Date: June 16, 2008

Subject:  US Open

Title:    Black Men; White Man

Your republican hero golfer is 50% black and his wife is white; just like Barak Obama's mother was.  Evidentley you have no problems dealing with those minor issues of race when it comes to golfing. A leader and a true reformer unlike John McCain. But unlike Tiger Woods, Sen. Obama is 50% white; but not that it should ever matter to a  non- racist SAHBA republican A true Washington Beltway insider whose 26 years in Congress as a wealthy elite womanizer never eclipses his status as a distinguished graduate of the Keating "5" school of corruption."  With over fifty lobbyist on his staff and calling himself "Maverick" and "Reformer" my only comment is; my ass.



Dear SAHBA republican golfing pukes,

Today I just finished watching the overtime and sudden death playoff for the US Open between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate.  Normally I would have been rooting for the black guy to win in this situation, but today I rooted for the white guy, Rocco Mediate, the underdog to win this playoff.    

I decided to root for Mr. Mediate to win because I believe in sharing and competition rather than one individual being coroneted as king and hogging up the spotlight for profit.  Isn’t it all such a republican kind of trait, just like a Jim Click auto czar dream that has gone bad about being selected to play as “Tonto,” instead of one of George W. Bush’s Lone “Rangers” boys for bucks brigade?  Would you republicans be okay if the New York Yankees won the World Series each year without change year in and year out or would you rather choose to have more measured display of competition?  Unfortunately golf is so one person sided and such a selfish sport without the concept of team present, just like a majority of Southern Arizona republicans seem to be. 

Isn’t it all just like winning the lottery; the winner takes all and the rest of you can go home and suck on an egg.  Have a nice day and have a nice life while republicans provide you with a plethora of policies that bring on a slow death to live upon. 

I guess it can all be explained as a republican type of thing involving monopoly and greed because republicans believe in money and greed as a by-product from the DNA from their genes that their white god wanted them to have.  Every republican knows that God ordained them with a chosen people, Manifest Destiny zeal, to “all” become the birth right by rite of becoming the multi-millionaire elites of American society of today.   

Yes, it is true that Tiger Woods is good at hitting a little ball in a cup and has spent a lifetime developing such wonderfully useless cultivated skills for humanity.   Only in America could a person be paid millions for stroking a ball into an empty hole.  But how much will America choose to pay for an empty heart?  What the people of this country find important in their lives is utterly mind boggling.  What’s next; corporate sponsored media events and multi-million dollar contracts for playing chess?  Sports players make millions while our teachers who have a much more important job make a pittance in comparison.     

But with all of Tiger Woods incredible wealth, is he good at being a compassionate and a caring human being?  Does Mr. Woods only contribute a portion of his vast wealth for more self promotion and obligatory funding so that he may contribute to ease his community’s concern and his conscience?  How does Tiger Woods feel about the Iraq occupation and bloodshed or is just easier if he like most American pretend that nothing is happening if they do not open their eyes and look?  Tiger Woods should know that blood is red in color, no matter what the color of a person’s skin is.   Maybe Tiger woods should open his checkbook and write a big fat check for the occupation of Iraq, which he seems to approve of with his silence on the issue.  No. Tiger woods is no saint or deity on this earth but instead just a man that can hit a golf ball into an empty hole in the fewest strokes.  This certainly has to be one for the ages and one hell of a reason for importance for the good of humanity and ones life.

Who much has been given; much is expected!

Unfortunately, I could not root for Tiger Woods again since he is a republican wealthy elitist who main goal in life seems to be hitting a little white ball into a hole in the ground and securing wealthy corporate endorsement contracts to enrich his bank account.  With all of the money that Tiger Woods has secured in the past eleven years, it sure seems he could be doing a lot more civic good with his money than taking almost a lifetime endorsements and almost permanent tattoo like images for the Nike Co. whose  main profit goal is to use childhood, sweatshop slave labor for increased profit.  Surely, Tiger Woods realizes that the money that he receives in his bank account has been tainted with pain and heartache for the workers that help provide his lifestyle; maybe not.  But after all, isn’t Tiger Woods a republican.   

I have always found it fascinating to watch, since the ascension of Tiger Woods in 1997, into the golfing world of white inclusion and total acceptance by white republican conservatives and into their ordained prerequisite, social sport of identity.  But it wasn’t too long ago that a black man with a white woman for a wife would have been tarred and feathered for having the audacity to even think about stepping on to the grounds of a private country club, let alone play among the exulted elite.  But my oh my, just look at how Democracy and issues like interracial marriage and some social black acceptance items can change (golfing); even if it occurs at extremely slow paces for many of us.

Today, the 99% crowd of white people that attended the US Open golfing festivities were true to their hypocritical form of dropping any issues of racism at the hollowed security gates of the mostly white member country club.  I laughed to myself at the second after Tiger Woods putted or took a number one-wood swing towards golfing immortality as white men yelled with glee with comment of command to “get up there” or to “get into the hole!”  I have found it interesting how a white man would scream and yell in approval, but once outside the social divided walls of a golf tournament, but he would probably not give the time of day to a black man unless a profit motive was involved.


