Date: 10 October, 2007

Subject:  Norma Vally

Title:  So what is the Toolbelt Diva really selling?

Last year a cute little girl; this year a stacked, 42 year old, professed sexy diva is ordered up for your viewing pleasure.  So what gives?  Could it be the Tucson housing bubble meltdown is in progress? Two SAHBA builders having a brokeback mountain moment after attending the SAHBA home show and seeing Norma Vally strut around on stage.  Isn't this why she is here; for a little sexy time? And what do you think she is really selling boys?  And it isn't the tools that you can see that she is really trying to sell you.  I guess  the sight of firm breasts are better than the view of no homes being built?




Dear Ms. Vally; aka. (The Toolbelt Diva),

“All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to remain silent in the face of evil.”

Well Ms. Vally girl, welcome to Tucson, Arizona and to the ever expanding shit hole Mecca of construction building bubble collapse, and mortgage foreclosure meltdown of the great southwest.  The spirit of a defeated Geronimo and his followers of mother earth’s spiritual reverence are in awe of a white woman, entertaining the pale face troops for paid commercial request and not sexual vice.

We all have been expecting your sexual laden based arrival.   

Last year SAHBA hired Sarlot and Eyde, a belly dancing/ sword wielding act that was chosen in place of you.  Oh, the shame!  Evidently republican Mayor, Bob (Phuck Up) Walkup was enamored with Ms. Eyde’s belly button gyrations.  Psst......Ms. Vally, in order to compete for SAHBA’s Mayor Walkup’s attention, as well as the other Tucson male morons, I think you are going to have to take off your clothes in order to compete with these Sarlot/ Eyde characters and gyrate counter clockwise while laying down horizontally.  I know, it is a little kinky, but then again, this is Tucson.  It doesn’t take much to turn Tucson illiterates on; but it does involve some exposure of flesh and lying down on a cardinal heading from east to west. 

You are in for a real treat Ms. Vally since you have chosen to take the money and run in Tucson; you have catapulted yourself back, somewhere in  time. Tucson men are phucking mental midget moral morons; just like they were in the days of the Wild, Wild, West.  It’s a high noon sun kind of thing that you can’t possibly understand from being raised in New York City.  The sun and accompanying heat, suck the brains and integrity out of most of the men’s character in this desert metropolis wasteland; especially the builders, contractors and SAHBA’s President, Ed Taczanowsky! 

Sure Ms. Vally, come and be a part of the Tucson building crowd which includes the Southern Arizona Home Building Association (SAHBA), to help entice people to move to Tucson and become a part of the problem, and how to ruin a city with uncontrolled growth and sprawl, while choosing to increase the appetite of our builder’s uncontrolled greed.   Our builders here are all over weight.

Ms. Vally, did you realize that you will be directly contributing to the collapse of the quality of life of Tucson residents with your support of SAHBA.  SAHBA cares nothing about the Tucsonan people or its environment.  SAHBA only cares about building house after house, many of them defective pieces of junk, built by illegal alien labor help, which only contributes to choking a city to death, by becoming a sea of degenerate urban sprawl.  I wonder how the traffic and crime rate statistics are mounting today in Tucson.   Yes, Ms. Vally, you have come to a man made created shit hole community of the 21st century.

I first came to Tucson over 25 year ago Ms. Vally, back when you were just 16 years old.  What were you doing back then Ms. Vally?  Were you drinking and getting laid in the back seat of your pimple faced boyfriend’s car?  I was at that time in Tucson with the military, thinking about my wife and son and the future home and life that we would be soon building together.   Now after 27 years of marriage, SAHBA’s actions have devastated our lives into a life of rental gypsies.  Thank you so much SAHBA, for your proliferation of the American Dream for your clients.  But please Ms. Vally, I am sure that you do not want to be bored about the rudimentary details of a ruined family, all done in the name for greed and profit.

