earlier, I could have stopped cursing the bad future fortunes for Lute Olson and his basketball program that he brought to a new level; win at any cost.  Even the art of casting curses cannot stop on a dime and reverse direction so easily.  These types of supernatural events take time to engage and they take time to stop.

Sorry Arizona, but you like your SAHBA supporters and it infamous members to include L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes and their inclusion into SAHBA membership and the ridiculous “Certified Custom Builder Program” will always suck.

Just wait until next year!  If no one comes to the UA play basketball; will anyone care?


“The Arizona Refugee”

PS   So sorry to hear that one of your SAHBA members, Denise McCreary, a graduate from the corn cob lubrication state/school, located in the KKK loving state of Indian, other wise known as Purdue University, is a truly despicable SAHBA member and president of McCreary Homes, and it reported on ESPN that her alma mater had its corn cob thumping ass kicked out of the tournament on Thursday night by Connecticut 72-60 for good.  Thank you God again; even for such small favors.

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