Date: April 1, 2009

Subject:  UA Basketball

Title:  It is confirmed:  UA Basketball and SAHBA Really Suck!

Louisville Gives Arizona an Old Fashioned Ass- Kicking 103-64



Dear republican SAHBA members:

Oh the carnage!  Oh the humanity!   Would someone rescue SAHBA’s imaginary reputation and the UA basketball program legacy before it is too late?  Sorry folks, but it is indeed too late.

Happy April fools day SAHBA members for you and your good old egotistical coach named Lute Olson.  And to think SAHBA could have started their make believe Spring Home Show today on April Fools Day rather than waiting to Friday to start because this is what you have chosen to be.  You have chosen to be God damn fools if they think anyone is going to purchase any of their defective products, defective building services and corrupted and defective prone builders that they protect and subscribe to, like L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes.

The above picture is an artist depiction that tells the legacy story of Lute Olson’s Arizona basketball program and his SAHBA support of collusion for the exchange of money and services.  The final chapter of this book reads: Louisville trounces Arizona for good, 103- 64.  The era of Lute Olson NBA farm system subsidy program with tax payer money is finally over and this money can now go to jewish Wall Street firms like AIG and Goldman Sachs, that need bail out money for executive bonuses.

Your long national nightmare of potential NCAA recruiting violations is now over to.  How could the NCAA possibly further penalize a team for such violations after being spanked so thoroughly in public by Louisville?  Arizona will be suffering for years from the Lute Olson catastrophic collapse of low graduation rates and his grand finale egotistical last minute, second coming of Christ, retirement and bail out scenario.  How selfish and self-centered can one republican be? 

Less than a week ago on last Friday, during a nationally televised play-off game, the University of Arizona men’s basketball team was thoroughly destroyed and annihilated from start to finish by Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals.  Am I surprised?  Will I ever say that I told you so?  Will I gloat about your obscene loss?  What the hell; you bet you ass I will.  Arizona was man-handled.  Arizona was humiliated.  Arizona was mulled.  Arizona was spanked like a little bastard child to say the very least.

And to heap more embarrassment upon the current amount of UA embarrassment portrayed in the UA basketball program, Rick Pitino has announced that he is not interested in becoming the UA head coach for this obvious, in trouble program.  Why accept an Obama type position of economic doom, one like Lute Olson that has developed and perfected by your predecessor when paradise still awaits you at your present location? 

And I am not surprised that this is the top story that is on the Arizona Daily Star’s website for Tucsonans to read.  It is incredible for this sorry ass, dumb fuck city of Tucson, that there are over 195 comments by 7:50 PM on the Star’s website for this article.  As I have said before; the UA basketball program is the only form of entertainment that this backwards, cow town seems to care about.  By contrast, the story that says TUSD school will be laying off hundreds of teacher has only 114 comments as compared to a story that no one should really give a shit about involving Rick Pitino.  Hey, but that is Tucson where the culturally ignorant come to die and prove again that Arizona belongs at the bottom of the heap nationally in supporting education.   Hey Tucson, once again your priorities are totally fucked up

Hasn’t Lute Olson left Arizona’s basketball program like George W. Bush left America in shambles for Barak Obama?  Hasn’t Jim Livengood already failed in securing his contract extension for 2010 with his anticipated big name recruit who has now turned it down?   Who ever decides to come to Arizona has to be desperate like Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes for begging for business or just plain stupid.  This program will be like the New York Yankees and the public will criticize a new coach to the point of verbally hanging him, while at the same time bithcing that they are being forced to do it with a new rope.  

Evidently Rick Pitino was made aware of all of those crazy drivers, community home, meth drug labs, home invasions, increasing murder rate/crime, car thefts, along with the shitty ass constructed, defectively built homes made by SAHBA members.  Louisville at least has some culture and civilization, unlike Tucson.  Most likely Pitino didn’t want to take a chance like I did and have a custom home built by one of these SAHBA dumb fucks that use illegal alien labor. 

Rick Pitino’s wife must have finally made him realize that he would be crazy to move to Tucson and ruin is quality of life for the wealthy elite basketball Bozo boosters that need a cheap entertainment fix without a hint of culture.  My sincerest apologies to the memory of Bozo for comparing him with the soul less elites of Tucson gated closed minded community society.  I guess some people cannot be bought out, as it seems to be an unknown quantity in Tucson circles of society.  In Tucson everyone has their price and the price is really cheap.  Why just look at former SAHBA lobbyist and current state Senator Jonathan Patton.  Talk about a person/politician that can be created and bought for on the cheap.

But the real story about last week game was that Lute Olson’s legacy of self interest was the real story.  Arizona basketball has always been about the perceived Lute Olson image of integrity and competence, but as we all found out beginning in 2005, with that incredible 15 point lead and eventual loss in the last four minutes to Illinois, to his unexpected fall retirement in 2007, to his sudden second Michael Jordan retirement in 2008, his image was one that was based recently on deception and not based upon truth.  It was just another one of those McCreary Homes/SAHBA types of product branding. 