Tucson in 1981 was still special back then, but it is a complete phuck up as a city at this point in time.  Please feel free to literally “shit” on this city, just like the builders and contractors of SAHBA have shit on this city and my family with their uncontrolled development for the past 25 years and defective building.  

You see Ms. Vally, when I first came to Tucson, I was trying to build a life for my family and not just to “flip” homes for a God damn profit.  I was just trying to insure a secure place for my family and SAHBA totally raped us over from ever experiencing that dream.  But please, there is no need to pay attention or have any empathy for what SAHBA did to my family.  Let’s dance!

Greed has always been the worst of human traits and every other depraved human trait arises from this one immoral human trait.  Greed is so prevalent in the city of Tucson, Arizona.  It’s a white, European kind of thing.  SAHBA is a majority republican, white man’s political PAC.  And PAC’s are responsible for the destruction of the United States Democracy.  PAC’s only buy politicians.  Money and corporatism rule everything now.  What a shame for democracy!  SAHBA is such a crying shame!

But how does it feel Ms. Vally to support an association like SAHBA and its corrupt builders who hire illegal aliens who build defective homes and drive Arizona families into foreclosure and bankruptcy?   Ms. Vally, do you wave an American flag on your web site, like SAHBA does, while professing your patriotism, but at the same time willfully breaking American federal laws?  Is it patriotic for a republican Super Pac like SAHBA to make Arizona families lose their home to SAHBA lawyers?   Tell me how it is considered patriotic for SAHBA and its lawyers to make ex-military families to lose their homes because of their defective building practices?  How patriotic can an association like SAHBA be that forces ex-military families out of their homes! 

Please ask SAHBA President, Ed Taczanowsky, why McCreary Homes is still on the list for their “Certified Custom Home Builder Program.” Ask SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky how many of the construction workers that work for SAHBA companies are in violation of federal law by choosing to hire illegal aliens to work for their greedy businesses.  And the reason they do this illegal act is because they are too cheap and just plain greedy.  Sounds very republican to me!

Do you realize Ms. Vally that you are being used and hired as nothing more than the female white hope, with your semi-firm breast and all, as a tool for the Southern Arizona Home Building Association (SAHBA), to resurrect their, “in the toilet building industry numbers” that are tanking even further as I write.  And I’ll be damned; I just read where the ever deepening home slump is projected to continue for at least another two years.  Next years homes sales are projected to be down by 23%.  I only hope that SAHBA and its corrupted, defective prone builders enjoy the self immolation building melt down that they have played a part in promoting.

But Ms. Vally, you and I know that you are really being hired as an image for sex and frivolity to increase show traffic for SAHBA?  And please do not try and tell me your Diva image is not about sex.  If you were a three hundred pound whale wearing a high end Wal-Mart bought burka, and painted with Chinese tainted leaded paint, do you think that you would be given the chance to go on cable television in tight jeans and a tank topped tipped top at your then present mind numbing weight, and shake your ass and tits around for a commercial buck?  You wouldn’t be given the time of day, let alone be able to buy a subscription from a cable provider to watch an oceanic episode of whale aquatic, mammal nature, involving sexual fantasies taking place , even on PBS.  No, sex has nothing to do with anything, at anytime, for anyone! 

But doesn’t sex always sell Ms. Vally?  Yes, Norma Jean Monroe; no set of nipples or pair of breast (are they real?) have ever been asked to undertake such an incredible task, as to rescue the men of the Tucson building industry from themselves and their defective, over building tendencies.   Can breast feeding for SAHBA builders be very far behind?  God speed Ms. Vally in your endeavor.  The men of Tucson are watching your ass as you try and salvage their ever disappearing “manliness hood!”

It is quite poignant that a virtually, all white male, company president industry, is hiring women to come and help fix the mess which they have made, because of their phucking greed.  The Tucson thirstiness for greed has fueled this construction building collapse that now threatens profits, and even their existence.  It is only right and just that many of the construction companies like McCreary Homes and the subcontractors that he used, now quietly go out of business.   The demise of these corrupted companies could only be viewed by the consumer as an act that actually enhances the public good.