Maybe it is the fact that Tiger Woods is only 50% black and 50% of Thai descent which allows these republican businessman conservatives to cheer for a black person without malice.  If that is the case, then these Caucasian golfers should have no problem cheering for Sen. Barak Obama for president, since he unlike Tiger Woods is 50% white and 50% black.  Or could it be that there a major disconnect for a white person to vote for a president who is black versus a person who is black that plays sports.  Maybe the white guys are just in awe of black Americans athleticism but not their minds?  But then again, maybe white guys are just jealous and afraid of black men and that is the reason they will not vote for Obama.  Racism like the mind is a terrible thing to waste; now isn’t it?

Military service and sporting events have been a great addition to finally try and break up and integrate a goal towards equality for black Americans into white society, even if the black man has been in America for over 400 hundred years, back since the pilgrims landed in Jamestown in 1607.  Yes, America; the land of the free, home of the brave, the place where a man is promised life liberty and pursuit of happiness except if he is poor or black but it didn’t seem to apply for hundreds of years for black Americans since whitey was in charge of this freedom/democracy charade.  How can this country have promised that all men were created equally when the white men of power decide that a black man was only worth 3/5ths of what a white man was? 

Some words in our Declaration of Independence ring hollow with hypocrisy just as our local, state and federal governments sound today.  Arizona in my opinion rings especially hollow in this respect.  Some things will never change as long as the heart of the white man continues to be filled with hate and greed.   How did Arizona do with that state recognized holiday for Martin Luther King Jr.?  Maybe that is why all of the white people choose to come to Arizona; to escape the snow and black people.  But white people do like white things except for snow.

Over the years, many of you including me have cheered for black sport figures of our youth.   Yes, some of you have cheered for black baseball heroes like Jackie Robinson, Reggie Jackson and even republican steroid cheating moron, Barry Bonds.  Let it be known that I never cheered for Barry Bonds because he was and still is a lying, cheating, republican steroid money maker user.  I have never cheered for a liar. 

And baseball is not the only sport that whites have cheered black players for.  We have cheered for black basketball heroes like fellow republican/golfer, Nike promoter and profiteer, Michael Jordan, along with Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson. 

We have also cheered for black football players like Gayle Sayers, republican Lyn Swan and Barry Sanders.  I just loved the promotional video that Lute Olson’s love of his life at that time, Christine Olson made on behalf of Lynn Swann.  Christine was promoting a black republican candidate but in the end she was only promoting for power and money.  Lynn Swann easily lost his bid for the Pennsylvania governorship.   

As a Detroit Lions fan it was a pleasure to watch Barry Sanders in person, on and off the field since he was a fantastic runner and perfect gentleman that possessed great humility.  I could have cheered all day for Barry Sanders and my children loved cheering for him to.  Barry Sanders was the most impressive athlete and good natured human being that I have ever seen.  There was no boasting, no showing off or no lack of compassion from this fine athlete and human being.  But I must assume that some people in America would not acknowledge his greatness and all because of the color of his skin.  I assume that Mr. Sanders could never become president to for these people because to because of the same reasoning.

Many of you white republican guys now cheer for your one black hero icon in your golfing fraternity of sports; Tiger Woods.   But isn’t that about the extent of cheering since we as a unified country have great problems with the majority, especially white men cheering and a voting for a black man other than a sports icon figure.  We somehow have allowed a dysfunctional gap to remain that will not allow many of you to entertain the possibility that a black man could excel at politics, leadership and not just sports.

I never realized how sissified and racist that my fellow white men could be, including friends and members of my extended family that possess this ignorant “the earth is flat mentality” when it comes to black acceptance and leadership for this country.  But then again, I do realize the connection between republican greed, corruption and racist behavior that have always gone hand in hand in American history to insure white control and profits.  It was not a Democrat but a republican backed party for Richard Nixon who devised the divisive Southern Strategy of racism for political gain that still exists today in many southern states.

The very same white republican males that cheer for Tiger Woods at the US Open would have a coronary and never think in a million years of voting for a black man as president, even if they had a gun to their head.   If the choice is between an educated and charismatic leader like Sen. Barak Obama and an elderly, out of touch, elitist wealthy white war mongering, white maverick roaming douche bag guy from Arizona, my fellow white guys will never vote for the best candidate; the black guy.  White republican SAHBA guys would rather vote for a candidate that they could have a beer with or concurrently go water boarding with or other various tortures poses, rather than electing a black guy of ideas and direction. 

Is there really any doubt whom the best man is 2008 or does your racism still suffocate your conscience?   

Why do white republican Americans still cling onto this continued hypocrisy in 2008?  If you can cheer for Tiger Woods as the best man without any respect for the color of his skin, why cannot you do the same for the best candidate Barak Obama?  You will cheer like crazy for the overall best golfer if he is black but you white guys will not even entertain the idea of cheering and electing a black guy to lead this country.  Could it be that we are just a bit afraid of revealing our true feelings of racism that exist in white republican America?  Do you feel that a black man will seek retribution for slavery and the hate of racism that you and your ancestors participated in and were afraid to confront on a moral level?