There something about SAHBA that ultimately results in people it comes in contact with, to eventually lose their character and integrity for a fist full of dollars.  SAHBA has wonderfully challenged people who lack in ethics, decency and fairness to include such past president/chairman such as:

2009: Steve Washburn, Washburn Custom Builders
2008: Randy Agron, A.F. Sterling Home Builders
2007: Art Flagg, Real Estate Strategies
2006: Greg Miedema, Dakota Builders
2005: Chris Kemmerly, Kemmerly Companies
2004: John Shorbe, Canoa Development
2004: President Ed Taczanowsky,  2004 to Present
2003: Carole Pawlak, SAHBA Life Director 
2002: Robert Storie, SAHBA Life Director
2001: Terry Klinger, SAHBA Life Director
2000: Tom Doucette, Doucette Homes
1999: Rick Snodgrass, SAHBA Life Director

Along with other special members like L.J McCreary, Denise McCreary and SAHBA past supporter Lute Olson, are all perfect examples of morals and community decency being traded for the bucks.  And isn’t an incredible coincidence that all of these people are republicans.  Surely there can be no connection between moral and politics for the almighty buck?

From the fall of 2007 when Lute Olson demanded his paid sabbatical until his fall of 2008 last minute retirement, the public shamefully learned who the real Lute Olson was and what he has been really like.

That was an incredible nice and quiet divorce that Mr. Olson participated in with his baby boomer queenie wife, the neocon republican business wife better know as Christine, the Pennsylvania mental hussy.  Could it all be a dream that this divorce was not true and that it was just another syrupy, sappy account of his love affair with his second wife that was told to the public in the book titled, “The Seasons of My Life?”  Oh my God; seasons of my life crap sounds like such drivel.   

I understand old Lutey might could have possibly been on the Viagra stuff because one review states that he reveals his personal life with both of his past wives and some of it is steamy to entice the reader.  Oh good; elderly printed sex.  Lute is has been reported to be working now on wife number three who could be even considered as an earlier version of wife number two at 47 years old.  What is 27 years senior among friends?  Lute obviously likes his many available ladies being served on the relative/ younger side of being done.

At the rate Lute Olson is going through divorce and marriages, it won’t take long before he will be working his way on down to marry women that will be his grand children’s ages.  Don’t you just love republican males with money and the pedestal type wives that they choose?  Don’t forget that pre-nuptial again Lute because you are going to need it.  27 years of age difference can cause some stress when one like Lute is listening to the Victrola playing Big Band era music and while his wife is out at the clubs dancing to rap music.

That’s right, I remember a picture of Lute Olson and his basketball team’s picture in some dumpy dive restaurant and the picture was of Lute in a World War II bomber jacket and military officer bus driver cap trying to look like some stud bomber pilot with a shit eating grin.  Reality is always tougher than Hollywood style pictorial fantasy layouts.

If I do recall Lute Olson was born in 1934 and was of age to join the military during the Korean War but did not enlist to be that bomber pilot.  If Lute Olson wanted to play bomber pilot for the camera in the 1990’s, why didn’t he enlist for the Korean War in 1952?  Evidently by a long shot, Lute Olson was no Audie Murphy.

I am sure that it was something simple as that Rush Limbaugh, chicken shit, chicken hawk syndrome that white republican men like Olson seem to develop as republicans.  Yes, like Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, Cheney, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Douglas Feith, Sen. Kyl, Sen. McConnell, Jim Click, Don Diamond etc., they seem like to make war and have no problem sending other families children to die, but they would never consider enlisting to fight in one themselves.  Pussies!   

What happened to Lutes perfect marriage that he bragged about in 2004 on the defunct website that was tiled “Power Couples.”   Couples that are truly happy do not have to brag about it to the media to get their self adulation kicks.  Lute Olson was no different than L.J. McCreary bragging about how much of a good Christian that he was from Indiana.  Any one that has to advertise their Christianity, marriage or character is only lying to you folks.  People that have it don’t flaunt it; they live it. 

Yes Lute and Christine bragged that they had the perfect marriage made in heaven and that they were so “happy” until it suddenly all fell apart like a piece of soft shit.  What happened to you Lute?  I wonder why everything seems to happen so “suddenly” in Lute Olson’s life.  Maybe sudden is a relative word for Mr. Olson.  

If Lute Olson is going to brag about his wonderful marriage then he can brag about his disastrous divorce just as well. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.  But isn’t it a fact that very few people if ever want to hear about two rich fucks and how happy they say they are, except for a few morons that want to live their life of deception and fantasy through others?  Maybe folks we are talking tabloid journalism here like the Enquirer for all of those enquiring minds in Tucson?  Just remember that people in Tucson are very disingenuous and they do have a propensity to lie in epic proportions for their own self interest and ego.  Rich fucks and fucks that want to be rich are the worst of the lot.