Even though Ms. Vally you are coming to Tucson, I am not surprised at you silence in regards to the e-mail that I sent you last week.  So in effect Ms. Vally, you do approve of SAHBA forcing ex-military families out of their homes through foreclosure due to defective building.  I would have been shocked if a republican cable personality had even some morsel of scruples in their character rather than the pursuit of money.  I am now never surprised by the American penchant for greed.  God must be crying in disgust.  

It is very sad Ms. Vally that you have chosen to enable and support SAHBA, a republican majority, legislative controlling juggernaut that plagues Tucson, Arizona couples and their children in to financial, emotional, and physical jeopardy. But please Ms. Vally, do not worry your pretty little, silicone like imagined breast about SAHBA hurting families, while you profit from their misery.  Make sure you keep those breasts happy and do not allow them to worry, or they might shrink and you will begin to over eat, get fat and then depressed, and by then, you will be out of any future engagements for that love of money. 

Ms. Vally, I will have to assume that you are a republican since the vast majority of people in the construction and real estate industry are republicans.  I must assume you are probably a republican since you are coming out to Tucson as a hired gun to help a republican Super PAC.  

Ms. Valley, with your coming out to Tucson, you could have taken the place of Allan Ladd in the classic western Shane, but instead you chose the part of Jack Wilson (Jack Palance) the hired gun for money.  Maybe you never chose to see the movie Shane, since you were born in 1965, 12 years after the movie was made.  Maybe you considered it old and not worthwhile to see.  What a shame!  There were a lot of morals that you missed in that movie.  Maybe that is why you turned out the way you are today; vacant. 

Yes I know Ms. Vally, it is so very sad that you learned no morals from your parents or this classic movie, because you have the excuse that it was made before you were born.    But you could have still learned a thing or two from the morals of that wonderful western drama that was shot on location in the Tetons, if you had wanted to; exactly like you could have done when you came to Tucson.  Unfortunately, you chose not to.  Sometimes in life, we are only given one chance to uphold our integrity.  What Ms. Vally is the price that you have decided to put on your integrity; twenty thousand dollars from SAHBA? 

Unlike Tucson, what a wonderful place Jackson Hole was in 1975 before the developers and wealthy elite phucks, like Harrison Ford, totally phucked it up with their stardom personas.  Even a travel company president and a Vice President of the United States have disgraced this land of particular earth up risen crusted beauty.  But tell me, who names there phucking kid Harrison?  What a republican dick of a name for movie goers to salivate over in awe of wealth!

Ms. Vally, exactly how long have you been a republican?  Are you a jewish republican on the level of Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith level or just a self proclaimed jewish ice princess like Fran Epsen of Long Realty?   Why do republican jewish people have a reputation for even sodomizing the pursuit of money?

Fran Epsen was our first real estate agent that we met when we moved to Tucson in 1996.  Mrs. Epsen had recommended L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes as a reputable and competent builder.  Unfortunately, Fran Epsen was lying to us and she decided to sell us out, behind our backs, for a referral fee to L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, a SAHBA “Certified Custom Home Builder,” for her jewish idea of “thirty pieces” of silver; ($3,446) dollars. 

Fran Epsen is a real estate jewish prostitute for money that just happens to also be a loyal Bush republican.  Is there any argument that the country is now so totally phucked up by the support of people like Fran Epsen that have enabled these Fascist criminals to invade and hi-jack the Constitution of the United States of America for theirs, and their wealthy constituents gain?  No, there is no opposing rational argument at all!  Republicans have phucked up everything from local, state, national to international issues.   

What actually happens Ms. Vally, to a woman’s soul like yours that is allowed to embrace the same warped values of an Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin or Christine Olson?  Is money that much of a motivator for you to turn your back on your fellow man and Arizona families?  There is a reason that most republican women have such a pained and pursed look of inner ugliness that radiates through their painted, pinned up faces.