John McCain as compared to Barak Obama is a story illuminated under the auspices of a     day and night.  There is no comparison in quality and honesty between the two candidates.  McCain has exposed himself these past six months as a candidate that will say anything to get elected.  I do not respect that or John McCain.

Would you vote for a candidate that graduated fifth from the bottom of his class?  To put it another way; more than 99% of John McCain’s classmates were above him in academic ranking.  Didn’t we try that way in 2000 and 2004 with a couple of “C” students and how has that turned out for you America?  The mediocre candidates that you would have chosen to have a beer with, has been exposed as a certified way of invoking disaster in relation to your emotional vetting of political candidates.  Your choice in 2000 and especially 2004 was one of ignorance and not intellect.  Just look how easy it was for you to be duped by these two crooks and we have all paid for it and hundreds of thousands have paid with their lives. 

Why would anyone choose or not choose a political candidate based solely on their race?  Would you consider voting for a guy that was below average skill as a trained military pilot?   Would you vote for a guy who crashed four different airplanes with his skill and brilliance?  No!  Competent pilots do not crash four planes in a short flying career. 

Would you vote for John McCain just because he invokes sympathy for being tortured in Vietnam but now endorses the concept of torture in 2008?  Shouldn’t electing another republican president for this country be considered as a continuing act of torture?  And would you vote for a 72 year old, over the hill has been, war monger, rather than a black man who graduated from Harvard near the top of his class and was editor of  the Harvard Law Journal; a very prestigious position.  No, Barak Obama was not in the military like John McCain, but I am sure if he had been, he would not have crashed four separate aircraft. 

Do you really want another couple of new republican idiots, like tainted rich boys, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, a couple of ex- drunk, “C” students, to lead this country off the remainder of the cliff?   An intelligent person does not scare me; why should Barak Obama scare you?   Are there anymore questions for such simple minded people to debate over?

Try SAHBA white republican members, to just turn down your Rush Limbaugh style talk shows and FOX news story, of fabricated shows of lies that play to your racist views and greed and try and read for once in your lives.  There is plenty of information to expose the truth to you; that is if you have the intelligence and guts to seek it.  The next time you start cheering for Tiger Woods stop and ask why you do not possess the intellectual honesty to cheer for a candidate who will help fix the country from the mess the you created with your votes for two oil men in 2000 and again in 2004 that have done their best to ruin this country for the benefit of the wealthy elite and the sixty year old Israeli/Palestinian problem.

It is incredibly ironic that it will take a black man from a race that was tortured by slavery in this country to save itself from the white devils that have helped to ruin it for the rest of us because of greed and elitist hate for the poor, middle class and non- Caucasians of this country.

The white republican Party and their republican sport of golf has now become the sport of the Party that exudes corruption, greed and hate!  This is not your father’s republican Party anymore people, not even by a long stretch of the imagination. Deceased former Arizona republican Senator, Barry Goldwater would be considered a Democratic progressive liberal as compared to the 28% of Americans that approve George W. Bush and his third term replacement, John McCain. 

Please God, save the country with the election of an educated black man rather than an elderly, war mongering, academic goof off to lead America out of darkness.  Doesn’t it figure that the state of Arizona would offer such an inadequate and politically damaged politician such as John McCain for the presidency?  Republicans seem to eventually ruin and destroy everything.

Something is terribly wrong in Arizona and it isn’t just John McCain; I am afraid it is the people who are responsible for these political faults.  Elections have consequences.  The white people of this state have sanctioned politicians like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) have chosen these crooks to represent them with their votes.  I used to think it was the politicians that were the initial problem in government, but in Arizona, it is a majority problem of the state’s voters that elects such corrupted politicians in their very own image.

Hey SAHBA republicans, can you put down your racist, biased views for just one election and get this country back from imploding?  If you will not do it for yourself, will you do it for your children and grandchildren?  Conservatism became greedy and corrupt because they could and Party is now dying a slow death; but death it will be.  The harm that has been caused to this country is incredible.

Arizona, for the good of the country, really do try voting for a competent black man like Sen. Barak Obama rather than an elderly corrupt, white wealthy elitist like flip flopper extraordinaire, John McCain, in order to save ourselves from anymore republican incompetence and corruption.   Just pretend that Barak Obama is the reincarnation of Tiger Woods in the political golfing arena and everything will be okay.   It is a no brainer folks, for people who at least possess a brain.

And as I turned off the television, thousands of white Americans cheered a black man because he won a simple golf match.  I wonder if white America, white Arizonans and white SAHBA members will have the intelligence and courage to elect a black man to the highest office in the land to save this country from military and economic collapse.  I doubt it!  Well then, enjoy many more of your credit card wars for profit.

 Sincerely disgusted by such Arizona hypocrisy and overt examples of racism,

“The Arizona Refugee”


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