The real problem with UA basketball and Lute Olson was that he was past his prime and just too old.  Olson should have been let go after that 2005 disastrous loss to Illinois in that NCAA Elite Eight play off game.  If Lute Olson had ever had a senior moment, it was during that 2nd half of that Illinois game.  Arizona/ Livengood was going to let Lute Olson coach to the bitter end because they had deified him as a saint for his one championship win in 1997 and his consecutive March madness appearances.  Deification was a mistake.  I think they would have allowed Lute Olson to have coach from his bed side in a nursing home with a bed pan between his legs if Jim Livengood was ever going to have to decide on Olson’s possible departure due to potential health reasons.  How would Arizona ever get anyone to come to this Speedway Avenue dump city if the great Lute Olson wasn’t there to sell them a NBA bill of goods? 

What a fucking incredibly over paid, tax payer funded, and blood sucking moron that Jim Livengood has evolved into being.  God; no wonder why Arizona sucks; between the mediocre offerings of these two over paid prima donnas that should have been both put out to pasture such a long time ago.  Wasn’t it special that Lute Olson was reported to have gotten a a six figure income from the Nike Corporation for his “cooperation.”  Why should Lute Olson get money with a program, facilities and students who are tax payer funded?  

Yes,  the supporters say that Lute Olson did win a NCAA championship in 1997 but that was over ten years ago when Olson was 62 years old.  In contrast, the great John Wooden retired from the UCLA basketball program at the age of 64 years old, with 9, now count them, 9 NCAA championships seasons on his mantle.   The score is: John Wooden 9, Lute Olson just 1; game, set, and match.  It is hard to believe that Lute Olson was given the John Wooden trophy once when he never got close to his record of championship wins and certainly was not given the trophy for his atrocious graduation rates.

Lute Olson was never of John Wooden’s caliber; no matter what age and no matter how much the elite boosters had hinged onto to his deteriorating skills as a head coach.  Lute Olson couldn’t have carried John Wooden’s jock strap to the cleaners.  Lute Olson most likely had marital problems from the very beginning of his mistaken 2003 marriage to his second wife, the former neocon republican extraordinaire political business woman; Christine Jack Torreti, that steadily affected his judgment and zest for living.  I do not see how any many could live with a woman that is so staunch republican.  Republican wives are cold mean and always seem to have that hard edged look of constipation of the brain.  It is never wise to make rush decisions on the rebound.  Lute Olson’s first wife of 47 years, Bobbi Olson died in 2001 and Lute Olson has never been the same since.

If a coach can’t keep his marriage together he sure as hell cannot keep a basketball team together to for very long.   I believe the marriage to Christine Olson was the biggest mistake of Lute Olson life, besides the fact that he chose to not help my family with a SAHBA issue of fraud and defective building.  All of these events only accelerated his downward spiral to mediocrity.   Lute Olson did not really care for the community except for himself.  Lute Olson should have remembered that Karma and curses can become a wonderful thing when it comes to the pursuit of justice.  Isn’t turn about just fair play?

How many more of you out there that participated in this act of fraud against my family will one day receive your date with justice?  Karma’s coming baby and hell is coming with it.  God I love that line from Tombstone.   

Why just look at what has happened to General Motors and there once high flying real estate mortgage division, Residential Capitol from which our mortgage was sold just three days after closing through our initial mortgage provider.

Our loan was neither sub-prime nor adjustable but instead fixed, but with an increase in cost because of the SAHBA backed lawsuit, it effectively resulted in our mortgage increasing by fifty percent for over two years.  After two years of such cost, we finally succumbed to the debt and subsequent foreclosure process.  And to think, I only wanted a SAHBA built home to live in with my family. There was no flipping, no plans to ever sell; we just wanted to live there with a roof over our heads for security.  And it pains me to think that Lute Olson with his SAHBA connections would not help.

GM/ Residential Capitol would not let my family try to negotiate making up our three missed payments, because they had insurance (AIG perhaps?) and they said they would just rather foreclose on us.  We were in this predicament because we were forced to expend vast amounts of money to defend ourselves from the SAHBA backed law suit, which was filed by SAHBA Lifetime Director, Marc Simon, of Snell and Wilmer, on behalf of L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes.  L.J. McCreary, Marc Simon and even our two incompetent lawyers Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton were all University of Arizona graduates.  What are the attributes for acceptance to this despicable University; deceit, deception, fraud, lack of ethics, lack of justice or is it just the preponderance to have the gift to smell out money from others bank accounts?

Lute Olson could have helped us, just like he helped his SAHBA buddy Saul Tobin.  Now that is a good jewish real estate name if I ever heard one.  Tucson’s, Don Diamond sure sounds like he is hiding something form the public with a last name like Diamond.  Diamond my ass.  Don Diamond is another moron jewish republican that supported the McCain/Palin ticket with big campaign contributions. 