You should be ashamed of yourself Ms. Vally for associating yourself with such a moral depraved Super PAC of influence, just for an appearance fee of between ten to twenty thousand dollars.  So is that the going price for you to sell your integrity and soul?  Enjoy the money while you have it, but remember, even a self described “Diva” can’t take it with you when you die.

Do you really want to leave this world like Leona Helmsley, another republican jewish bitch if there ever was one, who is most likely in some state of suspended eternal hell for her moral deprivation towards humanity?  Is it true that republican neocon jewish people like Helmsley take money with them in their caskets when they die?  Leona Helmsely; Mahatma Gandhi she wasn’t!  Helmsley was not on even in the same solar system, let alone the same planet for comparison sake.  I believe Gandhi’s spirit is smiling, while Leona Helmsley spirit is gnashing her teeth in anguish.

Do you believe Ms. Vally, in the Israeli sponsored, continued occupation of Iraq by America corporate interest, that has been carried out, with American spilled blood?  Is it possible that the republican jewish element in this country controls the money in America and therefore possesses tremendous clout in American politics and Israeli demands?  And Ms. Vally if you are so supportive of screwing the middle class and an enabler of such American/Israeli war mongering, please sign up for George W. Bush’s Iraqi War and choose to participate in this insane profiteering occupation of a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.  And don’t worry about signing up and your age, but then again, you are younger than 42 years old; aren’t you?          

Obviously at this point Ms Vally, as the self professed, Toolbelt Diva, you have made a conscious decision to remain silent on the issue of SAHBA and its lack of ethics and promotion of deceptions.  I have seen the exact same technique from SAHBA officials for the past four years.  What they cannot defend, they instead choose to remain silent about.  No big surprise here from people that possess no morals or scruples.  Is it true that birds of a feather flock together?  Is this what republican jewish tribal traditions teach you to do?

In the end Ms. Vally girl, you did it for the money, didn’t you?  You Norma V. are nothing more than a “Toolbelt Diva Prostitute for Money.” You chose to turn your back on a Arizona family and your morals, if you have any, and all for the simple smell of money. 

Did I understand in your former life you were a lingerie model and rock band type of person.  Did you play an instrument Ms. Vally or were you just a vocal groupie?  Oh, I understand that you were a singer.  Did you jump up and down while you sang Ms. Vally for the jiggle effect?  Was this before thinking about the possibility of silicone implants?   I don’t recall any top twenty hits by you Ms. Vally, or did you just sing rock and roll punk versions of Hava Nagila and Sunrise/Sunset.  Yes, I remember now; those tunes had some very catchy beats to them in an odd sense of the way.    

I also understand from your web site that you posses a degree in psychology? How very necessary.  Yes, many jewish women undertake that path of enlightenment to understand their emotional problems as a female and mentally deal with their dysfunctional jewish families from which they come from that are so phucked up.  Maybe it all has to do with money and marrying someone you don’t love for the imaginary security of money.   

I understand that you were also a model at one time.  I missed your pictorial shots.  Was this a modeling job for the Senior Olympics of 1985, or was it modeling job for a Happy Hanukah Trail shot last year? 

You still seem to have an okay body from your pictures, most likely from the time you played as a personal trainer (any plastic surgery), but your facial features are not that pretty or enviable.  Is this why you gave up on your modeling career?  Jewish women throughout history have usually not been noted for their beauty as much as they are for there big, fat, nagging mouths.  Do you have to use heavy amounts of make–up for your construction girl dewy look or are you just sweating a little?  At 42 years old, the lines and wrinkles have already begun to appear.  Do you have a twenty foot rule around your performance area to protect people from seeing the real you up close?  Remember Ms. Vally, this isn’t retake cable television this weekend. 

