The following e-mail was sent on 11 October, 2007 to and other addresses, just before I left for a fund raiser to meet Vice-President Gore and Senator Barbara Boxer.  You remember Al Gore, the person who should have been rightfully declared President for the last seven years if Florida republicans and the Jim Baker lawyers hadn’t stole the election.  Republican will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.  And look what we got in return; seven years of republican hell!  But the Supreme Court decide they wanted a republican for president; surprise!  Can you imagine how un- phucked up this country and the world would be if Bush and his republican lawyer cronies, had not been able to steal that election?  And then they stole it again in Ohio with Diebold electronic voting help.  It never should have been close; but then again, Americans are not the brightest people in the world these days.  They are too busy watching Survivor and Dancing with the Stars in order to engage their brains.  Such a pity!  I hope to tell Mr. Gore about our story and the plight of middle class Americans in this country that are continually getting so ever screwed.

For someone who can't stop moving her hips and lips, Norma sure is suspiciously silent; just like SAHBA is and McCreary Homes when it comes to fraud, defective building, use of illegal aliens and money.


Date: 11 October, 2007

Subject:  The SAHBA Home Show

Title:  The Sounds of Silence

Ms. Vally:

It is unfortunate that you chose not to exhibit the courage to respond to my e-mail last week concerning your appearance tomorrow at the SAHBA Home Show in Tucson, Arizona.  It seems as if you have learned the SAHBA way of dealing with controversy; silence. 

But we all look forward to your arrival in Tucson today.  In honor of your arrival, I have written a piece concerning your involvement and support of SAHBA and its builder's show.

It should be noted that until SAHBA provided us with our on going six year plus nightmare, I had not written a public letter for almost twenty years.  I would have probably continued this trend, had it not been for SAHBA and McCreary Homes.  I was content with my life and had little to say.  But that is no longer the case! 

Now I find myself unable to stop commenting on the atrocities that SAHBA provided us through its life board member and retained lawyer, Marc Simon.  Mr. Simon savagely chose to rape our family emotionally, financially and without regard for my family's security.   And SAHBA is liable for the damages because of their blind faith backing of such a corrupted and defective prone builder; L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes and SAHBA's fraudulent "Certified Custom Home Builder Program."  I do not respect anyone that enables this terrible association to prosper at the expense of Arizona family's economic and physical security.

But it is okay Ms. Vally that you choose to promote and legitimize SAHBA's Home Show and their "Certified Custom Home Builder Program" to unsuspecting future victims.  But don't concern yourself Ms. Vally if another Arizona family like mine is destroyed by this evil association that is based only on greed.  There is no need to have compassion for your fellow human being, as long as you can continue to profit from their misery.  But sure, go ahead and take the money and run.  Do not look back Ms. Vally and your conscience will not choose to bother you.

Maybe you could do a series on your cable program, showing how contractors, builders and associations can devastate ex--military couples and their children with their republican legislation and legal protection for defective prone builders.  It is always the little guy, the public that loses out to these corporations and we in turn, are forced to suffer for these injustices by ourselves.  Why don't you show how corrupted builders and associations can make people home owner homeless and turn them into rental gypsies for very long periods at a time? 

So much for the American dream; it is dead for us! 

Please enjoy my latest offering while I still feel compelled to write another article concerning your performance at the home show this week.  I have so many ideas for your possible SAHBA Home Shows of the future, with the goal of entertainment education being the primary focus. 

Maybe in the future, you should consider "Googling" the associations that you are considering working for.  If you would have checked "SAHBA," you would have easily found out about the character of this despicable association by the near location of my site.   Maybe none of this matters to you when money is the common denominator on the table. 

Any valid inaccuracies that you may be concerned with should be brought to my attention and I will be happy to review them.  We lost our land, our home, our credit, rating and our dreams dealing with these people.  I have nothing left for anyone to steal from me, so please do not threaten me with fictitious libel suits.  I will only laugh at you.  It is terribly difficult to extract blood from a turnip that has already been sucked dry.  As Dylan wrote; when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose. 

If nothing else, it has been very empowering to be unafraid of anyone or anything because I have nothing else to lose.  I am now afraid of no one by the SAHBA forced concept of legal forced foreclosure and bankruptcy.  I have learned to live with much less, but my thoughts have grown immensely.  No one can hurt us any further; but the pain from yesteryear does continue.  But pain does bring about incredible expression and emotions that must be felt and heard.

And Ms. Vally, if you get a chance, please ask that swell character based person, SAHBA’s President, Ed Taczanowsky, if he is still trying to squelch public consumer civil rights, by making up false police reports, about hit and run issues that he fabricates in order to stifle peaceful and lawful public descent at SAHBA Home Shows.  I do wonder if Mr. Taczanowsky has finally grown up and decided to quit lying about his make believed issues. 

Something is terribly wrong in Tucson, Arizona.  Something is terribly wrong in America to  

Have a nice flight out west and we hope to see you at the show.

I must write now again!  


"The Arizona Refugee" 

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