Obviously, Lute Olson helped SAHBA with his golfing tournament to bring in money for the UA arthritis center that Saul Tobin wanted started to help with his wife’s arthritis.  It didn’t hurt that SAHBA would benefit from retirees coming to Arizona that might have arthritis and guess who could build them one of their defective homes’; why SAHBA of course. I am sure that Lute Olson being a good republican did not do this out of the kindness of his heart at that Olson was compensated in back door ways with his basketball program.  Isn’t it great to make over a million bucks a year coaching a kids game that was once called “Duck on a Rock?”

I wonder if Saul Tobin ever approved of the fraudulent and despicable acts that SAHBA members and their executive board members approved of. Saul Tobin died in 2005 and I would have loved to have asked this man that question.  It would have told me what type f character and integrity that this man might have possessed.  Now he can discuss that issue with his maker.

Unfortunately Mr. Tobin should have had taken Lute Olson proceeds from his golf tournament and put it into starting a new cancer melanoma center at the UA, because Mr. Tobin did in fact die of melanoma.  That would have been a no brainer since the incidence of melanoma is at its highest rate in the country in Arizona; just ask John McCain for details. 

Unfortunately, building a melanoma cancer center at the UA might have probably scared off all those retirees from coming to Arizona to die after reading about the nation’s leading melanoma cancer center and they started asking question about why it is located there.  They might have put two and two together.  It is not good marketing to advertise that living in your state can kill you.  That is okay because there is so many other things in Arizona to kill you and your families like defectively built SAHBA homes.  As I have said many times before; Arizona is the capitol of the world in the art of deception and lying.   Arizona is not what it has been advertised to what you may think it is.

In spite of Lute Olson’s yearly SAHBA sponsored golf outings life would change for him in 2001 with the death of his wife Bobbi.  From all accounts that I have heard she was the independent in the family and a good woman.  Unfortunately shortly after her death, Lute Olson met Christine Jack Torreti at an NCAA function and his life would soon take a dark turn that he thought could never imagine.  Lute Olson in 2003 would choose to marry a mean selfish woman who played behind the scenes in national republican politics.  I always found it fascinating that Lute Olson would recruit so many black players over he years and then marry a women that they both supported a president, George W. Bush that was afraid of black people and did not attend the NAACP convention in Pennsylvania until the 6th year of his presidency.  

Sorry folks but most republican are racist against black people and gays.  Personally, I just have problem with people that are republican jewish lawyers/policy makers that lie to me for accumulation of money.  I also have a problem with republicans that support republican candidates that enjoy harming Americans and their families.  I also have problem with “all people” who are greedy. 

Did I mention that the real estate agent from LONG Realty that personally referred us to McCreary Homes with a personal introduction to L.J. McCreary himself touting his quality construction was receiving secret monetary kick back awards from him and his wife Denise?  The realty agent, Fran Epsen by the way is a republican local political supporting jew for the Pima County republican Party; I am so surprised, go and figure.  

Aren’t most real estate agents republican because it is a simple money issue for them?  I have much more respect and compassion than ever for the Palestinians and their cause.  We have not been given the truth about Israeli aggression for power and control based on stupid religious beliefs about being part of the chosen one bull shit.  The Torah and the Bible are full of make believe story shit to further a group’s agenda for power through mind control and excuses for land occupation.  Why would a God choose a race where so many of its people involved in financing/money exhibit such attributes of greed and over all indifference to the state of being of their fellow man?  How can there be a God when there are so many evil people on this earth that exhibit sociopathic traits? 

But how fitting can it be for a school’s reputation like the UA, whose selfish republican head coach had said at a press conference before the start of the 2008 season that he was refreshed after having a year off getting a divorce from his second wife, a baby boomer and was now looking forward to the season?  Three weeks later, suddenly Lute Olson decides to retire after his recent messy divorce and 2007 non-existent health issues that now seem to be the new reasons for his retirement.  What happened to feeling so refreshed?  Something doesn’t add up.  What is the real story behind Lute Olson’s sudden departure last October?

Remember folks aren’t these the same health issues that Olson said he did not have last year and in October of 2008, which has now resulted in a lost years worth of recruiting that has been sucked down the recruiting drain?  Nice planning Mr. Olson.  How selfish can one be?  I wonder how his last year’s first interim replacement, Kevin O’Neil feels about Mr. Olson and his prima donna behavior.  I wonder how Russ Pennell feels about this situation.  What goes around Lute eventually come back around to bite you in the ass.  Screw someone Lute Olson and they will pray and curse fro you to get screwed to.  I wonder if Lute Olson divorce from the former divorced Christine Jack Toretti was a form of getting screwed.  I know the answer.

But maybe there is just more to the story than what meets the eye.