Ms. Vally, do you believe in our Constitutional protections for free speech?   As a public “personality,” you have chosen to engage the public through an image of sex and choosing to exploit the already corrupted building industry for your profit.  Because of your chosen sex enhanced image and because you exploit that by choice; I to have the right to comment on the content of your public actions.  A public personality craves the public spotlight, but only on their selfish terms.  Sorry for the public critical analysis, but you deserve what you get for your chosen silence.  

Hey, Ms. Vally if you get a chance, you might be lucky enough to meet the two republican jewish douche bag lawyers that totally phucked up my family’s life;  SAHBA’s lawyer, Marc Simon and his nemesis, jewish rival, Dennis Rosen.  Maybe you can hook up with one of these two moral midget nerds as your new boy toy friend this weekend.  I am sure they would be willing to show you their little dick syndrome BMW’s that they secure with profits they pilfer from ex-military, Arizona families.   Didn’t your mother always tell you to marry a nice jewish lawyer?  Okay, so there is no such thing as nice jewish lawyers; just bald headed money sniffing, attorneys that posses eyes like a man eating shark for profit. 

Why is it always okay to screw a person for a buck in your jewish culture?  Isn’t that what prostitutes do; be it for sex, be it for politics, be it for a lawyer or be it for two bit cable television “personalities?”  Haven’t you made a conscious choice to do it for the money, and nothing but the money, so help your God?

So how about your convictions Ms. Vally; everything cannot be all fun and games; can they?  Do you believe in the republican Party of Anne Coulter and Michelle Malkin?  I am not a betting man, but I would wager a month of Sunday’s wages that you are one of the chosen few.  It s about money, Israeli or both again, isn’t it?  And even if you are not a republican, you should be, or do you just like being another republican like hypocrite in the image of Senators Larry Craig, David Vitter or Pastor Ted Haggard?  

Are you married Ms. Vally or just shacking up to pass the time of day.  I know the answer; do you?  Don’t forget about abstinence or a pro life stance since abortion is against your party’s creed.  But that is okay, I don’t believe in such foolishness either.   Because of SAHBA, McCreary Homes, and the Arizona back republican legislature, I don’t believe in the institution of marriage, the fantasy concept of organized religion or our corrupted government anymore either.  I would recommend you stay unmarried/get a divorce, and do not have any children in order to prevent the world from having any more people in the image of yourself on this planet to harm it or the people that are left on this earth to endure your possible presence. 

How do you sleep as a professed diva?  I bet people like you sleep quite well; just like a like baby?  Isn’t it all about something that is missing in your soul? 

Republicans choose to sell their souls to the devil for money and power.  Please seek out L.J. McCreary, Ed Taczanowsky and the rest of the “Custom Home Builders” at the Home Show this weekend since you all are such kindred spirits of greed.  Maybe you can get together and all take a group picture and title it; “The 2007, SAHBA Scum and Douche Bags of Galore.”  God you people make me sick!

Please, once again, excuse me for my further critical analysis of your actions but I must comment in depth on this letter and following letters on your upcoming appearance at the SAHBA Home Show.  I have many ideas for how you can enhance your SAHBA Home Show experience Ms. Vally.   Have you considered doing a strip tease dance for the Viagra prone men folk in the audience?  Isn’t that why you are here?  Well that is why they are here to see you.  Maybe you should consider a teakwood custom pole construction clinic for your women and men folk fans, in recognition of SAHBA’s “Certified Custom Home Builder Program?”   Oh, maybe not, the way they construct homes, the pole may fall down on its initial check out.

So Ms. Vally, what year did you come up with the idea that sex and the construction industry was a formula for a profitable career change?  If this idea hadn’t worked, would the next stop have been at a gentleman’s club, lap dancing for tips?   Did your career move to tight fitting jeans and tank tops with power tools require much introspection on your part?  Who is your real audience Ms. Vally, is it women or just Viagra enhanced horny old men of the construction industry that you come around to entertain?   If it is women, why do you promote your traveling shows as if you were ready to hump a humped backed whale from the deck of ship that has a dancer’s vertical pole on it?  Do you dress the way you do for women or men?  Did you ever consult with the family values section of the Torah before deciding on such a directional change for your life?