What happened to Lute Olson that he reported that he was healthy, invigorated and looking forward to the season and then three weeks before the season starts he suddenly retires?  His doctor said he experienced a small stroke; oh really.  How small; like non- existent?  Is this the same doctor that had a restraining order filed against his wife Christine?  It all sounds like a cover up excuse to me.  Why would a doctor divulge such medical history to the public unless Mr. Olson wanted it that way; but why might I ask?  Don’t most patients divulge their medical history on their own, for sake of privacy issues? 

Remember how private and secretive Lute Olson was in 2007 when he took that year off with his paid absence?  Lute was silent as the night and his doctor wasn’t singing like a lark back then either.  How come the spin now and doctor advertising?  Is there really any truth to this stroke story?  I remain skeptical because I have learned in Tucson to never, ever trust a republican man and what he says to you.  They are usually lying.  White men in Tucson lie here with mucho gusto.  They can’t help themselves because it is in their DNA to lie.  Tucson, Arizona, besides being the defective building capitol of the world, also has to be the capitol of the world when it comes to lying through your teeth and deception.  Why one only just has to ask Denise McCreary, the president of McCreary Homes about such incredibly deviant attributes that even afflict her as a supposed lady. 

The art of deception and the hiding of truth must have been invented in Tucson, Arizona.

Why just look at what Lute Olson’s sudden no plans for the future, screw everyone else, abrupt bravado departure has done to an elite NBA style farm team program.  The program will shortly be decimated.  And then on top of it last year, UA over paid Athletic Director, Jim Livengood asked assistant coach Mike Dunlap to accept the coaching position for the remainder of the season without any guarantee of further employment, no matter how well he did with the team because Arizona’s ego has to have a big name coach like Lute Olson to recruit succeed.  God forbid if student just show up that want to just play basketball and not have their heart set on becoming a NBA millionaire.  But Arizona doesn’t care if these players are here to use them because the UA is here to use them.  It is the perfect storm of republican based working conditions for a university.  I will fuck you and you in turn can fuck me; the perfect love story of greed.  My, my, such school pride.

If Arizona can’t recruit; Arizona is toast.  It has been said that white men can’t jump and they can’t play basketball in Arizona either.  White men also can’t seem to be able to tell the truth in Arizona; just ask L.J. McCreary.  I think it has something to do with the heat and sun that keeps white males in their rooms playing video basketball games and telling themselves lies instead of playing ball outside. 

But this sudden death departure of Lute Olson into the halls of the ever expanding Tucson retirement culture of future death has perplexed me.  As you see in Tucson, deception from the truth from builders and coaches alike seems to be the norm.

Maybe Lute Olson’s decision to suddenly retire had more to do with his NCAA recruiting violations that were being investigated by the NCAA.  Old Lutey says it was just a mistake but I don’t see anyone stepping forward to verify his statement in public, let alone, God forbid under oath.  Don’t you just love when someone is caught with their hand in the cookie jar and their defense is that it was just an unfortunate mistake?  My ass; it was an unfortunate mistake that they got caught.

Yes Mr. Olson, it was an unfortunate mistake for you that you most likely got caught violating the rules.  How else can a program be considered “successful” for 25 years if money has not been involved with player recruitment of some magnitude?  Do you think that anyone is recruited to Arizona on the issue of school pride?  Maybe recruits have an allegiance to the idea of partying and the future smell of money but please do not ever tell me that even an ounce of pride exist with this school.  What is to be proud of an institution and basketball program coach that supports an association that approves in harming good Arizona families through defective building/lawsuits, which result in Arizona families losing their homes to foreclosure because of legal cost?

For example how about people such as one of those wonderful graduates like former Pima prosecutor, Lourdes Solomon Lopez and her Dr. Bradley Schwartz involvement.  I didn’t realize that with a name like Solomon that one had to be a republican and jewish to be accepted into the UA law school.  By the way, isn’t Dr. Schwartz also a UA graduate to?  I am sure the UA is so proud of teaching people like these two scum dogs to be so ethical in their careers.   I am afraid even Jesus Christ would be amazed by the amount of moral perversion.   

These are some of the examples of the incredibly high standards and prerequisites that the UA law school exhibits with its screening process.  What fine upstanding morals and crumbs of ethics that the James E. Rogers, UA law school and the UA must instill upon their superior students applicants/students as in Jon Kyl, Lourdes Lopez, Kumari Fulbright, Marc Simon, L.J. McCreary, Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton.

Can you say boys and girls: “Just a bunch of God damn neocon republican bums?” 

Our wonderfully inept jewish lawyer, Dennis Rosen, with a last name deletion of (berg, baum, man, stein, etc. whatever), attempted to defend and have our home repaired, in our lawsuit that was filed against my family by L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes.  I have used the preceding word “attempted,” extremely lightly as it pertains to Mr. Rosen’s effort.  Mr. Rosen in his defense though was very adept at collecting fees to pad his growing bank account for his lawyer.  And lawyers wonder why the public hates them and their profession so passionately?  No more than Jack Wilson, hired guns for money slime.  The reason or the pursuit of justice does not matter to the majority of these land shark type robots for bucks, because only the money matters to them.  We are only pawns in a game for them that robs us of our savings and in our case, our home.  

On a side note ladies and gentleman concerning jewish heritage, lawyers and money and my contempt, I wonder if you are pleased with those two jewish controlled companies, one started by Maurice Greenberg (AIG) and former Treasury Secretary bail out expert, Hank Paulson’s former company, (Goldman Sachs) and how they have been doing with your bail out tax money?   Isn’t Bernard Madoff, the Ponzi scheme artist of jewish ancestry also?  Of course he is. 
Why are the jews that control Wall Street given money without any oversight. Why are names like Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, Madoff, Greenberg, Weil, etc. have been given the power to ruin America for your children’s futures?  Why and without any revolt?  We have become like blinded sheep.  Only one company Lehman Brother was allowed to go bankrupted last year, all because of their casino gambling events that dealt with sub-prime/credit default swaps.  WTF!

If you wonder about my contempt for republican jewish lawyers, just step into my shoes fro a mile and you will understand what these men of law and contemptible greed have been responsible for decimating my families financial future throughout the years.  Dennis Rosen and Marc Simon are only two of the later examples.  In 2005 my company pension was taken away by a jewish lawyer that was on the payroll by this corporation.  This despicable man after erasing our pensions took a job with Goldman Sachs in New York.  Now even my tax money goes to this fucking douche bag man through AIG TARP money to make sure he gets his bonuses while I will not get my earned pension.  WTF! 

I almost feel as if I could be considered as a Palestinian today.  I understand how jewish people in power can harm other people.  Fuck AIPAC!  I have been swindled by these professional swindling lawyers for many years now and it is is the public’s turn to be swindled with you future tax dollars TARP money bail outs for bonuses for these fucking thieves.  Tell me in a few years how it feels.  Tell me in a twenty years how your young children feel about paying trillions for Bush wars and TARP bailout for these crooks on Wall Street.   This country is over 13 trillion dollars in debt.  It is a national disgrace.   If you are not mad folks, you are either sleeping or just dead inside!

As mentioned above, L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes happens to be one of the SAHBA member building crooks and also happens to be one of those UA graduates that got into the school in 1980’s without possessing integrity or character.  McCreary’s SAHBA backed lawyer was Marc Simon of Snell and Wilmer, another fine example of a republican jewish UA law school alumnus slime who is always hard at work trying to destroy the community for his personal gain. 

And what is that 2003 SAHBA motto, that what’s her dog face, Carol Pawlak, helped name in 2003 as SAHBA’s chairwoman; “The Community Builder.”  What in the fuck is that supposed to mean?  Is building up a community supposed to be a good thing?  So taking away or destroying a community is a good thing for the community SAHBA members?   How about calling it the “The Community Fuck Over Job Specialist?”  

So which is it Mrs. Pawlak?  What do you mean by Community builder in pa positive light connotation?   Did it help the community to have your SAHBA member with help from SAHBA legal counsel sue my family and force us into foreclosure, bankruptcy, forced rental status and my wife thinking about putting a gun to her head because your lame dick headed member couldn’t build a dog house without fucking it up?  How has that motive of forcing families into foreclosure worked out for the building industry SAHBA members?  You people should have done everything in your power to prevent good families from being forced into foreclosure in the first place.  Foreclosures only help to lower property values and tear down the community; you dumb fucking, SAHBA ass-holes! 

Never bite the hand that feeds your bank accounts SAHBA members, because one day there will be no one left to bite and your bank accounts will be depleted while you plan your visit to land of bankruptcy filings.   

Is it any wonder that SAHBA legal counsel, Marc Simon voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008 and what does this tell you about this man intellect or ethics?  He has none.  Mr. Simon votes for whoever will bring him the most money; just a real example of your everyday prostituting lawyer at heart.

Can one imagine ex-Senator Phil Gramm, the person that sponsored the bill to repeal the Glass/Steagall Act, which has resulted in the Wall Street banking collapse and tax payer funded bail out money as Treasury Secretary in a McCain/Palin administration?  Can you spell catastrophe and depression boys and girls?  Marc Simon like many other republican UA James E. Rogers school of law graduates are just plain fucking neocon republican idiots.

I really do think that as a prerequisite that you have to be a declared republican to attend the University of Arizona.  By the way, is there any chance that Bernard Madoff attended the Eller School of business at the UA?

How about that fine, reportedly sexy pinup girl/beauty queen (in a criminal world) UA 2nd year law student, Kumari Fulbright that kidnapped her boyfriend and then tortured him for suspected theft?  It is just amazing what one can do with a little make-up and holding as assault rifle to look sexy these days for the camera.  Wasn’t Ms. Fulbright clerking for US Federal Judge Raner Collins in Tucson?  Where does the University if Arizona find such people like Kumari Fullbright to attend their law school?  Huh?  I guess if you let L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes into your university then it might be logical that you could accept Ms. Fullbright into the Rogers school of law.  Fucking incredible!  What moronic ass- hole at the UA does the screening?