And just a bit of a hint Ms. Vally, before you “perform” in Arizona; because of the heat in Tucson, the dirty old men of this city have penchant for erect nipples.  So Ms. Vally, before you slip into your tight jeans and an even tighter tank top shirt, try placing your breast in a freezer or just go and put them on a block of ice for an hour or two before going on stage and playing the part of construction hooker.  Trust me, every one of the men folk will be locked on the target while their wives and girlfriends slug them silly.  Men only think with their penises.  Why do you think they call men dick heads?  There are many dick heads in the Tucson building industry.  But maybe instead, you should just consider coming out in a metallic thong, two transparent daisies, a pair of five inch spiked, luminous high heels and a Stanley hammer to entertain your audience by pounding them.  But I forgot.  You are more slated toward women than men; right?  Yeah right!

Another possibility for you to entertain, and at the same time help SAHBA builders in their desperate time in need for the building industry, would be to set up a stall, that resembles a kissing contest booth for the naughty boys to visit.   Now here Ms. Vally, here is where we have to use our imaginations just a little.  Instead of kissing the horny men folk and the illegal aliens construction workers, that haven’t learned yet to say the word, “tits,” let alone in English (“nice tits”) or (look at those major leauge Yabos), try starting a game, for money of course, where each guy gets one chance to squeeze your lemons with a blind fold on.  Surely, it would be great fun and profitable to, since the main reason you are in Tucson is to collect money; isn’t it?  Would you have come to Tucson for two thousand dollars instead of twenty?  Everyone, including prostitutes has their closing the deal price.    

But after your entertainment show is finally over, make sure that you apply copious amounts of moisturizing lotion to your construction laden breast because of the tendency in Tucson for women’s faces and breast to shrivel up like a dead leaf or as a pair of miniature walnuts because of the intense heat and arid climate.  But after all Ms. Vally, isn’t the real reason you are in Tucson, is to keep people entertained by showing people your sex?  You are just like a “B” movie prostitute in training.

Enjoy your stay in Tucson amongst the moral midgets that you choose to associate and take money from.  It will be hard to avoid not meeting a man from the Tucson building industry who like L.J. McCreary and Ed Taczanowsky, do nothing except lie, cheat and steal.  Most of these guys are just plain perverts like republican Senators, David Vitter and Larry Craig. You will be pressed very hard (literally) to find many men that aren’t considered snakes in this city. I know you will be careful but at the same time, I must assume form your persona; you are such a flirt for the almighty buck. 

It is very unfortunate that you chose to not consider questioning SAHBA’s role in supporting fraudulent builders, supporting illegal alien workers and the harming of Arizona families.   But real prostitutes know exactly what they are doing for a buck and so do you.  Just remember, that some poor family is going to be raped by a contractor or builder that they might meet at the SAHBA Home Show because they came out to see you and were introduced to another Tucson, two legged, lying snake.  And all these people wanted to do is get close to a T.V. “personality” up close, but not too close,  And for the male persuasion; some of the SAHBA members may just want to measure the size of your breast for medicinal purposes only.  What size is the perfect size for silicone breasts? 

“All it takes for evil to exist is for good men and women to remain silent!”

“All it takes for evil to exist is for people like you to take the money and run!” 

Keep your silicone imagined breast firm Ms. Vally, or you will end up as yesterday’s news, which no one wants anyways.   As your breast wilt and your ass increases in size, I will watch for your future commercial demise.  No one wants to see an old aging fat ass republican jewish gal on TV that is trying to suck up for commercial add revenue.  Oh, that is disturbing!

You do not deserve anything, including a single dime which has been given you on behalf of Arizona families that have lost their homes to SAHBA builder’s incompetence and their protective lawyers.

Have a wonderful SAHBA Home Show in spite of yourself and your moral misgivings!


“The Arizona Refugee”

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