Isn’t this just another wonderful example of jurisprudence that is excreted through the doors of the UA law school that could have been upon the world from your firm Jon Kyl neocon graduate school of law?  I wonder w how many families this obvious go for the money bitch would have taken form innocent families that could have lost their homes form such representation.  What type of ethics and character does the UA look in their students; succeeding at future criminal intent?

Yes, there is much for UA graduates and perspective future NBA players to be proud about at the University of Arizona.  The few, the proud, the UA law school graduate.  The UA law school breeds nothing but greedy lawyers and incompetence.  The basketball program is not much better.  UA is primary portal port to breed players for NBA teams.  Just ask Lute Olson about his recruiting style and his bag of recruiting tricks to entice players to come here.

I wonder if Lute Olson thinks it is an unfortunate mistake when a bank robber or burglar is apprehended for robbery of a family’s home.  And we sure know that Tucson has a hell of a burglary/theft problem now don’t we?  I wonder if Lute Olson thinks it is just an unfortunate mistake when one of your SAHBA builders that you support like L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, decides to swindle a family by defective building and eventual foreclosure; right?  I wonder if Lute Olson realizes that all of these events can just be considered as unfortunate mistakes that result unintended consequences that destroy families; correct? 

Is this the real reason that Lute Olson retired so suddenly, because he didn’t want to have this incidence involving NCAA recruiting violations to threaten his Wizard of Oz, man behind the curtain image?  Unfortunately for Mr. Olson, he could not hurt his image an further than he already has with his messy divorce with his “Seasons of my Life,” silver spoon sucking, baby boomer enhanced, neocon republican political business woman second wife; Christine Jack Olson.   

Mr. Olson’s hasty and unplanned departure has resulted in a decimated and demoralized program that Russ Pennell and even his future successor will have inherited, just like President George W. Bush creating and passing a bankrupted economy, Wall Street scandal and non oversight ridden legacy to Barak Obama to fix.  Like Lute Olson’s past defense, I am sure that George W. Bush can also be heard that that reality of our decimated economy has been nothing more than unfortunate mistake. 

Republicans always seem to fuck everything up, be it George W. Bush or the deception of Lute Olson’s retirement.  Could we have some more spin on this subject please?  Where is the Arizona Daily Star asking the tough question about this obvious tainted situation; MIA?  I forgot that we mustn’t pressure that Fourth Estate institution of professional tabloid journalism, the Arizona Daily Star to investigate anything like NCAA recruiting violations or SAHBA defective prone builders like L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, who masquerade behind the deception of SAHBA’s Certified Custom Builder Programs.  Yes this is all done with a look the other way attitude, because anything else would result in a conflict of interest between the truth and The Arizona Daily Stars need to suck up for advertising dollars.

Lute Olson’s departure was inevitable.   It is not like Lute Olson was going to improve on his win/loss record ratio or hideous graduation rate at the University of Arizona this past year.   It is not like Lute Olson ever cared except from the accolades and monetary rewards that a winning season and championship would bring.  For all of the reverence bestowed upon Lute Olson, let us not forget that he only one the prize that you and he coveted just once.  What winning percentage is that?

People that publically tout their competence, class, ethics, character, piety or honesty are never in reality ever such people.  Deception always seems to be cultivated by those having to be seen with endless promotion and anything but humble silence.

Lute Olson and class are words that do not belong in the same sentence.  And to think in late February, they actually tried to “honor” this SAHBA supporter at a home game against CAL.  How fitting is it that Arizona lost that game? Did they honor Mr. Olson for his professional NBA farm team system that has been financed by tax payer and private money for the wealthy that demand access and good seats?  Did they honor Mr. Olson’s for his abysmal graduation rate?  Did they honor Mr. Olson for past NCAA recruiting violations?  If they did forget to honor Mr. Olson with these points of order, maybe they can still honor his highness, Mr. Olson again on August 8, 2009 at the McKale Center for those violations that he says he wasn’t involved in.

Although I lived with my family for ten years in Tucson and was once a very supportive fan of Lute Olson and the Arizona Wildcats, I am thoroughly elated by the results of last night’s ass whooping.  Ignoring Arizona families that have been harmed by SAHBA members and people that support their association with basketball program connections has its unintended consequences.    

In order to cause more embarrassment to this professionally funded program, I even decided at the last minute on Thursday, to root for Arizona to win the NCAA tournament.  Wouldn’t have been wonderful for the cause of embarrassment to the Jim Click type morons, other wealthy elites purveyors of contribution booster money and the UA to have search and lust for a new “big name coach,” as in their Friday night opponent and their shameless display that leaked about leaked  courting Louisville’s Rick Pitino?  The UA has only acted like a pimp who is trying to buy a new whore for their wealthy client’s fantasies.

Unfortunately, I was unable to reverse my most wanted of curses towards this institution that I have wished upon the UA, SAHBA and others by supporting this Lute Olson recruited basketball program of ill repute.  I can only hope  like the Bambino Sultan of Swat from many years ago, that the curse that was put on the Boston Red Sox for so many years will only continue for many years to come with the Arizona Wildcat basketball program.  Let us pray for such events to come.

Doesn’t one wonder who the Chicago White Sox pissed off so badly back in 1919 to curse them to a destiny of failure that has eclipsed the century mark?  Maybe it was the fans; the ones that pay their salaries that they screwed.  Could it be possible that the greed from the Black Sox Scandal of 1919 is what precipitated their century of decline?  Money and greed always destroy everything. 

Hey, SAHBA members; who did you think that you have pissed off to have this building depression upon thrust upon you?  Don’t be so sure of yourselves now. I wish and pray and curse for nothing but the very worst for everyone of you and your businesses, only because for what you have allowed to take place to harm my family.  Justice can sometimes be administered in the form of an extended period process of penance.  Just look what Arizona basketball program and the Tucson building industry have to look forward in their futures?
The loss for Arizona was the largest NCAA tournament point difference in the school’s history and one of the largest for all NCAA tournament games.  This loss demonstrated the total collapse and put final nail in the coffin of the selfish Lute Olson basketball program legacy.  The embarrassment that this loss was able to cast upon the Arizona program, a game that was viewed by millions watching as a national television audience on a Friday night was all encompassing. 

This loss after last Friday night’s performance by Arizona was only eclipsed in the amount of humiliation and over all incompetence with Arizona’s past Elite Eight appearance collapse to Illinois in 2005 while losing a tournament game that had Arizona ahead by 15 points, with just 4 minutes remaining in the game.  Arizona was so cocky with q a 15 point lead and four minute to go.  Not so fast.  It never had been more humiliating for Lute Olson and his players than that memorable total mental collapse of coaching and player execution.  Choke does not begin to describe the word that was needed to describe this Wildcat meltdown of opportunity.  The curse was already beginning to take effect.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy watching that video every time that I watch it.  It has to be the greatest come back with respect to time in the history of sports.  I am glad that Lute Olson was so humiliated.

Now Arizona limps home to Tucson with its Wildcat tails between their legs and the team soon to be exploded apart by players entering the NBA draft and a coach, Russ Pennell and Mike Dunlap both gave it everything but they will now find themselves packing up their bags and moving back to Phoenix and Denver.  Mr. Dunlap had his family move back to Denver last fall.  How fitting to the Lute Olson era that it all ends like this.  And to think, it may have all been different if Lute Olson had taken the time to answer my plea to confront SAHBA official about their behavior and acts against a good Tucson family that had supported him? 

Never bite the hands that feeds you or it may turn against you.  For more information just ask Denise and L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes; a couple of SAHBA Certified Custom Builder Program douche bag participants.

It’s finally over Tucson and it now can be unequivocally confirmed that SAHBA and UA basketball suck and are so fucked for their coming future demise.  Lute Olson had the chance to step up to the plate and do something for a family that asked for his help from an association that he had derived for over 25 years to make money from. How can a man be said to have integrity and character when it is not on display for 100% of the time.  Integrity and character are not attributes that are just used some of the time.  It is all or nothing folks; otherwise you are a fraud.  You could have made the difference Lute Olson because your association with SAHBA would have made SAHBA executives intervene in this community injustice that was perpetrated against my family.  Instead Mr. Olson, you remained silent and a loss for words like Pontius Pilate. 

Fuck you Lute Olson for not helping when you could have.  Lute Olson has deserved everything that has come his way since 2001 when one of his SAHBA backed lawyer, Marc Simon decided to sue my family and ruin our futures.  We did nothing wrong except trust a SAHBA builder, L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes, a builder who was listed as one being of their Certified Custom Home Builders, to build our custom dream home.  Little did we know that we would only have on chance at obtaining our dream and that chance would be ruined forever because of the greed and professional incompetence of this SAHBA builder that you indirectly helped to promote.  


I can’t begin to tell ho much I enjoyed AU spanking, the end of the Olson era and long the long draught and over all dismantlement of the UA basketball program.  Just like George Bush and America, Lute Olson has allowed his program to collapse for  totally selfish reasons.  You should have left a long time ago and left the program intact.

Isn’t Karma a bitch Mr. Olson?   We are all connected in one way or another and what goes around eventually come around; even if it come around to bite you in the ass.   Have a nice remainder of your life Lute Olson; you deserve everything that comes your way, no matter how much your integrity and character has been whittled away to basically nothing.  No part time character heroes here.  You could have been someone to this family and helped instead you were missing in action to protect your business crony friends at SAHBA.

You shall reap what you have sown! 


“The Arizona Refugee”

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